Rage Against The Regime…. “Electronic Tracking Locators?”.. nothing to see here, move along, move along…..

After months of protesting a policy requiring high school students to wear an RFID-enabled ID badge around their necks at all times, Andrea Hernandez is being involuntarily withdrawn from John Jay High School in San Antonio effective November 26th, according to a letter sent by the district that has now been made public.

Move along citizens, move along….  smiles please…  yes, lovely…. smiles please…..   roll up your sleeve so the line can move quicker please……  yes sir, that’s it…. yes, maam… perfect.   Keep the line moving folks, you are all most excellent citizens……   Yes, thank you, step along…. step along…..

Andrea Hernandez won’t have to leave her high school for refusing to  wear a badge designed to track her every move there – yet – her  attorneys announced today.

Help speed along the process citizens….. thank you……  keep the lines nice n’ straight now please…. have your right sleeve already rolled up…. that’s it,….. perfect…. thank you….   Just like getting on a plane folks……  simple, simple……    we’ll be ready in no time……

A district court judge for Bexar County, Texas, has granted a  temporary restraining order to prevent Northside Independent School  District from removing a Hernandez from John Jay High School’s Science  and Engineering Academy because she refused to wear a name badge designed to use a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip to track  students’ precise location on school property, the Hernandez’s attorneys  announced today.

“The court’s willingness to grant a temporary restraining order is a  good first step, but there is still a long way to go—not just in this  case, but dealing with the mindset, in general, that everyone needs to  be monitored and controlled,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The  Rutherford Institute.

Sorry for any delays folks, we appreciate your patience and good citizen understanding……  we’ll have you back home in no-time…..   yes, sir… that’s it,….  let the kids show you how if needed…..  they do this at school all the time….  wonderful citizens, your appreciation is very much appreciated…..        

“Regimes in the past have always started with the schools, where they  develop a compliant citizenry. These ‘Student Locator’ programs are  ultimately aimed at getting students used to living in a total  surveillance state where there will be no privacy, and wherever you go  and whatever you text or email will be watched by the government,”  Whitehead warned.

The school had reportedly offered to allow Hernandez to wear a  non-functional badge, giving the appearance of support for the program,  but she declined.

Revelations 13: 16-18 – (16) He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, (17) and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or[a] the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  (18) Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man….. 

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28 Responses to Rage Against The Regime…. “Electronic Tracking Locators?”.. nothing to see here, move along, move along…..

  1. obsidian53 says:

    I’d smile, wave and accept the tag then go home and put it on a squirrel, let the l’il NAZI’s track that shit for a while.


    • jordan2222 says:

      Way too funny. . Would be great if a lot of students rebelled and did that. I find it incredible that this student is the only one who refuses to comply. What the hell is wrong with these other parents? Maybe they were implanted with the new ObamaChips that have both GPS monitoring capability as well as mind control.


  2. diwataman says:

    I never “herd” of this until now. At first it infuriated me. Now, after a few moments of thinking I’m willing to bet it’s the people who want in. And so, I say give it to em. I read one article where it was stated “Most students and parents have acquiesced to the tracking”


    So be it then. Let them live in it. That’s how the state grows anyway. Citizens see a problem and look to the State for the answer. It probably has to be this way anyway. The people will eventually choke on so much State they will revolt at some point and then it will begin again. Ever repeating the same cycle. What a sad thing we are, man that is.


  3. Mikado Cat says:

    I think the ID is a good idea, and eventually everybody will have one that is honest. There are routine effective methods for restricting access to individual information, and that is where I see a need to make sure privacy issues are protected, not the ID itself.


    • I have to say, I am not even remotely surprised that you think the ID is a good idea. Nor does it surprise me that you trust the “routine effective methods” for restricting access.


    • Apparently you are unfamiliar with the concept of a “slippery slope”.. 😦 ……

      …….I mean, why not just cut to the chase and implant a little “honest” micro chip… be way easier…. could track, purchase, fill out forms, hold medical records, log on to data bases, open doors, access hotels, bus passes, apply for jobs, etc etc all with the wave of your arm… like what harm could it do…. all manner of transactions n pesky inconvieniences n stuff could be avoided with the simplicity of micro-tagging us all….. if only…..


      • Maybe those who are okay with this could just get barcodes on their foreheads? That way we can at least identify them on sight.


      • Mikado Cat says:

        Sounds good, and it won’t even be forced on people directly. Its called white listing, everybody with ID will walk into a shopping mall without delay, everybody without will be scanned going in and out. When you show up in an emergency room the people with an ID will go immediately into care, and those without will wait while their information is entered and checked.

        Lots of harm it could obviously do, but lots of known ways to prevent and detect it. This is like the 50’s with cars, most left unlocked with the keys in them. Now we have the same early naivety with cyber security, and I know directly that it can work. We are going to have cyber cops and cyber crime, but I am 100% confident that the system will in general work just fine and people that abuse it will get caught.

        Like it or not over the next 10 to 20 years a LOT more is going to be known about what people do, where they go, etc. Facial recognition, reading license plates, some form of “real” ID, all those are going to happen. What we need to focus on is how the information is used, and what it can be legally used for.

        Modern life has created too much anonymity, too much privacy, and needs rebalancing.


    • John VI says:

      These things are just for monitoring what you are doing, where you do it, how often, with whom, for how long, and whether that information lines up with your actual assigned schedule. Nothing wrong with that right? Its not like YOU have anything to hide right? Course, there would be fines if you left it in your locker too often. And maybe use it to limit access to rooms kids want to go, like the bathroom. Sucks to be you if you need to pee on a day you forgot your badge…

      Say, if Im planning to be DISHONEST, can I have a copy of yours? That way, the lazy admins can just look up who was where when the DISHONESTY occured, see your name, and send you straight to punishment. After all, that would be evidence of your guilt right? Nobody would abuse that, not with teenagers that already have no rights in school.


    • Sharon says:

      Have you gotten yours yet?


  4. ctdar says:

    If the school has problem with truants (as that was initial approach to the ID “policy”) they should be kicked out and let the parents deal with their degenerate offspring.
    The responsibility of raising children needs to be put back on those that brought them into this world and i bet a leftover turkey sandwich those kids might change their tune. Law abiding citizens should not be treated the same as those that have no boundaries.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thefirstab says:

      In my adopted state, parents are required to sign a Truancy “disclosure” or actually the form pretty much spells it out in Real English (there’s probably a Spanish version too, I can’t recall) – parents are subject to jail time if their children have a large number of unexcused absences during the year. Students are permitted a set number of excused absences, then must bring notes from health professionals to count as excused. There are a couple in-between steps between, but the bottom line is parents are responsible for their children going to school – period.


  5. Sam says:

    There is everything wrong with requiring kids to wear RFID badges. It says “we don’t trust you but we are going to lie and say it’s for your own good.” And many will believe the lies. It was foretold.

    That is some sinister wall paper. It looks like reptile heads out of black water. Another reason I hate swamps.

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  6. BertDilbert says:

    It is a magnet school and more parents probably go along with the program out of fear their kids will be reduced to having to go to a regular school (downgraded education) if they do not comply. This is the current threat being imposed for non compliance.

    Had the roll out been in a regular school and the penalty for non compliance had been transfer to a magnet school the outcome would be likely different!


  7. Mikado Cat says:

    How paranoid are you?
    If you donate money do you pay cash for a debit card and use that?
    Few post here with their real names or link to themselves, do you have “burn” email accts and use a proxy server?
    Do you have a prepaid burn cell phone used only for secret calls that can be tossed if needed?
    Do you carry ID?
    Do you use a discount card at a grocery store? (tracks all purchases)


    • michellc says:

      Well, I can’t speak for others but I’m pretty darned paranoid myself. I no longer use google due to my paranoia, I have started paying cash for more stuff or using a check where they don’t have electronic checking. I do almost no shopping online for the same reason.
      I’m up tonight because we had a sick cow to deal with and a helicopter flew over our property at 1 in the morning and my first thought was probably the damn black helicopters.
      I very seldom use my cell phone only in emergencies and for business. (Not out of paranoria but I just hate using a cell phone) I won’t upgrade my phone because I heard it was much easier to track me on newer phones especially I-phones.

      It will be a cold day in hell though before I accept an ID card where they can track my ever movement and unlike the parents of all but one of these kids, my kids would not have had one.
      The government knows too much about each and every one of us now, which besides the fact that income tax is wrong as it punishes those who are successful and takes money from those who earn it and give it to those who don’t, it is a way that the government has the ultimate control over us. So I’m certainly not going to willingly allow them more intrusion into my life.
      The next step after that one is micro chipping which is too close to fulfilling a prophecy for my liking and I was forewarned and will suffer and die in this body before I suffer for eternity.
      But hey if you’re willing to stand in line and willingly do as the state tells you to do, go for it.

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      • doodahdaze says:

        Most people are willing and like it. The shift in the population is clear and unavoidable. They have no concept of freedom, or willingly give it up for the security blanket. They have very low expectations. No concept of free enterprise or competition. This is what they want.


        • michellc says:

          And that is going to be this country’s downfall.

          I had a similar discussion with a prog awhile back about drones, they claimed to not be a prog, but they quickly revealed what they are with their opinion on gun control, taxes, etc. This person saw nothing wrong with the EPA using drones to spy on farmers and went on to say they had no problem with drones spying on them because they had nothing to hide and it was no different than their neighbor watching them from their upstairs window while they mowed their yard. There is no hope for someone with that mentality and if that mentality is the majority then there is no hope for this country.

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          • doodahdaze says:

            I know. That is the point. A majority likes the idea of a police state. So it will come. I am not for a police state. I just dropped the Gops and signed up with the Constitution Political Party. I feel liberated and no longer frustrated. I checked and we got over 2,500 votes in Florida in November. I am now with the real minority. I like the Constitution like ti was written.


    • ctdar says:

      a mandatory internal human tracking chip vs an optional plastic grocery card that notes the type of cereal or orange juice you consume is a difference that is night & day

      Do not give up your God Given Rights!!


  8. Mikado Cat says:

    If your cell phone is on, its location can be tracked.

    Those who use technology carefully will be lost among the other hundreds of millions.
    Those who avoid it, might as well wave flags, they will draw the most attention to themselves.

    The assumption that monitoring will allow more regulation I think is false. If nobody could get away with driving over 55 mph at any time, enough would hate it to repeal it.

    It still irks me what a fuss a few made about caller ID, but now its common enough that people block all calls or send them to a machine that aren’t in their list of people.


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