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John Carney Tries to Explain Why Catholic Employers Should Be Mandated To Cover Contraception

Below is Jay Carney’s obfuscation about why Catholic employers should be required to cover contraception prescriptions.   But the missing element the progs seems to be skipping is this “mandate” or “requirement” upon an employer to provide it.   No-one is saying employees of … Continue reading

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The Future Of Law Enforcement

Do you remember the Patriot Act?   Do you remember what we, as a free society, lost?   If so, watch this:

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

h/t to GFC!

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Defeating Mr. Obama

Here is how I see the GOP primary race shaping up: This is by no means an endorsement of any of the four GOP candidates. I am impressed with each of them for a variety of reasons and adamantly believe … Continue reading

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2-J’s Proclaims That Jan Brewer and Allen West Are Leading People Toward “Violence Against Obama”

(Via RCP) MSNBC’s Martin Bashir and Jesse Jackson try to link President Obama’s political opponents to potential violence against him. Jackson says Jan Brewer’s finger in Obama’s face and Rep. Allen West saying “get the hell out” of the country … Continue reading

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Having Solved All Other Problems In Illinois, Chicago Lawmakers Move On To Bigger Issues….

Before moving to the substantive portion of this thread, first consider this:  With billions of dollars in unpaid bills and a more than $500 million budget deficit this year alone, it’s hard to imagine Illinois’s finances getting much worse. But, … Continue reading

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Manipulated Auto Recovery Figures Just To Give White House Positive Talking Points In Auto Industry….

You might have noticed Obama and his team spouting all the positive angles they can muster about “saving” the auto industry and how wonderful the recovery is going.   When in reality it is just manipulated inventory and “channel stuffing”, especially … Continue reading

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