2010 Congressional Record – The HHS Keep Your Insurance “Grandfather Rule” Lie – Democrat Chickens Coming Home To Roost…

In September 2010, Senate Republicans brought a resolution to the floor to block implementation of the Obamacare HHS grandfather rule. 

The Republicans were warning the current HHS regulations would result in canceled policies and violate President Barack Obama’s promise that people could keep their insurance if they liked it.   The HHS own regulatory rules were predicting this outcome.

The Republicans were referencing HHS Rule 34553 which can be found on page 17 of this pdf and predicted insurance companies would cancel their coverage.

obamacare lie keep-your-insurance

On a party line vote, Democrats killed the resolution, which would have protected people from losing their health insurance policies.

YEAS–40 (all republican)  Alexander, Barrasso, Bennett, Bond, Brown (MA), Brownback, Bunning,Burr, Chambliss, Coburn, Cochran, Collins, Corker, Cornyn, Crapo, DeMint, Ensign, Enzi, Graham, Grassley, Gregg, Hatch, Hutchison, Inhofe, Isakson, Johanns, Kyl, Lemieux, Lugar, McCain, McConnell, Risch, Roberts, Sessions, Shelby, Snowe, Thune, Vitter, Voinovich, Wicker

NAYS–59 Akaka, Baucus, Bayh, Begich, Bennet, Bingaman, Boxer, Brown (OH), Burris, Cantwell, Cardin, Carper, Casey, Conrad, Dodd, Dorgan, Durbin, Feingold, Feinstein, Franken, Gillibrand, Goodwin, Hagan, Harkin, Inouye, Johnson, Kaufman, Kerry, Klobuchar, Kohl, Landrieu, Lautenberg, Leahy, Levin, Lieberman, Lincoln, McCaskill, Menendez, Merkley, Mikulski, Murray, Nelson (NE), Nelson (FL), Pryor, Reed, Reid, Rockefeller, Sanders, Schumer, Shaheen, Specter, Stabenow, Tester, Udall (CO), Udall (NM), Warner, Webb, Whitehouse, Wyden

NOT VOTING–1 Murkowski

The biggest risk for Senate Democrats is that every single one facing a tough 2014 reelection — Mary Landrieu, Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Pryor, Kay Hagan and Mark Begich — is now on record voting for a rule that will not only result in up to 20 million losing insurance they were happy with, but doing so after being specifically warned that this would happen.

cancellation notice

The Democrats who ignored the warning cannot feign ignorance or say this is simply an unintended consequence.    They specifically voted to insure constituents with health insurance would not be provided security or protection to keep their coverage:

vote democrats ocare

“The District of Columbia is an island surrounded by reality. Only in the District of Columbia could you get away with telling the people if you like what you have you can keep it, and then pass regulations six months later that do just the opposite and figure that people are going to ignore it. But common sense is eventually going to prevail in this town and common sense is going to have to prevail on this piece of legislation as well,” Iowa Republican Senator, Chuck Grassley, said at the time.

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59 Responses to 2010 Congressional Record – The HHS Keep Your Insurance “Grandfather Rule” Lie – Democrat Chickens Coming Home To Roost…

  1. Stormy says:

    This should make good fodder for the Sunday talk shows.

    • doodahdaze says:

      The amazing part is that it is 100% certain Obama knowingly lied. Even with the 100% certainty the Democrats somehow claim he did not. Even worse the media allows this to be debated. Now this is true insanity. Up next week the debate over wether or not there is water in the ocean. Don’t miss it.

  2. no agenda says:

    Do most Americans want Socialized Medicine?

    • Josh says:

      I don’t think most Americans even know what Socialized Medicine is!
      How can they when they do not even know the definition of Socialism?!?

    • Josh says:

      I’m betting that if Socialized Medicine was TRUTHFULLY explained, most Americans would not want it.

  3. Shayn Roby says:

    Reblogged this on shaynroby and commented:
    Shayn Roby’s Take: Americans have lost their insurance coverage as a direct consequence of Obamacare. Of course, facts matter not to liberals. The only thing that matters is that they managed to institute one of their trickle up poverty plans that will spread their leftist misery throughout the American population. They can be satisfied in knowing that their tyrannical authoritarian “Utopia” must be endured by people who actually work for a living, but yet must relinquish some of their hard earned wages to those who have no intention of ever even trying to work a regular job.

  4. PatriotUSA says:

    Most Americans could not tell you what socialized medicine is nor define it or tell you the difference. Our nation has been dumbed down and the fact that this lying manufactured girlie man in the White House could get ‘elected’ twice by a rabble of LIV, touchy, feely good morons who had to vote for Obamanazi just because of his skin color to prove how progressive they are and how politically correct they are and so called turncoat conservatives and moderates. Compounded by the fact that conservatives have not really run a strong, viable candidate, voter fraud, illegal alien invaders voting, and I could keep on going, well here we are.

    Conservatives tried to warn the country back in 2010 and have been trying to warn the country what would happen but no one wanted to believe the truth. Democrats and liberals LIED to their constituents and things I hope will get very ugly for liberals and Obama.

    Jimmy the dhimmi Carter has slammed Obama for being inept. Carter should know all about this. Here is the link in case you want to read this:


    • doodahdaze says:

      The 49/51 rule. If 51% of the voters can be corrupted there is no limit to what they will do to the other 49%.

      • myopiafree says:

        HI Doo Dah Daze,
        This is indeed, “Dictatorship of the majority”.
        Most new laws are developed with CONSULTATION, for instance with Insurance companies, and medical doctors. I an not aware of any consultation like that for Obama-care. Some of the lies for caught by the Republicans – but not all of them. Any reasonable analysis, would tell you that when you insure the “un-insurable”, into the mix – the average cost per person – must rise – not fall.
        That is why I “choked” when Obama insisted that it would be “lower cost” for all concerned.
        Any economic analysis would have told you this – buy the insurance companies. That WOULD have been part of a serious review. No such review took place.

        NOW the review is taking place – by all the people who are kicked off their insurance by the arrogance of the Democrats.

        There will be hell to pay for that.

        • doodahdaze says:

          The insurance companies and pharma were in on the scam. But not the Doc’s. The Trial Lawyers had to OK it because they can still sue the Doc’s. The Trial Lawyers will have to go under the bus in the socialized plan. Along with the Doc’s. I don’t think there are many malpractice law suits in Cuba. The insurance companies will be the administrators for the socialists. Supplying administrative services only. It is time for a con-con or impeachment. Unfortunately neither will happen.

    • Shannon says:

      PatriotUSA, like you said, most Americans may not be able to tell you what socialized medicine is, but they’ll sure know when Jan 1 rolls around and they’re without health insurance.
      Wait till people start getting ill and can’t get care or get care but end up with outrageous bills. What then? Will they end up in bankruptcy? Lose their homes to pay a bill they were previously insured for?
      Those senators up for reelection are facing an enormous problem; angry voters. One of them is in my state and I’ll make sure everyone I know gets out to vote if I have to offer to drive them myself.

    • Josh says:

      “Democrats and liberals” and too many Republicans “LIED to their constituents…”

  5. Diana S says:

    I have a Medicare Advantage plan which will change to a plan over three and a half times as expensive as my current plan.

    • doodahdaze says:

      Lot’s of providers are quitting advantage. That is where the 800 billion in cuts comes from.

      • Sharon says:

        What Diana S and oodahdaze say here is what I have understood as well.

        However, something was told us yesterday that flies contrary to this understanding regard Medicare Advantage. I truly don’t know what to make of it.

        The admitting clerk at our regional medical center was talking about the disaster that is overtaking the providers.

        She just recently turned 65 and signed up (had no choice, of course) for Medicare. Her doctor was part of the Adventist Medical system here at one of their clinics.

        She was told that if she wanted to continue to use that doctor and her clinic, that she must sign up for the Advantage plan because 1) they reimburse clinics/hospitals at a higher rate than straight Medicare and 2) beginning n the near future, the clinics and hospital will no longer accept new patients with straight Medicare.

        I specifically asked her to repeat what she said and clarify, and she did. What she is saying about Advantage plans i opposite of what I had understood. They are dropping straight Medicare and will soon accept ONLY the Advantage plans.

        • justfactsplz says:

          Great. I am straight medicare and my doctor does not take any of the Advantage Plans.

        • michellc says:

          The way I understand is that in some states Medicare Advantage is canceling contracts with doctors. So maybe the deal is they’re playing hardball with doctors and hospitals to force more of them to accept straight Medicare by canceling the contracts?

          I’m not real clear though, just reading about different doctors who have said they’ve received cancellation notices along with their patients.

          Sort of like how the EPA did the lead smelting plant, we didn’t force them to close their doors, they made a business decision to do so while we held a gun to their head and said cough up $100 million to comply with our regulations.

          So Medicare can say we’re not taking your doctor from you the contract just expired. While they’re telling the doctors accept straight Medicare and agree to what we say you will get paid and then we’ll renew your other contract.

          Our government is nothing more than a mob using mob tactics.

        • doodahdaze says:

          Anyone with medicare can pay the bill and file it themselves from any doctor I think.

    • Josh says:

      I ran into an acquaintance a couple days ago who believes that HIS insurance plan won’t change because well, he’s been with the company for several years and he’s always paid his premiums timely and he’s not had many claims and …

      As he was listing the reasons I could not help but shake my head as he was speaking. When he was done I simply said, “In time, everyone’s plan will change and not for the better. No one will be exempt. Even those who are currently being told they will be exempt (unions, staffers, etc.) will find themselves not exempt. That is the plan. That is Socialized medicine.” I know he is, at least, concerned now (as he always should have been. He’s thinking differently …

  6. myopiafree says:

    So how much is this screwed up law going to cost YOU??


    I detest all the LIES they told – to pass this law. A law passed on lies – is not much of a law.

    Why not tell the truth?

  7. ctdar says:

    To all the young and inexperienced, how does it feel to be flat out lied to you and have your vote stolen, not once but twice. The affordable care act is not so affordable.
    As one commenter, Obama is not so cool now is he?? :evil:

  8. “…They specifically voted to insure constituents with health insurance…”
    Not to be all grammar nazi, but insure should be ensure.
    I hope this is pounded into people’s heads from now until the ACA is finally repealed.

  9. triage says:

    I predict that this will be handled like all other Obama problems. The White House will contact people (editors, reporters, etc.) from the MSM and they will plan strategy together. We will hear crickets from the MSM and when it is only covered on Fox they will say “This is not credible since only Fox is talking about it.” It worked for Bengazi, Fast and Furious and the IRS crimes. I know people who watch the news every night never realizing that what is spoken by the MSM is nothing but pre planned White House talking points meant to manipulate opinion. No more free press and no more government of the people, by the people. Just brainwashing North Korean style. It is really that bad.

  10. yankeeintx says:

    This law is so bad on so many levels. The economy has been in the tank for years now. Due to so many people losing thier jobs, they have resorted to living off their savings, their retirement plans, and are already bordering on bankruptcy. With their new Obamacare plan, one trip to the hospital, with a $6,000 deductible (or higher), will push them over the edge.

    The little speech he gave in Boston was a joke. Telling us that with time we will get used to it. Had he been honest he would have said “Given time, we will own you too”.

    • czarowniczy says:

      Again I go back to my grad school where economic profs was telling us how,when the Boomers died, they’d pass on the largest inter-generational transfer of wealth the world’s ever known. To the right-of-center economists this was proof that the American dream was alive and well, but to the growing number of left-of-center economists it was an abomination that had to be remedied. To the left it meant the American system was unfair to the poor and downtrodden, the bare fact that some had lots while some had none was irrefutable proof that something was decidedly wrong about the system. The Gen-Xers inheriting a flood of cash they neither earned nor were ‘entitled’ to, cash that could have gone towards feeding the endless cycle of government-run entitlement programs, was another pebble in their shoes. This all smells to me like the Soviets whose money had no value other than an inter-Bloc trading basis. At a whim they could revalue it to wipe out investors who’d dared to save currency and who might use it to non-state approved ends. The trillions of lost retirement and investment dollars the Boomers lost was no coincidence to me; it was too large, too well planned and too sudden for my paranoid belief system.

      • yankeeintx says:

        I don’t think they are done yet. There are still enough of us out there that tightened our belts, but made sure we were still saving. They won’t be happy until our savings are redistributed amongst those who didn’t save. We must be forced to realize that we are just racists for practising individual responsibility and not wanting to share.

      • partyzant says:

        That is not paranoia. That is FACT. It has already happened here. It is ongoing. It is the rape of civilization.

        Partyzant sends.

  11. czarowniczy says:

    Local anti-Obamacare groups are hitting Landrieu hard on her voting for Obamacare, one commercial emphasizes the most blatant negative aspects of it and between each negative they play a clip of her saying how she’d vote for the bill again if given the opportunity. That does not play well with conservative workers in the state but one whole hell of a lot of this state’s dependent upon government subsidies of some sort. Using figures over a year old (best I can find but close enough for government work) I see a total state population of 4.6 million. Out of that some 718,000 individuals are on Medicaid and 1,205,000 are on Medicaid – some 42% of the state is on government subsidized medical care alone. That’s a powerful voting bloc – you can presume that many of that group are on food stamps and supplemental payments also – yet another string the DemocRATic puppeteers can yank. You can bet that the word’s going out to the innercity ministers (a power bloc many tend to overlook) to tell their flocks that the evil blue-eyed devils in the Republican Party are moving to limit, if not eliminate, the size of the plate they can carry to the public trough. The Landrieu reelection battle will be seen on the TV and in the newspapers but the real guerrilla warfare will be done by paid fifth columnists at the street level where DemocRATs work so well and Republicans are totally lost.

    • WeeWeed says:

      Anyone running against her?

    • Josh says:

      Ditto WeeWeed’s question. If anyone here likes a candidate I’d like to know. I’ll then research that person and if I like them too I may toss them a dollar. It’s all I can do. This feeling of helplessness is not a nice feeling. I’ve got to so something!

      • czarowniczy says:

        Louisiana politics ain’t all that simple – see the David Duke/Edwards Edwards gubernatorial campaign. Republicans usually wait until we’re right on top of the election before they spring a candidate on the public, good-old boys and all of that. The Landrieu family’s also deeply involved in the state’s political machine and the depth of that crosses party lines so we’re gonna have to wait and see who the Powers That Be put into the race.

  12. myopiafree says:

    Why do “Liberals” (presumable for freedom of oppression), insist that you be FORCED TO BUY WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT?

    What is wrong with their “heads”?


    So they lie – to take my right of choice away from me – at a much greater cost!


    • doodahdaze says:

      People in dire straits do not need insurance. They need medical care. The simple way to have helped them would have been to give doc’s and providers a tax credit for treating them. Not a tax credit for people who do not need medical help. So this is not about helping the poor. It is about the communist agenda. I would repeal Obamacare and take the money to give directed tax credits for those who give real medical care to the poor. The rest of this crap is just noise in the communist power grab.

    • Sharon says:

      “Why do ‘Liberals’ (presumable for freedom of oppression), insist that you be FORCED TO BUY WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT?”

      Because their goal is to have power over other people and minimize individual liberty.Their actions are only confusing if you refuse to accept what their goals are.

      • Josh says:

        “Because their goal is to have power over other people and minimize individual liberty. Their actions are only confusing if you refuse to accept what their goals are.”
        Well stated, of course. THIS is it! They do not care what names they are called – liars, frauds, etc. They WILL move forward with their agenda! In time, even the media will have no power against them.

    • partyzant says:

      They insist because there is something in it for them. Either a subsidy or a longing gaze from Der Furher over brunch after antiquing for the morning.

  13. triage says:

    Every thing liberals do is to increase their voting bloc. They have no message, morals or virtue. It is, how do we get more voters? Since they offer nothing uplifting or virtuous it can only be done by slight of hand using an alternative message. Ted Kennedy’s immigration law changes in the 60′s and 80′s were not about immigration or helping people it was about increasing democrat voters. Especially in the 80′s when Reagan had trounced Jimmy Carter. Ted Kennedy knew he had to do something desperate to turn things around no matter what it did to our country.

    LBJ did the same thing with the Welfare State. His words to an aid were “we will have those n—— voting democrat for the next 200 years”. We are at a big disadvantage because we don’t want to destroy the country trying to get new voters. (except for McCain and Graham)

    • partyzant says:

      Problem is considered another way… conservatism is defining what it WONT do while the carrion eaters, maggots and cancerous tumors leave it open ended. Can’t win that way. One way or another, Atlas Shrugs. He either wears out over time and it all comes down, or Atlas decides where and when to put the burden down. One way is controlled. The other is not really. Both are bad. One is worse.
      Consider what is going on in Greece as a prelude. Except here, it is several orders of magnitude “MOAR”. Moar arms, moar teed off people, more entitlement mentality, more communistic and racist in nature. Just because the start of this has not been recognized by the talking heads of the media gubbmint complex does not mean it has not been triggered. Look around. I mean, REALLY look around, outside the usual bubble. What you see is what you get. Be careful, come home safely. An honest trip outside the usual parameters, not even mind bleach can cleanse it away.

  14. partyzant says:

    Please understand that they eiter tried to do the right thing and have shown themselves to be the single most insanely incompetent bunch of do-gooders EVAH (go back 2,000 years… any comparisons?) OR…. they are wildly successful evil doers that are intent upon enslaving Amurrica far more than pre-1865 Amurrica.
    Remember, slaves existed in ALL the states/colonies.
    The first slave in Amurrica was a black man held in slavery by another black man!
    Now, we are ALL on a plantation. ACA is but one layer.

  15. myopiafree says:

    The Democrats often ask, “why to Republicans Hate Obama”? Weill – I did not hate him – until I found out about his EXTENSIVE LYING about Obama-care. If you want me to pay “extra” for my insurance (for the poor) you might convince me to do so. But be HONEST ABOUT IT. Do not lie to me. Even worse, do not hold a gun to my head to force me to buy something I DO NOT WANT. Those two issues indeed cause me to hate this liar.

    • michellc says:

      If they had told the truth that anyone without mental health care, substance abuse, maternity care and newborn care along with pediatric vision and dental would not be able to keep their plan and their knew plan would cost more to provide all these new coverages, they knew even some of their idiot democrat voters would not have been for it.

  16. myopiafree says:

    People are not hit with STICKER SHOCK.


    So now they are FORCE to log on that requires critical PERSONAL information – on a website that IS NOT SECURE. This is a hackers paradise. It will take them time to “figure out” how to do it (including “mirror sites”) but they will do it.

    So now these people, stripped of their insurance, will have their identity stolen also.

    Now – who do they sue. The Wicked Witch of the East. Or does she hop on her broom – and fly back to Kansas – with Obama’s praise for her “excellent work”??

  17. partyzant says:

    This really gets to the heart of the matter.
    ACA is the new Jim Crow, it is how the will of the people will be broken.

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