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Number Of Positive Ads Run By Team Romney in Florida? – ONE !

Mitt “The Snake” Romney ran one positive ad in Florida and it was in spanish.   What more affirmation is needed to showcase a candidates values?   Carpet Bombing Negativity….  The only way he can win is to tear others down…   (ABC … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Allen West to Run for Re-Election in Different Congressional District

Looking for JRD to weigh in on this one.   She is closely connected to this district. Paving the way for Connie Mack to run for Senate !!! The Shark Tank has learned that Congressman Tom Rooney has announced that he … Continue reading

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Update 5 – Florida Primary Results Thread

…  😦   At midnight with 100% precincts reporting: Today Florida steps up in one of the nastiest primary races ever witnessed.   All eyes are on results from Florida to see how a large state will line up with support for “establishment” … Continue reading

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Voting in “Crackerville”…..

Hey progs.   Just an fyi.   Calling conservatives in Florida “Crackers” is not a disparagement in our book.   Most of us crackers wear that badge proudly and loudly; and as GracieD can attest, like Louisiana our gators enjoy the taste of ‘Prog Legs’.   We call … Continue reading

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Mark Levin Disects Romneycare – (Audio)

Here’s the audio for the first segment, but I’d like to let “tnwahn” handle the intro… “Here is Mark Levin from last night.  In the first segment he takes apart Mittens’ argument that RomneyCare is OK at the state level … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Obama: No Rush On Iran….

In other words, plans quickly being put into place.    You don’t say “no rush” unless you are rushing.   We know a rapid response naval “mother ship” is being retrofitted for special forces use in the Strait of Hormuz and we … Continue reading

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