They Are Not RINO’s – They Are Worse…. They are Decepticons….. It’s A Spending Issue STUPIDS !!

(Via Doug Ross – The righteous) I want to address the rocket scientist RINOs typified by House Speaker John Boehner and commentator William Kristol, both of whom have expressed a willingness to “compromise” with Democrats and raise taxes on “millionaires”. And by “millionaires”, they of course mean any individual making over $200,000 and any family making over $250,000. And, as everyone knows, a substantial number of these folks are small business owners, who account for roughly half of all the jobs created by small business.

I would like to unleash a rant on these two, but first, please read this item spotted while surfing the web.

I’m a California Republican (I know, masochistic, right?) and the local talk radio is full of small business owners calling in and discussing their plans.

One man, owner of a trucking firm in Ventura — 75 employees, $6 million payroll — discussed how even as times have been tough over the last few years, he’s made it a point to make his payroll, even dipping into his own savings.

He was walking by the breakroom and heard some of his employees snickering about the election and they had wanted Obama to stay President to make sure the rich pay. He then thought “what am I putting myself at risk?” He then went and canceled his order for six new trucks (approximately $600,000 worth of an order) and is planning to layoff 20 or more people.

What Mr. Kristol and Mr. Boehner don’t understand — aside from basic arithemetic, logic, history and reason — is that small business doesn’t need to tighten its belt. Government does.

But why, asks the President, can’t we go back to Clinton-era tax rates? That seems reasonable, right?

Oh, sure. We can go back to Clinton-era tax rates.

Just as soon as we go back to Clinton-era housing prices.

And Clinton-era college tuition prices.

And Clinton-era health insurance premiums.

And Clinton-era state, local and property taxes.

You starting to get the picture, geniuses? Democrats are never satisfied! Never! In good times and bad, government grows like an enormous, metastasizing tumor, eroding our liberty and eating away at our private property rights.

Democrats tamper with housing prices (see: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) and they destroy the housing industry. They back student loans, making it easy for colleges to raise tuition prices far faster than the rate of inflation. They nationalize health care for the elderly, indigent (and now, everyone) and health care prices skyrocket.

Democrats grow the government. That’s what they do.

In other words, Democrats constantly try to evade the very Constitution they took an oath to uphold! They incessantly evade the very document that was explicitly designed to check their own corrupting ambitions!

And accomplices like Boehner and Kristol don’t have the common sense to even figure out that they are being played. In fact, guys like this aren’t real Republicans. They are Democrats Lite. They’re a slightly watered down version of the Marxist Left; they are so addicted to the concentration of power in Washington that they can’t even see the diminishing circle of liberty — a veritable noose — tightening around our collective necks.

Boehner, Kristol, Rove, and the rest of these Democrats Lite must be ridiculed at every turn. They must be mocked. They need to be shunned. And they need to be cast out from the real Republican Party.

They’re not statesmen, they’re not thoughtful, and — worst of all — they’re not leaders. They are useless and they need to be ignored.   (article)

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17 Responses to They Are Not RINO’s – They Are Worse…. They are Decepticons….. It’s A Spending Issue STUPIDS !!

  1. ctdar says:

    Need to flood your states reps to demand removal of Boehner as House Majority Leader


  2. Arkindole says:

    For their proposals to work (without further spending–won’t) the >=200-300K bracket’s rate would need to go to about 86%. Because that bracket would bail, and their net income would fall to “middle class” levels, the middle class would take the “cost-shift” and rates would need to increase for them to 50-60%. So, we have the old “middle class” effective realized income at around 25-30K. Now, we all call can qualify for SNAP. So, like you said, 70% of the GDP (small business) goes poof–permanently.
    Now, isn’t that easy komrad?


  3. apachetears says:

    Republicans like boehner are back stabbing democrats in conservative clothing, they are the same bunch as the democrats, no difference. Bohner will be the last republican to hold his office.
    I believe they took a dive last election and allowed themselves to be treated like dumb asses.
    I will never vote democrat and it looks like I won’t vote republican either Fraud, threats, hacking and no legal attempts to right the wrongs made my vote worthless. I won’t waste time casting votes that are rendered null by five or six votes for every democrat voter.
    The next Presidential election will find the republicans holding the same spot as the Ron Paulians, marginalized and made impotent by democrat castration.
    The two contenders for the Presidency will be between Hillary and Obama (yes, Obama will get a third term) single party system Democrats against democrats with republicans used for humor and hate as the other.
    Lets face it, If Romney/Ryan were not capable of defeating domestic adversaries in an election soaked in fraud and lies they would not have been able to fight this nations enemies any better.
    The democrats at least show they are willing to go all the way to win.
    Votes no longer count.


  4. dreamerspirit says:

    Obama to open fiscal talks with plan to raise taxes by $1.6 TRILLION on those he deems “wealthy”. THAT SOUNDS LIKE A REAL REACH ACROSS THE ISLE ATTITUDE…NOT!

    When those that make $200’000-$250,000 are forced out of business, how low will Obama lower the bar to define “rich or wealthy” in America to justify more tax increases?


  5. czarowniczy says:

    Stalwart Republicans, bare chested, knives in their teeth, standing at the gates and not letting the fiscally irresponsible Democrats through. Biggest problem they all have, regardless of party, and the only bipartisan issue on top of the pile is how to write the legislation so that it doesn’t hurt them. Let’s also look at the POtuS and Mrs POtuS – after they leave office they’ll be standing on the money cart, they’ll have cash flowing in from all corners the same as Klinton does. Favors will be called in, books will be ghostwritten, obscene speaking fees will be paid – the Poohtus will have hit the honey tree. I’m betting we’ll see some slap-dash duct taping of the tax code, something that will be presented to the Great Unwashed as a joint victory but will do little lese than rearrange the deck chairs. When we’re talking millionaires we’re talking a lot of Congresspersons who either are or are hoping to be millionaires. When wethink about millionaires we’re looking at Gates, Buffet, and the like; when Congress looks millionaires they’re looking in the mirror.`


    • dreamerspirit says:

      Congress always finds a way to exempt themselves from legislative law that is good for the great unwashed…Social Security, Obamacare, mandatory retirement age, Medicare and most likely the tax increase on the rich…will not apply to federal employees…public, la, la…guaranteed for life like all other federal perks. They are the only people I know that get to grant themselves a pay increase, decide how much it will be and the only accountability they have is not getting reflected. With all the voter fraud that is not such a big deal anymore.


  6. Inkraven says:

    We’re all overlooking one thing here: people in the $250k+ income range vote overwhelmingly *blue*. Obama promised higher taxes on millionaires, millionaires knew this and voted for Obama, so why not give them exactly what they want?

    It seems absurd to me that the GOP wastes all this time pandering to a demographic that doesn’t even return the favor on election day.


  7. dreamerspirit says:

    I disagree with you. The super rich liberals and Hollywood elites by far endorse the idea of higher taxes. Some of the wealthy doctors and other professionals that work for large corporations or hospital affiliates and have had the benefit of the doctor fix and have no real skin in the game may also have voted for Obama. Big business that is heavily invested in the unions, yes they supported Obama. Liberal think tanks and overpàid college professors that are driving up college tuitions, they voted for Obama, but your average small business owners…and I do mean small business…who have been struggling to survive in this Obama economy did not, in any majority, vote for Obama. Our state went blue, not because of small business owners voting for Obama, but because of two large counties heavily populated with welfare recipients, minorities and strong union influence. They disenfranchise the votes of the majority of the rest of the state. Look at Ohio too. Same thing there. Most of the state was red, but a few counties completely wiped out those votes. Obama knew where to target and how to target to get the votes he needed. It was not the small business people making $250,000 that got him elected. We are small business owners and since Obama got reelected last week, our clientele have almost disappeared and we are not alone. I don’t know if our business will survive and yes, we have young liberals that voted for Obama, having no clue that they may have just signed their pink slip. This is not what we want, but we can not afford to continue to dip into our personal savings to keep paying them when people are not coming through the door. My husband is 71 years old and has not had a salary increase in 8 years. He has given his all to the business he loves and we barely have made it over the $250,000 mark after over 40 years in business. So please do not speak to something you do know nothing about. I know I am not the only one on here that is facing similar issues as a small business owner. Generalizations and assumptions are never a good idea.


  8. Mikado Cat says:

    Small businesses are going to get screwed, they always have been. Big enough to get hit with the taxes, but still in competition with smaller businesses that won’t be so they can’t easily pass on the cost of the tax. Highly compensated individuals though I think will see the opposite, everyone in their profession will be paying the higher rate so they should be able to pass 100% on to whoever pays them, eventually with the cost going to average consumers.

    If I owned a small business and was facing this tax hike I would be looking at how to avoid it, and I am sure any good accountant will have a dozen ways to offer as soon as the ink dries on whatever gets passed.

    Also who in their right mind would look at putting any investment into their business that would push them over the threshold. Time to lay off a few people, defer any growth, and invest outside the US.

    Since I’m on a rant, my own experience in a small business is that there are lean times and fat times and little control about when they occur, so I might make $200k a year normally, but have a $150k lean year, $300k fat year, $150k lean year.


  9. Mikado Cat says:

    Good news is that if passed we can expect some pretty nice “cash” deals to start being the norm.


  10. traditionalist conservative says:

    They’re not RINOs, they’re DIABLOs–Democrats In All But Label Only.


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