Walking While White – Alabama Woman Shot Dead Requesting Black Car Driver To Slow Down on Street…

She was executed for W. W. W.  On Her O.S.

walking while white on her Own Street

An Alabama woman  was retrieving her dog from across the street when a car came screaming by and almost hit the dog.   The lady, Ms. Wendy Fisher, yelled at the driver and three passengers to slow down.   They did.  Actually they stopped..

The black male driver got out of the car, then someone pulled a gun and shot her 3 times in the chest.  The driver returned  to the car and the four men drove away.   Her teenage daughter was standing in the front yard, a few feet away, and witnessed her mom murdered. 

MOBILE, Alabama — The fatal gun shot that cut down a single mother of two Saturday night occurred in front of her teenage daughter, family members said today.

The daughter, who  asked that her name not be used, said she was standing in her front yard when her mother, Wendy Fisher, ran across the street to retrieve their dog.

Fisher yelled at a passing car to slow down because it nearly hit the pet, the daughter said. At that point a black man with short hair got out of the car, she said.

The daughter said she is not sure if he or one of the two or three other men inside the vehicle fired 3 shots. The man who exited the car was wearing blue jeans and a light T-shirt, she said.

“They looked like regular people,” she said.

Homicide investigators continue to follow leads as they search for the gunman, a police spokesman said this morning.

The teenage daughter said Fisher had been raising her and her brother alone since their father died from a drug-related incident 6 or 7 years ago.

A neighbor, who asked not to be identified because she fears for her safety, said she feels especially badly for Fisher’s children, who likely will go to live with their grandfather.

“They missed out on their daddy. Now as teenagers, they have no mother,” she said. […]

Another neighbor, Marie Gorum, said she was home on Saturday evening when she heard 3 distinct shots.

“Three times in a row — bam, bam, bam,” she said. “It was loud.”

Her husband, James Gorum, said he was watching TV at the time and held off briefly before going to his front door. “We looked out the door and in just a few minutes there were all the police and emergency vehicles.

Marie Gorum said it is a nice, normally quiet neighborhood.

“We’ve really enjoyed it for 44 years,” she said.

Another neighbor, though, said it is not the same neighborhood her parents moved into when they bought the house in 1961.

“It’s scary,” said the woman, who asked not to be identified. “This neighborhood has just gone downhill.”

The woman said she was watching a marathon of “NCIS” on television and initially mistook the gunfire for something on the show or leftover fireworks.

“You hear a lot of gunshots on that. And people are still setting off firecrackers,” she said. “I though, “Oh, God, here we go with the firecrackers again.’ And then I realized there was a difference. I know what a gunshot sounds like.”  (more with links to updates)


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27 Responses to Walking While White – Alabama Woman Shot Dead Requesting Black Car Driver To Slow Down on Street…

  1. Dusan Orvar says:

    This is really teribble. My thoughts go out to the families.

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  2. James Crawford says:

    Well, the National Black Foot Soldiers Neywork haven’t deified the perpetrators of this heinous act, yet. In case anyone wants to visit their nauseating website, their latest hero is a black man who was part of group that abducted, tortured, sodomized and gang raped a white couple ( both male and female were sexually assaulted) then brutally murderred them. But we are racists because we support GZ.

    We have a race war going on already folks. The FBI crime stas on the rising proportion of homicides that are interracial prove it and blacks are far, far more likely to kill whites than whites are to kill blacks. Our idiot journalists, police and politicians are concealing the truth from us. They are even aiding and abetting the aggressors by persecuting those of us who defend ourselves. If Sundancecracker wants to censure me for speaking the truth, then he is no heir of Brietbart.

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  3. James Crawford says:

    Well, since I am in moderation purgatory anyway, I might as well post this link to a radical group announcing that we will have a long, hot august.



  4. cajunkelly says:

    This may be another cause for not-so-sharpton if this policeman was white. Hell I can see it now even if he’s black; cops should not be armed while off duty! Take those guns away from them when they aren’t on duty!

    Something’s fishy ’bout this….how can simply hugging someone “from behind” cause their gun to go off?



    • James Crawford says:

      Probably a Double Action Only, semi auto pistol such as a Glock that has no manual safety in a poorly designed holster.


  5. Reblogged this on USA Natural Born and commented:
    Thank you Mr. Post Racial President. Amazing how you have racially united America. I read stories like this and I just can’t help but think that if you had a son he would look like the killer and for some insane reason Traymark pops in my mind!

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  6. DiwataMan says:

    Violent Crime is comprised of Homicide, Rape, Robbery, and Assault. These crimes are
    designated as Violent Crimes because they are offenses perpetrated against a person (or
    persons) with a high risk of injury or death to the victim.

    In 2011, 6,280 people were arrested for Violent Crimes: 93% were adults; 35% were
    white; and, 84% were male.

    Out of the 20 known offenders in homicides of whites 20% were black
    Out of the 46 known offenders in homicides of blacks 4% were white

    Out of the known offenders in rapes of whites 17.42% were black
    Out of the known offenders in rapes of blacks 12.29% were white

    1,034 persons were arrested for robbery: 13% were juveniles; 28% were white; and
    89% were males.

    4,757 people were arrested for aggravated assaults in 2011: 6% were juvenile, 76%
    were male and 49% were white.

    4,031 persons were arrested for burglary: 13% juveniles; 90% males; and 55% white.

    Not Hispanic or Latino
    White alone 67%
    Black or African American alone 26%

    Mobile, AL.
    Not Hispanic or Latino
    White alone 43.9%
    Black or African American alone 50.3%


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    • DiwataMan says:

      Correction on those stats(I cited just males, here are both male and female)

      Out of the 40 known offenders in homicides of white females and males 15% were black
      Out of the 60 known offenders in homicides of black female and males 3% were white
      Out of the 100 known offenders; Blacks 64% Whites 36%
      Out of the 100 victims with known offenders Blacks 60% Whites 40%

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    • Brahms says:

      Looking only at interracial rape, there is a big change in 2011 – no idea why.

      5% a white victim and black offender; 2% a black victim and white offender.
      71% of interracial rape is black on white.

      10% a white victim and black offender; 1% a black victim and white offender

      12% a white victim and black offender; 1% a black victim and white offender.

      11% a white victim and black offender; 1% a black victim and white offender.

      Total rapes – known race of offender

      White 25%, Black 16%

      White 29%, Black 37%

      White 36%, Black 47%

      White 34%, Black 47%

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  7. Lou da Jew says:

    Walking while white is a reality, while walking while black does not even compare. this youtuber
    has been tracking this. http://www.youtube.com/user/GCrowdy


  8. crossthread says:

    Your not even safe @ HOME!!!!!

    7 arrested after 79-year-old woman robbed
    On Sunday, Burlington police, with the help of Graham police, arrested a man wanted in a Saturday burglary in which a 79-year-old woman was bound with a telephone cord.

    According to a press release, Travon Deontae Whitted, 22, of 304 Cates Ave., Burlington, was arrested Sunday at a home on Sycamore Street in Graham.

    Whitted was charged with first-degree burglary, second-degree kidnapping, robbery with a dangerous weapon and larceny of a firearm. He was placed in the Alamance County jail under a $150,000 secured bond.

    Six people were charged Saturday following a police investigation into a home invasion that was discovered after the victim pressed her Lifeline alarm.

    Police were called to the 200 block of Rader Street at 1:22 a.m. Saturday. The initial call came through the Lifeline service at Alamance Regional Medical Center.

    The victim told police she woke up when two men forced their way into her home. Once inside, the men tied her up with a phone cord and stole firearms from the home. The victim pressed her Lifeline alarm for help. She was not injured.
    More @ Link–> http://www.thetimesnews.com/news/police-57044-street-burlington.html


  9. Jay says:

    6 years ago I had a situation kind of like this. I was outside with 3 other people doing Xmas lights. Car comes speeding down my road speed limit is 15 the street is barley big enough for 2 cars. The car just missed hitting me I yelled to slow down drive locked up his brakes and stopped in the middle of the rd. I didn’t approach the vehicle since it was dark and I didn’t want to get shot. The car then speeds off goes around the corner and is now coming back. I felt he was coming back to do something. With in a few secs the car comes back down the rd stops in front of my house and rolls window down about a 1/4 of the way. Well this time I was ready for him I pulled a .45 cocked it and put it in the window told the drive he was gonna die. Driver basically shit himself and took off. Situation could have ended with me being run over or shot but I refuse to be a victim.

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    • Patrick says:

      These men ( for lack of a better word) need to tracked down and apprehended. Its takes a certain level of cowardice to shoot down an UNARMED WOMAN. Surely somebody knows the car. I get sick of people
      speeding through residential neighborhoods, whatever she said to those idiots they deserved to hear it….so if they were in such a hurry, how did they have time to stop and kill the defenseless woman?

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  10. Kyozokuninja says:

    Ummm, Jay, wtf happened to ‘pederstrian right-of-way’???


  11. B. H. Obama…bringing Hell to Earth. An Anti-Christ extraordinaire.
    People, he’s just getting started. 😦 Trust me on this.


  12. apache says:

    CCW + SYG x six .357 = solution.


  13. WorkingWhileWhite says:

    In quite an amazing coincidence, one of the passengers in the car was a 17-YEAR OLD NAMED TRAYON WASHINGTON…I could not make this up if I tried, he was arrested today (http://blog.al.com/live/2012/07/arrests_made_in_the_murder_of.html). My heart goes out to this woman’s family, but hot damn if there isn’t some deeper message we should be getting out of this.


  14. Active Patriot says:

    And if she had had a gun and used it in self defense the race pimps would be wanting her charged with murder screaming about how bigoted she was.


  15. Pingback: Truth And Common Sense − And while we are on the subject of lethal acts by entitled minorites, we have this act of entitlement.

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