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Fake Doctors’ Notes Being Handed Out at Wisconsin Gov. Union Rally – We have proof !!

We have proof (see below) that Doctors are fabricating ‘sick excuse’ notices for teachers to attend political protest in Wisconsin.   Unbelievable…. Just Unreal….. liars, manipulators, cheats; and these are the “Teachers”. [Madison, WI] As tens of thousands of public employees … Continue reading

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Tea Party Reinforcements Arrive in Wisconsin

*UPDATE* Live stream video available – No audio.  Click Here and another Here (via RightNetwork) Bloggers for Peace – This is an update from Jim. He’s on the ground and in the thick of things. He will be phoning in updates throughout … Continue reading

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Why is Wisconsin Outcome So Important?…. Why Now?

Over the past several days we have provided multiple articles about the “Standoff In Wisconsin” between Governor Scott Walker and the public employee Unions.   Some historical reference is needed to understand exactly why now, and why this is so important? 

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Spring, Grandchildren, & Other Lovely Things – Saturday Open Thread

One of the joys of having grown children is that they sometimes produce grandchildren. Now that I have more time to focus on things other than the daily demands of life, I like to think about things that will delight … Continue reading

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