Know Your Enemy – Erdogan Calls Israel Terrorist State

Yesterday Turkey’s Prime Minister Called Israel a Terrorist StateISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan described Israel on Monday as a “terrorist state” in carrying out its bombardment of Gaza, underlining hostility for Ankara’s former ally since relations between them collapsed in 2010.

His comments came after nearly a week of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel and Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip. An Israeli missile killed at least 11 Palestinian civilians including four children in Gaza on Sunday.

“Those who associate Islam with terrorism close their eyes in the face of mass killing of Muslims, turn their heads from the massacre of children in Gaza,” Erdogan told a conference of the Eurasian Islamic Council in Istanbul.

“For this reason, I say that Israel is a terrorist state, and its acts are terrorist acts,” he said.

Ties between Israel and Turkey, once Israel’s only Muslim ally, crumbled after Israeli marines stormed an aid ship in 2010 to enforce a naval blockade of the Palestinian-run Gaza Strip. Nine Turks were killed in clashes with activists on board.  (more)


Before you read this excellent consideration by Clare Lopez outlining the serious possibility for Turkish involvement in the Benghazi attack, it is important to remember how close President Obama is to Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan is a severe islamist and both Obama and Erdogan are very friendly.

What she outlines in this report is extremely alarming to consider, given the nature of President Obama and Erdogan’s personal friendship and given the nature of Turkey’s involvement with the Syrian uprising.

(By Clare Lopez) If reporting from the Washington Times is accurate, it looks like the Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin was in on the plot to attack the U.S. mission in Benghazi. According to an October 27, 2012 report, Libyan witnesses from the Benghazi neighborhood where the U.S. compound was located told reporters from the Associated Press (AP) that “150 bearded gunmen, some wearing the Afghan-style tunics favored by Islamic militants began sealing off the streets” leading to the facility “around nightfall.”

The Department of State “Background Briefing on Libya,” provided by telephone to reporters on October 9, 2012 states that Ambassador Christopher Stevens held his last meeting of the day on September 11 with the Turkish diplomat from 7:30pm to 8:30pm and then escorted him out to the compound gate to bid farewell. At that point, the briefing states, “Everything is calm at 8:30 p.m. There’s nothing unusual.”

But the AP witnesses said that, “The neighbors all described the militants setting up checkpoints around the compound at about 8 p.m.” The checkpoints were described as being manned by bearded jihadis in pickup trucks mounted with heavy machine guns and bearing the logo of the Al-Qaeda terror franchise, Ansar al-Shariah.

That means that the Turkish Consul General would have had to pass out through the blockade as he departed the American compound and left the area. There is no record that he phoned a warning to his American colleague, the one he’d just had dinner with, Ambassador Stevens. Given the description of the blockade around the American compound and of the jihadis and their trucks that were manning it, it seems unlikely that the he somehow just failed to notice. “[N]o one could get out or in,” according to one neighbor interviewed by the AP.

Except for the Turkish Consul General, it would appear.

Stevens was a sitting duck, a target surrounded by the jihadist attackers who shortly would take his life and that of his Public Affairs Officer, Sean Smith.

Similarly, this raises the question of the Libyan gate guards from the “February 17 Martyrs Brigade,” the jihadi militia subcontracted by the British firm Blue Mountain, which was the prime contractor for the U.S. Benghazi compound security contract.

What did they know and when did they know it? Even if the Americans, inside the buildings behind the compound walls and getting ready to retire for the night, were not aware of what was happening in the streets around them, the Libyans of the Martyrs Brigade surely must have been. Yet they provided no warning to the Ambassador and his people either, because again, according to the State Department briefing, the American security officers inside were taken by surprise when the first gunshots and explosions rang out around 9:40 pm.

The State Department must have known much of this when it provided the briefing. So must have the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, the National Security Council and the White House. More than likely, the State Department knew in advance of the Ambassador’s meeting schedule for that day, including his plans for a final dinner meeting with Akin.

To date, however, none of them has mentioned the curious circumstance that Ali Sait Akin knew the American Ambassador and his staff at the Benghazi compound were being set up for slaughter and did nothing to warn them.

The topic of discussion between the Ambassador and his dinner guest has not been revealed, but it would seem to be of even more significance now that it has become obvious the Turkish diplomat and by extension, his government, were at least to some degree complicit in the attack against Ambassador Stevens and the others. (more)

Clare Lopez is an international security consultant at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies. She is uniquely qualified to analyze the intelligence and defense communities not only through her current professional connections, but also because of her 20-year background with the CIA. She served for 20 years as an operations officer specializing in counterintelligence,
counternarcotics, and counterproliferation programs

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4 Responses to Know Your Enemy – Erdogan Calls Israel Terrorist State

  1. canadacan says:

    It was quiet too quiet. This is like I setup deal in the movie The Godfather. America has survived being stabbed in the back before And eventually we are going to claw our way out of this. These are desperate times This will not go on indefinitely. It’s going to be bad but it’s not going to be forever. America is still unique. The great experiment is not over yet. Fasten your seatbelts were in for a bumpy ride We’ve been there before. This is just a nasty variation.


  2. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    Do you think that if Obama presides over the extermination of the Israelis, all of the idiot Jews who voted for him just to prove how liberal and enlightened they are might suddenly grow up and grow a brain and may be even grow a pair of testicles?



  3. Tricia says:

    Just cancelled my annual trip to Turkey. No thanks!


  4. czarowniczy says:

    Turkey is a staunch NATO and is looking at EU membership. Turkey has also whacked the hell out of fellow Muslim Kurds and has frequently, as a thinly disguised military state, whacked its own Muslim nails as they rose above the board. Turkey will say anything in the open press to blow some smoke up the populations’ salvars. Turkey has been a military-controlled, mostly secular country for some 90+ years, the military having a virtual choke hold on fundamentalism after Ataturk made sure the last remnants of the Ottoman empire were quashed. Don’t listen to what Turkey says, watch what it does.


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