Feds Settle With Illegal Aliens In CT – Giving Them $350k Plus Amnesty

The inmates are running the asylum. This Administration has served notice on every illegal alien invader across America: do not be afraid – you are above the law.

John DeStefano...ten term mayor of the sanctuary city of New Haven, Ct, also is asking the state to allow illegal aliens to vote.

(StandwithArizona)…Eleven illegal aliens who claimed ICE agents “violated their rights” in 2007 raids on their New Haven neighborhood have won a $350,000 settlement from the U.S. government, which also agreed to halt deportation proceedings against the plaintiffs, their attorneys said Tuesday.    

In this Friday, Dec. 16, 2011 photo, immigrant Nicolas Gutierrez, right, is interviewed as Alvaro Lucero cuts cacti inside the Mexican Grand Deli in the Fair Haven neighborhood in New Haven, Conn. John DeStefano, the 10-term mayor of New Haven, helped illegal immigrants come out of the shadows five years ago with an ID card program. When he pledged recently to seek authorization for non-citizens to vote in local elections, it endeared him further to the city’s large Hispanic population and solidified New Haven’s reputation as a “sanctuary city” _ safe harbors that have become targets for criticism in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

New Haven is American’s most notorious “sanctuary city”- the first in the nation to offer identification cards to illegal immigrants, and critics including the mayor have contended the federal sweep was retaliation for the ID program — a charge denied by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, saying planning for the raid began the year before.  The settlement appears to be the largest ever paid by the United States in a lawsuit over residential immigration raids, and the first to include compensation as well as immigration relief, according to Mark Pedulla, a Yale law student who was involved in representing the plaintiffs.

They hope to be able to offer an example of what can happen when you stand up for your rights,” Pedulla said.

“Rights”? These are foreign nationals, residing in the United States in violation of Federal immigration laws. They have the “right” to be detained and deported.  Ross Feinstein, an ICE spokesman, said the settlement is not intended as an admission of liability on the part of the U.S. government.

The government is settling in order to avoid the additional time and expense of further litigation,” Feinstein said.

When does the Federal government EVER do that? The Feds have unlimited legal resources. The Bush Administration fought this case tooth and nail on behalf of ICE and the DOJ. It is obvious that the Obama crowd wanted to send a message with this “settlement” and amnesty: illegals aliens are a new “protected class”, and that only the illegals they deem unwelcome, will be prosecuted. the rest may stay.

Here is the backstory of what happened in 2007:

The plaintiffs were among roughly 30 people arrested on the raid in the early morning hours of June 6, 2007.

The men argued the agents drew their weapons, forced them out of bed and frightened young children in some of the homes. They claimed the federal agency was retaliating against New Haven, which has a reputation as a “sanctuary city” for its embrace of illegal immigrants, and that they were targeted solely because of their Latino appearance.

“I remember everything that happened to me that morning as if it were yesterday,” plaintiff Edinson Yangua Calva said. “There are things I haven’t been able to get over, it is something that stays with you forever.”

If I commit a crime, and am arrested in my home, am I absolved of that crime if law enforcement agents “frighten” my children? This is the theater of the absurd.

In June 2009, federal Immigration Judge Michael Straus ruled that agents violated the constitutional rights of four immigrants in the raids. Straus said the ICE agents went into the immigrants’ homes without warrants, probable cause or their consent, and he put a stop to deportation proceedings against the four defendants, whose names were not released. Five of the plaintiffs were still facing deportation proceedings, but those will be halted as part of the settlement agreement, Pedulla said.

So why didn’t the government appeal this ruling? After all the 8th Circuit Appeals Court just last month ruled that illegal aliens do not have the legal right to bear arms because of their criminal invader status. And immigration judges are not like other Federal judges, and can actually be overruled by the Justice Department. No such action was taken here because the Obama DOJ wants to grant amnesty to as many illegals as possible, and reward sanctuary cities for thei lawlessness.

New Haven is the biggest sanctuary city in the U.S. Remember our post in December regarding New Haven Mayor John DeStefano’s plan to extend voting rights to illegal aliens  –  a clear violation of the 15th Amendment. He also has prohibited police from asking people about their immigration status and spoken out against Secure Communities, which uses fingerprints collected in local jails to identify illegal immigrants who have been arrested.  But instead of suing cities like New Haven (and San Francisco, and Cook County, IL, etc) for violating Federal immigration law, this Administration is instead suing states like Arizona and Alabama for enforcing those laws.

Share this story with everyone you know (using the links at top) to demonstrate loud and clear – to any friends and family who are on the fence regarding the 2012 election – how this Administration is hell-bent on executing the lawless, La Raza agenda.

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8 Responses to Feds Settle With Illegal Aliens In CT – Giving Them $350k Plus Amnesty

  1. MRM says:

    Pigford Part Eleventy


    • Ad rem says:

      Yep….it’s “Reconquista in the USA”. Our quisling mayor of LA was just picked to head the Dem convention….tells me they’re gonna be running the show in no time. He’s an A-one, first-class media wh*re extraordinaire. Not to mention a serial philanderer.


  2. Avram says:

    When the Executive branch of the Federal government continually refuses to execute laws passed by Congress is that not an impeachable offence? Why don’t the republicans in congress grow a pair and bring a bill of impeachment. It would be a long one.


    • texan59 says:

      The last Federal Judge who was impeached, except for the lecherous one in Galveston, TX was Alcee Hastings. He is now a Congresscritter from FL.


  3. Zauber says:

    Having been born in CT I remember illegal immigrants mostly as relatives of the local French Canadians who’d overstayed their welcome. The issue of illegal Spanish-speaking residents isn’t new to CT, I remember Hartford becoming a mecca for illegals decades ago, before they became a cause célèbre. I always thought that the liberal virus that infected New York and Massachusetts somehow got into the water supply and hit CT . They all seem to selectively welcome criminals that will eventually transform (read as ‘destroy’) the culture in place. It’s like a nest of mice recruiting snakes as boarders. My little Mississippi town of 2300 has two Mexican resturants, run by real Mexicans. The local fried chicken buffet owned and run by the town mayor has closed, as have the small seafood resturant and one cafe we had, victims of cheaper, carbohydrate-and-cumin-heavy corn and rice based Mexican dishes. No one used to recognize the Sante Muerte on my dashboard but we get a number of furtive glances now. The average age of the native town residents is well over 50 but the new Latin residents are in their 30s. The county sheriff has a new Department of Homeland Security-bought vehicle his officers are supposed to use to check the businesses in the county for illegal immigrant workers but they never find any. And yes, there is a sanctuary church for illegals in New Orleans – as if anyone cares. The cultural war is lost but few seem to realize it.

    “…all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain…time to die”


  4. barnslayer says:

    Excessive force?
    Guess it depends on which side of the political fence you live on huh?



  5. cjmartel says:

    See article “On Obama, The Left, and Religion”, this is just another symptom of intential destruction of the USA, and the sheeple just let it keep happening, it’s enough to make you sick!


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