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SWEET MOTHER OF HADES – It’s Official – U.S. Air Force Working With Iranian Army – U.S. Conducting Air Strikes Over Tikrit…

No details yet, but this essentially destroys the Obama claim the U.S. was not working with Iranian army. BREAKING: US airstrikes underway in stalled Iraqi battle to retake Tikrit from Islamic State group. — The Associated Press (@AP) March 25, … Continue reading

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Secretary John Kerry Addresses Critics of an Iranian Nuclear Deal The White House Refuses To Put In Writing…

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“The Iranian Deal Is What We Say It Is” – Obama and Iranian Officials Refuse To Put Deal In Writing…

Don’t be fooled by media reports claiming the Iranian’s are to blame for the “nuclear deal” not being formally written down. This is absolutely a McDonough, Jarrett, Blinkin and Rhodes type of proposition.  This approach absolutely reeks of Denis McDonough strategery.  … Continue reading

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Never Before Outlined Details Of False Racially Constructed Case Against George Zimmerman – While Zimmerman Gives First Interview Since DOJ Drops Civil Rights Charges….

Many people have dropped links to media articles and stories around a recent interview posted by George’s attorney (divorce). The interview is fully recorded and also presented in transcript form HERE. ~ WATCH AND READ HERE ~ Please go to the … Continue reading

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Trash Can Refills – Sybrina Fulton Back On Tour – TrayMom: “I’m still an average mother”…

FACTS:  ♦ From age 2 to age 14 Trayvon never even lived with Sybrina “Ms Candy” Fulton, he lived with step-mom Alicia Stanley.  ♦ After hearing of Trayvon’s death in the Orlando suburb, Sybrina Fulton never left Miami Gardens.  ♦ … Continue reading

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“The Power Doctrine” – Denis McDonough Outlines The New Obama Israeli Policy….

President Obama is executing the “Power Doctrine”. And by Power we do not mean a force of strength; no, we mean the last name of the person who has constructed the doctrine, Samantha Power. Anyone who has spent much time … Continue reading

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Ferguson Shooter, Jeffrey Williams, Admitted On Video To Shooting Two Police Officers – Search Warrant (pdf) Included…

We know from our own independent research that Jeffrey Williams was in a fight in front of the police station (link). We have also discovered there was only 27 seconds from the time his red Pontiac Grand Am drove up … Continue reading

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