*Update* The Nevada Malaise……. There Is No Victory When The Electorate Stay Home…

27% Drop in Turnout

UPDATE:  100% results….   Looking at the results  coming out from The Nevada GOP caucus’ one thing is certain, antipathy reigns supreme.   Seriously, have you ever witnessed a more startling turn of electoral motivation ever?    First the numbers with 100% NOW reported:

Look at how staggeringly diminished the turnout is when you compare it to 2008:

Voter Turnout 2008  44, 315
Voter Turnout 2012  32,894

Difference -11,424     27% Drop in Turnout

Wasn’t this supposed to be the energized and motivated electorate, chomping at the bit to finally pull the lever and rid ourselves of the horrid policies and executive rule by dictatorial fiat?

One thing is certain, Regardless of the final positions of the candidates, the GOP better wake the heck up and look at what their boy Mittens is doing to deflate the morale of a once energized electorate.

What is it he stands for again?

Oh yeah, well, um…., nevermind.

Football anyone?

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7 Responses to *Update* The Nevada Malaise……. There Is No Victory When The Electorate Stay Home…

  1. The media is reporting that the final totals may be released tonight? The “National” GOP wants to insure the accuracy of reporting. So they say. Hey, didn’t we hear the same thing about Iowa ??????????????????

    Just sayin’…. 😦


  2. goodkathie says:

    what is wrong with the people in Nev??? drunk, stoned or couldn’t bother to leave the card table???


  3. Ms. Tee says:

    So, little Ricky came in 4th place, huh?


  4. Over a year ago all we ever heard was how Romney was “the only one” who could win, since this all began when idiot boy was sworn in, no mater which side say’s it… The rest of us MUST pick Romney…. The kenyan commie, axlelrod, and every other commie drones on about how “terrified” they are of Romney, then we get to hear the endless chants from “our side” about how Romney MUST be nominated….

    Face it folk’s… No matter who we vote for, what we say, how many ads we run, or anything else, the decision has already been made for us. Showing up to vote is just a formality, a dance, and a silly illusion or kubuki theater for the news crews to “report” to the rest of us WHO they decided will be the next in line.

    America as we knew it is gone…. OWS commits thousands of crimes, does millions in damage and all we hear is how evil the Tea party is??

    Murder, extortion, money laundering, bribery, payoff’s, insane debt, and all the rest from the totally corrupt lawless scum in all branches of government who will do anything to maintain their death grip on the power to imprison anyone who stands against them…..


  5. cjmartel says:

    People are buying into the BS that the only one who can win is Romney. I guess the old saying is true… The masses are asses!


  6. Frank says:

    John McCain – 701,761 votes
    Mitt Romney – 604,932 votes
    2012 – Mitt Romney 771,842 votes Mitt had 70,090, more votes than John McCain had in 2008, that tells me that the other candidates were part of the problem. Nevada however has to be analyzed after the vote is fully counted, there is no doubt however that negative campaign ads although effective do turn off some of the voters……..


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