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Egypt – Day 12 (*Updates) Obama Deservingly Gets Hammered !!

*Bumped because there are great links and comments in thread.  So we’ll just keep bumping up with updates as things change. Thanks to everyone for info. (Ynet)- The earthquake in Egypt caught us off guard. As was the case before, … Continue reading

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Here All Along…… Your Thoughts?

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If He’s So Confident, Then Why Drag His Heels?……

White House Wants Obamacare on Slow Legal Track (NewsMax) — A U.S. Supreme Court showdown over President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul may be inevitable. His administration is in no rush for the court to get involved..  The Justice Department yesterday … Continue reading

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Democrats ask Lobbyists – “Help Keep Our Trough Runneth Over”…

Progressives demanding their trough be kept full of taxpayer funds are alarmed at the GOP considerations for spending reductions.   (ABC News) — As Congress prepares to make deep spending cuts, an army of lobbyists is gearing up to fight back. In … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Reality – The Obamanomic Zone “Where Jobs can go Up and Down Simultaneously”…

It’s Official.  “Obamanomics exists in a parallel universe”! Consider this from the Economic Poicy Institute, and Heidi Shierholz.   Huh?…  Jobs are heading up and down at the same time?   The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced the morning of Feb. 4 that only 36,000 … Continue reading

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Friday Feb 4th – Open Thread

Good Morning Everyone.  Much to be thankful for this week.  Another beautiful Sunrise.  Despite our challenges we have the grace and comfort of abiding fellowship.  Everyone is safe;  and we have a treat in store for tomorrow.  Stella will be … Continue reading

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