From Frantz Fanon it is a short step to Malik Zulu Shabazz and “Absolute Violence”

The concept for this post and much of the background should be credited to one of our lurker Treepers, “Teufelshunde.”  Tying all the pieces together of course, is none other than our own inestimable Sundance.

One of the least appreciated, Communist–driven, post-colonial ideologues is the French born black activist, Frantz Fanon.

I recommend that you do not dismiss the concepts that he puts forth.  Perhaps, you are seeing them play out in real time in the present day.  Fanon makes some substantial points that need to be explored fully, digested, and understood.  The consequences of his hypothesis and advanced ideology are possibly in various stages of play all around you.

Fanon has a strong following in today’s US black activist movement.

The fount of his insurrectionary thought can be found in “The Wretched of the Earth”, written in 1961, where Fanon penned the following:

to be absolutely free of the past, requires total revolution,
absolute violence”..

I submit to you this concept must be considered agains the backdrop of the current Regime and what that means for the average citizen.   Many people mistakenly believe the role of government is to protect them from harm.  However, this is not the case.  One only has to look up the concept of “affirmative duty” to understand what the Supreme Court has defined as the role of government.  In short it can be encapsulated as:

The burden to defend and or use deadly force, is a right that lies with you personally to act accordingly, and appropriately, should you fear for your life and/or limb.  The government does not have any affirmative duty to do this for you.  

In South v. Maryland, 59 U.S. (How.) 396, 15 L.Ed.433 (1856) – the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that local law-enforcement had no duty to protect individuals, but only a general duty to enforce the laws.  This is a distinction which needs to be clearly understood.

The affirmative duty to protect arises not from the State’s knowledge of the individual’s predicament, or from its expressions of intent to help him, but from the limitations which it has imposed on his freedom to act on his own behalf, through imprisonment, institutionalization, or other similar restraint of personal liberty.

If you are under the care or custody of the ‘state’ then, and only then, do they have a specific duty to protect you from harm.   Or, if the ‘state’ has diminished your capacity to protect yourself, then they “may” arguably be in a position of affirmative duty, but only to the extent the state has diminished your capacity to act on your own behalf.

In all other considerations the “state” only has the duty to enforce the law.

An increase in the levels of underreported violence in a number of urban centers all with a similar pattern may mean the methods advocated by Fanon are already occurring.  Yet they do not appear above the average citizen’s immediate radar of visibility.

In “Black Skin, White Masks“, Fanon states:

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted.  It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance.

And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”

Given the overheated rhetoric and public rush to judgment in the racially charged  “Trayvon Martin Case,”  these are sage words that transcend political differences and will become more apparent in the response of the Martin supporters to exculpatory evidence as their previously staked out position (the “Narrative”) undergoes the scrutiny of evidence-based judicial proceedings.

Which leads me to the core theme of Frantz Fanon, that “Violence is man re-creating  himself.”

To paraphrase his thoughts from “Wretched of the Earth,”  the oppressed are compelled to throw off the oppressors in a collective catharsis achieved through unmitigated violence.  Ergo, the rise of black youth violent “Flash Mobs.”

It is an interesting question if a spiritually wounded people can heal themselves through infliction of massive violence and cataclysmic acts of barbarity.   Surely, the proposed victims of this race-based Revolution will have a differing opinion of what their fate and that of their families will be.

They realize at last that change does not mean reform, that change does not mean improvement.”

Would only those who seek to further inflame perceived racial grievances heed the words of the man that they are emulating.   To close on a final note, Fanon stated:

“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it”.

What is YOUR mission?


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18 Responses to From Frantz Fanon it is a short step to Malik Zulu Shabazz and “Absolute Violence”

  1. kittymyers says:

    A WaPo reporter, Colin Flaherty, has compiled a book called
    “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of race riots to America and how the media ignore them.”

    His website is here:


  2. James Crawford says:

    Everyone should be aware of this web site with it’s revolting theme of celebrating murders of whites by black “reparations protesters.

    A lot of stupid white people voted for Obama to demonstrate how enlightened they are. They were taken in by his facade as a moderate black. While Obama’s primary grievance seems to be anti-neocolonialism (embracing the cause of his father), he is eagerly nurturing racial strife n America so he can exploit it to get himself re-elected. This is why he created the optic of his fictitious son in the TM shooting.


    • kittymyers says:

      Do you think he’ll us the racial tension as a reason to institute Martial Law and thereby cancel the elections?


      • myopiafree says:

        Difficult to say. But this is how dictators gain power legally. This was how Hitler did it. He was elected by about 40 percent. Then there was a “fire”. He then declared a national emergency. Then appointed Herman Goring police commissioner. Goring appointed all the SA and SS THUGS as police officers. This is largely the reason for the 2nd amendment as written. Those people who insist that “only the police should have guns” – forget how quickly a country can be “taken over”, once only the police have guns. (Note: I greatly respect the police. But they are under political control – by this method. This is why STATES have police power, and not the federal government. This is why there is a always a fight to protect a person’s right to own a fire arm. If there were a race riot – who is going to protect you and your neighborhood? There are not enough police to do that. )


  3. Tula says:

    Anarchy USA (1966) Warning Algeria – graphic still images

    “Message From Hell”
    Former Black Panther Anthony Bryant – interviewed by G. Edward Griffon

    “King, Kennedy and Communism”
    by Cliff Kincaid – September 16, 2011

    “Soviets Funded Black ‘Freedom’ Journal’ ”
    by Cliff Kincaid – May 4, 2012

    Excerpt from “Chronicles of Wasted Time” by Malcolm Muggeridge
    “…Truth is very beautiful, more so than justice that puts on a false face. In the nearly seven decades that I have lived through, the world has over flowed with bloodshed and explosions whose dust has never had time to settle before others have erupted. The quest for justice continues and the weapons of hatred pile up, but truth was an early causality. The lies on behalf of which our wars have been fought and our peace treaties concluded. The lies of revolution and counter revolution. The lies of advertising, of news, of salesmanship of politics, the lies of the priest in his pulpit, the professor at his podium, the journalist at his typewriter. The lies stuck like a fishbone in the throat of the microphone. The handheld lies of the prowling camera men. Ignatius told me once when he was a member of the old common turn, how some stratagem was under discussion, and a delegate, a newcomer who had never been there before made the extraordinary observation that if such and such a statement were to be made, it wouldn’t be true! There was a moment of dazed silence, and then everyone began to laugh. They laughed and laughed until tears ran down their cheeks and the Kremlin walls seemed to shake. The same laughter echoes in every council camber and cabinet room where any two or more are gathered to exercise authority.
    It is truth that has died, not God.”

    Those who try to free us from morality do not realize that the branch is trying to saw itself from the tree in the name of freedom, only to drop to the ground without protection, without nourishment, without life.’ – Malcolm Muggeridge


  4. Wow. that’s all i can say. the good new is that news of this scam is starting to leak out…even in the press! more and more people are demanding the the truth about racial violence. good place to start is White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.

    only book out there about how widespread — and ignored — this is.


  5. zauber says:

    Yes, many of the ideas/ideals espoused by Fanon are found in ta faction of the US’s minority population but they aren’t from said population’s reading Fanon. Fanon picked up on the whiney complaints of the Algerians under French colonial rule, hardly the same conditions that exist for the whiny Federally Protected Classes in the US. About the only commonality I can see is both groups have the “I Want It All And I Want It Now (free)” mentality. To meld the complaints of the colonized Algerians with those of the Shabazz-ites is a diminuation of the Algerian’s cause – and coming from me that’s a big admission. The enduring core of black militants have always been trying to find a way of duct-taping their armed extortion attempts to a legitimate movement for much the same reasons we use air freshener in an outhouse. The use urbanite fear and white guilt in an attempt to extort tribute from various levels of government – what do you think would happen if a white separatist group tried the same tactics in a major urban area? They are a minority within a minority who owes its existence to the press’s coverage. My only question is how much of the billions BHO gave away to various urban ‘social organizing’ groups during the first year of his reign found its way into the coffers and armories of Shabazz and Shabazz-like groups.


  6. Sharon says:

    I had no idea. (That could be the theme for the decade for much of the population, I would guess.) I did not know of Fanon, yet another cooked-up-in-hell philosophy that finds fresh opportunity in the hordes of uneducated, unparented, criminals who are fawned over by their friends now ruling our nation.

    Two thoughts as I try to get this in context.

    First of all, as I read the narrative about the government’s responsibility being to enforce laws, not provide for personal safety, I find that, at my core, that has been my understanding. Which is why government needs to be out of my face and off my back, because I’m not a habitual lawbreaker. (And of course, that’s why they are going to keep the bureacracies humming until almost everyone will be a habitual lawbreaker, just because of the sheer overload of legislated nonsense that everyone cannot possible be aware of.)

    Then I think this: “But if the laws are enforced, personal safety is going to be one of the results.” That’s inherent in the understanding that laws are put in place to prevent one person from violating another person’s unalienable rights. Again, our unalienable rights come from God, not from government.

    Secondly, I learn again that the unAmerican domestic enemies at work in our midst will find any crack in the rock where the water of their caveman mentality will seep downward and wait for a freezing north wind (the current FNW is named Trayvon Martin) to help them crack open the face of our Republic so they can deeply wound her.

    Thank you, Yatz and Teuf.


  7. Dallas Yesterday – A black male walks up behind a random white female and stabs her in the back. Keeps walking. Local Shopping Mall.


  8. McDonalds spitter walks free despite video – According to police the suspect is seen spitting in the victim’s cups on surveillance video. The victims then took pictures of the phlegm in their drinks.

    The suspect is black and the two victims are white. The incident transpired only a short drive from a hotel that used to be called the Jack Tar Hotel. Jessie Jackson used to be a waiter there and Life Magazine says Jackson admitted to routinely spitting in the food of white customers out of racial hatred.

    A black female Judge threw out the case, because police did not DNA test the phlegm.


  9. Mississippi Yesterday – Suspect arrested for random MS highway killings – A black man has been arrested for two random murders along a Mississippi interstate (I-55). Both victims are white, the crime were racially motivated.

    Another random black on white killing also took place this week in northwestern Mississippi near where the highway sniping took place. A white nun, who had dedicated her life to helping an all black rural community, was stabbed to death.


    • tnwahm says:

      The MS killings have been on the news for days here. They were even warning motorists to be careful and call the police if they were being pulled over by an “unmarked car”.


  10. Illinois Yesterday -“Juveniles” attack random victims, ruin carnival – A carnival near East St. Louis had to be shut down early after “juveniles” began attacking people. The attacks fit the profile of racially motivated black on white mob attacks. Naturally the paper censors important information to obscure the nature of the crimes.The newspaper apparently shut down

    The carnival was in Fairview Heights, IL. The city is 78% white. It sits right next to East St. Louis, which is nearly all black and one of the most violent cities in America.Two off-duty Fairview Heights police provided security at the carnival, but several other Fairview Heights and O’Fallon officers had to be called due to a large crowd of juveniles becoming unruly, police said. The carnival’s owner shut down the event about 10 p.m. for safety reasons. More disturbances were reported as the juveniles left the mall’s property.


  11. James Crawford says:

    Hey guys,

    Check out Trayvon Martin’s direct threat agains Zimmerman,
    He had indicated hostility and an intention to harm GZ weeks in advance!!!


  12. James Crawford says:

    Check out the results for “no limit nigga” at this nauseating website.

    That one cop whongot fired got it right when he said “live like a thug, die like a thug”


  13. Pingback: Trayvon’s Fight Club – The Inconvenient Truth

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