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Did Hillary’s Libyan “Rebels” Just Shoot Down A Passenger Plane?….

We have discussed the potential for SAAMS (Surface to Air Missiles) MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems) being used against passenger planes, specifically in the North Africa region, amid these pages for over 4 years. Did it just happen?  …. … Continue reading

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“Their Guy”…

Nail Meet Hammer – Further RNC/GOPe Road Map Evidence – During CNBC debate the RNC complaining Jeb Bush not getting enough debate air time.  This is not Jeb’s campaign complaining, it’s THE RNC: Via Politico […]  In the middle of … Continue reading

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Tripwire Alert – RNC/GOPe Colorado Plan Implodes – Jeb Whiffed in Political Tee Ball…

“ A whiffer” – a batter who strikes out by swinging at and missing the third strike ! Almost everyone, except the political Mossad, have entirely missed the obvious set-up within the Colorado RNC/GOPe debate.  They had a plan, they … Continue reading

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Waco “Twin Peaks” Surveillance Video Released – Biker Rally – *Update* Waco PD Not Happy

It sounds like CNN has been able to get their hands on a significant amount of data and evidence from the shooting in Waco Texas…. TEXAS – The video shows the scene inside the Twin Peaks restaurant in May just … Continue reading

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Shiny Things, Shiny Things – Wait, Just a Minute, What is DC Trying To Hide?…

Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain folks, move along, move along…. Look, over there, a South Carolina student dragged from her classroom.  Quick, over here, Donald Trump polling showing he’s dropped to second place… fine print? ..move … Continue reading

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North Carolina Poll – Donald Trump Extends Lead With 31%, Fiorina and Bush Collapse to 6%…

The latest PPP Poll from North Carolina shows Donald Trump extending his lead in the state.  Ben Carson comes in second with 23% and Carly Fiorina has collapsed from last month landing at 6%, with less than half her previous … Continue reading

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Wow – Breitbart Article Reveals Depth of Amnesty Immigration Trickery by GOPe – Updates…

Incredible expose’ article within Breitbart showcasing the depth of the trickery being played by the GOPe in their efforts to install Amnesty advocate Paul Ryan. The article highlights a PBS documentary containing this video of House Freedom Caucus founder Representative … Continue reading

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