Like your ex mailing your fiance’ all of your love letters after breakup…….  Six minutes plus of Rick Santorum telling folks that Mitt Romney is all that and a bag of chips.  (circa 2008)

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3 Responses to Ouch…..

  1. G8rmom7 says:

    Funny thing is…A LOT of us thought (especially after the financial meltdown) that Romney would have been a better candidate than John McCain…but that’s not saying much I know.


  2. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Remind me again, why are you rearranging the deck chairs on the TITANIC? 😦


  3. I don’t find it difficult to reconcile how Santorum in 2008 advocated for Romney against McCain. Nor do I find his prior support to be in opposition to his current adversarial opinion of Romney.

    The only damage from this type of audio, or video, is if Santorum was praising Romney for the exact same policy issues or ideological thinking he now disparages him for. I don’t catch that hypocrisy in the Laura Ingrham interview.


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