Can 56,000 People On Facebook Be Wrong? Just Ask PussyCow – (Video)

Cal Worthington is somewhat of an advertising institution across the West Coast and especially Southern California.  Born Calvin Coolidge Worthington on November 27, 1920, he grew up in a family of nine children and dropped out of school at the age of 13 to be a veterinarian.  In spite of a host of hardships, he was able to parlay his personal charm and salesmanship into a multimillion dollar enterprise. 

Growing up in SoCal during the 80′s, one guy dominated the airwaves when it came to local TV– Cal Worthington. Whether it’s channel 9′s Saturday Kung Fu theater, KTLA’s Family Film Festival or reruns of iconic 60′s shows on channel 13, it seemed like Cal sponsored them all. What made him unique was that he was truly an old school pitchman. Usually dressed in a cowboy outfit, he’d hawk used cars while playing with some exotic animal that seemed to have fallen off a circus truck as his catchy jingle played in the background.  

Going with the ‘animals’ theme, I had always thought the lyric was genius because he came up with the term ‘pussycow’. Why? I had no idea. I was just inspired by the fact that he was outside the box and did whatever he wanted. I dreamed of one day being rich enough to buy commercial time and making up my own words. To my embarrassment, I realized in my teenage years that it wasn’t ‘pussycow’, but PussyCal. Of course, why would it be ‘pussycow’? That made no sense. His name is Cal Worthington. It had to be PussyCal. The dude played with animals and instead of a pussycat he called himself PussyCal. Still genius. Well, this week I found out that it’s neither ‘pussycow’ nor PussyCal. It’s actually ‘Go see Cal’. What the hell??? Watch it again…

Damn it. It is ‘Go see Cal’! Well, the silver lining is that I wasn’t alone. 56,000 people on Facebook thought the same thing. Oh well, I still dream of one day being rich enough to buy commercial time and making up my own words.

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22 Responses to Can 56,000 People On Facebook Be Wrong? Just Ask PussyCow – (Video)

  1. G8rmom7 says:

    A few thoughts on this one.

    1. This is SO funny because I cannot tell you how many times I have had confusions like this in my life and especially from my childhood.

    2. That guy is NUTS! I’m shocked that one of those animal experiences didn’t go horribly horribly wrong…a killer whale, tiger, bear, panther…HIPPO? I thought one of those tigers and that bear were definitely about to get a little too rough.

    3. Animal activists (especially in California) have probably had fits over these ads.

    4. Thanks for sharing…this was fun.


    • Ad rem says:

      Yeah….that cougar looked like it meant business…it was the only one he really seemed to be a tad shy of too.
      Old Cal (he’s 91 now) stopped doing the “My Dog Spot” ads in the late 80’s. Prolly ’cause he was getting old, and prolly ’cause of the growing animal rights movement in Cali.
      Funny….I haven’t seen most of these since the 80’s, but I remember every single one of them. Wow….reminds me of way simpler times too. 😦


  2. G8rmom7 says:

    Per my comment in number one above…in the Rick James song “Super Freak” I used to think “The kind of girl you read about” was followed by “in Newsweek magazine”. It didn’t make sense I knew, but I figured maybe there was something I didn’t know about Newsweek magazine as I didn’t read it as a kid anyway.

    Then MUCH later in life I finally saw that it was “In New-Wave magazine”. I have no idea what that is either by the way.


  3. WeeWeed says:

    Hell, I thought it was Slim Whitman.


  4. texan59 says:

    He had a dealership in Houston in the late 80’s I believe. I have met a bunch of crazies in my lifetime, but he was in the top two or three. I thought he was dead, but according to Wiki, he’s still kicking.


  5. “PussyCow”…I am still LMBO!!!


  6. Auntie Lib says:

    My favorite “mis-heard” is still my granddaughter’s Pledge of Allegiance: “… with liver, tea, and justice for all.” She’s the daughter of a butcher, what can I say?


  7. Laura says:

    You mean it wasn’t “Hey! There’s a bathroom on the right!” ~ Creedence Clearwater Revival


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