Obama to Hold Benghazi Presser Tomorrow….

Remember the White House GOAL: 1.) Move current opinion of Gen Petraeus 2.) Use CIA Angle as cover for misleading information.  3.)  Take no responsibility for the lies and falsehoods.    Think of advancing their objectives like advancing a football in the game toward the Goal line:

√20 yard line – Petraeus is a solid patriot ===> √   …. Fri
√30 yard line – Petraeus is fallible/human ====> √ …. Sat/Sun
√40 yard line – Petraeus lost his capacity for judgement ====> √…. Mon
√50 yard line – Petraeus is/was distracted ===> √  …. Tue
√40 yard line – Petraeus is compromised ===>  Wednesday Press Conference 
30 yard line – Petraeus is unstable  ===> then
20 yard line – Petraeus is not-credible ===> then
10 yard line – Petraeus is out for revenge. ====> then
Touchdown – Petraeus is a liar.

Each Administration player, including Media “special teams” (See Michael Hastings and CNN Suzanne Kelly) will have a specific goal in advancing the narrative of protection for the Administration.   Remember: “How to win the game”?  Isolate => Ridicule => Marginalize.

It is how they roll. Always.

WASHINGTON DC – President Barack Obama will take questions from the press on Wednesday, Nov.  14.  Obama has avoided the press conferences since mid-June, when he took  questions at an international conference in Mexico.

The president has conducted numerous one-on-one meetings with carefully  selected local and national reporters during the run-up to Election Day.

Few of those events yielded difficult questions for the president, although  in October a Colorado reporter aggressively quizzed him about this conduct  during the Sept. 11 jihadi attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

The event will be held in the White House’s large East Room.

If the event follows previous practice, White House officials will choose  which reporters will be invited to ask questions. The practice pressures  reporters to maintain good relations with White House officials.  (more)

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30 Responses to Obama to Hold Benghazi Presser Tomorrow….

  1. It’s not a coincidence he is doing this in advance of the beginning of congressional hearings surrounding Benghazi. suck all the media oxygen out of the room and focus the attention on him instead of the hearing room of truth.


  2. ctdar says:

    Will a Fox Rep be allowed in room or has their invite been lost again ?


  3. cajunkelly says:

    I won’t even bother to watch. It’ll be soft ball questions from ONLY his partners in crime…the LSM.

    Not wasting my time.


  4. The White House must have an air of confidence if they are going to talk publicly. 😦


    • ctdar says:

      Let’s hope some reporter has the fortitude to cause Obama to stumble


    • ytz4mee says:

      Yep, they’ve got their narrative locked down.


    • waltherppk says:

      Something about which I keep thinking, with some hopefulness actually, is knowing it is not unusual that when somebody like Petraeus “goes down” ….other people tend to go down with them…especially other people who may be deserving and connected even obliquely with the fall of that high level official….it is almost guaranteed they will not be alone in their misfortune. So the confidence there that Obama is “right on top of things” could be an investment in positive thinking that could deliver negative dividends.
      Obama could have a mess here that not even batallions of “cleaners” can clean up.


  5. Sharon says:

    The fact that this is scheduled is pretty much solid evidence that no serious questions will be asked; if one is asked accidentally, no follow-up wlll be permitted; the POTUS will not answer any decent question truthfully and that will be the end of that.

    The major thing the White House will have accomplished is the the only thing they’re trying to accomplish: henceforth and forevermore, now Carney can say, whenever any question having anything to do with Benghazi is brought, “As you know the President had a press conference in November of 2012 and provided considerable commentary on the matter. There is no reason for us to continually keep rehashing events that have been substantially addressed.”

    It’s nothing more than that.


  6. recoverydotgod says:

    The specific question I would like asked to President Obama is…

    “Considering that there is an ambassador dead for the first time since 1979…is Benghazi what happens when your state department buys security personnel local for the personal representative of an American president? Were those your rules of engagement in Libya?”


  7. texan59 says:

    Optics baby, optics. 👿


  8. dizzymissl says:

    I read this is his first real press conference since March 4.


    • President Obama has never had a “real” press conference in the traditional sense of the word. Every one of the pressers he has engaged himself in are highly scripted and controlled. Questions in advance, invitation only, list of questioners, etc etc….

      It is actually one of the biggest fractures in modern media history. President Obama has never had a press conference where he is asked anything, by anyone in the corps. It’s never happened.

      Because he cannot handle it. Period.


  9. 22tula says:

    Ann Barnhardt – Change Agents

    Great Purge


    Side Note – Dignity & Grace – Alan Keyes


  10. 22tula says:

    Alan Keyes is usually on the Talk to Solomon Show – Tuesdays @ 8PM EST
    I am finding it hard to listen to him lately, because I wish that he was our President.

    Reloop? of tonight’s show

    Posted in archives the next day

    or YouTube

    “The First Principles of Politics” Turning the Tide of Culture
    By Michael Bates


  11. Keep em simple…. and his head will explode.

    1. Did you know Ambassador Stevens was dead when you went to Nevada campaigning?


  12. The parents and family members of the deceased are telling the media they still do not know the cause of death. It’s been over two months. Why not?


  13. It is reported that 20 to 30 people survived the attack. Who are they?


  14. The first attack in Benghazi began at 3:40pm Washington DC time. The first evacuation flight from the airport was at Midnight, again DC time. Just curious, what time did you go to bed?


  15. Who gave the order to “do whatever is needed to save our people”? And what happened then?


  16. The attack on the consulate and CIA Annex took place on September 11th. It’s now November 14th – more than 2 months have passed. Do you know specifically what took place yet?


  17. Did you know about General Petraeus’s affair prior to election day?


  18. rumpole2 says:

    What happens in Benghazi, stays in Benghazi.


  19. lovemygirl says:

    Upon returning to the CIA annex with survivors, Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods got on the radio and asked, frantically, at midnight:
    “Where the ‘blank’ is the Spectre?”
    Where was the Spectre Mr. President?


  20. gretchenone says:

    Why did you and administration officials repeatedly lie to the American people about the cause of the consulate attack? For weeks? When you knew within 24 hours that it was terrorism?


  21. ctdar says:

    Mr President: For weeks you & members of your administration blamed an obscure video you now claim you knew was a terrorist act why than didn’t you call immediately your “rapid-reaction counterterrorism coordination squad, the Foreign Emergency Support Team, even though the consulate attack was, um, (a) foreign and (b) an emergency that (c) required support?”


    • ctdar says:

      Knowing that the British Ambassador had an assasination attempt back in the Spring 2012 and multiple terrorist claimed bombings in Benghazi for the past 6 months why did your administration deny additional protection to Ambassador Stevens and why in August did you actually cut back his already existing meager security? Why was the US the last consulate standing in the face of embolden terrorist activity especially on the anniversary of September 11??


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