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El Sisi and King Abdullah Meet With Vladimir Putin In Moscow – Joint Terrorist Fighting Alliance – Putin Fills Obama Void…

Remember this moment years from now when everyone wonders why Russia has replaced the U.S. in the sphere of influence.  Egyptian President Fattah el-Sisi met with King Abdullah II of Jordan during a scheduled visit to Moscow.  Both President el-Sisi … Continue reading

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Excellent Article – “See Something, Do Something”…

Excellent Op-ed in USA Today by Glenn Reynolds: “See something, do something” (excerpt) […]  Stone was cut by the attacker behind his neck, and his thumb was nearly sliced off as the man was wrestled to the ground by the … Continue reading

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Details Emerge – Three U.S. ‘Off Duty’ Military Stop Terrorist Massacre On French Train – Video Moments After Incident….

God put protective angels on that train.  Spencer Stone (U.S. Air Force), Alek Skarlatos (U.S. National Guard), Anthony Sadler (Pittsburg, CA) and Chris Norman (British Businessman).  Amazing heroism… U.S. Air Force Spencer Stone charged a terrorist with a fully loaded … Continue reading

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After Getting White House Permission Chuck Schumer Announces Intent To Vote Against Iran Deal…

Before anyone would think this as some altruistic endeavor concerned about the safety of the Jewish State, I would direct your attention to: …”A White House official suggested Thursday that Schumer’s announcement of opposition came only after enough Democratic support … Continue reading

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FBI Alert – Suspicious Middle Eastern Men and Military Probes….

We received a copy of a July FBI alert two weeks ago.  However, out of an abundance of caution, and after careful review of the content, and after reading articles discussing the alert itself, we decided -out of an abundance of caution- … Continue reading

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Obama’s Top Iranian Negotiator Says She Didn’t See Final “Side Deals”, and U.S. Unaware of Content Within Nuclear Agreement…

Well this adds a new twist to the Democrat platform of transparency.  For ObamaCare congress was told “you have to pass the bill to find out what is in the bill”. Now, however, it appears the Democrat position has evolved.  For Iran: … Continue reading

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Senator Tom Cotton Questions Secretary Kerry and Administration About Iran Deal…

Trust me…. You’re going to want to stop what you are doing, WATCH THIS and SHARE IT with everyone you know. Whoah Nellie…. no wonder the left has fits of angst when Senator Tom Cotton appears. Wolverines !

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