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They “Hope” He “Changed”? – Obama Releases Admitted al-Qaeda Terrorist To Qatar In Possible Prisoner Quid-Pro-Quo…

While Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia are actively pressuring Qatar to stop funding terrorists, successfully forcing Qatar to stop providing safe harbor for 6 Muslim Brotherhood terrorists (who transferred to Turkey), President Obama is funneling U.S. captured terrorists into Qatar. Go … Continue reading

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ISIS Inspired Twitter Account Creating Bomb Threat Havoc On U.S. Airline Carriers….

Via WeaselZippers – The name on the Twitter account threatening the Dallas plane is “Junaid Hussain”. That is the name of the man who claimed to be behind the cyber attack on the Centcom twitter feed. Hussain claims to be … Continue reading

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Wait, What? Denis McDonough: Obama Administration “Not Surprised” By Yemen Collapse…

Denis McDonough, President Obama’s Chief of Staff, was questioned today about the collapse of the entire Yemeni government. In his response you find the ridiculous evidence of how the White House is totally incompetent/inept. McDonough is asked “did we not see … Continue reading

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No Clinton/Obama Plan For Libya – Unintended Consequences, or Just Failed Globalist Execution…

Perhaps the least understood of all the Obama/Clinton follies. The recent rise of extremist violence within Europe actually explains the 2011 decision to remove gatekeeper Kaddaffi. The 2010 Rivkin Project in France, combined with EU leaders simultaneously admitting the failures … Continue reading

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ISIS Claims To Have Killed One Japanese Hostage, Haruna Yukuwa, Demands Release Of Prisoner In Exchange For Other Hostage

(Via ITV) The Japanese government is ‘looking into’ a video purporting to be from Islamic State militants claiming to have killed one of two Japanese men being held hostage. In the clip posted online – which features only a still … Continue reading

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Former Miss Turkey Arrested For Insulting President Erdogan…

It was only a few months ago when all evidence indicated that Erdogan’s henchmen killed an American female journalist who was about to expose his alignment and support for ISIS.  Now another woman is targeted by Turkish authorities…. (Via Breitbart) Turkish … Continue reading

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John Kerry Today: “Against This Enemy [ISIS] We Have to Keep Our Heads”…

Yes, yes he actually said that – today. Beyond the insufferable willful blindness to avoid calling Radical Islam “violent extremism”, and against the backdrop of ISIS today holding two Japanese hostages under specific threat of beheading, our Secretary of State: … Continue reading

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