Ben Kruidbos Fires Back – Files A Cause of Action $5 Million Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against Angela Corey and State Attorney Office

The complaint was filed today in Duval County:

Here is the full backstory

Another intended victim to cover the fraud in the backstory of the Zimmerman Trial.

Ben Kruidbos, an IT worker from the state attorney's office, testifies during a hearing in the George Zimmerman case in Sanford on June 6.  Associated PressJacksonville FL - State Attorney Angela Corey fired her office’s information technology director Friday after he testified last month about being concerned prosecutors did not turn over information to George Zimmerman’s defense team in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

On the same day attorneys finished their closing arguments in that nationally watched trial, a state attorney investigator went to Ben Kruidbos’ home about 7:30 a.m. to hand-deliver a letter stating Kruidbos “can never again be trusted to step foot in this office.”

The letter contended Kruibos did a poor job overseeing the information technology department, violated public records law for retaining documents, and noted he was questioned in March when the office was trying to determine who had leaked personnel information obtained through a computer breach.

In an interview Friday, Kruidbos denied the allegations in the letter, which was written by Cheryl Peek, the managing director of the State Attorney’s Office.

He said he had acted in good faith about “genuine concerns.” He said he had been proud to work at the State Attorney’s Office and feared the letter would cripple his chances at finding another job to support his family, including a 4-month-old son.

“I don’t have any regrets,” he said, “but I am terrified about the future and what that will end up being.”

His attorney Wesley White — who resigned from the State Attorney’s Office in December and is a critic of Corey — said the firing was aimed at sending a message to office employees “that if they feel like there is wrongdoing,” they should not disclose it or seek legal guidance from a private attorney.

“If they do speak to an attorney, then they are dead,” he said. “The State Attorney’s Office will do whatever is necessary to not only terminate them, but destroy their reputations in the process.”

State Attorney spokeswoman Jackelyn Barnard did not return phone calls or emails for comment.

Kruidbos, 42, had been on paid administrative leave since May 28 from his $80,892 job.

In January, he used computer software technology to extract photographs and text messages from the source file in Martin’s cellphone. Kruidbos was able to recover more information than the Florida Department of Law Enforcement obtained previously.



Kruidbos said he became concerned that lead prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda might not have turned over Kruidbos’ report to defense attorneys. Kruidbos asked White in April for legal advice and described some contents of his report such as a photo of an African-American hand holding a gun, a photo of a plant resembling marijuana, and a text message referring to a gun transaction.

White then contacted one of Zimmerman’s attorneys and learned the defense had not received the report generated by Kruidbos. The defense did receive the source file from the cellphone and used its own experts to extract data.

Last month, Zimmerman’s attorneys subpoenaed both White and Kruidbos during a pretrial hearing on their motion seeking sanctions against prosecutors. Circuit Judge Debra Nelson deferred a ruling until after the trial.

Before Kruidbos’ name surfaced in the Martin trial proceedings, he received a pay raise for “meritorious performance,” according to a document dated May 16 in his personnel file.

But the dismissal letter written by Peek contends he did his job poorly as information technology director and said he should have asked someone in the office about his concerns regarding the Martin case.

“Your egregious lack of regard for the sensitive nature of the information handled by this office is completely abhorrent,” Peek wrote. “You have proven to be completely untrustworthy. Because of your deliberate, wilful and unscrupulous actions, you can never again be trusted to step foot in this office.”

The letter said Kruidbos “apparently questioned the ethics” of de la Rionda, who has been an assistant state attorney since 1983. “His record as an honorable and respected attorney is unblemished and beyond reproach,” Peek wrote.

Kruidbos said the question of de la Rionda’s ethics “is not really my place to decide.”

He said he asked White for legal advice because he was concerned he could face “legal exposure” if the cellphone report wasn’t turned over to the defense before the trial started.

He said he did not feel comfortable posing that question to anyone within the office because the State Attorney’s Office had just conducted an in-house probe of whether someone was leaking personnel information. (read more)

How did The Kruidbos Aspect play out in the Zimmerman Trial ? This was the subject of the late night testy exchange during a proffer hearing on 7/9/13 between Don West and State Prosecutors / Judge Nelson.

If you listen closely to the Defense Expert Witness, Richard Conner, testimony you realize what he has found. The phone deletions were made around all of the attributes which would have affected the considerations in this case about character and reputation. Except for the porn pictures.

The reason the porn was not found by the person deleting was because of how they were hidden in the phone. The person deleting would not have seen them as images and would have needed an application to understand the “bit” file which was password protected also.

Conner is outlining a very specific educated thesis that the phone was scrubbed of damning evidence after death. Meaning somehow a person intentionally removed, “deleted”, the data.

Obviously, Mantai objects when Conner is going there with his explanations – but the implication is crystal clear. If the state of Florida retained custody of that phone – then someone from FDLE, or in association with the chain of evidence, deleted the data.

THAT DELETED data was the data missing in the State’s discovery to the defense until June 4th. And even after that time, the essential summary of data, which was included in a written report, was devoid of mention to this specific data file of deleted evidence.

What does this mean? It lends to only one Occam’s Razor explanation: The STATE prosecutorial team intentionally deleted, the data, then delivered a partial file with the non-deleted data, then at the last minute before trial (June 4th) delivered the full data set, but omitted the deleted data from the written report summarizing the entire “bin” file.

Essentially, the State hid the evidence – and Don West has the specific understanding of how and who has falsely presented the manipulated information. The State also falsely testified, pre-trial, to the data delivery and the process under which it was done.

Back in April - That’s what the Whistle Blower, Ben Kruidbos, was trying to tell them [watch video]…

….but he was handcuffed in court explanation by the fact the Defense had yet to receive the manipulated data in the form the Whistle blower was describing it. It did not arrive until 6/4/13.

Currently the trial Judge, Debra Nelson, is anticipated to take up a pre-trial hearing for sanctions against the state for discovery violations around this issue – the date for the hearing is yet undetermined.

Unfortunately, according to Conner, the date of the actual deletion itself cannot be clearly identified.   However, from the type of data deleted it will be possible to determine an approximate time based on *what* was deleted.

The evidence (phone itself) will have a chain of custody.

That may narrow their search for the specific person. However, the actual download of the “bin” file probably does not have chain of custody – so while it may be possible to prove the construct of the deception, the actual person who did it may never be identified.  That would be the subject for an internal special investigation by a State appointee from the Governors office.

Regardless, there is enough factual evidence to outline a serious and intentional attempt to hide evidence in the Zimmerman case surrounding the phone data of Trayvon Martin.   The retaliation, firing of Ben Kruidbos,  for his concern about being part of intentional deception is now going to reach sunlight as a consequence of this new lawsuit brought by him against Angela Corey.

The Brady violations in State discovery are a big deal not only for George Zimmerman, but also for Ben Kruidbos, who has been fired from his job for speaking up about the hiding of, and manipulation of, evidence in the case.

If George Zimmerman is going to approach a malicious prosecution claim against Angela Corey, and subsequently the State of Florida, Ben Kruidbos is going to play a key role. Additionally, the possible sanctions against Bernie De La Rionda and the entire prosecution team – will weigh heavily toward pressure upon Corey to be disciplined, or even fired by her boss, Governor Rick Scott.

If the Brady violations are proven to the court, which in my opinion is not difficult, then the sanctions and discipline against the state could also benefit Ben Kruidbos in any civil action of his own. So both George Zimmerman and Ben Kruidbos stand to benefit from winning the post trial hearing.

Also, just to give you a taste of the level of deception around this prosecution, we also shared a Smaller issue which also surfaced during that same late-night proffer hearing.   Again, just more evidence of how deceptive all the parties aligned against George Zimmerman had become:

At the :15 second mark of this video, in response to the state now taking the position the phone data cannot be authenticated (which is absurd on its face) Conner reveals that Trayvon Martin’s phone was actually a part of Sybrina Fulton’s family account plan.

Sybrina Fulton was the account holder.:

Meaning it was not, as previously stated by the Scheme Team, Tracy Martin accessing his own phone records on 3/17/12 which could have revealed “Dee Dee” or Witness #8, later identified as Rachel Jeantel.   Another BIG manipulative lie.

Which begs the question: When Benjamin Crump passed out partial phone records to the media on 3/20/12, they included the name of the account owner as Tracy Martin. How is this possible on the printed detail if the phone was actually under the account of Sybrina Fulton?

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172 Responses to Ben Kruidbos Fires Back – Files A Cause of Action $5 Million Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against Angela Corey and State Attorney Office

  1. myopiafree says:

    EXCELLENT! It is about time Corey is sued.

  2. eastern2western says:

    the fall of corey! oh boy! after this suit, it will be georgie’s turn. oh boy, then all the liberal media. Zimmerman will buy an oil field in texas after all of the winnings are collected. oh boy!

  3. justfactsplz says:

    Adms. I sent Sundance an email. Let me know you received it please. Thanks.

  4. eastern2western says:

    man, the follow up law suits are more intense than the actual bgi law suit. the wacky part is this kind of stuff happens in every Sharpton/Jackson incident.

  5. Wraith says:

    Go get her!! :D

  6. eastern2western says:

    oh zhit ball because every thing starts from point zero.

  7. ctdar says:


  8. Mr. Izz says:

    This better be just the beginning of a fall for Angela Corey. This entire process should not stop until she, and her “team”, no longer have a hand in controlling the fate of others in the justice system.

    Unfortunately, I think that this will all go away quietly. The Cause of Action information has been submitted and not one media outlet wants to cover it. I see this story as being at most a footnote, as it rolls along the tickers at the bottom of those channels. Angela Corey was their hero, their knight in shining armor, the patriot that stood strong to conquer the evil George Zimmerman. We all remember her interviews, her lies, her disgusting responses and speeches. We loathed them, hated them, and despised them because of their unethical and fictional matter. The media loved her, loved what she said, stood behind her, protected her, etc. Heck, the media still think that Trayvon had iced tea, and that George was told not to get out of his vehicle.

    As badly as I want these people to never be in a courtroom (in a lawyer capacity) again, I don’t think that much will come of this. Maybe my faith is wavering. There is just too much corruption in that area of the country right now. The capitol building is being overrun, the governor is fairly gutless, and no one wants to upset the race-baiters.

    As badly as I want Corey, BDLR, and Judge Nelson to suffer, I think that they will get a public slap on the wrist, then a behind the scenes congratulations for their incredible work on the Zimmerman trial.

  9. myopiafree says:

    Let me clear. Corey and Bernie were OUT TO LYNCH AN INNOCENT MAN. Kuridbos (potentially) saved George from 25 years in prison. I think Walther and I asked for a “dump” of that phone for 12 months. Now we know that Bernie ordered that it be HIDDEN. That is indeed proof of malicious prosecution. He should get that 5 mil. from Corey. She should be in prison.

  10. Eloise says:

    Go Ben! I will be praying for your perfect outcome for you and your family! The termination letter he received from her was beyond nasty and malicious! She ripped this poor man up one side and down the other! You get the last say Ben!! Time for her to sit down!

    • thefirstab says:

      Hi Eloise – I was thinking the same when I read the termination letter. Having done a stint in the HR field, I have seen numerous termination letters. These typically follow, and reference, previous disciplinary actions or egregious misconduct as the reasons for termination. This letter is a vindictive rant. Much like Corey to Dershowitz/Harvard. IMO, definitely over the target to get that kind of emotional reaction.

  11. Mimbler says:

    I’m so glad he is pursuing this. I couldn’t believe she had the nerve to fire him after he showed evidence of malfeasance in her office,

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I think she did it out of anger, without ever considering the idea that he might proceed with a suit against her. This is the same type of hubris that lead her to contact Harvard and complain about Alan Dershowitz. Only problem is, she forgot that once she fired Kruidbos, he had nothing to lose, so the suit was inevitable, especially with Wesley White involved. Sure, you can expect to hear her “Alinsky” both Kruidbos and White with the help of the media. I wonder who will side with whom? Will Bondi dump Angela? Will Bernie detail her involvement and direction when it comes time for the “Sanctions Hearing” that Nelson postponed?

      Which reminds me… When IS the “Sanctions Hearing” scheduled to be completed?

    • Moishe Pipik says:

      What was in it for Corey? Does she receive money from the BGI? Did she think that being able to convict Zimmerman would help her run for bigger and better offices?

      • elvischupacabra says:

        Holder and Obama probably promised her an appointment to the Federal bench.

        Or, maybe she will get a lovely parting gift, a His & Hers Barack and Michelle Obama Pez Dispencers in a commemorative gift box!

  12. sangell says:

    Did the DoJ ever have access to that phone?

  13. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    Hi Bernie.

  14. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    I noticed that this suit is filed against Angela Corey, but in her official capacity as State Attorney for the 4th Judicial District. Doesn’t this mean that she, personally, is at no financial risk, other than from whatever action is taken against her by the State, or the local voters?

    Can’t Pamela Bondi simply persuade the State to settle the suit with “Go Away” money, and thusly avoid the political and legal fallout from revealing the facts surrounding the manipulations of the cellphone evidence? Wouldn’t that stymie any legal charges against Corey, BDLR and Guy, and prevent the voters (and the media) from finding out what has been transpiring in the Zimmerman case?

    Serious questions for the “legal eagles” here.

    At any rate, it should be interesting to see if there is a public response from BDLR, Corey, Bondi, or Gov Scott.

    • sangell says:

      I’d be doubtful Pam Bondi could agree to dispense that kind of money. She could recommend it but I think the legislature would have to approve a multi million dollar payout.

    • Let Justice Prevail – yes, she is being sued in her official capacity as the State Attorney which means that the she, as an individual, is not financially exposed. And you are correct, Pam Bondi (or others, I would imagine all the way up to Rick Scott) could recommend settling this suit for “nuisance” value, but that does not mean that Ben Kruidbos is required to accept their settlement offer. I can tell you that if I were him, even if they offered me $250M to settle I’d refuse. I would definitely be willing to risk walking away with nothing in order to expose them for what they are.
      Generally, until the respondent in a civil suit is able to get discovery and see what evidence the petitioner has to prove their case – and then weigh their risk of proceeding to trial – an offer is not made. Once discovery/depositions are over, they may make an offer or suggest and agree to mediation. IF they come out immediately with an “offer to settle” to make this go away, then we’ll know they are serious about discovery not proceeding – and the only reason for that would be they have something to hide. It will definitely be interesting to see how this all goes.
      As for the Sanctions Hearing that DJN postponed – my guess is that she will slap BDLR, Corey and whoever else on the wrist – after all, the case is over and, in the end, it didn’t harm GZ – he was acquitted. Not that I think she would have done anything different if he had been convicted of 2nd Degree Murder and sent to prison for “life”. I just don’t see her getting serious about these sanctions. I may be surprised, but in my years in and around courtrooms, both as a paralegal and being married to a criminal defense attorney and knowing all of his friend who are judges/attorneys, I haven’t personally seen an attorney be disbarred for discovery violations. I have seen a Judge throw attorneys in jail for contempt of court (a formality as they bond out immediately) and fine them. I have seen them “ream” them for discovery violations – basically, a public “scolding”, but I have not seen on be disbarred. And don’t think AC, BDLR, et al aren’t aware of this and thus willing to take the risk – after all, disbarring a fellow attorney is pretty serious business. It takes away that person’s ability to earn a living in their field of study. It is tantamount to Drs. testifying against each other in medical malpractice suits – the violation has to be pretty egregious for this to occur.
      What still baffles me is how, knowing what these people knew about what kind of person TM was, what his background was and what really happened that night (these are supposedly intelligent people) that they were able to so eloquently argue for conviction. That is sickening to me. Of course they knew that what they were arguing for was a lie! They had to know. What kind of person is willing to put an innocent young man away for life? It sickens me every time I think of them. They are the worst of the worst – scum of the earth.

      • Fabi says:

        Never, ever, heard of anyone bonding out for contempt of court. I think that’s true in all states.

        • These were attorneys who continued to object, etc. Basically, it was a fine. Actually,. my husband got “arrested” and had to pay a fine to “get out of jail”. They were never actually “booked” as in fingerprinted, etc. It was this particular Judge’s way of sanctioning attorneys who pissed him off. So, when I say immediately bonded out, that’s what I’m referring to. They weren’t really actually ever processed. Just didn’t explain thoroughly and it was not for a serious “contempt of court” charge.

    • John Galt says:

      “Can’t Pamela Bondi simply persuade the State to settle the suit with “Go Away” money, and thusly avoid the political and legal fallout from revealing the facts surrounding the manipulations of the cellphone evidence?”

      Just skimming through the complaint, it seems to me that the main issue is going to be whether or not Kruidbos was fired because of his testimony in the GZ case or because of the misconduct alleged in Peek’s letter. So that opens the door to discovery into the underlying factual basis for those allegations. So, assume that Bondi shovels money to Kruidbos and White to keep quiet and settle the case. Does that solve Corey’s Kruidbos problem? NO. Why not? Because Kruidbos will be deposed about Corey hiding evidence in the other wrongful termination case and will also be deposed about a general pattern of hiding evidence and structured avoidance of the sunshine law. Then there is also the potential for even more Kruidbos testimony if GZ files a malicious prosecution action. So Bondi would have to shovel enough money to settle all three cases, which I assume would be noticed and queried in sunshiney Florida. Millions of dollars shoveled out to settle three lawsuits alleging malfeasance by Corey. Aren’t the taxpayers / voters going to be upset?

      • jello333 says:

        I imagine there’s some coordination going on among everyone working to take down Corey and Bernie. We’ve got the sanctions violations (and MOM and West say they are adding several more accusations before going forward); there’s a malicious prosecution suit by George undoubtedly on the way; and there’s Kruidbos’ suit. Add to that separate suits against people like Crump and others. I would think — I would HOPE — that Kruidbos and his lawyer are working with MOM, West, and Beasley to coordinate the attacks.

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        “it seems to me that the main issue is going to be whether or not Kruidbos was fired because of his testimony in the GZ case or because of the misconduct alleged in Peek’s letter”

        Agreed. That is how it appears to my untrained layman’s eye, as well. Corey *seems* to have no choice but to argue the latter, in light of the legal citations in Kruidbos’s suit. But then, she will have the pesky matter of the raise and favorable performance review to account for. However, she *might* have some obscure statute that she can use to claim the former, and suggest that his termination was legal from the standpoint of disclosing evidence or interfering in an ongoing investigation. Problem is, Kruidbos did not provide any specific evidence, either to White, or to O’Mara, as far as I can tell. He only disclosed “knowledge” that such evidence existed. That doesn’t seem to be a violation of any statute that *I* know of.

        Now, you seem to saying (and correct me if I misunderstood) that even if the State tries to settle with Kruidbos *pre-emptively* (before any further legal proceedings or inquiry) that discovery would proceed, regardless. Why? Wouldn’t the issue become “moot” if White and Kruidbos settled? Why would there be any further discovery, unless some other suit is brought? And what other suit could Kruidbos bring, other than this wrongful termination suit that he has already filed? Would things only proceed if Kruidbos refused to accept any settlement?

        Also, as others suggest, the Hearing for Sanctions may not go anywhere, with Nelson at the helm. The issue (there) was whether BDLR’s actions had prejudiced the defense. Couldn’t Nelson simply administer a “slap on the wrist” by ruling in the defense’s favor, rendering the matter “moot” and without any further testimony or discovery in that matter? In that event, I don’t believe the DCA would accept jurisdiction, would they?

        If I’m not on the right track, let me know, but doesn’t that leave the only real hope for revealing the misdeeds of the prosecutors in the hands of O’Mara and George, depending on whether they decide to request some action for malicious prosecution? And, where in all this does Shellie’s case fit? Could the prosecution actually have the chance to offer THAT case as a “bargaining chip” to persuade George and O’Mara to simply drop any other action against Corey, and the 4th District SAO?

        Seriously, IANAL, so I’m watching closely to see what happens. It would tell me something if the State offered to settle pre-emptively, which I believe they have every motive to do. First, it isn’t *their money*. Second, Corey is an elected official, and Wesley White appears to have his eye on running for office like Bernie suggested, and this could be his ticket to get Corey’s job, if the dirty facts come out. And finally, White knows that Corey doesn’t know what Hruidbos knows, or doesn’t know. Like SD said, Kruidbos had the keys to every dirty little secret. He’s already talked about the withholding of evidence, AND the policies in place to subvert the effectiveness of any FOIA requests. Who knows what other skeleton’s are in the closet that Corey is afraid will come out? She doesn’t know how much Kruidbos knows, or how much he’s told White.

        • John Galt says:

          “Problem is, Kruidbos did not provide any specific evidence, either to White, or to O’Mara, as far as I can tell.”

          Bingo. White had it all planned out. Kruidbos testified only pursuant to subpoena.

        • John Galt says:

          “even if the State tries to settle with Kruidbos *pre-emptively* (before any further legal proceedings or inquiry) that discovery would proceed, regardless. Why? Wouldn’t the issue become “moot” if White and Kruidbos settled?”

          The other wrongful termination case in federal court was about to pick a jury. Kruidbos had apparently previously located some emails that incriminate Corey of making the decision to terminate, likely when Kruidbos was tasked with searching Corey’s computer network to respond to discovery requests in the federal case. Somebody in Corey’s office apparently received those emails from Kruidbos, but elected not to produce those emails in discovery. Then when Kruidbos blew the whistle in the GZ case, they knew that Kruidbos knew about the hidden emails in the federal case and that would eventually be disclosed. So they dumped the emails on outside counsel representing Corey’s office in the federal case, right before trial started. The federal judge was very upset and has already sanctioned Corey’s office, apparently w/o even hearing from Kruidbos. Federal district court judges don’t have to play much politics. They are appointed for life. No elections, reelections, campaign funds, etc. They can only be removed by being impeached by Congress. Even if Corey instantly settles the lawsuit filed by Kruidbos, Kruidbos will still be deposed in the federal court case. The scope of the deposition will very likely include not only how, when, why Kruidbos discovered the emails and to whom he gave them, but also a general pattern of hiding evidence and structured avoidance by leaving case identifying information out of emails to avoid discovery in searches. Counsel for the plaintiff in the federal case has asked for a forensic examination of Corey’s computer network. Imagine if the federal judge grants that request and a forensic expert discovers scrubbing of Corey’s computer network. The matter is extremely serious and just settling the Kruidbos case will not solve Corey’s problem.

          • Sha says:

            ” The matter is extremely serious and just settling the Kruidbos case will not solve Corey’s problem. ” Oh YEA ! Oh YEA ! She’s going down……… I will celebrate the moment she is removed from office. :D

          • LetJusticePrevail" says:

            Ahhhhh… I see now… you are referring to the federal case of Julie Lyncker. I had failed to make the connection (Kruidbos) in *that* case, and was confused by your reference to a *federal* case. With Kruidbos testifying in the Lyncker case, the federal judge will probably also hear about the manner in which Corey’s policies have attempted to circumvent the “Sunshine” laws, and get that on record, too. Once THAT comes out, other State officials {Bondi and Scott(?)} are nearly *compelled* to take action against Corey, or face accusations of complicity, or “cronyism”, at the very least.

            This appears to have been a well planned, and well orchestrated, maneuver by Wesley White and Ben Kruidbos. They have Corey “boxed in” rather neatly, don’t they?

            Thanks for taking the time to connect that *dot* for me. I had read the OS article about the Lyncker case, but was so focused on the Zimmerman case, I missed the part that said it was Kruidbos who had printed the e-mails that directly linked Corey to the firing of Lyncker (something Corey has denied).

            What we see here are patterns of very disturbing behavior in the 4th District SAO. Hiding evidence (the phone data in the GZ case, and the e-mails in the Lyncker case) then only revealing them at the very last minute, and only after realizing that the plaintiff or defense team had knowledge of them. That opens a door for nearly every single criminal defendant convicted by Corey and the SAO. How many of them were convicted because exculpatory evidence was hidden from their attorneys? THAT is huge, in itself, and it does not even touch on the matter of Sunshine law violations. And the possibility that several Assistant Prosecutors may have lied in open court, much in the same manner that BDLR did, when questioned about Kruidbos’ report by O’Mara. It’s no small wonder that a number of good prosecutors fled that office to seek other employment. They saw the writing on the wall, and knew that it would eventually all fall to pieces. They also probably realized that Corey would use them for scapegoats to protect herself. Wow. Just WOW.

            PS: Thanks again for helping me put this all on perspective.

            • curious says:

              Julie Lyncker Federal lawsuit alleges harassment by Wesley White. Wesley White is now Ben Kruidbos attorney. I don’t have a scorecard. Can someone elaborate more on the players?

      • chitownmom says:

        I wonder how many performance reviews Kruidbos was given? I think that these will support his claim… if he was such a bad employee this would need to be documented before he was let go, right? At least that’s how it works in most companies I’ve worked for… you are given notice that your performance is an issue, you may be given a performance improvement plan and a period of time to improve before you are let go.

        • sangell says:

          Kruidbos was a state employee. Typically the only way you ‘fired’ in public sector job is for misconduct or, more recently, because of budget cuts. Instead of being fired you are demoted or do the ‘Turkey Trot’ to another position.

    • nameofthepen says:

      With all the potential lawsuits looming, maybe even INCLUDING ones I wouldn’t be surprised to see filed from the BGI team, all I can say is, “I think we’re gonna need a bigger popcorn maker.” :D

  15. Trevor says:

    Defendant Angela Corey..that has a nice ring to it. ::)

    • jello333 says:

      “Inmate number 666, Corey, when your cell door opens, step out into the hall and face the wall…”

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      As much as I would like to hear that phrase, spoken in a court of law, I don’t see that ever happening. She might be the “respondent” in this civil suit, but I seriously doubt anyone will ever bring any criminal charges against her, especially not while she still occupies her Jacksonville office as SA. Not with Pamela Bondi and Rick Scott in Tallahassee, anyway.

      Now here’s an eerie thought:

      What if the protests by the “Dream Defenders” and the BGI ultimately lead to changes in Tallahassee, resulting in election losses for Scott and Bondi, and Corey, and with her “protectors” gone, Corey DID get charged? Who would have ever dreamed that the BGI could be doing our dirty work for us? LOL Maybe THEY are the “useful idiots”!

  16. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    DEMANDS A TRIAL JURY, oh this is going to be huge. Of course obama will just use his jedi mind tricks and call it a fake scandal.

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I LOVE the way every page of the suit has “Law Office of Wesley White” typed at the bottom. That really has to strike a note for Angela Corey every time she thinks about the suit.

    • dws says:

      “These are not the race-baiting prosecutors you are looking for”

  17. rumpole2 says:

    Thanks for the news alert, Sundance.

    Great to see this part of the action started at least… more to come I hope.

    Stocking up on popcorn. :D

  18. Lou says:

    best news since the GZ acquittal. Trayvon’s trash will be aired out for the defenders of him to see. let’s hope Kruidbos never has to work a day again because of the 5 million he will most definitely receive.

  19. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Very niiiice.

  20. Unapologetic White Man says:

    I wonder, when cornered on the stand by Ben Kruidbos’ attorney will Angela Corey “roll” on Commissar Holder and Imam Obama testifying they ordered her to destroy evidence (delete texts/pics) as occurred in Richmond Va with the 911 call made by the two reporters from the Virginia Pilot newspaper when they were set upon, dragged from their car, and beaten by criminal gene bearing-types yelling “Justice for Trayvon”?

  21. Rachelle says:

    Great news! I love it!

  22. Fabi says:

    This is wonderful! And it’s just the beginning! There will be no DoJ case – zero chance. Trademark parents are next… Then Ben Crunk.

    I agree with LJP above – pull the rip-cord BdlR – first one to flip gets a minimal sentence or chance at immunity!

  23. Rachelle says:

    One thing to remember – - discovery in this proceeding has a chance of opening a big can of worms for the prosecution team – - maybe even something that could lead to more than a mere civil trial.

    • Unapologetic White Manes says:

      I’m hoping for both civil and criminal charges against Judge Debra Nelson, Angela Corey, U.S. Atty Gen. Eric “Red Menace” Holder, and the entire Crump law firm. Once those cases are decided then BOTH Ben Kruidbos and George Zimmerman can file suit in Federal Court seeking compensation for “Civil Right’s” violations. Can you say “JACKPOT”?

    • sundance says:

      + Eleventy. Remember the person filing the suit was the master key holder to every door in the office. No one knows more about the inside of that office than the IT Director who coordinated all the communication technology.

  24. andi lee says:

    I do hope this snowballs out of control and all those involved in the fraud will be bowled over into oblivion and beyond. I still do not understand how no arrests were made in Florida over the ‘wanted’ posters. Clearly defined as a ‘terroristic threat’ by state law, and by federal law. (By the by: I clicked on the previous post and was warned of “No matching CA Certificate”. -What does that mean?)

  25. Bongo says:

    I’d like to see some criminal prosecution of all those who illegally withheld information from the defense team. And I’d like to see some serious sanctions against Judge Nelson, who obviously was biased against the defense.

    • hawkeye13 says:

      I don’t believe that is going to happen. Even the sanctions are going to be dismissed/denied since George was acquitted. The withholding of evidence had no bearing on the outcome of the case will be the determination, therefore no further action needed is my prediction of judge nelson’s ruling.

  26. andi lee says:

    Oops, I misspoke, it was the “treehouse research request” post I spoke of.

  27. froggielegs says:


  28. TheTurnip says:

    There is no way Pam Bondi and Rick Scott will allow this to go to trial. There will be a settlement along with an NDA.

    • sundance says:

      Only one State Attorney in the entire state of Florida supported Rick Scott for Governor. Only one. Guess which one? Yep.

    • JAS says:

      It wont be because of Rick Scott. They will settle because of the Domino effects. That said, case settlements commonly have strings attached that go against the defendants…..

    • What’s really entertaining about the case linked above is that Angela Corey is, in essence, defending Wesley White’s conduct – saying he did nothing wrong (and maybe he didn’t) and you just KNOW that has to infuriate her! Again, proof of what devious, unethical jackals she and her co-conspirators are. She obviously lacks any moral character. I would love to see her go down in flames.

  29. Unapologetic White Manes says:

    The saddest part of all this “official misconduct” is that the taxpayers like me who own homes both in Florida and N.J. will be on the hook for the “civil judgments”. The plaintiffs will NOT be able to “punish” the offenders by hitting them where it hurts, in their wallets (if I’m wrong please correct me).

  30. nameofthepen says:

    I could see the toxic fallout perimeter from a suit like this taking out far more personnel than just those at Ground Zero. :D

  31. Unapologetic White Man says:

    Does anyone else remember “Persecutor” Mike Nifong in the Duke lacrosse case? Angela Corey needs to familiarize herself with what’s in store for her in the near future.

  32. charlotte says:

    I agree. They will settle out of court. The will not want their deliberate withholdings to become common knowledge and in so doing force revelations of “little” St Skittle’s shanannigans. Holder will give the instruction to settle.

    • sangell says:

      Would settling this case do any good though? This is a wrongful termination suit though it could, as noted above, reveal other problems in Corey’s office. Settling with Kruidbos does nothing to stop the discovery violations hearing before Nelson from going forward or any putative malicious prosecution case by Zimmerman or even other suits and actions by other parties. It could be a bit like ‘whack a mole’ here.

    • myopiafree says:

      They will settle for about $2,500,000. They will settle – because if it goes to trial – all the malicious prosecution of Corey and Bernie – will become public knowledge. This will INCLUDE the full exposure of Mr. Martin as a “Gansta” wanna-be, and the full contents of that cell phone. I doubt that we will here of the settlement amount.

      • Sharon says:

        If the SAO is that desperate to settle, why would Ben and friends settle for less than the full amount?

      • JAS says:

        This is a wrongful termination case. I think that the State would want to settle on the wrongful termination suit only. A trial would open the door to discovery on the GZ case. That door leads to a whole lot of cash for other plaintiffs. That decision will NOT be made by Corey.

    • chitownmom says:

      If they settle, what does that my for Mr. Kruidbos’ future employment? Will it void and/or prevent this unsatisfactory evaluation from following him in his next job hunt?

  33. Lee says:

    Corey and her crew should not only be looking at a civil suit – they need to see a jail cell from the inside looking out – their actions should be considered criminal.

  34. In my opinion, the fact that these Prosecutors never even came CLOSE to producing and presenting evidence of 2nd Degree murder – nowhere close – should be grounds enough for malicious prosecution. Add to that the discovery violations and games, the stone-walling, etc. and GZ should have a good case for malicious prosecution. Not to mention (though she wasn’t required to do so) the fact that she chose to forego the Grand Jury and indict via Affidavit and THEN not have any evidence to support the charges. I don’t now if he’ll ever file it, though. He may never want to see the inside of a court room again.

    • *1,000.000

      BTW, is there a secret to signing in to password protected posts? My password for my user name doesn’t work. If these threads are not meant for members to read and just admin I understand that, just asking, ty. :-)

  35. I’m fairly new to CTH and, as such, don’t know too much about it. I have asked but not ever gotten an answer. From what I can ascertain, those posts are for “known/trusted” members because they contain privileged information or information regarding findings from research that is not meant to be discovered by unscrupulous people or “the enemy”. I’m not sure what it takes to reach the “trusted/known” status, though. Sorry.

    • I am fairly new too, but for what I understand I think you need to be vetted thru the admins for the password thru your world press account.
      Todays password is different and if following this thread should know it from past posts. Hope that helps.

      • Mist’ears Mom – thanks for the info. I have a Word Press account (obviously!) but haven’t looked to see if I have an e-mail letting me know if they have vetted me or not, yet. I will check it. I did get the password for yesterday’s post. Thanks again!

  36. karen says:

    This is awesome. Why only $5m? Is there any indication GZ will sue? (or that Robert Jr is running for Governor :))?

    • sundance says:

      From what I can determine $5 million is the lower limit. It could go higher depending on what a jury feels has taken place and the level of intent by the office to the injured party (Ben).

      Obviously we are very close to events, but it seems brutally obvious to me that the *intent* was malicious and retaliatory for the truthful testimony Kruidbos gave. Keep in mind this is also a civil action so discovery documents are essentially limitless – and because this is a public office there is nothing around “privacy” they can use to hide docs.

    • eastern2western says:

      plus other expenses. basically it is asking all legal expenses in addition to the 5 million.

  37. Sal says:

    Kruidbos and White should make for a very potent duo.

    I saw the Kruidbos video that was posted here. Although Judge Nelson immediately shut down that line of inquiry, Kruidbos suggested there were policies in place in the SAO that would obstruct discovery in all cases, not just GZ.

    I think we can also assume that the win-at-all-costs attitude was not reserved solely for the GZ case, and if so,Kruidbos and White must have BDLR and Corey qualing in their shoes.

    • LittleLaughter says:

      Yes, I agree. This goes far deeper than George Zimmerman. I believe the SAO, backed by Scott, will do everything they can to settle this one. They would put off worrying about the other lawsuits because they have such little regard for the FL voter’s intellects. They will figure they can spin it well enough that no one will pay much attention to the fact that they are paying huge sums of $ to quiet people. The can of worms is so overflowing that they must keep it from reaching the full light of day.
      There is so much more illegal activity from that office beyond the Zimmerman case, that they cannot afford to go forward with a cival trial what with all of the discovery that would be provided.
      No- Unless they are able to completely and totally cover every single track, from way, way back, they won’t want to risk it. I hope that at lease, the ppl of FL will attempt to run AC out on a rail with a recall vote, and send the rest of them along with her. That includes Bondi, Scott, Bernie, and maybe even Debbie.

  38. karen says:

    Not sure if it is true and don’t know how to link it from cell but is reporting exclusive that officer is TX under investigation for GZ photo.

  39. LittleLaughter says:

    If George were inclined to sue for Malicious Prosecution, would it be more benefitial to him to wait, untiil ater Ben’s suit- Or would it be better to file simultaniously, which would give discovery benefits to both plaintifs? If both cases were ongoing at the same time, then each plaintiff would have discovery that may be differnet in some ways…therefore, they could actually *share* Discovery…??

    • myopiafree says:

      George should wait. If they settle “out of court” then Corey will again have to defend – and make the same settlement with George. (I assume “the STATE” will pay Corey’s defense.)

      • allhail2 says:

        One not so little hiccup for Corey and whoever signed the PCA in a suit by GZ. IIRC, within the self defense statutes, the arresting officer signs and swears that they are making the arrest in good faith. If it is found to not have been done in good faith, that officer can then be sued for that action and for violating the arrestee’s civil rights.

        Now the kicker, that officer loses all immunity or umbrella he would have fallen under within his organization. In other words, he is on the hook personally, not as an employee of xxx agency.

        • LittleLaughter says:

          I am waiting with anticipation to hear something- anything- from TC Osteen and Gilbreath.

          • allhail2 says:

            That’s right. When Gilly was on the stand during the bond hearing, MOM asked him point blank who signed the PCA. He answered that it was a collaborative effort. He was then forced to answer that it was his signature. From the beginning, he was already scared to death of being on the hook.

            I suggested he roll over fast and GTFO ASAP. Find a new job, resign from the 4th and then flip the switch for immunity. It was referred to as The Gilly Plan. Apparently, he may now be screwed. I agree, waiting to hear what he has to say.

        • myopiafree says:

          HI All Hail -
          Wow – I did not think of that. I noticed that Ms. Corey did NOT sign the document. She got BERNIE to sign the document. So it is BERNIE that has to EXPLAIN why he signed this Probable-cause document. (Wave at Bernie for me). Yes, Corey has arranged to throw you, “Under the Bus”. Hope you get more than one day in prison for your lies and cover-up.

      • LittleLaughter says:

        Oh my! I cannot imagine what the media and the BGI would do if the state offered George Zimmerman a settlement! Good Grief! That would be headline news all over again! Her oice would get a beat down unlike any she could ever imagine. She would be begging for a lawsuit to take place from Ben Kroidbos, rather than to face the Million Hoodie Minions! ;-)

  40. ZurichMike says:

    Regarding the $5M. Assuming Kruidbos made $75,000 per year as an IT guy guru, and let’s say he has about 30 more years of working. That would be $2.25M — let’s say $3M if you assume his salary increases year on year. Assuming his attorney get’s 1/3 of the $5M, Kruidbos would be left with $3.5M. So it’s a fairly reasonable amount to ask for. But I hope he gets more. A lot more.

    • sangell says:

      He’s 42 I think so he doesn’t have 30 more years ( though in Obama’s America he might have to ). Public employees at the state level no longer get annual COLA’s. His pension benefits are likely frozen at this point so he will only collect a defined benefit pension if he is vested at this point and only for accrued time of eligibility. $3.5 million might look rich today but I’d ask for my current pay as expressed in barrels of light sweet crude oil for the next 30 years. Thus if my current salary would buy 800 barrels of Louisiana sweet give me the dollar equivalent of 800 barrels of Louisiana sweet for the next 30 years.

      • ZurichMike says:

        By the way, not sure what “special damages” are as noted in the complaint. Is this something within the jury’s purview?

        • John Galt says:

          I think “special damages” means punitive damages, which are expressly provided for by the statute cited in the complaint. I think punitive damages are generally determined by a jury in Florida. There may be sovereign immunity and cap issues, I dunno if FS 768.28 applied or not. I assume that any such issues will be raised in response to the complaint.

          • boutis says:

            Punitive would be included in the fact that they didn’t just fire him but smeared him also. Employment law frowns on that and Corey knows it.

  41. finai says:

    Kruidbos deserves all he can get out of this malicious action.

  42. BertDilbert says:

    Bernie has no credibility, he refers to watermelon drink as iced tea.

  43. John McLachlan says:

    When did the State receive the official account records for Trayvon Martin’s phone?

    The account was held by Sybrina Fulton.

    The State was then aware that the document shown to the press and entered into discovery which purported to be the call record derived from a phone account held by Tracy Martin must have been a forgery.

    Either the state provided this document to the defence, in good faith, in which case the state would presumably be obliged to inform the defence of their later discovery that the document was forged, or, the state knowingly entered a forged document into discovery and provided this to the defence.

    Did the state ever inform the defence that this document was forged?

    If not, does that provide further evidence that the prosecution of George Zimmerman was malicious and that his civil rights were violated, by state prosecutors knowingly engaging in the use of false evidence and testimony?

    • Sibyl S. says:

      Very good point.
      However, it is hard to find any place of integrity in the Prosecution’s case, actions and alleged evidence that is solid enough to drive a nail. They had nothing, fomented false information and relied on politics and emotion to present their case. Their witnesses were either easily proven false or turned into de facto witnesses for the defense.
      What I can’t forgive is the prosecution’s use of the Crumped-up false narrative, their ethics and procedures violations and their continued declarations that George Zimmerman is a murderer despite the facts, despite his gentle character, and despite the acquittal (despite the illegal and unscrupulous constraints and limits set on the defense).

      • myopiafree says:

        Hi Sibyl -
        This is of course a repeat of the NiFong case. Corey-Bernie KNEW that George was violently attacked by this Mr. Martin. The KNEW that there was not basis for, “Probable-Cause”. The KNEW (or found out) that DeeDee simply LIED, and HID this information from the DISCOVERY, so they could continue to prosecute this “lying case”. That is indeed the basis for Malicious Prosecution. This Rachel should have gone to a police station in Miami, for a official RECORDED interview – with the results made available to Mr. West. In all cases, Bernie was complicit in hiding critical exculpatory evidence from Mr O’mara and Mr West. This case reeks of prosecution corruption on the part of Ms. A. Corey.

        • Sibyl S. says:

          Agree absolutely with both you and John McLachlan above.
          This whole deal and all its bad actors from POTUS and Holder on down makes me spitting mad. The CTH and ‘staff’ have done excellent work here.

    • Vivid Blue says:

      Also curious about the T-Mobile records, was that the calls from DeeDee’s Simple Mobile showed up as a T-Mobile to T-Mobile call. Look here (scroll down a bit)

  44. cassidy says:

    one more thing…if I were the IT guy, and I knew I was going to be fired if I came forward, I would have gotten a few 100 gig flash drives, and downloaded the whole department of the Prosecution, and spent some time looking thru ALL the files and emails to see what ELSE the Prosecutor’s office was up to….hmmmmmm……gee, if the IT guy gets under oath, and asked the question” Mr. IT, do you know of any other illegal acts the State Prosecutor’s Office has been up to?”(note the nice open-ended question there)…and the answer is…….WOW.

    • unitron says:

      “…if I were the IT guy, and I knew I was going to be fired if I came forward, I would have gotten a few 100 gig flash drives, and downloaded the whole department of the Prosecution…”

      Although a lovely fantasy, that would turn questionable grounds for termination of employment into solid grounds for fines and imprisonment.

    • Vivid Blue says:

      Maybe hide copies of the files else where on the system so they might be difficult to find unless you knew where & how to look for them.

  45. JAS says:

    Wesley White is not the cleanest kitty of the litter. He might be seen as also having a couple of axes to grind against the SAO. In Ben’s shoes I might have considered a different lawyer…..

    • unitron says:

      As I’ve mentioned before, he should have gone to White for a recommendation of an outside attorney who was never inside.

    • John Galt says:

      I’m liking White’s work so far. He carefully arranged for Kruidbos to disclose information only under compulsion of process, pursuant to the protection afforded by the statute. There is a prior Florida case which holds that testimony can not be voluntary, but must rather be compelled, in order to be protected by the statute. Probably also working on a contingent fee basis, and likely has friendly insider connections that will be very helpful in obtaining testimony unfavorable to Corey. Corey’s position is not looking so good.

  46. Sibyl S. says:

    Obviously, Ben Kruidbos already had grave reservations about the ethics and operations of the Corey-run State Attorney’s Office well before the Zimmerman case and the issue of Trayvon Martin’s cell phone.

    Corey’s unscrupulous behavior obviously did not begin with Zimmerman, just like the Rao and Bao extremely poor quality of forensic procedures did not occur only during this case.

    In other words, the State vs George Zimmerman was likely the straw that broke the camel’s back for Ben Kruidbos.

    After the Sandford, FL case and the one in NOLA, I would advise any person, who possesses a whiff of integrity, a functional conscience and conservative convictions, NOT to work for state prosecutors or the DOJ at any level, state or national.

  47. treewig says:

    I apologize if this has already been asked/answered, but when Kruidbos found this information in January and created a report that he sent to BDLR, had the files on the phone been “deleted” previously and he undovered them? Was he analyzing the file that the CA firm had produced, or was he doing his own work on the phone, essentially redoing what the other experts had done?

    • John Galt says:

      Kruidbos was working with the “bin” file dumped from the phone by Cellebrite, not with the phone itself. The phone went to CA to get hardware hacked to defeat the swipe password on the phone. Then the phone went to Cellebrite in NJ for the data dump to create what has been referred to as the “bin” file. When, where, how and by whom the texts later recovered from the bin file were deleted from the phone is an open question. IIRC, Kruidbos noticed a big difference in the file sizes between the data from the original FDLE report of the phone contents derived from the bin file and the source bin file. This data size discrepancy prompted Kruidbos to further investigate the contents of the bin file.

  48. Pingback: Ben Kruidbos | Rantings Ravings and Questionable Opinion

  49. strat4evr says:

    Already many Florida residents are outraged at the extreme waste of their tax dollars used in this irresponsible persecution. If further tax dollars are gonna be used to pay for the many lawsuits against the state and its employees responsible not only should disclosure of all the facts that surround their misconduct be required to be made public by MSM but also any criminal misconduct should be persued accordingly. Any settlements reached to avoid a public trial should include fulfillment of a demand by the taxpayers for full disclosure. Of course I understand that is not how it works with usual lawsuit settlements. It just seems to be a reasonable thought to me.

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Strat -
      I would truly like to see a “running tab” of all the expenses Corey and Bernie ran up – running DOWN and innocent man – who they KNEW was innocent from the bloody face of George Zimmerman. They may be able to “plea deal” and pay off Ben – but that will cost another $2,500,000. The STATE has already paid Crump & Company $4,000,000 for another false trial – when no crime was committed. When will the Florida tax payers wake up to the fact that this is a BGI “rip off”??

  50. dizzymissl says:

    Live Stream. Sybrina Fulton press conference at NABJ:

    Starting NOW

    • dizzymissl says:

      Sybrina, Tracy, Jahawhatevah, Parks, Clunk and Nasty

    • Vivid Blue says:

      Hehe, Sybrina made a little dig at juror B29, saying “People say they know how you feel- they don’t know how your feel.”

    • sangell says:

      30 minutes of clichés, BS and pretense. The only thing newsworthy ( to me) was how Crump is still working with Al Sharpton ( March on Washington 2.0) but not Jesse Jackson ( that’s between the Governor and Jackson). Seems some sort of coup has taken place in the BGI with Al Sharpton!!! now the Biggest Reggin in America and Jesse not longer fit for purpose. I mean Al’s at the White House with Holder and Obama and Jesse’s in Tallahassee trying to grab some TV time using Crump’s ‘Dream Defenders’ team as a backdrop. That didn’t seem to go over to well with Crump.

      • eastern2western says:

        Sharpton will leave very soon when he realizes the story is no longer headline news any more. In addition, the president is probably telling Sharpton to stop with his usual campaign because he has more problems to worry about.

        • sangell says:

          Perhaps but I had not heard about Sharpton working with the moth eaten remnants of the ML King family to put together ( I guess a 50th anniversary) March on Washington with Trayvon as the rallying point. So it seems the BGI is still ‘all in’ on making trouble this summer. The POTUS and CBC have not indicated they are backing down either. As I suggested though, the curious thing is Jesse Jackson ( senior not the indicted former Congressman) seems to have been expelled from the BGI. I doubt it is because of the taint of Jesse Jr. A little graft and criminal conviction has never been a problem in the past for ‘leadership’ positions in the BGI. In fact it can be a resume enhancer. So something else is up between Crump and Sharpton OTOH and Jesse. Watch that press conference again when Crump just dismisses Jesse’s actions in Tallahassee as nothing that concerns him.

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        I don’t view the relationship between the BGI, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson in quite the same fashion that you do. What I’m seeing is not necessarily a rift between Jackson and Sharpton, but more of a concerted effort with a division of duties, and a conservation of resources through time management and the prevention of any duplication of effort. (Note that Philip Agnew, in his tweets, had appealed for his followers to avoid duplication of effort by signing petitions he named, rather than starting new ones of their own. Also note that in the 2012 March to shut down the SPD station, one Dream Defender was upset that their had been NO discussion about what they would say or do once they got there, and he was completely ignored)

        Sharpton has his soapbox at MSNBC, which he uses agitate and stir up general public opinion. He’s the one who can create mass interest, and provide bodies of “useful idiots” to swell the ranks of their marches and rallies.

        Jackson, on the other hand, is news wherever he goes. All he has to do is make an appearance at an event, like the Tallahassee “sit-in” and other networks will cover it. This gives Jackson the ability to pinpoint a particular issue of his choosing, and focus attention to it.

        Ben Jealous is another key figure, since he represents the BGI interests under the guise of the NAACP. It’s the perfect front for cause, since most non-AA Americans are subject to view the activities of the NAACP as not only non-violent, but also as somewhat justified in their advocacy for the civil rights of minorities. The average white American does not view the NAACP for what it truly is, and those who suspect its nature are afraid to challenge it, knowing they will be “Alinsky’d” as being racists.

        All of this is very well coordinated, and (apparently) quite effective.

  51. When this news broke, I noticed some were speculating about sounds heard when the policeman got back in his patrol car. You can hear him take a picture on his phone and text message. Now he is going to be questioned.

      • jello333 says:

        All I’ve seen is the freeze-frame, and I read the description of what was said in the video. But it’s weird… I can’t bring myself to watch the video. It just feels like it’s something that NEVER should have been released to the public. It’s not newsworthy, in my opinion. It’s more “paparazzi” type stuff… just another little thing to put more stress on poor George. It’s not right that the cops released this video. Or even the report of the traffic stop… even that was unnecessary.

    • eastern2western says:

      he sold the address to the highest bidder. what a chit bag.

      • Karen says:

        I just wrote the City Manager and the City Police Dept asking if this officer will be investigated and reprimanded. (I support the police – bought 25 pizzas for them and had them delivered to Seattle downtown police station during WTO riots – this officer should be on admin leave at least){E2251523-62FA-443C-8502-F0913AB66878}.

        I am also sending Ben Kruidbos and Wesley White thank you cards in the mail today.

        Next is DOJ asking for justice and equal time to meet with Gladys and Robert Zimmerman!

        Thanks to the tireless Sundance and all participants on this site!

  52. dizzymissl says:

    Smithsonian ‏@smithsonian 3h
    Despite reports, we are not currently seeking to add Trayvon Martin’s hoodie to our collections. @NMAAHC

  53. Aoife says:

    “…will weigh heavily toward pressure upon Corey to be disciplined, or even fired…” I found my new happy place.

    • eastern2western says:

      naacp is on serious crack in here because neighborhood watch is a volunteering program that is financed by owners. naacp is not a judicial group and it has no jurisdiction on what people want to do around their neighborhoods. It is ridiculous that naacp wants to interfere with what people want to do with their own neighborhoods, especially naacp is not paying for the training programs. what a load pure krap.

      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        The NAACP is trying to apply political pressure to force local and/or state governments to regulate Neighborhood Watch programs. If they manage to do this, then they have, in effect, been successful if telling the ordinary citizen what he/she can do to protect themselves. If they cannot pressure the various state legislatures to repeal SYG laws, and cannot get action from the federal government to legally strike down SYG laws, this is their next “Best Bet”. If the NW is limited, or controlled by Government, and legislation is passed that mandates “No NW member may carry a firearm” then, in case like George’s, there would be no legal use of a firearm in self defense. It ALSO has the more dangerous aspect of setting the legal precedent to claim that any group of citizens who decide to form a watch program to deter crime, but do so without complying with *THEIR* regulations, are nothing more than an illegally armed paramilitary organization.

        Imagine that. Your Neighborhood Watch could be declared to be an illegal paramilitary organization, and be rounded up for prosecution, simply for training it’s members in self defense.

        How’s THAT for an “end around” your 2nd Amendment rights!

        • eastern2western says:

          the state has no legal jurisdiction in other people’s personal properties. another thing about the syg pressure is just pure smoke and mirrors because the only thing the states have to do is remove the with draw requirement clause in their self-defense laws. This whole stand your ground is just pure hog wash.

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