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Obama Will Warn Netanyahu Not To Strike Iran, “Trying To Make Israel’s Decision To Attack As Hard As Possible”…

Bumped and this video added.   The institutional left is going ballistic at this video: Before you read the article below, allow me to recommit.  I cannot emphasize enough what the end game is here.   President Obama is NOT a strategic ally … Continue reading

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Two Beautiful Pictures…..

First one taken last night in Rome Georgia Second one in California

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The Politics Of Starvation…..

I’ve been trying to get around to writing this for about a week, and things just kept zapping my energy.  Still feel that way, but buggering on because this is, at least to me, important.  I apologize in advance for any … Continue reading

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Boogity Boogity Boogity…… Let’s go racin’ Israel !

HatTip WeeWeed – America Israel Racing was formed to promote awareness of and support by Americans for Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East. We hope to educate Americans on the importance the United States’ relationship with Israel … Continue reading

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She’s No Math Major – Sandra Fluke Could Pay $100 for 3 Year Birth Control – Or Pills For $9/month

Oh the humanity…. Poor widdle 30 year-old women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke. The busy “coed” drained her savings account paying $3,000 over three years for her contraceptives.  Too bad she didn’t know about 3-year implanon implants.  You can get yours … Continue reading

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The PDS Continues……

Sarah Palin was on FOX News this morning to discuss politics and “Game Change”, the ficticious Hollywood movie that smears her and Senator McCain.  Palin said she won’t go see the HBO movie or respond to it.   Lies, Lies, Lies. … Continue reading

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Show Support, Show Pride, Show Determination…..

BigFurHat @iOTW has designed a Breitbart image and collaborated to create Mens and Womens T-Shirt line with several styles.  The profits from which will go to Breitbart’ wife Suzie and their four kids.   They can be purchased by CLICKING HERE In … Continue reading

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