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Producing the Next Generation of Muslim Leaders….

(Daily Mail) — It is an assembly hall of the sort found in any ordinary school. Boys aged 11 and upwards sit cross-legged on the floor in straight rows. They face the front of the room and listen carefully. But … Continue reading

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Bowing with apologetic reconciliation…..

Trying to convince King Abdullah that we weally, weally,…. I mean double dog promise – pinkie swear – we, weally, weally can be trusted…..  honest !! (VOA) — The top U.S. military officer will be in Jordan and Israel beginning … Continue reading

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Forget the Past …..

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How Come I Never Met One Conservative Who Favors Ron Paul and Yet He Keeps Winning Straw Polls?

(Washington Times) Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican, won the 2011 Washington Times/CPAC Straw Poll of 3,742 activists, the chairman of the Conservative Political Action Conference, the huge annual gathering of conservatives, announced Saturday. The presidential preference poll, sponsored this year … Continue reading

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If Barack Were the Invisible Man He’d Be a Transparent Fraud

h/t WeeWeed… (CFP) The Human Stain, Philip Roth’s seminal novel regarding Political Correctness, racism, and the insipid hypocrisy of leftist morality, is a fitting backdrop to Barack Obama’s improbable presidency. In the story, Professor Coleman Silk, a half-Black Jewish professor, … Continue reading

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Your Thoughts……?

If you havn’t been following the relationship and considerable unease between GoProud and CPAC considerations here is some background.  Beginning with a recent distancing of Tammy Bruce, whose opinion holds considerable merit amid conservatives: My Resignation from GOProud (TammyBruce) ” 

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Considerations of Allen West……

WASHINGTON — Three months after unseating a Democrat in a Palm Beach-Broward district that voted for Barack Obama, U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, emerged tonight as one of the symbolic conservative faces of the new GOP-controlled House. Tapped by organizers of … Continue reading

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