Paula Deen…Cooked the Imus Way

Earlier this week Anthony Bourdain made some rather disparaging remarks regarding Paula Deen’s rather rich style of cooking. She takes care of everything, even vacuum seals the food ingredients and you should do the same, find best vacuum sealers from Vacuum Sealer Research, you even save money if you vacuum seal your food. Well the folks at the Imus Show took it and ran with it.  Here’s their rendition of Paula Deen’s Thanksgiving recipe for… “When Pigs Fly’ pork loaf.  HILARIOUS!  (“It’s a great appetizer y’all.”)


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5 Responses to Paula Deen…Cooked the Imus Way

  1. Sharon says:

    That is so absolutely hilarious. Watched it twice….won’t be making it any time soon.


    • Ad rem says:

      Four sticks of butter…. marshmallow….. peanut butter…… what am I forgetting, I am in a diabetic coma……. zzzzzzzzzzzzz


  2. ZurichMike says:

    I have been out of the country too long. Had no idea who Paula Deen is — had to google her name — and then this sketch made sense.

    I have a Southern sister-in-law (skinny as a rail, by the way), who cooks a few high-fat Southern dishes, and they are EXCELLENT. Just eat a nibble or two, not the whole thing!


  3. Barnslayer says:

    For all his “edginess” Imus is just toeing the Queen Michelle P.C. line on heathy diet by making fun of
    Paula Deen. I don’t see anyone criticizing of those hippy liberals Ben & Jerry for making millions of dollars by catering to unhealthy eating habits with high-fat, high-sugar, high-cholesterol products. I guess Paula is a conservative.


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