President Obama’s Free Smartphones – Paid For With Federal Excise Tax on Your Cell Phone Bill

Welfare recipients are now getting upgrades to smartphones (Assurance Phones) at taxpayer expense – That large Federal tax on your cell phone bill (which keeps increasing) is now being used to give free cell phones and free cell phone service to people on welfare.   Apparently smartphones, along with internet access are considered a basic civil right under the Obama administration.

Introducing the latest version of the Assurance Wireless Government Welfare Phone – The new Obama phone:

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25 Responses to President Obama’s Free Smartphones – Paid For With Federal Excise Tax on Your Cell Phone Bill

  1. He can afford coffin nails, but he can’t obtain his own phone?


  2. aliashubbatch says:

    I still have my Samsung Blade from 2006. Why would I need a new phone when mine still does what its supposed to do? 🙂


  3. mirrorkrys says:

    Very disturbing. They have the civil right of taking my hard earned money to pay for a smart phone, and yet others do not have their civil rights (which are real under the Bill of Rights) protected. This nonsense has to stop. Welfare slackers will never get off welfare as long as this goes on but that is the reason they do this. Citizens have to start getting mad and insisting their “representatives” start representing them!


  4. deblyn27 says:

    If this Bozo is giving out free phones, while people are jobless and starving here in the US, the only number on that phone should be 911.


    • sunnydaze77 says:

      unreal huh? my hubby works his butt off, im currently not employed due to a back injury we are paying a mortgage and raising a family with 1 income….dont we deserve a smart phone? we use a regular cell and get by just fine…. pathetic.


  5. thesitrep says:

    If you rob Peter to pay Paul,
    You can always count on Paul’s vote.


  6. Mike Mueller says:

    worth the watch…all 6 parts….even claire mccaskill is outraged

    St. Louis Circuit Attorney warns of people handing out free cell phones
    Cost of Free Phones: News 4 Investigates (Part 2)
    Cost of Free Phones: News 4 Investigates (Part 3)
    News 4 investigation lands free cell phone company in hot water
    Arkansas lawmaker targets free cell phone program

    reports cover people getting phones mailed to them in their name they never asked for….several thousand phones stolen from a company….people getting 4-5+ phones for free in one day…..


  7. justice099 says:

    ok. I give up! I want to quit my job and go on welfare. It has finally reached the point where I am actually BETTER off if I don’t work. I also cannot afford a smart phone even though I am considered upper middle class.


  8. elvischupacabra says:

    He speaks like he’s maybe acquainted with the inhaling end of a spray paint can. Plus, he has a ‘camera bag’ for presumably his video camera and access to computer to upload his videos.

    The GOP is moving in the House to amend this law, which applied only to basic wired-phone residential service. Of course, the chances of action in the Senate is about nil, especially since it reduces FREE STUFF to a key Democratic constituency.


  9. Sharon says:

    That makes me so mad. We have two bottom of the line rebuilt Verizon phones which serve the purpose they are intended for. It doesn’t make me mad because I think we “deserve” anything: it makes me mad because armed robbery has been institutionalized and the stupid, stupid, stupid voters who keep on feeling obligated to care more about the created victim class than normal Americans just keep on enabling these thugs.


  10. michellc says:

    It’s not just welfare. When we bought our new place last year and called to get a landline which is through AT&T we were asked if we were on public assistance, SSI, SS or low income. When I asked why I was told they had programs to assist those with not only landlines but wireless and internet, some of it at no cost.
    Then the cousin I’ve mentioned before who is on SSI got a free cell phone and pays $10/month for service.


    • dizzymissl says:

      Which state is that michelle? (no need to reply if you have privacy concerns)


      • michellc says:

        Oklahoma, but the way I understand it doesn’t matter as it’s a federal program. I don’t think the states have any say because it’s not their money and doesn’t come from local DHS.


  11. dawndoe says:

    This is outrageous. I’m too upset to comment further.


  12. cajunkelly says:

    Wish I could find that video I saw on TV the other day. A fat cow was bragging about her free cell phones, had SIX in her purse and bragged she probably had that many more at home.

    Now this was about three days ago, so the “that program has done a lot to cut down on fraud” dog ain’t gonna hunt.

    We’re losing ground folks. Sometimes I wish I was 90 years old and wouldn’t live to see where this Nation I love is going.


  13. cajunkelly says:

    Tried to Yahoo search for that video just now and gave up because the first FOUR pages were all listings for FREE CELLPHONES.



  14. landaumurphyfan says:

    And if you listen starting around 0:49, he also has a Blackberry 8530 AND a Virgin Mobile “brick phone”. Were they also gov’t handouts, I wonder? Oh yeah, and he gets an unspecified number of minutes on his new smart phone, too.

    As a Canadian (I used to post as Sandusky – named after my sister’s cat, not THAT Sandusky), I suppose this really isn’t my problem b/c it’s not my money that’s being wasted here, but seriously, just listen to the way he talks about this phone. Is it going to help him get or keep a job? Will it keep him safer in his community? Is he grateful and/or relieved to have it? Nah. It’s an OK phone for free, so that’s cool, but it’s only the basic model. Seriously, he’s about as excited as if this was a promotional deal – you know, buy 3 packs of cigarettes at once and we’ll throw in a free smart phone.

    But the phone will do what Obama wants it to do. Come election time, if someone wakes him up (not too early, of course) and drives him to the polling station, who’s this guy gonna vote for? Some businessman who might actually expect a return on his investment, or the guy who gave him the phone(s) and didn’t expect him to do anything in return except stay as black as possible?


  15. Bill Hasse says:

    Why is this surprising to anyone. This is how Obama gets voted back in. lavish with gifts of phones and raised foodstamp allowances. This is also why he thinks that small business owners can’t do it on their own. I’m thinking new zealand is a nice place to become a citizen.


  16. 22tula says:

    PC Mag. – Useless Camera

    “Man attacked by kids at L’Enfant Metro — Bystanders watched, film it (video)”
    January 6, 2011—-bystanders-watch-film-6880.html

    Allen Haywood Speaks Out

    Subway attack using bottle

    Dec. 7, 2009 – Denver, Colorado


  17. stellap says:

    This program has been around for quite a while, but now (like all of the social programs) has been amped up on steroids. The average person won’t complain about the charges on their bills, but you should see what it costs businesses!


  18. John says:

    This program is called Lifeline and was started under Reagan in 1985 and was expanded to cellphones in 2005 under Bush.


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  20. Lena says:

    First off you people don’t even know the details about which you are writing. The phones that re being given away are YOUR old phones. Phones that have been turned in, refurbished, donated or what have you. None of them are new. The phones are only allowed 250 minutes per month. People can get these phones to help them contact potential employers to find a job, to contact their doctor, and other calls they need to make in order to take care of their families.
    The tax that is being used to underwrite this program is a tax people have been paying for many, many years. There is no new tax. before you complain about someone getting something that you aren’t getting, check your facts.


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