Muslims screaming “Allahu Akbar” Tackled and Arrested After Causing Disturbance on Continental Flight to Houston (Video)

That’s odd.  I don’t recall hearing anything about this in the media?  /sarc

“Two Middle Eastern men” on a Continental flight from Portland to Houston. “He was screaming, ‘Allah is great, Allah is great,’ you know, and it kinda worries you when all of that happens…” says a passenger on the flight in the video above. The KHOU story doesn’t mention this, and says the flight turned around and landed back in Portland because one of them wouldn’t obey the “No Smoking” sign.

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19 Responses to Muslims screaming “Allahu Akbar” Tackled and Arrested After Causing Disturbance on Continental Flight to Houston (Video)

  1. WeeWeed says:

    NOT a security issue?? Excuse me???


  2. barnslayer says:

    If it was you or me just smoking would have been a security issue. These guys yell the jihad war cry and it’s OK with the TSA. I guess that’s ubama’s rules. Those bastards looked too happy as they were lead off. The passengers should have “accidentally” stepped on the molsem’s neck while they had him on the ground.


  3. tictoc says:

    the paranoia of you people is just hillarious


  4. Zauber says:

    Maybe PO’d they had to pay an extra baggage charge for the goat? Celebrating Oliver Stone’s son’s conversion to Islam? Do Muslims really need a reason?


  5. Walt says:

    Texan59…you must have watched the wrong channel. It was reported by KHOU in Houston.

    Didn’t see any major media reporting it, mostly blogs. Shows how pathetic the Media truly is.


  6. Walt says:

    Forgot to mention, there were 2 people arrested not just one.


  7. stellap says:

    I posted this on Facebook, and my cousin, who lives just north of Portland, said this:

    “Unbeievable. Absolutely none of the radio or tv news in the Portland market covered the entire story here. All they said is the man was taken off the plane because he refused to stop smoking the electronic cigarette. Thanks for posting this. “


  8. Solaratov says:

    Well, hell. Doesn’t EVERYBODY!! scream alley-oop snackbar when the ‘No Smoking’ sign comes on? 👿


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