Revenge! …. “You’ve got to… A-C-C-E-N-T-U-A-T-E the Hyphenate, E-L-I-M-I-N-A-T-E the Enemy” ….

…. ¶ Tune in…. to the negative and let’s work the whole thing out¶…..   “ALL ABOARD the Divisional Express” !!!   Move along, move along,…. tickets please !  Ignore the men in masks…  watch your step please…  treats and hot cocoa as soon as we are all boarded….  Step along, thank you.. thank you folks….  Keep moving… that’s it….  Lotsa fun awaits..  smiles everyone, smiles please…

Fresh off his re-election, President Barack Obama is asking his supporters to complete a survey that asks the people being polled to check off which “constituency groups” they identify with – there are 22 groups listed. 

The post-election survey, distributed through “take this organization forward,” includes the question, “Which constituency groups do you identify yourself with?   Select all that apply.”   

(But, well, um…., no Men? ….  no Whites)

Have your survey tickets at the ready please…..   Check all that apply….  Smiles everyone, Smiles please…..  remember… we’ve got treats, cotton candy, sweets and ice cream as soon as everyone is seated… plenty of room folks…

“Scuse me”?

“Yes sir, how may I assist you this fine glorious day”?

“Well, um, there’s no place for Men…. or for White people to check in”?

“Oh dear, well, it appears you might be right….   You’ll need to see one of the men over there (pointing)….. they’ll take you to the “other line”..  OK? 

“You want me to get out of line and walk over behind that building with that guy with the mask n stuff “?


“But, what about my place in line” ?

“Not to worry sir, they’ll take care of you….  move along now”…. 

Now, where were we?  Ah Yes,…..  C’mon folks….. move along, move along…..   Step right up…  Keep your tickets and surveys in your hand please….  lots of goodies once we board…   step along… step along…..

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13 Responses to Revenge! …. “You’ve got to… A-C-C-E-N-T-U-A-T-E the Hyphenate, E-L-I-M-I-N-A-T-E the Enemy” ….

  1. akathesob says:

    Hmmmmmm! Well now seems the true color of dear leader is showing oh so well.


  2. nobaddog says:

    Now its too late. Thanks to all the race traitors that cheered for your demise and voted for the guy that hates you. Hope you get what you were looking for! When the shooting starts i wont defend you. <for the white obama supporters


  3. cajunkelly says:


    Should I be impressed/grateful that der leader allowed for Native Americans in the box check selections?


  4. lovemygirl says:

    People of Faith and Rural America are the ones going to the camps. I only fit one (city guy).


  5. doodahdaze says:

    Bolshevik, Proletariate, Apparatchik, Journolista ??


  6. BertDilbert says:

    White people are color blind and therefore need not be listed.


  7. tessa50 says:

    I don’t know why he cares now what anyone thinks, he is in for 4 more-nothing to stop him


  8. 22tula says:

    “Was Hurricane Sandy A Prelude To Camp FEMA?”
    By Tim Brown – November 20, 2012

    “There were reports that security guards were stationed all over, including in the showers. You couldn’t even go to the bathroom without an I.D. I’ll bet you could vote though.” – Tim Brown


  9. obsidian53 says:

    My first trip to the V. A. for some long needed rapairs on my hearing aids, I was handed a survey which asked on the first question, “Which race do you consider yourself” I mark the box for I decline to state race.
    What does race have to do with a service connected hearing loss?


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