Laugh, Play, Damn You…… Dance, Sing,…… Entertain Dear Leader !


Number Of Americans Living In Poverty Hits 52-Year High, 27.4 Percent Of Blacks Under The Poverty Line.  Meanwhile – The median net worth of American households has dropped to a 43-year low as the lower and middle classes appear poorer and less stable than they have been since 1969.



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6 Responses to Laugh, Play, Damn You…… Dance, Sing,…… Entertain Dear Leader !

  1. jello333 says:



  2. lovemygirl says:

    An embarassing thing I have to admit but want to warn you about. I co-signed on a private loan for my step daughter’s education. Obama took over that program, made it run by the Feds and instead of warnings, letters, phone calls etc. they intercepted my tax refunds, State & Fed, garnished my wages and I had no idea she wasn’t paying her student loan.


  3. Ally says:

    yes– let them eat cake– Marie Antonetta’s saying


  4. Coast says:

    The latest news is that the White House has 54 individual Christmas trees. At an annual cost of $1.4B in running the Office of the President, the Obama’s have no concept of living humble or more importantly living respectfully on the public “dime”. Watching their extravagant behavior should provide proof to all Americans that the Obama’s have no intention of correcting the massive federal deficit spending. Left unchecked, these people will intentionally destroy this country within a few short years. Hopefully the Republicans can make them as non-relevant as possible. Keeping fingers crossed….


  5. ottawa925 says:

    regarding the first lady … I think she tends to dress in a very garrish manner, but it doesn’t surprise me … let’s leave it at that.


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