Remember that little girl who was forced to have (yucky) chicken nuggets instead of her mommies (yummy) turkey and cheese sammich? **Update** School Busted Lying

BUSTED LYING !!   hat tip Freedom1781 who provides additional substance to this story with a link from another article at The Blaze which provides a copy of a school memo sent home that clearly shows they are specifically and intentionally inspecting students lunches.   It appears they have been busted in their lies and obfuscations….. Oh what a tangled web is weaved….

(via The Blaze) North Carolina officials have said there was a misunderstanding when a preschooler’s homemade lunch was sent home for not meeting certain nutritional requirements, but now a second mother from the same school has come forward exclusively to The Blaze to say the same thing happened to her daughter.

Diane Zambrano says her 4-year-old daughter, Jazlyn, is in the same West Hoke Elementary School class as the little girl whose lunch gained national attention earlier this week. When Zambrano picked Jazlyn up from school late last month, she was told by Jazlyn’s teacher that the lunch she had packed that day did not meet the necessary guidelines and that Jazlyn had been sent to the cafeteria.

The lunch Zambrano packed for her daughter? A cheese and salami sandwich on a wheat bun with apple juice. The lunch she got in the cafeteria? Chicken nuggets, a sweet potato, bread and milk.  (read more)

——————– Original follow up article below ————— 

Well, now the school district, and school are saying it was all just a simple mistake by a teacher.   But when you read their explanation I call BS.  It’s more likely they are freaked out by the response and trying desperately to diminish the whole thing.

RALEIGH, N.C. — It was a tale of government meddling that outraged radio talk show hosts and a pair of Congress members: A 4-year-old was forced to dump her packed lunch and eat a state-dictated cafeteria lunch of chicken nuggets. Now school officials are blaming a teacher’s error in making sure the child had a nutritious meal.

The incident happened two weeks ago at an elementary school in Raeford, near Fort Bragg. The girl’s parents anonymously tipped off a Raleigh TV station and a conservative blogger after the girl brought home her packed lunch uneaten.

Conservatives who see it as yet another example of government overreach leaped on the story, and it reached a pair of North Carolina’s U.S. representatives, Republican Renee Ellmers and Democrat Larry Kissel. They wrote a letter asking U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to investigate.

“The content of a school lunch provided to a child by their parents should be governed only by the child’s parents, not another government bureaucrat,” they wrote in the letter.

“This is also kind of adding on to a lot of things that we’re seeing coming out of the Obama Administration” that conservatives oppose, like requiring insurance coverage of contraceptives, Ellmers’ press secretary Tom Doheny said. “We’re joining this bipartisan call to get any and all information. It’s one of those things that if it looks like a rat, and smells like a rat, odds are it could be.”

A Kissell spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.

The cafeteria details are true, but rather than an example of government “lunch bag police” overruling a family, it’s an embarrassing lapse by a teacher, Hoke County Schools Assistant Superintendent Bob Barnes said Thursday.

The girl’s teacher should have handed the child a carton of milk to round out the turkey-and-cheese sandwich and banana she brought from home. Instead, the teacher erred by telling the tyke to get a cafeteria lunch, Barnes said.

“We do not go over and stare down every child’s lunch,” Barnes said. “If you looked at the lunch the child had, I’d love to have that lunch today. However, there are occasions that kids bring lunches that aren’t that complete, and that’s why we try to supplement them with the things that they need to make it a complete lunch.”

(*snip* If you don’t “stare down every child’s lunch” then how do you know if the lunch is not “complete”?   And “complete” according to WHO?   If you are not checking the lunches then how do you supplement them?…… /SD)

The North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten is a state-run enrichment program to help 4-year-olds at risk of starting school lagging behind their peers. Ninety percent of the children qualify for free or reduced lunch.

The program has 1,100 sites serving 25,000 children and is required to supply a healthful lunch. The U.S. Agriculture Department defines that as a serving of milk, two servings of fruits or vegetables, one serving of grain, and one serving of meat or protein.

The federal agency had no involvement in the case involving a local school district and state supervision of nutrition policies, USDA spokeswoman Courtney Rowe said.

USDA does not “regulate sack lunches or any other food children bring from home to eat at school. That is a responsibility for parents, not the federal government,” Rowe said.

(*snip*  Huh?   WTF?   The USDA defines the requirements of a “healthful lunch” which is “required” but then says they have no involvement?   They do not “regulate sack lunches” but yet they supplement those they determine are not “complete”.   If you ain’t regulating them, then why would you need to supplement them.    Hello?  Anyone buying this BS? …… /SD ) 

Barnes said the school is apologizing to the child’s parents for startling the girl and sending her through a cafeteria line she was unaccustomed to.

“I am so sorry this happened to this little girl,” Barnes said. “On that day, the policy wasn’t followed, and hey, we’re the grown folks here. That’s our fault. The teacher never should have sent that little girl into that line. She should have gone over and picked up the missing item and brought it to her.”

(*snip*  Sorry, me again,… “Missing“,  missing?  How would you know something is “missing” if you don’t check it, don’t regulate it, and don’t require it?   WTF?  See how easy it is to spot the false narrative?…… /SD )

The girl’s name was withheld for her privacy, Barnes said. A state legislator contacted by the family did not return a call from The Associated Press seeking comment.

The mistake isn’t a sign teachers are delving into diet details where they don’t belong, Barnes said.  “We’re not trying to force government down anybody’s throat. All we’re trying to do is make sure that our children get a good education and a nutritious meal every day,” Barnes said. “It comes back to: We had an employee who made a mistake.”  (article)

BS.   They are a bunch of Fibbers who just got busted in one of their progressive control agendas, and now they are looking for a quick exit to avoid discovery.   Nothing to see here, move along, move along,…. employee mistake, that’s all it is, move along folks.

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34 Responses to Remember that little girl who was forced to have (yucky) chicken nuggets instead of her mommies (yummy) turkey and cheese sammich? **Update** School Busted Lying

  1. ytz4mee says:

    If there is one thing I learned about the public skool system is that the teachers and admin will reflexively lie about pretty much everything. Even when you document it, they will deny it and/or revert to “who are you going to believe, admin or the “parent” :.

    I wish more people would take the time to research the history of mandatory schooling in this country, the people behind it, and the REAL reasons for the institution of a forced indoctrination system.

    I was just at a meeting where someone brought up literacy during the dust bowl, and was so “shocked” that even the poor in sod homes could write diaries, etc. When I explained that literacy in America was much higher BEFORE the institution of forced schooling, they refused to believe it …. but at least this person went back and researched it …. and had the guts to come back and admit I was right.

    In our area, 67% of the property taxes are directed to the Board of Education, which is nothing more than a Marxist training centre. I have no recourse over this confiscation of my wealth, except to sell my home, which we are doing this Spring.

    If more people would wake up, the destruction of the “public school system” would do more to return many of our liberties and freedoms to families and individuals than many other things.

    Cue fauxrage from those who are still brainwashed in 3, 2, 1 …..


  2. texan59 says:

    Quoting from my granddad’s 8th grade diploma dated June 15, 1915 –

    “having passed a creditable examination in Orthography, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, English Grammar, Physiology, United States History, Agriculture, and Music and having sustained a correct deportment……..”

    FYI, he did graduate from high skrool four years later. 😀

    Definition of ORTHOGRAPHY. 1. a: the art of writing words with the proper letters according to standard usage

    Now they learn how to put condoms on, build self-esteem and not pick on each other. Sheesh!


  3. barnslayer says:

    I’m surprised they haven’t resorted to called the kids liars.


    • freedom1781 says:

      Thank you for posting this! I heard it yesterday. This info pissed me off the most:
      “…from the CBS TV affiliate in Lexington, Kentucky, WKYT. Headline: “Frankfort School Cafeteria Gets Visit from USDA Official.” And the name of this official is Audrey Rowe. Audrey Rowe is visiting schools all over the nation. “‘Everything we can do to make food taste good,’ Rowe told students at Elkhorn Middle School in Frankfort on Wednesday. The USDA official from Washington, DC got a first-hand look… and taste of school lunches in Kentucky. ‘I think we can make it to where one day you’ll say “that lady was here and I like this food now.” That’s what I’m working on,’ she said.”

      So, yes SD, on the NC story I call bullshit too! I know it’s a coordinated effort with state and federal officials, the story from Kentucky proves it. A USDA official is visiting schools across the nation?! WTF?! I am so livid about this story I could just spit nails! I asked my daughter yesterday if anyone has come to her school to look at what she’s eating? She said no. I did ask her to tell me if anyone does in the future. DD understands about healthy food; they went over the food groups in class and I always tell her what’s healthy and what’s not. She knows that candy, cake, ice cream and cake are “sometime foods.”

      Side note: on Valentine’s Day she told me that they served cake with red, white and pink icing but the cafeteria lady asked her if she wanted it before she put in on her plate. Take that Moochelle!! 😈


  4. Gino says:

    Barnslayer, it’s just a matter of time before they take to calling the children liars. Interestingly, the child depicted in this article demonstrated a certain amount of courage in reporting this situation to her parents and kudos to the parents for having a relationship with the child wherein, she was comftable in doing so.

    Unfortunately, many parents don’t recognize that the relationship they must have with their children is one of trust.Wherein, children must know that there are no consequences to them in telling the truth.Thus, in situations that children encounter that they are not sure about being as reprehensible as sexual misconduct, abuse and/or as simple as a teacher lying about a student, parents can accept their childs position and logically address the situation.


  5. freedom1781 says:

    From the same NC school:

    Exclusive: 2nd N.C. Mother Says Daughter’s School Lunch Replaced for Not Being Healthy Enough

    “Zambrano said the teacher told her it was not the first time student lunches have been inspected, and that officials come “every so often.”


  6. WeeWeed says:

    Back in the day, seriously, I’da had a chunk of SOMEBODY’S ass. 👿 And I’ll bet the entire state feels the same way today.


    • freedom1781 says:

      I’m usually a very shy, non-confrontational individual (most days), but if my daughter’s school ever, EVER pulls the kinda bullshit that that NC school did, I WILL go Mama Grizzly, Honey Badger on their asses!!!


  7. ZurichMike says:

    One of my brother’s was not interested in food as a kid (he has since made up for it — in spades!). He was skinny as a rail, and the only thing he would take for his sack lunch was a mustard sandwich. Yup. Mustard between two slices of bread. And he’d buy a carton of milk for 4 cents. My mom said she got a call from the school nurse wondering if everything at home was OK, because her one son had a mustard sandwich, and the other, who did not have an issue with food, had a sack lunch with a nice sandwich, chips, fruit / dessert and he would buy a carton of milk at school. My mother said “If you can get him to eat something other than a mustard sandwich, more power to you.” And that was that.

    ZurichMike, the third of the kids in school, has never, ever EVER had a problem with food (as my waistline can testify). While the other kids were have boring peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, or some silly baloney and cheese on white bread, ZurichMike had Italian sausage & peppers on a hard roll, or salami and pickled eggplant on crusty bread, and in the winter a thermos of hot soup or leftover pasta, dessert, and milk. Ya want a serving of vegetables? Have some of my eggplant parmesan and get the frack out of my lunchbox!

    All fun aside, what’s even sadder about this totalitarian power-grab is that they would force a kid to have a lunch he would probably throw out, and yet the parents would have to pay for it anyway.


  8. freedom1781 says:

    I’m posting this here since it’s related….

    Will new food rules fill students’ bellies? Or trash cans?,0,683076.story


  9. garnette says:

    While I know that the school is supposed to be made aware of food allergies, but with so many students will a teacher remember a food allergy when seeing missing items from a school lunch. What if the child had brought a lunch that did not contain certain items because of a food allergy? Would the teacher stand over that child to make sure she ate everything on the plate, even if the child knew she couldn’t eat anything? Besides the fact that a small child most likely would not totally understand what she could not eat and end up getting sick. This is why parents need to parent and teachers need to teach. They are not a replacement for parents.


  10. Scott Sweeney says:

    In North Carolina the body which makes the rules for the Pre-K nutrition program is the Child Care Commission a part of the state HHS. This is a 17 member appointed groupl Sevem Members are appointed by the Governor, five by the Speaker of the House and five by President Pro Tempore of the Senate. At their September 27, 2001 meeting they elected, against the advice of an attorney from the State Department of Justice present at the meeting, to remove language from the nutrition rules that would allow for “parent preference” with regards to lunches their children could eat. It was the attorney’s opinion that “parent preference” should take precedent over any rule or USDA guideline. The Commission decided that they would only allow for religious or cultural exemptions.

    The Commission has a meeting in Raleigh next Tuesday. I plan to attend. Any rule this Commission makes can be subjected to legilative review if 10 objections are made in writing within 24 hours after the rule is in effect. But after 24 hours you can no longer object and the rule stands. This rule and others will go into effect July 1, 2012. I have 10 people to object already.

    I am contacting members of the State legislature to try to get support for legislative review.

    If you live in North Carolina, please contact your representatives and discuss this issue with them.


    Charlotte, NC


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