The Picture That Brings Christiane Amanpour Joy… *Bumped*

(Moonbattery)…Last year the New York Slimes did a puff piece on left-wing propagandist Christiane Amanpour (formerly of CNN, now ABC), which included photos of her home. Recognize the oversized picture that dominates her favorite room? She says it’s her favorite item in the apartment, because “It gives me joy every time I walk in my door.”

Here’s a clue: like Amanpour, the painting comes from Iran. Here’s another clue:

On a tip from Carmen. Hat tip: All Things CNN.


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47 Responses to The Picture That Brings Christiane Amanpour Joy… *Bumped*

  1. JRD says:


    May she rot in hell. Sorry, I lost too many friends that day.

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  2. WeeWeed says:

    Karma. She WILL find you.


  3. Karma indeed look at how the recent comments shortened title captions on the side of the page.

    Spiritual intervention 😀


  4. Well, I didn’t need the clue.

    I showed it to DH without scrolling down and said “What do you think that is?”

    He said “I dunno, hon, it looks like crap to me.”

    I said “I’m talking about the painting, babe.”


  5. Jennifer H says:

    OMG there is unspeakable evil in that womans soul.
    I am literally sitting here with my mouth open in shock!


  6. PhillyCon says:

    What a sick freak. And to think, its people like her that “report” the news and inhabit the elitist sphere of the “know-it-alls”.

    At least she is upfront about her depravity, I guess. … unlike the other phonies?

    WM, I will not show this to DH, b/c it would put him in a bad mood for the rest of the night.


  7. cjmartel says:

    THIS is what liberals love. There is absolutely no doubt what that alleged painting is. The fact that she is proud of this and the idiots that hired her don’t care one way or another tells me volumes as to the character of these people. I am always saying Americans need to wake up, but friends and family tell me I am paranoid. That painting is not paranoia, that painting is a trophy, much like the mosque they wanted to put up in NYC.
    The gloves are off, people like amanpour don’t even try to hide it anymore, they know that the average American can’t see past their own noses. When I see things like this I despair for our country, all I see are Americans who have been spoon fed a six pack of bullshit and swallowing every bit. It is disgusting.


  8. Thank My Sweet Lord that He so loved the world and gave US the right to choose and then in His Great Love created a place for people like this to live their eternal days out in. Now that is true love!!
    He didn’t force US to follow Him or what is good, but in His divine justice created a place where they go when they die. And it becomes HELL because of the type of people that make up the place. Think about it. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There is the good side and then there is their side of me, myself and I and haters and evil doers and rapist and drug lords and killers and money mongers and so on and so forth all trying to do unto themselves what they did in life to others. Now that sounds like HELL to me. Just being in the same room with one of them would be hell enough for me. Pretty scary place and they are welcomed to it. What a crying shame and waste of a life. Stalins, Hitlers, Serials rapist, probably some popes too, Sadams, MMuhammed, and the likes seem to be some good candidates waiting to greet them with their seven virgins of some sort or another. It is a pity a great pity but I thank God for His Justice and Love.


    • Funny, so many people hate God even for the thought of condemnation, but you praise Him for it. And so do I. He’s only giving them what they ask for. A place without God. How I shudder at the thought of such a place and the hateful company of such souls. Well said, GFC!


  9. As a good Moose-Limb, that’s her own, private little “in your face” to the rest of us.

    Being Iranian, I can at least rest well knowing that she goes through hell when she gets her bikini line and upper lip waxed.


  10. frenchreader says:

    This woman, like Farred Zacharia (who used to write in Newsweek and now at CNN too by the way) hates America. Both they both live in America even though they were not even born in America. Nothing wrong ? They despise every single inch of genuine Americans. They are what I call leeches.

    Forty years ago, I spent a year at a very liberal college on the West coast. This 4-year college had a large foreign student body. From all people I met there, I met a group of guys from Iran who had so much hate and despise for everything american. What surprised me then is how the administration, the teachers, the students, all took as acceptable the obvious hate.


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