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We Killed A Million Iraqi’s ??? Ron Paul – Unhinged


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FOX News GOP Debate Thread – 9pm Eastern Tonight

The final GOP debate prior to the Iowa caucus vote is tonight at 9pm on Fox – Live Stream Here.   Much has been said about the importance of this final debate.   This is the final opportunity for each candidate to … Continue reading

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President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Helping UK Prosecute Leaker of Climategate Emails..

Any solid legal minds out there who can add their opinion/perspective to this story?  Why would the Obama administration want to silence global warming skeptics?  And why would the Obama administration be involved in the UK investigation thereof…?  Would appreciate any … Continue reading

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Treehouse Advent Calendar – Dec 15

Today is the birthday of a very good friend of mine. She’s half Euro (a Scandi-French mix), half-native (Mohawk and Nez Pierce). Thus her name is a Scandi version of Kateri, after Kateri Tekawitha, the Iroquois saint. So today I’d … Continue reading

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Here’s To The Irish

Yesterday I attended my first wake, a fine Irish tradition. This followed a funeral truly meant to celebrate a life well lived, with just exactly the Bible readings you need to hear at a funeral, especially for a loved one. The … Continue reading

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*Update* Part 3 Added – Greta’s Interview With Rush Limbaugh…12/14/11 – (Videos)

Rush Limbaugh gave Greta a terrific interview last night, and we’d like to thank Fox News for posting the following video highlights.  Rush makes an excellent point when he says that you do not win the nomination without the base, … Continue reading

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Jewish Week & Rabbi Hammerman…The Apology

BREAKING UPDATE:  Jewish Week and Rabbi Hammerman Issue Joint Apology. (YidWithLid)…The Jewish Week apologizes  – I just received this from the Jewish Week… We apologize for posting an Opinion column on Dec. 14 by Rabbi Joshua Hammerman entitled “My Problem … Continue reading

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