Because This Still Cracks Me Up…..

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16 Responses to Because This Still Cracks Me Up…..

  1. BarbaCat says:

    I’ve kept this vid on my desktop for over a year now, and whenever I feel sad I run it.
    suffice it to say, I can see why it’s going around again. This is the best!


  2. popeyes spinach brand says:



  3. redgrandma says:

    I need to laugh. Thanks so very much.


  4. I don’t know if everyone appreciates the more shadowed humor (I do, it cracks me up)… but I think this video should have been named:

    “Hey, do me a favor…. Hold My Beer”


  5. czarowniczy says:

    From a rural Mississippi standpoint that might have worked if it weren’t for that damned 10% ethanol gas. My 5-year old grandson can’t watch this one enough – wonders if standing upwind would have helped…


  6. Knuckledragingwino says:

    My daughter went to a concert with her church group and they stopped at some bakery in Portland. She gave me half a Bacon-Maple Bar!


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