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Oh My – Hillary Clinton Engaged In Random Acts of Confederacy?….

What’s the bigger issue? A.) The confederate flag in the background; or, B.) Hillary posing as a victim of circus pants?

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Kate Is Dead Because Donald Trump Is Not President – Five Time Deported Illegal Alien Felon Kills Another Innocent American… *Update* Trump Tweets, Liberal MSM Heads Explode…

UPDATE 7:00pm EST YES !! Donald Trump tweets the story and, as expected, the media go into apoplectic spasms of simultaneous moonbattery and splodey head – with jaws agape. How Dare He !! This is exactly what Trump should do. … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Secret War: “Operation Zero Footprint” – Hillary Approved Arms For Terrorist Enemies Of The United States

Judge Andrew Napolitano affirms The Benghazi Brief ! This is a pretty big effen’ deal, considering we have presented this outline for the past year in an effort to get media, any media, to follow, research and refute the content. Judge Andrew … Continue reading

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George Soros, Steven Spielberg and Univision, Clinton’s Biggest Donors….

WASHINGTON (AP) — New York hedge fund billionaire George Soros and Hollywood director Steven Spielberg are among the biggest donors to a super PAC backing Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential run, according to a super PAC official who spoke on … Continue reading

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A Crowd Hillary Can’t Draw…


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Hillary Clinton Edited Emails Before Turning Over To State Department….

WASHINGTON DC –  It is rare for news events, even as momentous as the past week’s, to drown out absolute proof that a candidate for president has lied willfully to the public and Congress. Yet precisely such proof has emerged, … Continue reading

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D’oh, BUSTED ! David Axelrod Claimed Not To Know About Hillary Email – Now Emails from Axelrod To Hillary Surface…

You can search through all the Hillary Clinton Emails HERE (Via Daily Caller) Emails released Tuesday by the State Department show that former W.H. advisor David Axelrod knew Hillary Clinton had a private account despite recent claims. According to the … Continue reading

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