Benghazi Investigative Series – Behind The Scenes….

Canada Free Press is running an insider series into the Benghazi Fiasco.   The following article is Part II of an ongoing series.   Part I is HERE.

blood on their hands

We’ve heard different accounts and different timelines concerning the attack at Benghazi. What exactly happened?

First, people must understand that the compound that was attacked was situated in a somewhat rural area and was not a consulate, but a rented villa, or a residential structure. The residence was the primary building, and what has been referred to as the annex was located about 1800 feet away as the crow flies, but just over a mile to travel by road. And again, visible security was not present as the compound was the headquarters for a covert operation. No one wanted to draw attention to what was taking place at this location.

Consulate Real - W Discriptors

The first indications of problems there began at least twelve-(12) hours before the first shot was even fired. One of the men at the compound observed a policeman or Libyan security officer taking photographs outside of the villa. Keep in mind that Ambassador Stevens, the point man in this Obama-sanctioned weapons running operation, was hastily scheduled to meet with the Turkish consul general at this location. The meeting was deliberately planned for dinner time, toward evening, when the events that happened next could be performed under the cover of darkness.

It’s also important to consider the location of this meeting. Tripoli is the seat of power in Libya, and a genuine diplomatic meeting could more safely have been conducted there, at the embassy. Also, what most people don’t know is that Libya is split, much like East and West Germany before the wall. The eastern part is more closely aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, the same group that controls Egypt. The Turkish consul general had to meet there, not just with Stevens but with other factions involved in this covert operation.

Now I’ll digress for a moment. It is reasonable to ask whether the Turkish consul general was setting Stevens up for a hit, like a classic mob-style hit. First, there is no dispute that there was surveillance done at 6:30 a.m. and intermittently throughout the day.

libyansNext, consider that three hours before the first shot was fired, about 6:30 p.m. local time, some strange things were observed taking place near the compound. Military type vehicles began closing of the streets with trucks that had 50 caliber guns mounted on them.

Checkpoints on the streets and at intersections were being quietly closed off around the compound. Nearby residents began going inside their homes. Anyone walking in the area got off the streets, like a scene from a movie in the Godfather series. It was obvious that the stage was being set for a strike against the compound. This alone reveals preplanning and coordination.

It’s also noteworthy to point out that the Turkish counsel general most likely passed through one or more of these checkpoints, or at least would have noticed that things were not right in the area. You must remember that just as Stevens was previously CIA working under diplomatic cover, the Turkish counsel general was his counterpart. It’s typical spy-versus-spy stuff.

Also consider this. One of the men stationed at the compound, a British national, left the compound at about 9:20 p.m., reportedly to get more phone cards. That’s right, phone cards, like you would buy at Walmart. Why? Because the men at the compound ran out of minutes. Just who do you think they were talking to that day to burn through the minutes, and why do you think they needed them at that exact time?

They were using the phones as a last and perhaps only line of communications to provide assessments of the strange things going on earlier. They knew that something was being planned and they were conveying that information – their observations to those who could assist them, in Tripoli and DC.

Based on these activities, it is clear that the men at the compound suspected that they were in trouble long before the first shot was ever fired. They were calling anyone who would listen, or who should have listened. We knew trouble was brewing and no one responded in any meaningful way.  (continue reading for a lot more)


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17 Responses to Benghazi Investigative Series – Behind The Scenes….

  1. yadent says:

    If this continuing report has any inkling of truth then there are NO good guys (D or R) in Washington DC….


    • Sharon says:

      This investigative journalism has lots of inkling of truth, I think, because the big picture pieced together here confirms the bits and pieces we’ve all had access to for many weeks. I don’t believe there are any good guys (except for Michele Bachmann) in Washington, DC, and having that plainly documented is a good thing..


      • Arkindole says:

        There is NO inkling at all….The media/congress isn’t even on track…
        “In April 2012, Lebanese authorities intercepted a cargo ship, the Sierra-Leone-registered Lutfallah II (لطف الله ٢), in Lebanese waters. The ship was carrying three containers of heavy and light weapons destined for the rebels in Syria, according to BBC, 29 April 2012.

        After the entry of the ship Lutfallah II into Lebanese waters and its discovery on April 28, two other warehouses full of imported weapons (“heavy machine guns, shells, rockets, rocket launchers and other explosives”) for the Syrian opposition were uncovered on the coast of Tripoli.

        The ship is reported to have begun its voyage from Libya, stopped off in Alexandria in Egypt, and finally headed for the port of Tripoli in northern Lebanon, before it was intercepted.

        Many ships have been reported leaving the Misurata port in Libya and heading towards Tripoli in Lebanon, using Egyptian ports for “transit.”

        Russia Today reports Franklin Lamb saying “There is an eyewitness, Hassan Diab, who saw the ship Lutfallah II, carrying a Sierra Leone flag, being loaded in Benghazi, Libya. (–>ed)We know that Qatar and Saudi Arabia control five warehouses in the area of Benghazi. So the great suspicion is that the intercepted arms are from those left over from the Libya campaign.”
        “The boat went from Tripoli to (–>ed)Turkey, back down to Egypt and then to Libya, then to Tripoli, Lebanon. It was seized on the way there,” Mr. Lamb said.”
        On the video…………..
        caru 440065 container
        (–>ed) US 4310
        English: “Heat type 256p” “For use in launcher type JL 100”
        “One notable aircraft equipped with this was the Lightning F.53 of Royal Saudi Air Force.”
        Thomson-Brandt (France)
        Launch Tube; U.S. AT4?



        • Sharon says:

          “There is NO inkling at all…” Clarification? Do you mean there is no inkling of truth in the Canada Free Press article?

          “The media/congress isn’t even on track…” that we know….separate issue.

          If you mean the Canada Free Press is all “smoke and mirrors” also (as well as the media and congress) then what do we use for sources? I’m not willing to calling Canada Free Press “smoke and mirrors” and turn to RT as a “better source”—at least not yet.



      • 22tula says:

        and Louis Gohmert


      • yadent says:

        I guess reports such as this are too much even for some conservatives as the blog site FreeRepublic has pulled threads concerning this subject by that particular author.


        • Sharon says:

          That’s why I love Canada Free Press. Believe me, normal Canadians are in distress over what’s happening to the US, and CFP does yeoman work wherever they can to let the light shine.


  2. Auntie Lib says:

    I just read both parts of the expose. One thought: Oh, sh!t.


  3. Arkindole says:
    “First things first: between 19:30 and 20:30, Ambassador Christopher Stevens meets Turkish Consul General Ali Akin Sait. Then the American escorts the Turk to the door of the so-called ‘consulate’ to say goodbye. “Everything is calm at 8:30 PM. There is nothing unusual,” according to a briefing from the U.S. State Department. BUT Associated Press (AP) reported a testimony from neighbors, Libyans in Benghazi who live next to the ‘consulate,’ according to which

    “150 bearded gunmen, some wearing the Afghan-style tunics favored by Islamic militants, sealing off the streets leading to the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. They set up roadblocks with pick-up trucks mounted with heavy machine guns, according to witnesses. The trucks bore the logo of Ansar al-Shariah, a powerful local group of Islamist militants who worked with the municipal government to manage security in Benghazi […]“

    According to AP, “The neighbors all described activists who put up checkpoints around the enclosure to about 8:00 PM.The neighbors all described the militants setting up checkpoints around the compound at about 8 p.m.” These checkpoints were manned by bearded jihadists with trucks equipped with heavy machine guns, and flashing the logo of al-Qaeda-linked Ansar al-Sharia.

    What does that mean? Well, it means that the Turkish Consul General had to go through the blockade of jihadists as he left the vicinity of the ‘consulate.’ “Because of the checkpoints, “it felt like our neighborhood was occupied, no one could get out or in,” said a neighbor interviewed by AP. Did the Turk call Stevens to warn him of the impending danger? Apparently not. There is no trace of phone call. Moreover, how could the Turk himself have got out of the blockade?”



  4. Sharon says:

    Here’s a piece from Human Events. Notice the headline….very misleading….since this whole stinking bit of subtrefuge apparently has nothing to do with any embassy OR consulate….

    Despite emphasis on trimming the defense budget, the Republican-sponsored embassy security amendment was adopted with an easy majority on Wednesday. And similar measures focusing on the response of the State Department and the Pentagon to the violent attacks may be on the way.

    And the republicans dance cheerily along, helping with the distractions, makin’ everybody look good, everybody feel good. “See, we’re addressing the problem!” No, they’re not. They haven’t even identified the problem yet.


  5. cajunkelly says:

    Every time I read another article on this, I remember SD asking if we think evil exists.

    Yes, it most certainly does, in multiples, inside the beltway.


  6. I read both parts and something doesn’t seem right. I can’t put my finger on it yet, though. If the intended goal (destabilizing Syria to threaten Russia) is what the “Intelligence Insider” suggests, why would Obama make the “off-mic” comment that he did to Putin? Without really thinking about this, my first thought is that the only logical reason would be that these actions, taken as a whole, rather than potentially being contradictory, further the possibility of war, if there is only one goal here.

    I’m skeptical about this. As Krauthammer has said, (paraphrasing) “If the choice is between conspiracy or incompetence, in this town (D.C.), it’s almost always incompetence.


  7. ctdar says:

    Families are beginning to speak out & want to know what really happened:

    Its been 3 months, where are the witnesses, when will Hillary Clinton, Panetta and others be questioned by Congress ?


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