Pooh Bear and Tigger are Sexist? ……

Oh noes… Who knew? Pooh Bear is a Bigot, Tigger’s a male chauvinist? What does that say for Piglet? Gadzooks, and to think the biggest concern I had was trying to figure out if Goofy was a dog? (Todd Starnes/FNR) — A comprehensive study of traditional children’s book characters has determined that Pooh Corner may be rife with gender inequality. Dr. Janice McCabe, a sociologist at Florida State University, examined nearly 6,000 children’s books between 1900 and 2000 and determined the stories have a definitive gender bias and a disproportionate representation of genders.

“We found that males are represented more frequently than females in the titles and the central characters in the book,” McCabe told Fox News Radio. 57 percent of the children’s stories featured male characters, 31 percent featured female characters and the remainder had animal characters of unknown gender identity. . . .

“I had kind of expected that books would start off in 1900 being unequal and become more equal over time,” she said. “We were surprised by the historical patterns and by the animals. The fact that the animals were the most unequal and even in the 1990s there were still two male animals to every one female animal.”

“These findings reinforce the belief that female characters are less important, less interesting than male characters which has implications for how both boys and girls feel about themselves and each other in relationships,” she said. (read more)

Sheeesh, should we immediately apologize to our kids? Oh my ! Flippin progressive morons…./SD

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8 Responses to Pooh Bear and Tigger are Sexist? ……

  1. G8rMom7 says:

    “Dr. Janice McCabe, a sociologist at Florida State University”

    Nuff said.


  2. G8rMom7 says:

    Oh, and how do they explain Piglet…he MAY be a boy, but at best he’s a-sexual. And I can assure you that when it comes to the characters in the parks, females and gay men are VERY well represented. Not in the stories, I realize but this is what we pay a public university professor to look into? Really? Money well spent…NOT.


  3. Gypsy says:

    Geeezzz JC, you have flipped. I guess this is why so many universities turn out Socialist and Liberals. Who knew??


  4. Intizar says:

    Winnie-the-Pooh has gender problems being called Winnie while being a boy.
    And I think it just normal if a little boy believes all (nearly all) of his toy animals being boys too. Moreover I think it just normal if a father of a boy writes about a boy and his toy animals.
    What I don’t think normal is the fuss about books being “sexist”.
    MENSCH! Do open your eyes and learn that ALL things were sexist before your stupid “purificating” movement. From the Bible till Simone de Beauvoir. And I won’t give them up just because of this.


  5. I am always constantly amazed but what drivel academics come up with to justify burning through grant money.



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