Pigford Healthcare – Not Enough Black Grants Within Obamacare NIH System So….. Dear Leader Spends $500 Million To “Racially Diversify” The Medical Research ….

No, this is not a spoof.   Facing desperate financial struggles, a pending fiscal cliff, the first ever Bond Rating downgrade – which might soon become the first of two – no federal budget for the past four years, dead ambassadors in Benghazi, the middle-east in flames, North Korea launching ICBM missiles, and an innocent Marine sitting in prison in Mexico because the Mexicans are pissed at Obama for illegally and intentionally sending guns to arm their drug lords…but this is a priority?   Since when did the role of government become to control ethnic diversity in chosen professions…think about it.

I kid you not, this has all the earmarks and tell-tale signs of another Pigford Fraud – Just replace “farmers” for “healthcare workers” and switch the “Dept of Agriculture” for “National Institute of Health” and ……    line up for your free checks folks…..  Unreal.

Congressional Black CaucusWASHINGTON DC – While the U.S. government commits senseless acts like skimping on consulate security in violent North African countries, it spends $500 million to help minorities—especially blacks—enter biomedical research fields where lack of diversity is “disturbing and disheartening.”

The grand plan was announced this month by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the nation’s medical research agency. As part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the NIH doles out north of $31 billion annually to hundreds of thousands of researchers at thousands of universities and institutions around the globe.

Doctor ObamaLast year the NIH sanctioned a study that determined blacks who apply for federal research grants are less likely than whites and Hispanics to receive the awards.   The study took years and was conducted to “learn more about the challenges facing the scientific community,” according to the NIH’s director, and to improve the diversity of its biomedical research workforce. He called the findings “disturbing and disheartening.”  (read more)

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56 Responses to Pigford Healthcare – Not Enough Black Grants Within Obamacare NIH System So….. Dear Leader Spends $500 Million To “Racially Diversify” The Medical Research ….

  1. Josh says:

    Add to the list the doctor who identified Bin Laden for the CIA who today sits in a Pakistani prison.


  2. eastern2western says:

    I worked in a research lab before and it is true that there are lack of black researchers, but there were plenty of researchers of other different ethnicity working there. However, NAACP does not count those others as color people.


    • Josh says:

      Why is anybody being counted by the color of their skin?!?


      • Sharon says:

        ….because it’s not character that counts–it’s the color of the skin.


        • LouDaJew says:

          Islanders aren’t added to that list either. only African Americans who get the job to “do nothing”. I think that’s why many people hate public schooling because it’s true MOST African Americans have titles while they don’t do anything productive, except maybe start trouble and protect their position.


    • griz1234 says:

      Could it have something to do with the unfortunate but scientifically proven fact that blacks have an IQ approximately 1 standard deviation below other races?


      • Yorkiemom says:

        Golly, do ya think??? That is the first thing I thought of when I saw that Obamaphone creature speaking a language closely resembling English and what I think every time I hear Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, or Barack Obama, for that matter.


    • In graduate school there was a marked performance deficit between blacks and *every* other race. I can’t recall any black post docs (there probably were a few somewhere) so I can’t comment on their relative performance (although their low numbers speaks volumes in and of itself). There are a lot of problems with the peer review process, and how the NIH works, but racism towards blacks is without a doubt not one of them. I would like to read the study the NIH performed on itself. I really hope that they tracked publication history by race, *that* would be an interesting and informative statistic. If one race is publishing more poorly than another it is fairly obvious *why* said race receives less funding.


    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

      When will we affirmative action in the NBA, the NFL, and the MLB?
      Oh wait, when blacks are overrepresented, they like it that way


  3. Josh says:

    I’ve heard that *older* doctors are going to be required to go through more testing than otherwise would be. I believe the evil ones are trying to get out the learned ones to make room for those they want in.


  4. WeeWeed says:

    In other words, content of the brain is now being dis-counted. Affirmative Action comes to a healthcare facility near you. – it WILL make it easier to knock off all those old social security and medicare grannies, however. Pure incompetance, just like Dear Leader’s election “victory,” has its consequences.


  5. JDR says:

    If you read the article — it’s not about getting blacks into these fields.

    It’s about blacks in “biomedical research” getting grant money, getting in on one of the nation’s biggest scams of all, “research grants”. They money is given, the money is spent (jet-setting around the world’s exotic locations and buying professors new houses and cars), and a report is written, always ending with “and we, nay, the CHILDREN, desperately need another grant, preferably twice the amount, because all their lives (and the lives of tens of thousands of resort workers!) depend on the continuance of this vitally important research!”

    Brewster’s Millions. That’s the name of the game, rules are the same as they were in the film:

    Spend it all, and you win. Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven have gotten their wish. Except for Richard, who, in all likelihood, is fellating Satan right now.


    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

      Your concerns are very real.
      I call it grant work, not grant money though I can see why many focus on the money (too mnay people focus on the money and to few focus on the work).
      A few years back, I wanted to start a local non-profit organization to help local folks struggling and in need. At first, many were interested in getting involved (many seemed to think of grant money as free money, not money you had to work for).
      I figured, simply, if you didnt do the work, the money would dry up (and thus the need to work as diligently as possible, while increasign the number of organizations you work with to provide the services to those in need).
      Several people very close to me have interesting takes on this. I have friends about to earn their phd and some who have done so very recently who are all worried about getting a tenured position right out of their degree program (can you say “unlikely”?).
      Another friend does the wierdest thing. She does grant WORK. They dpnt get grants to pretend to do things, they get grants to produce projects that save the state money and provide a better servcie simultaneously. My friends all think this person needs a job for life (as if this is a good thing) while my friend is happy with the uncertainty (we all live with significant uncertainty) relying on doing good work and providing value to the customer.
      Those who view it as grant work are not the same as those who look at it as merely grant money, IMO.
      As an amusing aside, I knew some anarchists who were into helping the community, but their anarchist manifesto seemed to jibe with actually being open regularly to serve the public. They didnt want to do grant work since it might involve people getting paid to help others (and it might involve following the rules set down by the feds). They were also worried about the continuity of their funding. My response, if you cant keep funded during obama, then you would have no chance under anyone else


  6. John Galt says:

    “To right this wrong the NIH has created a 10-year plan that will dedicate $50 million annually to support hundreds of minority students with scholarships, research experiences and even graduate loan repayment. The agency will also create a new committee that makes “diversity a core consideration of NIH governance” and ensures fairness in the peer review system that erases “unconscious bias related to disparities in research awards.” The plan also implements “implicit bias and diversity awareness training.”

    They have already dumbed down cops and firefighters, so I guess this is a logical progression. I wonder if this will drop us out of 37th place?



  7. Arkindole says:

    Fact: Relatively few (meaning 3 sigma or so) AAs follow a pre-professional tract in post secondary education. Fact: There are generally fewer AAs in STEM programs in post secondary education that would eventually lead to non-medical science employment. Fact: AAs preferentially follow *certification* programs (leading to <BS or <BA degrees) that include fewer rigorous courses in math, physics, and chemistry. Fact: This does not generally apply to Hispanic or other non-white races. Fact: Across all races, females currently comprise the majority of those seeking a BA or BS degrees. Females are less likely to commit to post graduate work that would overlap with their family plans (e.g., 10 years post degree). Conclusion: Proportionally fewer AAs receive BS or BA degrees qualifying them to *apply* to professional schools, such as MD, DO, DD, Vet, etc.

    THEY, as a group, are opting out.

    It involves more than throwing money at a group. GPAs, MCATs, PCATs etc (currently) rule.

    Do you understand where that takes us in terms of proficiency examination scores and selections by admissions committees? Do you understand how that will affect the competency of the practitioners and their ability to engage in healthcare?

    (Note to NIH–I'll sell you these existing data for $300K or so…Cheap…Probably lowest bid. I'll even let you tell me what results you want.)


  8. Sharon says:

    Do you understand where that takes us in terms of proficiency examination scores and selections by admissions committees? Do you understand how that will affect the competency of the practitioners and their ability to engage in healthcare?

    Yup….there were a few lonely voices trying to highlight this both before and after obamacare was pushed through…..now maybe some more peeps will start to understand when they get hit over the head with the consequences for their failure to comprehend earlier when something could have been done about it.


  9. Cesar BBiano says:

    Yes, bring on the bacon so black folks can continue to eat themselves into diabetes & heart disease. That’s moving FORWARD!


  10. pet says:

    Stealth reparations continue at an accelerated pace.


    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:

      As if it would do any good (they been wasting their reparations money for how many decades/generations now?).


  11. jordan2222 says:

    I think I am going to change my race from white to part Negro. I will look up every single program I missed out on during my life… join the NAACP.. then apply and ask for all of my benefits dating back to when I was born.

    Each application will be accompanied by a letter apologizing for my lifelong dishonesty but I did so because my mother said I would be disowned if I ever revealed the truth.

    How good are my chances for coming clean?


  12. michellc says:

    I’m going to paint myself black, apparently that’s the only way to get by in this new country. I wonder how soon it will be before they sue my state for eliminating affirmative action?


  13. czarowniczy says:

    Wow, imagine an EEO surgeon who couldn’t be flunked in med cshool doing your open-heart surgery. As a retiree from two Federal systems that reward ascription over achievement I think I’ll look more and more at those overseas ‘centers of excellence’.

    So the POtuS is saying that minorities are not being allowed to enter into med and/or med-related schools of higher education due to mechanations of Da Man and not because, well, they have such a droopout rate AND they are required to pass standardized entrance examinations? If we’re so devious how come we don’t know about these huge conspiracies we are part and parcel in?


    • Liberals USED to be the Optimistic Ones says:



    • I can’t speak to surgery but it is *very* difficult to get them out of biomedical phd programs. I have only heard of one ever being pushed out, and that was at a school other than what I attended. She was in a PhD nutrition program, had failed every single class, and when came up for her comps could literally not name the food groups. I only know this because I am friendly with someone that sat on the committee, and he was beyond disgusted by the performance. The school still gave her a masters degree.


      • czarowniczy says:

        I retired from the Army and the Federal civil service.and in both cases we used race-based initiatives. In the Army our Hq, had us file a monthly report in which we logged the number of promotions, awards and other ‘perqs’ by race and gender. If 5th Army looked at the report and decided that one group had been slighted we had to justify the disparity and promote/award to make the figures ‘more balanced’. In civil service I sat on two panels that would pick the finalists to be referred to supervisors for hiring and in both cases I knew who was to be on the final list forwarded to the supervisors before I even sat on the panel. In one case the woman blatantly strode around my section bragging that she would get the job or she’d file an EEO complaint against the supervisor. She got the job. It’s just what the system is.


  14. tara says:

    If the NIH or anyone else is concerned that blacks are getting fewer grants than they should, then the only fair solution is to stop asking for the requestees race/color, and if they feel that the names would be giveaways then assign a number. Is this so difficult? Must we lower the standards?


  15. dizzymissl says:

    Stepdaughter is in her residency and she was NOT impressed with her medical school brethren. My suggestion is to make sure to never see a doc who is less than 50 years old.


  16. nobaddog says:

    My suggestion is to not see a doctor that isn’t as white as me. I don’t want no witch doctor working on my heart!


  17. nobaddog says:

    …or white as yourself.


  18. howie says:

    The only way to stop them is for them to run out of OPM. This is a painful cure but a cure. The only cure. As long as they have a supply of tax money or credit it will continue.


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