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Hillary’s Secret War: “Operation Zero Footprint” – Hillary Approved Arms For Terrorist Enemies Of The United States

Judge Andrew Napolitano affirms The Benghazi Brief ! This is a pretty big effen’ deal, considering we have presented this outline for the past year in an effort to get media, any media, to follow, research and refute the content. Judge Andrew … Continue reading

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U.S. Reporter Threatened With Arrest By State Dept For Reporting On U.S. Nuclear Concessions To Iran…

Several former advisers to President Barack Obama have rejected the likely terms of a nuclear deal with Iran, adding their names to an open letter that declares: “The agreement will not prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapons capability”.  (link) In the … Continue reading

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Fox Affirms The Benghazi Brief – “The Arming Of Benghazi”…

It has been a year since we first posted the full 11,000 word Benghazi Brief, explaining the soup to nuts events of what happened from February 2011 up to September 11th 2012.   Many people have wondered why the Mainstream Media … Continue reading

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ISIS Takes Credit For Terrorist Attack In Tunisia Killing 37…

Tunisia was the origin of the Arab Spring – Since neighboring Libya fell into a state of civil war the radical islamists are now spreading around the North African Mediterranean.  In addition to attacking Western-friendly targets they are attempting to create additional … Continue reading

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Austria – Three Killed, 30 Injured as Bosnian National Drives Into Crowd Then Begins Stabbing…

(UK Independent) […] More than 30 pedestrians, including three children, were hurt at several locations during the rampage and 10 victims were in hospital with serious injuries. One patient was in a critical condition on Saturday afternoon. The driver, identified by … Continue reading

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President Obama Transfers Six More GITMO Detainees – Oman To Receive Released Jihadists: “Ghuraba’a From OBL”…

President Obama is using the 2009 Executive Order Task Force to qualify detainees held at GITMO for release.   This week six more will be transferred to Oman, four of whom are Osama Bin Laden’s Ghuraba’a Members – ‘strangers from the Afghanistan … Continue reading

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Secretary Kerry Leaves Hospital Ready To Resume Iranian Nuclear Negotiations – Complete With a New Pair of Eye Merkins…

Secretary John Kerry appears to have gained a new pair of “eyebrow merkins“.  BOSTON – […] Kerry left Massachusetts General Hospital on crutches but under his own power. He told reporters he planned to go to his nearby home in … Continue reading

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