Time To Scare Grandma !!!!

I’ll take a nickel for each time “extremist” is used…

Obama Regime Will Announce Which Bills Will Be Paid, Which Won’t, After Market Closes Friday.    (ABC News) — If there is no clear path out of this morass by tomorrow, sources say that administration officials will likely brief the public on how the Treasury Department will try to handle the bills Congress mandates that the government pay given a situation where Congress has not given them a way to do so.

Look for that briefing to come no earlier than Friday after the markets close at 4 p.m. ET, sources say.

Officials are most concerned about paying the interest on the existing debt, since failure to do so would result in default and almost certain immediate market panic, as well as questions about how Treasury would be able to roll over a pre-existing $87 billion in debt that comes due next week.

After that — a list of priorities, not all of which that can be met. Social Security checks? Medicare? Government workers? Pentagon contractors? Troops’ salaries? The FBI?

Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have been talking privately about a possible way forward should Boehner’s bill fail in the Senate, which seems likely, according to sources familiar with the talks.  (read more)

” Duh, Winning ! “


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11 Responses to Time To Scare Grandma !!!!

  1. Little sidenote on this story. Anyone else noticing that ABC reporter Jake Trapper is no longer a White House water carrier? He appears to have gone off the range… He’s been quite “confrontational” with Bam Bam and the Wonderkins…


  2. garnette says:

    Shouldn’t the checks that are expected on the 3rd already be in the mail?


  3. gypsy says:

    If he tries to take Grandma’s check he might find himself facing a lynch mob from both races.


  4. texan59 says:

    Most “checks” nowaday are sent direct deposit. I’m sure some still go out the old-fashioned way. With DD, it would be much easier to stop the process. Not for August, but much more likely for Sept. ????


    • Remember, there still is no budget for 2012. The fiscal year starts October 1st. The budget is normally finalized in September if not before the summer recess.

      Even with the debt ceiling issue behind, there is still a whole issue with NO BUDGET. Which is 100% of the reason why Obama wants the Debt ceiling covered all the way to 2013. That way Obama can have gone his entire presidency without one single budget in place. Think about that. 4 consecutive years without any spending limitation. 😦


  5. Gino says:

    Mr. President as a child you are taught to think before you speek.Apparently, your mother never taught you this and if she had you would know that to pick on the elderly and the handicapped as a scare tactic in advancing your political cause is totally unacceptable to the American People.Furthermore, you have single handedly caused distress and physical imparement to those people by your actions for they are not conversant with most aspects of the on going debate and only understand that you are taking away their money.Unfortunately, it is not you that suffers the consequences of your actions but family members whom in many cases must take prevetitve measures with medications and verbally disqualifying your position in order to calm these people. Congradulations Mr. President you have sunk to a level that is deplorable.


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