Maybe I’m just SLOW to accepting the New America… but this seems creepy.

Go to this website and slowly enter in your address.  SLOWLY.  Meaning enter a digit wait two Seconds, enter next digit, wait two seconds, then enter the next digit – wait two secs. etc.


How many clicks finds YOU?   How do you feel about that?   Your thoughts ?……

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42 Responses to FREEDOM or DYSTOPIA ?

  1. stellap says:

    I did this the other day. It is creepy.


  2. WeeWeed says:

    It’s got me livin’ in Noo Yawk. Suits the hell outta me.


  3. captainronmexico says:

    10 clicks. my pool looks like it was a little dirty that day. yes, creepy


  4. cajunkelly says:

    LOL! Got me living in Washington, DC!


  5. rumpole2 says:

    I thought it might be a bit more tricky with an out of the way place like NZ, and a little known semi-rural street on the edge of the far Western suburbs of Auckland 🙂
    But house number followed by 5 letters brings up Casa Rumpole… the street view pic actually looks straight at the window, just behind which I am typing now. 😮


  6. Gerald says:


    I had to put in my full street address, plus the first three letters of the name of my town, before it found me.


  7. chevymisty says:

    I had to put in almost my whole address for it to find me…maybe i am a lucky one.


  8. mung says:

    It’s just an interface to Google earth. The satellite image is way older than the street view images.


  9. The Tundra PA says:

    Puts me in London until the last letter of my address and then *whomp* there’s my house. Only the overhead, not the street view (not sure they did much street view filming in rural Alaska). And the overhead view was taken on April 20, 2010. I know exactly, because the image shows the privacy screen on my deck but not the hot tub, which arrived 24 hours later.

    Isn’t this strongly affected by the fact that most of us have “Google Earth”ed our home address?


  10. Sharon says:

    It illustrates, again, that the technology itself is not the issue. It is who gets hold of the technology, how they use it, who they have the power to use it against. Our fears rise from the knowledge that those looking for us won’t necessarily have our good at heart.

    One workaround would be refusing to use cash (as far as finances are concernted). The idea of a cashless society has been around for a very long time (in fact, all society was cashless until fairly recently–read Mark Levin’s Ameritopia, etc.) A cashless society is not inherently horrible–shoot, when we exchange recipes we’re participating in some version of it. These things are manifestions of “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!” and will be increasingly obvious now that a bunch of people are paying attention.

    I had slipped into thinking that “the threat of the keepers” would be to turn our innertube connections off: obviously the much greater threat is that they install cameras and all business can only be done through the internet.

    Interesting exercise. I don’t think I’m actually that freaked out that they can “find me.” Ever since this nation was surveyed at the direction of Thomas Jefferson, they could find anyone who owned property. Took a little while longer than it would now, but the principle is no different.


    • rumpole2 says:

      I’m not freaked out either.
      It’s an interesting demo though. It shows how comprehensive google information is. A huge data base of street name world wide. It does not show the extent to which PEOPLE are linked to those addresses..( but they are of course every time you type name and address)
      The number of letters you need to type to get a result, is a function of how unique your Street name is 🙂


  11. TandCrumpettes says:

    I had to type in everything. Even better, the view was of my neighbor’s house…3 houses down. So if anyone needs to stay secure, just come over to my house!


  12. scubachick75 says:

    I had to put my house number and street name plus court. If I don’t put the court part it has me living in Balldivis, Australia. Apparently, same address but Rd instead of Court. Maybe it’s a sign I should move to Australia! 🙂


  13. cajunkelly says:

    Laughing insanely! I put in my whole street address…and I’m in…

    Drum roll



  14. cajunkelly says:

    Guess I’m deeper in the cypress knees than I thought!

    Neener, can’t find me!


  15. cajunkelly says:

    Finally found my house…btw, that’s just Google Street View….

    But the picture was taken over 4 years ago. I can tell by flower beds that were removed after that time. And the vehicle in the driveway I sold long ago.

    I had to type almost the entire address. It had me in FL, Michigan, Missouri, all over da place.

    Maybe it’s the cypress knees messin up their satellite imaging. 😛


  16. michellc says:

    They couldn’t find
    They had me in NY, MN, Japan, CA, AZ, SD and finally MO.

    So then I tried adding my city and state and they still had me 100 miles from where I live.


  17. rumpole2 says:

    Hmmm…. they seem to have very precise information on New Zealand.

    Are we about to be invaded? 😀


  18. Cay says:

    Took me 13 and nailed it. Creepy.


  19. lovemygirl says:

    I’m not going to do it because some uknown to me website might have just stored an association between my ip address and my real address. Does anyone else see a potential risk? I might just be paranoid.


  20. maggiemoowho says:

    7 clicks and it nailed me. Damn it’s probably programed into Oby’s drones.


  21. skedaddle says:

    I put in the whole street address and it said not found after it wandered around New York, Chicago, Canada twice, California and Nigeria! I’m relieved.


  22. PatriotUSA says:

    16 and has in Dumber, Colorado, heh. Just fine by me.


  23. waltherppk says:

    They nailed me in Austria right off …..oh crap …er I mean von Trapp 😀


  24. The website was ( I typed in 14 & it still hadn’t gotten my address. Yep; I think I’m liking my address. Uncle Sam’s gonna get to my house last LOL


  25. Mikado Cat says:

    17 digits/chars, second char of town. Nice travel tour though.

    I mail packages using the post office and it corrects to a standard address database, zero creepy about it. Start to have some concern when you can print out the names and street addresses of anyone who has posted Obama and some combination of keywords.

    BTW it most certainly can be done, just not trivially or free.

    If you are paranoid, first step get a proxy server, second step, get a couple more chained, third step, burn phones and wifi using a cheap “burn” laptops.


  26. Wow! I live in a small town, so it took quite a few digits. It is an old picture though. My neighbors painted their red house tan about 3 years ago.


  27. Mikado Cat says:

    I think they licensed some older version of Earthview, there are fairly current images of most places. Databases not accessible to the public have images where license plates if not facial recognition is possible.


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