Wednesday Open Thread – November 28th

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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59 Responses to Wednesday Open Thread – November 28th

    • Sharon says:

      Glen Beck wears me out so I don’t watch much of his stuff–this is great. I had no idea he could be that funny. Sitting here trying to keep my LOL under control since DH is already asleep and has to work early in the morning. Thanks for the brightener. 😉


  1. cajunkelly says:

    My only critique of his wonderful piece of art is that I’d have placed the bobble head in the pee pee head *down*. (chuckle)


  2. cajunkelly says:


    ‘Mornin Treepers!
    Here’s hopin y’all have a wunnerful hump day!


  3. stellap says:

    Two-thirds of millionaires left Britain to avoid 50p tax rate

    Almost two-thirds of the country’s million-pound earners disappeared from Britain after the introduction of the 50p top rate of tax, figures have disclosed.


  4. WeeWeed says:

    Happy hump day, peeps! Ramirez with the coffee.



  5. ctdar says:

    Geez, hope this time MA has a good counterpunch/backbone regarding country’s foundation and stands up to this atheist family.


    • 22tula says:

      In the Q & A Video, a women stood up and asked the last question. She was upset about the children’s textbooks in Newton, MA. See Related Links below

      David Horowitz TV
      Gangster Unions & Government Corruption

      Q & A

      **Scroll down to Ariella’s comments on July 24, 2012**

      America’s and Israel’s Classrooms: Truth at Risk

      PENS – Parents for Excellence in Newton Schools
      According to the article’s author, School Committee member Matt Hills, the fact that student reading includes false and libelous accusations against Israel is not, in fact, anti-Israel.

      Also unimportant, in Mr. Hills’ view, is the fact that students are told that the Catholic church is “reconsidering polygamy as a Christian option” and that rabbis and priests diminish believers’ relationships with God.

      Jewish students, in turn, should just accept the fact that their religion causes them to steal land and unreasonably deter people who are trying to kill them. Apparently we should accept these statements because Hills, whose self-described religious credentials are unimpeachable, assures us that there is not and has never been any religiously objectionable material in our ‘excellent’ Newton schools.

      Of course, there are no actual facts to back up Hills’ allegations, but who needs facts when you can say whatever you want, no matter how false or objectionable, secure in the knowledge that no one will challenge your politically-connected, million dollar persona?


  6. texan59 says:

    Hmmmm. Laura Ingraham off the air for awhile.


  7. ctdar says:

    Can Congress drug test the President? Everytime I have the misfortune to hear Obama speak he always looks half in the bag.
    If a Presidenr is compromised by anything shouldn’t he be relieved of duties as per military standards until fit for office?
    I know, I know…. wishful thinking


  8. cajunkelly says:

    Well now who didn’t predict *this*…


    Glenn Beck’s ‘Obama in Pee Pee’ charity auction canceled by eBay; @ObamaInPeePee joins Twitter

    Glenn Beck reveals artistic side with ‘Obama in Pee Pee’; Libs cry ‘disrespectful’; Update: Piece removed from eBay

    Posted at 9:44 am on November 28, 2012 by Twitchy Staff | View Comments


    .@eBay has removed our recent listing. Who will auction #ObamainPeePee?

    28 Nov 12


    • cajunkelly says:

      I’m literally LMAO! Their tiny little heads are explodin

      So it’s ok with the filthy progs for man to dunk *our* Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into a jar of realy urine..that’s ART!

      But it’s not ok with the filthy progs for Beck to dunk *their* lord and savior barack obama into a jark of fake urine…that’s DISRESPECTFUL!


    • Sharon says:

      That’s hilarious. Remember what Rush did with the letter that Pelousy or Reid generated, signed by a bunch of whimps, demanding that he be taken off armed forces radio?….he ended up auctioning off the original for a couple million dollars and gave it to the Marine Corps scholarship fund (I think…shoot—I should check on details…sorry)

      Anyway….it would be hilarious if Rush would help auction this off….some Christian conservative who’s filthy wealthy could enrich Glen Beck’s pockets, who would use it for conservative causes, and it could be displayed somewhere, with New Testament scriptures engraved all around it, identifying Jesus Christ as the Messiah and OT verses warning against idolatry–or somethin’.


    • 22tula says:

      Who will auction Flowbama – Obama in PeePee? eBay?
      For Fine Art You Go To The Source – Sotheby’s Auction House.

      Mr. Beck has another option. He can donate his “Artwork,” to the Smithsonian Institute.


  9. cajunkelly says:

    Turns out it was actually beer in he jar…I like this person’s idea;

    coreopsis has set in•2 hours ago−
    If Mr. Beck financed a new beer with “The Messiah in Every Bottle”, the stores would be unable to keep it in stock.


  10. texan59 says:

    Here is a press release issued by the group referenced the other day regarding teaching about the Boston Tea Party being a “terrorist attack”. This was prefaced by an email penned to me by my regional contact at TESCCC. I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt response.

    Here is a quote from her –
    “As such, I would encourage you to look at the lesson in its entirety to find that the passage in the article was used as an opportunity to draw forth critical thinking skills based upon the facts surrounding the Boston Tea Party and asks the students to compare the event to the criteria outlined in the definition of terrorism. The goal is to draw the students into an analysis which would determine the event in fact cannot be classified as a terrorist event given the definition and criteria associated with terrorism.”

    Over the last several months, certain groups and individuals have engaged in an attack on CSCOPE, a curriculum management system that is being utilized by 875 school districts in Texas. Implemented with the guidance and support of member-ESCs, CSCOPE helps school districts in Texas meet the expectations of ever-changing SBOE-approved standards and a more rigorous state testing system (STAAR/EOC).
    One fallacious claim circulated by these groups and individuals is that CSCOPE teaches that the Boston Tea Party “was an act of terrorism.” This claim is false and the portion of content in question has been grossly misinterpreted.
    Here are the facts about this lesson and its content, labeled as World History Unit 12 Lesson 07 (with a footnote dated 08/01/10):
    1. In no way does the content of the activity in question mean that the TESCCC believes the Boston Tea Party to be an act of terrorism. CSCOPE lessons do involve critical thinking and an understanding of perspective, but they do not promote any special interest or “agenda.”
    2. The lesson was originally written during the 2007-08 school year and is associated with the previous (and now outdated) Social Studies TEKS. This particular lesson- associated with the old World History Unit 12- was posted as an OPTIONAL lesson with the last unit of the school year.
    3. Upon district request, old Social Studies content remained archived on the CSCOPE site throughout the 2011-12 school year to be available as a resource until new lessons were provided. CSCOPE received no feedback on this optional lesson from users, so it remained archived in the previous CSCOPE site until the new website was launched in July, 2012.
    4. This lesson does not exist in the new CSCOPE site and has not been supported by CSCOPE for some time. CSCOPE provided new Social Studies curriculum components for districts for the 2011-12 school year, and is providing new lessons for the current school year (2012-13).
    The TESCCC acknowledges and respects all feedback. We also believe in the importance of meaningful dialogue when any questions or concerns may arise regarding the CSCOPE system or its content. For additional information on CSCOPE, visit


    • WeeWeed says:

      I am pleasantly surprised, to put it mildly. I sure bought it, considering some of the OTHER things going on in our school systems.


  11. cajunkelly says:

    michael moore is offended (all wee wee’d up) over Beck’s ART.

    michael moore, I’m offended at your obvious lack of self grooming…don’t ya know cleanliness is next to Godliness,,,in your case, your lord and savior barack obama.



  12. WeeWeed says:

    So I went and bought a Powerball ticket just now – 550 million just might give me something else to think about!! 😀


  13. nameofthepen says:

    CAUTION: Do not attempt to watch this video while drinking coffee, or any other beverage. Management will not be responsible for any computer screen drenching which may occur if this warning is ignored.

    (BTW…notice on headboard warns NOT to get on the bed. :D)


  14. Sharon says:

    Every politician, whether it’s a congressman senator, diplomat, or their spokespeople and the media are lying to the American public every time they call the location of the attack a consulate. It was not. There was absolutely no diplomatic consulate in Benghazi. None. Words are important here. They can create a wrong image, an incorrect picture of what was really going on.


  15. Sharon says:

    Anybody needs an excuse to bawl your eyes out….here it is….

    There’s a universal ache in the human heart, it seems. Never assume that those who are trusting God for daily and eternal needs do not also walk their own tears, live with their own longings and know their own limits. I’m not a fan of songs that deliberately “leave God out” as this song does, but this performance and this performer touches me deeply because of the authenticity of the portrayal of the John Lennon song, “Imagine.”

    Now git yer kleenex, play the video and bawl along with me.


    • michellc says:

      Not a fan of the song, but there is no denying that God has had his hands on both of these boys.
      They lyrics might ignore God, but God was on that stage with that boy.


      • Sharon says:

        The heartfelt responses to some of these amazing tryouts always reminds me that human beings were created to be something special…and I get that both from the gift of music that is exhibited and from the response of the audience. We were not created to be destructive or to be cynics–but to life life creatively. I absolutely loved how he punched the air with his one arm and jumped as well as he could as he was coming off stage. He is one of the ones that Hitler would have put to death because he is deficient.


        • michellc says:

          I remember reading a newspaper article a few years ago about a baby born with no hands. They discovered early on during an ultrasound that the baby wasn’t going to be normal and the parents were encouraged to abort the baby. The parents refused, the little girl was 4 and saved the life of her father by calling 911 when he had a massive heart attack. They had a picture of the girl in the paper, beautiful child even in the grainy newspaper picture. I cried thinking how some parents would have chosen to kill the baby and would have missed out on God’s plan for the child.


  16. ctdar says:

    Ugh wth is going on in Switzerland? Driveup bj’s & such? Will customers get burgers, shakes and fries with each order?


  17. ctdar says:

    Charles Krauthammer tonight basically said if Obama won’t address entitlements and spending cuts in good faith regarding fiscal cliff situation the republicans shouldn’t cave on taxes…go over cliff and screw up his 2nd term. Don’t forget what happened to Bush Sr (read my lips no new taxes…than lost reelection coz Dems loaded taxes onto a bill that he passed and never lived it down). Same scenario 20 yrs later, if republicans give in can forget about gaining ground in 2014 elections and could quite possible lose house majority.


  18. ctdar says:

    Nuclear Option regarding changing the rules of a Filibuster May 2005, Obama, Biden, Reid, Clinton, Schumer, etc all argued against it on Senate floor when Bush raised the idea. Keep running these videos from Senate floor and hopefully the hypocrisy of these a**holes will be their undoing.


    recap of all known Senators arguing against idea May 2005


  19. ctdar says:

    errr where’d everyone go? 🙄


  20. stellap says:

    Compliments of Comedy Central:


  21. lovemygirl says:

    Which side invented the term “Fiscal Cliff”?
    My recollection is was Helicopter Ben. Just hype that the R’s fall for yet again.


  22. lovemygirl says:

    Homemade buttermilk pancakes, butter, real maple syrup and BACON make a fantastic late dinner!


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