Forewarned – Listen Closely….. Michelle and President Obama Still Think We Suck

The natural follow up to President Obama’s new campaign logo is “to  where“?

I would submit that both President Obama and Michelle Obama are telling everyone the intent, but few are listening, really listening.   Remember, if you really want to know what’s the intent of the left, all you have to do is shut up and let them talk.

The vision that we have for this country is the right vision, we all know that. And it’s one that we can work towards together. We’ve been making that progress. We’ve been making progress every minute and we have to keep goin’ and we’re going to need you every step of the way.

– Michelle Obama

Meanwhile in Afghanistan President Obama says the same thing:

[…] Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, coast guardsmen and civilians in Afghanistan have done their duty. Now, we must summon that same sense of common purpose. We must give our veterans and military families the support they deserve, and the opportunities they have earned. And we must redouble our efforts to build a nation worthy of their sacrifice.

As we emerge from a decade of conflict abroad and economic crisis at home, it is time to renew America. An America where our children live free from fear, and have the skills to claim their dreams. A united America of grit and resilience, where sunlight glistens off soaring new towers in downtown Manhattan, and we build our future as one people, as one nation.

– President Barack Obama

Yikes, “we build our future as one people, as one nation“, in this context that is spoken like an avid radical leftist who envision a “collective society”, a singular defined purpose, etc.   And who will define the agenda and values of that society?   Yep, “they will”.

The fabian socialist and collectivist agenda is always right there, right in your face, defined by the new generations as “progressive”.   But few people are able to see it because they are surrounded by it, and accepting of it….  It is the new normal, the abject diminishment of individual liberty and freedom.

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27 Responses to Forewarned – Listen Closely….. Michelle and President Obama Still Think We Suck

  1. “to where?”
    To HERE, naturally. Just follow the Anti-Christ.


  2. President Obama’s campaign Twitter feed posted the following tweet:

    “There are no red or blue states, just the United States.”

    The tweet included a link to the following pic:

    Welcome to the Barack States of America.

    H/t to Ben Shapiro at


  3. Dude says:

    “Are you in”? I like to think of myself as an in-charge gangsta. You with the gang? Don’t be dissing on the gang.


  4. CRussell says:

    Her butt is HUGE. Look out Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. Is Michelle not sticking to that veggie diet she’s been pushing for school children?


  5. CRussell says:

    Michelle getting all the pizza and fried chicken while the poor school kids have to fuel their day with carrot sticks and cucumbers.


  6. ZurichMike says:

    Every time I see that caterwauling, galumphing wookie and hear her scolding, disdainful, insincere school-marm tone of voice and listen to her message of partisan divisiveness, I shake my head and say to myself, “Gee, I miss Laura Bush.”


  7. This makes me sick. Where did they find people to bus in to cheer Moose like this. I wouldn’t think there were 10 people in Colorado Springs that would give her the time of day. And now the supplies of pork ribs and lobster will be depleted in Colorado for a while. Great. We’ll get by with beans and rice. It’s ok. *sigh*


    • GracieD says:

      Grunt, that is why I’m glad to live in Louisiana…abundant seafood and wildlife. Even Mooch couldn’t eat all of our seafood! She would actually have to…like work…to get any of the wildlife to eat. 😀


    • zauber says:

      Same place they find people like that to vote in New Orleans – they have a list of professional ‘voters’, each of who receives a 3-piece chicken box, a few $$ in remuneration and a pre-marked (whoops, I mean ‘sample’) ballot. There’s no shortage of flotsam and jetsam rabble that can be roused on que, some just show up like gulls at a dump (fitting here). BTW, RB&R I’ve had in the Springs sucks.


  8. mkm19602000 says:

    Keep remembering that fat assed harpy, she’s gonna lose it for Obama come November


  9. zauber says:

    Ah yes, BHO addressing the needs of the suffering soldiers and their families. Perhaps he’s trying to conjure the ghost of the Freikorps to battle the new people’s enemy, creeping revanchism. Considering the Democrats have been involved in negating soldiers’ voting rights in at least the last three national elections the BHO clan should tread lightly on the active duty and veterans, not just think we are so stupid that we have the mental capacity of may flies. In truth I do not think BHO is trying to convince past and present military to vote for hiom as much as he’s – again – using the military he’s placed in harm’s way to show the public what a kind, thoughtful and great leader he is. Then again, maybe some small part of his brain that isn’t dedicated to rendering this country into a 3rd world state actually does believe the soldiers who show up at these dog-and-pony ‘secret visits’ are actually there of their own free will to cheer him on and/or bask in the presence of Our Dear Leader.


  10. CRussell says:

    Look folks, when you have NOTHING and i mean NOTHING else to crow about approaching election day, what do you do? YOU FLY TO KABUL, stomping ground of some really insane radicals and you BRAG and GLOAT about killing those really nsane radical’s leader, Osama bin Whatever a year ago. Does that make sense? People, this is unbelievable what Obama has done, Getting Out The Vote in Kabul?! Why isn’t everyone screaming about what this idiot of a president has done? Tell me, please, does he get a pass on this stupidity?.


  11. solaratov says:

    “…using the military he’s placed in harm’s way to show the public what a kind, thoughtful and great leader he is.”

    Which is why, of course he gave his little campaign speech to the troops at 0400 (Bagram time). It’s not as though the troops need to sleep later than that. There is, after all, a war on, you know. That the time just *happened* to coincide with the evening news hour on the west coast is purely coincidental, don’tcha know.
    As a great, inspirational leader of men, lil barry would never deprive his men of needed sleep simply to score a couple of points. Right?



  12. zauber says:

    LBJ did the same thing with us at DaNang – he also had armed troops facing the attentive audience just in case there were soldiers (generic term) in the crowd whio were pissed at having to get up an oh-dark and stand in a hanger for hours awaiting his grand entrance. At least LBJ didn’t take numerous photo ops standing over the coffins of dead servicemen trying to look mournful. “Right Now! Quiet on the set. Take 16! Guys, wheel in another coffin and Barack, you try to look sad, not like you just bit into a lemon! Your motivation is ‘he’s dead and you still can’t get his vote.”


  13. Mimsey says:

    She needs a teleprompter to ask for the 5,000th. times to her brain dead minions, “Are You In?”

    Well, we are all going to be “in”, Michelle. We meaning this country will be in deep do-do up to our necks if this puppet is re-elected.


  14. Tim Banis says:

    Michelle quit your bitchin as you leave for your last multi $$$million Hawaiian vacation, on our dime. Only, don’t come back.


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