Giddy Up ! Ben Kruidbos Lawyer, Wes White, Fires Shot at Angela Corey and Bernie De La Rionda

Pucker up – Here we go. Smoke em’ fast and fix bayonets, because we are fixin’ to join Team Ben full-on Wolverine against the SAO in Jacksonville Florida. Ben’s attorney, former State Prosecutor, Wes White, fires a flare shot based on last nights HLN interview.

Wes White

Ms. Corey:

You and Mr. de la Rionda have violated your oaths of office and denigrated the very Constitution you swore to uphold and defend. You have assailed and undermined both the right to trial by jury and the finality and dignity associated with a jury verdict.

For you to label George Zimmerman, an acquitted defendant, as a “murderer” at this juncture is reprehensible and irresponsible, can only breed contempt for our system of justice and the rule of law, and may very well lead to civil unrest. For Mr. de la Rionda, to suggest that exercising one’s 5th Amendment privilege lacks courage (by not testifying as a defendant in a criminal trial) belittles and demeans a sacred constitutional right.

It is time for you both to step down before you further embarass the Bar and the people of the 4th Circuit, and before you are removed from office.

Wes White

To quote a Miami-Dade LEO:

…. I don’t want to say much about that, except to say: you damned sure don’t want those CTH folks on your ass”…

Ben kribidbos

Well, if Corey wants to start tearing down or destroying people, just because she is corrupt and unlawful, she’s going to get a supernova of sunlight.   And we’ll start with the managing director of the State Attorney’s Office. Ms. Cheryl Peek. The corrupt crony.

When they canned Ben for telling the truth, they sent him a letter (outlined below)

[...] The letter contended Kruibos did a poor job overseeing the information technology department, violated public records law for retaining documents, and noted he was questioned in March when the office was trying to determine who had leaked personnel information obtained through a computer breach.

In an interview Friday, Kruidbos denied the allegations in the letter, which was written by Cheryl Peek, the managing director of the State Attorney’s Office.

He said he had acted in good faith about “genuine concerns.” He said he had been proud to work at the State Attorney’s Office and feared the letter would cripple his chances at finding another job to support his family, including a 4-month-old son. (link)

Ms. Cheryl Peek was forced out of the State’s Attorneys office 20 years ago for her role in corruption tactics similar to what has been seen in the Zimmerman Trial. In 1990 She engaged in “profiling”, illegal state manipulation, of a Grand Jury Pool:

Peeks 1

Peek 2

Here is the full case doc. Which outlines the jury manipulation taken by Cheryl Peek that led to her removal from the State’s Attorney’s Office. Obviously, “birds of a feather do flock together”, as Angela Corey puts Ms. Peek in a position to be Managing Director of her office.

Peek is like the ‘Pay for Manipulative testimony’ Medical Examiner from Jacksonville, Dr. Valerie Rao (aka Valorie Rao), who is another Corey tool in the SAO.

And this is the discharge letter Ms. Peek sent to Mr. Kruidbos:

Cheryl Peek and Angela Corey

Cheryl Peek (left) and Angela Corey 2010

Here is why Ben is considered a risk to the State’s Attorney Office:

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219 Responses to Giddy Up ! Ben Kruidbos Lawyer, Wes White, Fires Shot at Angela Corey and Bernie De La Rionda

  1. dodo says:

    Demagogues inciting troubled people to violence is how terrorist groomers get “youths” to commit unspeakable acts of violence

    • Liberty Laxatives says:

      Exactly. People have no idea the trouble we are in for. Esp. as the economy begins to seriously collapse, which it logically must. These thugs are the same, basically, as the punks who staffed Mao’s Red Brigade, or the Khmer Rouge, going house to house slaughtering the bourgeoisie “traitors to the people” and turning in their neighbors. Same with Nazis.

      People may say it cannot happen so quickly here. Who saw Hitler’s rise and who feared it before its fruits became totally obvious? Not many. We are on that same path. God help us all.

    • Polly says:

      Ben Kruidbos found child pornography on Trayvon Martin’s phone. Why is this story being suppressed? #Zimmerman

  2. Coast says:

    Call the Florida Bar…let them know how you feel…I would publish the number if I was certain of it. I’ll verify it later.

    • wrongonred says:

      The Florida Bar
      Director of Lawyer Regulation
      651 East Jefferson Street
      Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300
      (800) 342-8060
      (850) 561-5600 (in-state)
      Fax: (850) 561-5665
      Website: :-)

      • kathyca says:

        Just a side note, complaints about the state attorney are dealt with by the Governor, not directly by the bar. The complaints should still be made. They just go directly to the Governor’s office. The direct link to report is at this link below:
        Complaints Against Elected Officials

        How can I file a complaint against an elected official, such as the elected State Attorney, elected Public Defender, or Sheriff?
        The State Commission on Ethics deals with complaints about misconduct by some elected officials. The Florida Bar does not have jurisdiction to discipline lawyers who occupy constitutionally created positions including judges. The Judicial Qualifications Commission External Link investigates allegations of misconduct by judges. The conduct of State Attorneys and elected Public Defenders is overseen by the Governor.

        • wrongonred says:

          Thanks! So the Bar cannot disbar/discipline (as opposed to remove) an elected official in Florida?

          • kathyca says:

            The Bar doesn’t have direct jurisdiction over certain elected officials. The State Attorney is one. However, she’s still a lawyer and is expected to comport herself in accordance with prosecutorial ethical standard and attorney ethical standards, as well. It’s just that the discipline doesn’t come directly from the State Bar. And it’s important to note that this appears to apply only to the state attorneys, not to asst. state attorneys like BDLR, Guy and Mantei.

            • kathyca says:

              I just want to say, too. Just because TECHNICALLY the Bar doesn’t have direct jurisdiction over Corey, I’d complain to them, too. If they get enough outraged citizens calling and writing to complain, they’ll notice and the insiders will start paying attention just because of the noise. But that’s just my opinion. I’ll tell you this. The “rule” didn’t cause me to omit mention of Corey when I called.

          • CJO says:

            How about this?
            CJOffermann said…
            Just saw this. Let’s all band together:

            Civil Rights Prosecution of Angela Corey by United States Department of Justice for She Deliberately Withheld Evidence
            Civil Rights Prosecution of Angela Corey by United States Department of Justice for the unlawful Prosecution of George Zimmerman for depriving him of his Constitutional Rights of Life and Liberty by the United States Department of Justice, Eric Holder, United States Attorney General in United States District Court as swiftly and expeditiously as is possible.
            Angela Corey is alleged to have omitted material exculpatory facts, such as photographs of the wounds on George Zimmerman’s head, which go to his defense of “self defense.”
            She was aware when she submitted an affidavit that it did not contain the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She deliberately withheld evidence that supported Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense.

            Created: Jul 14, 2013
            Issues: Civil Rights and Liberties, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Government Reform Learn about Petition Thresholds It’s up to you to build support for petitions you care about and gather more signatures. A petition must get 150 signatures in order to be publicly searchable on
            Over time, we may need to adjust the petition signature thresholds, but we’ll always let you know what the thresholds are.
            Signatures needed by August 13, 2013 to reach goal of 100,000

            • Sharon says:

              Does anyone have any first hand documentation demonstrating that signing online petitions is anything other than feel good waste of time?

              Serious question. There is no way for those signatures to be verified and a petition without verified signatures doesn’t carry much weight, does it?

              I’m concerned that it’s a diversion of energy, that makes people feel like they’ve “done something”….and all they’ve actually done is make themselves feel like they’ve done something.

              If I’m wrong, someone please connect the dots. Grass roots spontaneity that is not spontaneous often turns out to be a waste of resources. The strength of Andrew Breitbart was not a result of organizing others. The strength of the Treehouse (so far) has not been spent on organizing people and trying to get other people to do stuff.

              I have concerns.

              • nameofthepen says:

                Sharon, + a couple gazillion!

                And, in addition to the excellent points you have put here, I also have one other consideration which has always kept me from “signing” online “petitions”:

                It is a perfect way to ensure you get you name and data harvested, and yourself pigeonholed as “a troublemaker”, even, perhaps, a “potential terrorist”.

                I’m not kidding. :|

              • dizzymissl says:

                Me too. I don’t sign petitions and especially not WH petitions and ESPECIALLY for this matter.

                No petition was needed to get rid of Nifong and none should be needed for this

                • kittycat77 says:

                  Yep, but they will know who we are anyway, doesn’t matter. If you post on conservative boards, they will know.

            • kittycat77 says:

              I was the number 2 person to sign this petition, which was first linked over at Legal Insurrection.

        • Don P. says:

          Yes, the Governor, Rick Scott was on the wrong side of this. Show our fury and make him back peddle. His place now should be defending GZ and our court verdicts but all you here is crickets.

      • Thank you…Emails have been sent!

      • canadacan says:

        I’m calling them tomorrow

    • Aoife says:

      I think we should also hammer Pam Bondi’s office (a good friend of Mizz Corey) and Gov. Scott’s office. Be nice of course but let them know the people of Florida have had enough of the lies and what the state has cost us already. Muzzle that witch and her lapdogs or lawsuits are going to start by folks who have been are may be damaged in the future by their actions.

  3. caseyanderson2112 says:

    Let’s get at it. This is the very heart of the corruption and must be exposed to the public. Count me in!

  4. Deb says:


  5. elvischupacabra says:


  6. John Galt says:

    Mr. Kruidbos appears to have some interesting information about structured avoidance of the Florida Sunshine Law by Corey’s office. @ 1:39:30 Nelson immediately stops further inquiry into that topic.

    • sundance says:

      BINGO. That’s why we luvz ya John – you always spot the BIGGER issue.

      Yep, the specific manipulation to avoid public records requests on topic and subject matter….

      • Rob Crawford says:

        Are we SURE she’s not part of the Obama administration?!

        • Louis says:

          She will be. She has all of the requisite qualifications: huge ego despite being under qualified, willing to deceive and bend rules for the cause, willing to throw others under the bus, history of epic failure, etc.

      • nameofthepen says:

        Ha ha…also sandwiched into that larger topic was the smaller one of a public inquiry into the stealth “retirement funding increases” caper. :mrgreen:

      • jello333 says:

        One potential positive side-effect of this case could be that the state of Florida might be forced to reopen each and every case people like Corey and Bernie have ever been involved with. Also people like Shiping “MY notes” Bao, and that other “doctor”. Hard telling how many innocent (or overcharged) people are now sitting in jail because of these scumbags.

    • AlphaWookie says:

      I believe the the term “Boom Head Shot” Applies.

    • sbguy says:

      Who would investigate this? Ideally, I assume the State AG would appoint a special prosecutor but Bondi isn’t exactly ideal in this situation, is she?

      Would it have to be Scott setting that up in conjunction with the legislature?

    • lovemygirl says:

      If it isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist; Basic (evil) bureaucrat CYA. I wonder if someone who took an oath would be in legal hot water for issuing such a directive? Just need a few more whistleblowers to back up Ben and I’m sure there are more than a few that aren’t in love with AC.

  7. Cesar BBiano says:

    Now all that is needed is Eric Holder’s coup de grace. It’s gotten really ugly.

  8. Don P. says:

    Some one needs to post a specific out line of all legal wrong doings to help people to file their formal complaints. You need to help with some sort of template.
    Thank you for those great suggestions. Perhaps someone will. The Treehouse is the Treepers. We do not have staff. –Admin

    • Don P. says:

      Also folks start bombarding you state legislators to open an investigation. Don’t forget Pam Bondis part in this and her connections to the scheme team.

    • Dead Dog Bounce says:

      Partial list:
      1. Failure to include exculpatory evidence in the Affidavit of Probable Cause (John Good, best witness, not included).
      2. Misrepresentation of facts in Affidavit of Probable Cause (claimed that the dispatcher ordered Z not to leave his car. Tape shows he says “he don’t need you to do that” after the event. Dispatcher confirms that he didn’t even know that Z was in a vehicle.
      3. Failure to inform defence about DeeDee’s lies.
      4. Failure to produce phone data until 2013-06-04.
      5. Harassment of a whisteblower.
      6. Employment of Peek (previously fired for jury tampering).
      7. Denial of due process (by short-circuiting the Grand Jury for Z. Might be a stretch.)

      • Don P. says:

        Thats a start

      • John Galt says:

        offering proposed testimony of “expert” to testify about voices that no one else can hear

        improper coached, leading interview with W8 conducted in presence of Scheme Team

        lying about production of phone records in court

        obstruction of discovery of color digital broken nose photo

        • sbguy says:

          TC prepping the Bahadoor sisters together and one of them magically incorporating the statement of the other in her testimony during the trial.

    • aoifecrane says:

      I would LOVE to help…compile…type lists…whatever.

  9. Arkindole says:

    Yep; it’s party time.
    Reminder: T.C. O’Stein will resurface soon with the Shelly fiasco. It would be nice to find a way to real hm in.

  10. auscitizenmom says:

    Well, this is a start.

  11. This here tree is the best reporting in, perhaps, the whole world.

  12. eastern2western says:

    thank you because some one had finally come out and yell at baldo and queen witch for their comments about Zimmerman. Zimmerman is a free man, but queen witch still call him a murder? what was she taking? what about John guy telling reporters about some wacky theories that he had no evidence of? those people are public employees and they can not just go around the country and playing judge to a completely innocent man.

  13. mrsqt says:

    “But everything gets erased before it’s even said and all that glitters isn’t gold when inside it’s dead” – Le Tigre


  14. ar10308 says:

    Does CTH have a Trayvon-Revenge incident counter yet?
    So far I’ve seen at least 6 reported instances. There’s gotta be more.

    • aliashubbatch says:

      Quick question on the counter; are these incidents post-trial, or did you also include the pre-trial incidents?

      • ar10308 says:

        Both, but keep them separate.

        • disgustedwithjulison says:

          I really think any of these issues should be defined as “Crump/Julison instigated violence against innocent Americans”. The blood from every assault/murder should be laid squarely on their names. They started this racist event….they need to be labeled for anything negative coming out of it.

          • ar10308 says:

            If a certain racial group in this country can be spurred to violence by such propaganda, then it falls squarely on that racial group for not doing their due diligence and not verifying the story.

      • aoifecrane says:

        Going to have to have a large spreadsheet…even a database to compile. And who knows how many like the case in Georgia near where I used to live of the poor guy who was beaten and as he tried to get away was run over by a car. The police and media are calling it a hit and run death but the 4 “Sons of Obama” (trademark pending) who jumped him barely get a mention in the report.

    • tara says:

      I would love to see a counter of how many comments are rejected by the admins and spam filter.

  15. Bijou says:

    Dang…I hafta go out, but just stopped by to see what’s new.
    Will come back later.
    Way to go, Sundance!!!

  16. JoNobody says:

    Remember when Rahm Emmanual famously slipped the mask and let us know that they manufacture crisis in order to … well I guess the term is Social Engineer….pass legislation? Fast and Furious was manufactured to make us all cry out in the streets that “we need more gun control!” They have their desired legislation all written up and ready to go but they have to have a crisis first. Any shooting (newtown, Gabby) brings about gun control propaganda. Well, this one smelled of that organized crisis campaign game. Why GZ? Why this one? What is the real goal for this crisis (beyond the $). Apparently, the left has issues with Stand Your Ground laws because the vast majority of people killed in that situation are black males who attack and are killed by their intended victim. This whole thing is all about getting rid of SYG laws. They just needed a case to build a crisis around and then demand that legislators all over the country get rid of SYG laws in order to “Honor Trayvon Martin’s legacy.”

    This is similar to the efforts to eliminate stop and frisk in NY. It’s similar to the perversion of the Baker Act and all discipline in public schools. It’s like they are trying on every level to hide criminal activity of blacks. It’s all too coordinated. I think they don’t try to solve Chicago’s black on black murders is because they want to pretend it doesn’t exist and for sure, if it does exist, it’s a matter of white guilt being at fault rather than the reality of the fault lying directly with the person who fired the shot.

    • WeeWeed says:


    • auscitizenmom says:

      I think there is a whole lotta truth in what you say. It looks like MOM kinda screwed that up when he decided SYG didn’t apply and didn’t use it. But, the screamers keep bringing SYG up. I have thought that was one of the big points of this whole lynching.

    • woohoowee says:

      Daniel Greenfield – July 15, 2013


      “The goal of the rally organizers, the reporters putting their best face forward at the teleprompter and of Obama, rediscovering the son he never had, was not to indict or imprison George Zimmerman. That was a secondary or tertiary goal. It wasn’t George Zimmerman’s freedom that they wanted to take away. It was our freedom.”


      “The left isn’t just out to indict George Zimmerman. It’s out to indict all of us. It isn’t just out to lock up George Zimmerman. It’s out to lock up all of us. The prison in which it intends to lock us up is big. It’s a 3.794 million square-mile prison for 314 million prisoners. The prison that they are building is meant to cover a country that used to be known as the United States.”

    • nameofthepen says:

      JoNobody – awesome debut post! :)

    • douglasjbender says:

      Hey, maybe all that black-on-black crime is because one side thought the other was white.

    • rashomon says:

      Unfortunately, in Chicago the powers-that-be don’t want to stop the crime: too much money is doled out to programs funded by taxpayers and philanthropic organizations that have been highjacked by leftists to kill the cash cow of black-on-black murders. It’s a complicated dance among politicians, unions, educators, religious organizations and social services with the banking mobsters as choreographers. It’s been going on for decades, especially since War on Poverty married Civil Rights in the ’60’s to spawn agencies and programs that fund millions and millions of voters.

    • ctdar says:

      Not only pretend that black on black, black on white crime doesn’t exist but also if the spotlight was shown onto Chicago it would magnify a true result of the liberal agenda,policies and outright corruption found in the various departments such as education, housing, tax structure, etc.

  17. FoxyGranny says:

    Besides the truth, never underestimate the power of prayer.

    Prayer is profound

  18. kim says:

    Was this sent to Corey or posted in a paper? How did CTH get a copy of this? If it was in a newspaper I would love to know which one if possible.

    • sundance says:

      Kim, it was in a mass email release to the media and a bunch of names we are not familiar with. We rec’d a copy along with about a hundred people.

  19. zephyrbreeze says:

    Dershowitz says Zimmerman has defamation case against Corey. Audio interview:

  20. maggiemoowho says:

    Thank God, Let those supernova rays of sunshine shine bright. I hope and pray, that more people step up and demand the truth and their resignations. This is good, really really good. How many lives have they destroyed in their path of corruption. It’s not right.

  21. I cannot believe that nasty Corey had the nerve to go on national television and call Zimmerman a murderer. WTF? She never had a case; she better find her won lawyer.

    • ctdar says:

      How bout when she used the hot button term of “prey” when she described TM? :evil:

    • jello333 says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever, EVER seen a prosecutor do that. I’m sure many of them WANT to do it, but they’re too smart to actually open their mouths. Corey, though…

  22. RogerMike says:

    I contribute nothing to this site, save for a few questions and wise-guy comments from time to time. However, when I started reading this thread, I was laughing out loud. The respect I have for this community and it’s research / analysis capability is boundless.

    May God’s hand guide, support and protect all who take shade under this tree.

    • safvet says:

      Amen!!! +infinity

    • This is a late response to your comment, RogerMike, but I do hope when you say you “contribute nothing to this site, save for a few questions…” that you also hit the tip jar. The intrepid investigators here have obviously put in many, many hours finding primary source material. The rest of us can never match their efforts, but surely we can pay them for their due diligence, without which there would be no real information on this whole sad and sordid story…this is the kind of genuine journalism – as opposed to the fake jornolists in the legacy media – that historians will turn to a hundred years from now as primary source material.
      At Gates of Vienna, we’d be lost without our donors.

  23. CJO says:

    CJOffermann said…
    Just saw this. Let’s all band together:

    Civil Rights Prosecution of Angela Corey by United States Department of Justice for She Deliberately Withheld Evidence
    Civil Rights Prosecution of Angela Corey by United States Department of Justice for the unlawful Prosecution of George Zimmerman for depriving him of his Constitutional Rights of Life and Liberty by the United States Department of Justice, Eric Holder, United States Attorney General in United States District Court as swiftly and expeditiously as is possible.
    Angela Corey is alleged to have omitted material exculpatory facts, such as photographs of the wounds on George Zimmerman’s head, which go to his defense of “self defense.”
    She was aware when she submitted an affidavit that it did not contain the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She deliberately withheld evidence that supported Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense.

    Created: Jul 14, 2013
    Issues: Civil Rights and Liberties, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Government Reform Learn about Petition Thresholds It’s up to you to build support for petitions you care about and gather more signatures. A petition must get 150 signatures in order to be publicly searchable on
    Over time, we may need to adjust the petition signature thresholds, but we’ll always let you know what the thresholds are.
    Signatures needed by August 13, 2013 to reach goal of 100,000

    • GZanon says:

      It is getting notice, when I visited 1/15/2013 early AM:
      Signatures needed by August 13, 2013 to reach goal of 100,000
      Total signatures on this petition

    • Sharon says:

      These threads are not designed to be used for petition campaigns, or repeated postings of the same thing on different threads. I am admin, but post this openly. Thread hijackings for this kind of project will not be tolerated. I’m not saying that’s your intent, but have no way of knowing whether it is.

  24. pspinach says:

    Takes a thunder to get these types. Hope Dersh gets involved too if Corey does not step down. If Corey is disbarred it’s an embarassment and would help White and Dersh’s cause. Remember it takes a village of people.

  25. Awesome letter from White!! It’s looking like these people may finally be held accountable. Great news!!

  26. Dead Dog Bounce says:

    BTW, has Trayvon’s phone bitfile been released? If so, a geek like me might be able assist, where I can’t help with the legal stuff.

    • RogerMike says:

      I love it! Diversity in action!!!

    • unitron says:

      If it was not actually introduced, in full, in that binary form, at trial, then I’m not sure you could argue that the public gets to see Trayvon’s private phone data just because he’s dead.

      Remember, Zimmerman was acquitted, but Martin wasn’t tried or convicted of anything.

  27. Moishe Pipik says:

    I’m having a hard time understanding what it is the people angry at the United States legal system want. What do they want the Government, the Police, and “non-Black People” to do? Will they just be happy if George Zimmerman is assassinated, or is there some “change” they’re looking for.

    I haven’t seen anyone articulate what, exactly, they want.

    • tara says:

      Just like Greta asked Jasmine B Rand, I would ask the angry people this question: What evidence was not presented during the trial which might have caused the jurors to vote for manslaughter or murder 2? The jurors made their decision based upon the evidence presented to them and they followed the law as they were required to do. Jasmine was, of course, unable to answer the question.

    • boutis says:

      They want to follow their own rules. They don’t want anyone else’s rules. But they want everyone whose rules they do not like to pay for the new rules. Does this make sense? It is adolescent reasoning. I can do whatever I want and not follow parental rules but Mom and Dad or Uncle Sam pay for it. You have to say no. Enough is enough.

  28. GZanon says:

    Wes White: B37
    Angela Corey: You sank my battleship!!!

  29. thefirstab says:

    Someone recently likened AC to Ursula, the evil octopus from The Little Mermaid. Perfect!!
    IMO, I think she’s losin’ it.

  30. FrenchPug says:

    Gee, I wonder what is was about the juries looks that led her to profile them as uneducated.

  31. Moishe Pipik says:

    What, exactly, do the people continuing to rally against the verdict want? I tried to figure this out, earnestly, and can’t.

    • malc says:

      They want blood.

    • FrenchPug says:

      They are also planning on boycotting florida. I don’t know what they want, but I know what they need. Someone who speaks in one syllable words to explain to them what self defense is and exactly what jury instructions are because they clearly don’t get it. This is american justice, if you don’t like it go somewhere else. Good luck finding an inhabitable place that will take you.

      • JoNobody says:

        So Stevie Wonder is boycotting Florida. Ok. No one cares. If all the George haters and rioters don’t want to go to Florida that just makes Florida a bit safer for vacation, doesn’t it?

    • Nation says:

      They are just pandering to their base. If they keep their constituency stupid, they are more likely to retain political power. They simply want people to vote based on the color of their skin rather than on the character and qualifications of the candidate.

      The BGI, moreover, has an interest in keeping progs stupid as well. The BGI knows that progs will propagate the false narrative if it is appealing enough (i.e. race bait). Once the Collectivist Movement has gained enough momentum, defendants will be more likely to settle (or plead guilty) even though the lawsuits are borderline frivolous (e.g. the Retreat View HOA settlement).

      Thankfully there are true American heroes, like the Zimmerman family, who never give in to pressure.

    • Stormy says:

      I believe the Administration wants complete social unrest to warrant further actions towards the ultimate stated goal of fundamentally transforming the United States.

      • bletchleypark01 says:

        Absolutely. However, what’s stopping the “ultimate stated goal of fundamentally transforming the United States.” Is the Second Amendment. Every crisis,, natural or otherwise, leads to a “discussion” of what?

  32. Don P. says:

    Well two very strong worded letters sent to my legislators here in Florida calling for an investigation. I encourage anyone living in Florida to do the same. Put on the pressure. Our representatives have been too quiet on this. They need to tell Holder to pack sand and make Corey accountable.

  33. If Holder is an honest man and an Attorney General for all U.S. citizens, he will tell the NAACP the truth: Zimmerman has been investigated and there are zero instances of any racist activities on his part. Then he can explain his investigation showed exactly the opposite of what they expected to find, that Zimmerman had pro-actively helped African American children and adults. Then he would apologize for keeping the investigation open after it was actually concluded, and ask the NAACP and all blacks to respect the jury’s decision that Trayvon Martin had caused his own death by forcing Zimmerman to defend himself from his attack, and move on.

  34. disgustedwithjulison says:

    There must be something – some parachute clause – with regard to Corey and BDLR’s pensions that are causing them to be brazen. They both must get very rich if the state of Florida was to fire them. So, they are doing everything they can to get fired. It is inexcusable for them to be saying anything about this case….they brought it, they tried it, they lost. On to the next file.

    • Stormy says:

      It makes me wonder what the BGI has either offered them, or what the BGI has on them. ‘just sayin’

    • ZurichMike says:

      Corey bumped up BDLR’s pension and her own just before the trial.

      • Auntie Lib says:

        I would think the FL legislature might find that interesting… Then again.

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think part of the political conundrum stems from the fact that Corey, Bondi, and Scott are Republicans in a state that’s turning bluer by the year. They tried to appease the BGI in order to preserve their political futures. Unfortunately, this strategy mostly always backfires. Said politicos generally find they end up losing their base and the intended new “partners” screw ‘em over without a kiss.

        I predict that the afore-mentioned Scott, Bondi, and Corey would not be safe bets in their next elections. Just saying.

        I believe this is filed under “That Karma’s a b*tch!!!”

  35. May5 says:

    Can George sue Corey for slander? He was a acquitted by a jury of his peers yet she’s still calling him a murderer.

    • boutis says:

      Dershowitz suggested it. I think he called it character assassination. He has some real humdingers to say about Corey. He thinks she must be removed immediately.

    • PeruvianMom says:

      Defamation – see Dershowitz interview link above

    • ZurichMike says:

      Although state officials have protection from lawsuits, going on a talkshow is not part of her official duties and thus her utterances are not protected. She is an inept, sleazy prosecutor. The BGI scripted this show trial, but not only couldn’t get the ending they wanted, they don’t realize that the last chapter won’t be written by them.

    • Lou says:

      it definitely IS slander under the law. it also puts him at greater risk for his safety.

  36. cassidy says:

    Hopefully, Corey will have to answer personally and financially for her comments. Also, just imagine getting the subpoena for her phone records, and emails…..that should be interesting. ALSO, as a suggestion, can you get the guy that was fired come on CTH and have a discussion with sundance (seeing how I thought of this, I have the EXCLUSIVE popcorn franchise for that meeting!)>

  37. freedom says:

    Do sure where to put this but it has alot of how the media got it wrong

  38. Josh says:

    It will be MEN like Ben Kruidbos that help save our great nation!

    Bernie dela Rionda is condescending, a bully and a rude and pompous ass! People like him, Ms. Corey, Cheryl Peek and so many others should NOT have power.

    I’d bet the Florida State Attorney’s Office is one hell of a place to work – and I mean pure hell.

    In the letter from Cheryl R. Peek (to Mr. Kruidbos) she finds it important to “stroke” Mr. de la Rionda by listing his “credentials” as though that puts him above reproach. Of course another reason to list his credentials is to try and diminish Mr. Kruidbos as though to say, “Mr. Kruidbos, you are so small compared to Mr. de la Rionda. WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION HIM??”

    Sundance, you have referenced this videos several times. Only now have I found the time to listen/watch. THANK YOU for continually posting it as it is a VERY crucial piece of information.

  39. ZurichMike says:

    I listened to Alan Dershowitz on the clip from the Steve Malzberg radio show. He said (in so many words) that Angela Corey was picked precisely because she is one of the sleaziest, inept prosecutors around — and her reputation as such is nation-wide — and, in his opinion, submitted false and perjurious documents to get the charge against GZ filed — all because of the pressure brought to bear on the governor (weak-spined ninny). Yes, as Sundance has set a million times, this has been scripted. But I would like to add: the BGI will not be writing the last chapter of the book.

  40. CrimsonCrusader says:

    Dream Defenders have taken over Gov. Rick Scott’s office this afternoon in Tallahassee. Since they are run by Parks & Crump employee Vanessa Baden, perhaps this should be pointed out to the Governor.

  41. Aslan's Girl says:

    A lot of people need to be fired over this, including Gov Scott and Pam Bondi.

  42. Aslan's Girl says:

    I feel really bad for the voters of FL; in 2010, they believed Scott, Rubio, and Bondi were Tea Party candidates. How much they have disappointed!! FL is one heck of a messed up state.

    • Liberty Laxatives says:

      It is weird – Scott, Bush, Rubio, the “GOP” in Florida is one of the most liberal GOPs I have ever seen and I worked in the administrations of the first two. Jeb Bush is probably the worst of the two, but Scott is awful as well. As a matter of fact, a nasty little secret is that some Democratic administrations have actually been more conservative in temperament and spending than GOP administrations. The GOP in Florida is a total, utter joke. I have seen it first hand and the corruption is rife. You would not believe it. At all.

  43. bletchleypark01 says:

    I just listened to Ben Kruidbos’ testimony by Mr. O’Mara. My comments in this post relate only to the $8000 software he indicated was used to pull raw data from Martin’s cell phone and the fact two plug-ins specific to Martin’s brand and model were not initially provided by the software company. This omission is very important in two regards.

    1. The fact the two plug-ins were not used initially is incompetence of the order most commonly associated with a neophyte junior programmer, or intentional. It is so crucial to the proper use of the software that its omission is breathtaking.

    Let me repeat- It is so crucial to the proper use of the software that its omission is breathtaking.

    Anyone with a modicum of data processing knowledge knows that statement to be true.

    2. Because of this omission, every single case that has used output from this software demands careful review. I don’t believe that statement needs repeating.

    The ramifications of that part of Ben’s testimony rattle me beyond this galaxy.

    • dizzymissl says:

      Admins, just want to make sure you see bletchleypark01’s post.

    • unitron says:

      I’m not sure there are any other cases where Florida has used output from the Cellebrite hardware-software package, as apparently they purchased it specifically for this case.

      • bletchleypark01 says:

        I looked at the Cellebrite website.This is a good size company with good exposure. If $8000 was expended to buy this package specifically for the high profile Trayvon Martin case, one can assume a high level of importance was attached to data recovery. Use of manufacturer and model plug-ins are so critical to the successful use of the software that it is inconceivable, to me anyway, that a representative of the company forgot to provide them for Martin’s cellphone.

        It was only Ben Kruidbos’ hunch, based on his experience downloading cellphone data, that brought this crucial and damaging data to light.

        This software appears, according to Cellebrite’s website, to be heavily used by law enforcement, although it is not the only company offering forensic data recovery software solutions.

        How was the software acquired by this office?
        Recommendation from other agencies? Which agencies?
        Was procurement via a open bid process? Is one required in this state office? If so, how was the RFP written?

        Use of this software gives me pause with regard to its credibility because it is so easily manipulated out of view of experienced eyes like Ben Kruidbos.

        Listening to Ben’s testimony, I couldn’t help but think the RESULT of *absence* of data had a similarity to the *absence* of data in the MDSPD files; namely, eliminating criminal record exposure. There is absolutely no hint of trial testimony, or indication anywhere, that this was deliberate, however, my experience gives rise to serious questions regarding de facto procedures using the Cellebrite system.

        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          Another thing to note: The Cellebrite Corporation offers different versions of their devices and software. Some versions are restricted to law enforcement use, only. This means that the version available to the general public does NOT have the same capabilities as the version used by the FDLE.

          Is it possible that the FDLE and BDLR were counting on this, believing that the defense would NOT be able to extract the information found by Kruidbos, with or without the latest software updates? Does THAT explain why they tried to pass off the “BIN” files during discovery, rather than turning over Kruidbos’s report?

        • sundance says:

          I haven’t gone back and listened to it in a few days, but I thought the SAO office purchased it for themselves, and the FDLE already had it. The FDLE was the one who told him about the two additional plug-ins he needed as they had previously ran it through their cellbrite system. Is that the correct takeaway?

          • bletchleypark01 says:


            I’ve reviewed everything again, and note other comments about the same subject, so I’ll post my final thoughts on this topic here.

            The heavily edited 100mb file, with damning texts and photos removed, was part of the prosecution team’s scheme. Ben Kruidbos’ catch, and assistance from someone at FDLE providing the crucial plug-ins, was unanticipated, because both people were obviously not in the “loop.” de la Rionda only authorized requesting a copy of the raw data file because he ( and TC O’Stein), *at that time*, didn’t understand how it would upset the apple cart, and apparently neither did the person who sent it. de la Rionda must have spoken to someone who did after Ben’s discovery of the additional data, hence his attempt to allay Ben’s concerns with lies. When there are so many plots, subplots, and people involved, it’s impossible to cover all contingencies.

            My concerns about Cellebrite software have not changed. The ability to so easily manipulate output is dangerous, and every case where it was introduced as evidence should be reviewed, I don’t care what state. Cellebrite may limit sales of its products to certain groups, but it’s not the only company on the block. This isn’t rocket science – there’s no shortage of hackers who are capable of producing the same end result, albeit possibly not as nicely packaged. Defense attorneys would be well advised to have a plan in place for cellphone data recovery.

            The only file type Ben didn’t mention was audio, and I would be surprised to find no audio files in a raw dump, regardless of their relevancy.

            I wish Ben the best of luck with his upcoming lawsuit.

  44. Liberty Laxatives says:

    I know the Florida Bar very well. Usually, they are pathetic. You may spur them to action but my guess is that you are in for another round of disgust in hoping they do the right thing here. Could be wrong. But they are political and if you Google it, and the local Bar in Tallahassee, you will see how beloved Parks and Crump, and leftists like Corey, tend to be. Seriously. Check it out.

    • disgustedwithjulison says:

      I have dealt with the Florida Bar. They are the “Attorney Protection Society”. I think it would be good for FL citizens to bombard them with complaints, but don’t expect much more than a form letter saying they looked into and they didn’t see any problems.

  45. Unicron says:

    I love how Juror B-37 comes out, cries over the tough decision they faced and not being able to do something for Trayvon and his family… excuses racist slurs from Trayvon and expresses an understanding of the culture he and Rachel grew up in, and the slang they use…

    and in turn, she’s accused of racism by every black person online that I’ve seen so far.

    Disgusting, albeit not as surprising as it should be.

  46. Moishe Pipik says:

    USA Today just ran something that the prosecution failed to “humanize” Trayvon

    My presumption was they avoided saying anything about his “character” because that would have probably opened up his cell phone records, tweets, and facebook postings as evidence and it wouldn’t have worked.

    • Serpentor says:

      that’s precisely correct. The prosecution couldn’t utter a word about TM’s character or it would come back like a tsunami

  47. Alexandra M. says:

    Trying to catch up with all the news and commentary…..but allow me to add a

    Proud as heck to be a Treeper and a Wolverine! :)

  48. Rikki says:

    OUTRAGEOUS. According to Weasel Zippers the DOJ has posted a ‘tip line’ for people who think they might have something that would help them prosecute George Zimmerman.

    In a just society, the government does not target an individual and then rush everywhere and ask everyone if they can please find a potential crime they can pin on the target.

    Truly appalling.

    These are tactics of the Soviet Union.

    • May5 says:

      Reminds me of Mccarthy

    • tara says:

      The U.S. Department of Justice on Monday afternoon appealed to civil rights groups and community leaders, nationally and in Sanford, for help investigating whether a federal criminal case might be brought against George Zimmerman for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, one advocate said.

      Wouldn’t it be more useful to talk to friends, relatives,coworkers, and neighbors of George?

      Barbara Arnwine, president and executive director the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law – who earlier in the day joined calls for federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman, said that later in the afternoon, she joined a U.S. Department of Justice conference call to discuss the prospects.“They were calling on us to actively refer anyone who had any information,” that might build a case against Zimmerman for either a civil rights violation or a hate crime, Arnwine said. “They said they would very aggressively investigate this case.” Arnwine said the call was convened at about 3:30 p.m. by Tom Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice, and included representatives from the FBI, and several federal prosecutors, she said. DOJ officials also said they would open a public email address so people could send in tips on the case. In addition to Arnwine’s group, Sherrilyn Ifill, President and Director-Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund; Laura Murphy, Washington Chapter head of the ACLU; and several national, Florida and Sanford-based “human relations” groups participated, Arnwine said.

      I personally encourage all of the people who actually know George and know that he is NOT a racist send their information to

      • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

        What do you want to bet they will find several people who can attest to George’s racist tendencies.

        This is disgusting beyond measure. The DOJ is out of control.

  49. Alexandra M. says:

    Oh my GOODNESS—

    SO many vermin….SO many dishonest crooks….it’s mind-boggling to digest.
    Damn that indideous bunch who persecuted George and have hurt many along the way!!
    I fully plan on continuing to support the “mighty blog that could” (chugga chugga choo-choo!!!) and all its contributors and awesome “engineers”. :). My Pappy loved Karen Carpenter, and even though the song has nothing to do with making people pay for the wrongs they committed, I just have to quote her when I consider what is ahead.
    “We’ve only just begun…..”

  50. zephyrbreeze says:

    It’s happening. Two teens with a “Free Zimmerman” bumper sticker were murdered by a group of black youth in the Golden Corrral parking lot in Jacksonville. Multiple witnesses. One person in custody,

    • dizzymissl says:

      Here is another one:

      Police investigate possible racially motivated beating

    • dizzymissl says:

      Good Lord, just look at this link–there are tons of attacks.

    • Baldy says:

      Who knows if they are being honest:
      JSO: Golden Corral double shooting not related to Zimmerman verdict

    • bletchleypark01 says:

      “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Guess who?

      • Shelby says:

        I remember how the hair on my arms stood up when he made that grand statement at one of his worship rallies. It was one of the most frightening things I ever heard from a modern-day politician–a presidential candidate for Heaven’s sake! I knew exactly what that meant for people like me. It goes without saying that the media was silent.

    • St. Benedict's Thistle says:

      Um, subsequent reports say that the racial meme is not true. Even the parents are backing that up at this point. I would wait to see what the evidence suggests, i.e., restaurant video cameras and so on. Click on the link within the article that mentions the racial element. Let us not do to the BGI what the BGI does to us.

    • Partyzant says:

      This is NUTS. So, the earlier advice to travel with others just became MORE important. Looks like if you have ANY possibility of running into “issues” you need an entourage of people with no necks (i.e., people of a given level of physical toughness that do not send off a victim vibe)
      Travel in fireteam strength, stay the hell away from places you need not be in, be home by a reasonable hour, keep the ride gassed and maintained.. but most of all, LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER. We do not get through this alone, spiritually or physically.
      Other safety tips… stop walking around with ear buds in, tuned out. You will become a victim.
      Do not walk around looking at or operating your phone. You have no situational awareness that way and will become a victim.
      Try Gavin DeBecker’s “Gift of Fear”. Good reading, good info.
      I have no financial link or interest in the listed site.

  51. Moishe Pipik says:

    Read the article directly in the Orlando Sentinel:,0,4338518.story

    It’s hard for me to imagine the U.S. Government wasting _my_ money (I’m a “true” taxpayer–i.e., I pay MUCH more than US Budget / Population in Federal Income Taxes) to solicit “tips” from people in the attempt to build a case against one single individual, especially an individual who was just found “not guilty” in a court.

    Compare this to the several dozen tips I sent the FBI (using their online form) detailing explicit, credible threats to kill George Zimmerman or the Jurors I found on Twitter and Facebook. I haven’t seen one arrest over those crimes.

  52. partyof0 says:

    I don’t know how long Ben has been with the SAO, but if he was in good standing for a “while”, a good civil attorney should be able to make mintz-meat out of that Office…

  53. Jim says:

    He just had won some merit award

    • partyof0 says:

      He could have actually been a “Scape-Goat” to blame when it came down to serious discovery infractions….ie…”Our IT guy should have informed this Office of any phone discrepancies!!!”…he would be where he’s at now…just a little later….

  54. PeruvianMom says:

    MSNBC making not so subtle suggestions to their viewers:

    “Not until, and unless, the number of white kids die that approximate the numbers of black and other kids who die, will America see. It’s beyond logic.” – Michael Eric Dyson, on MSNBC

    PS. We’re out doing Neighborhood Watch, getting CCW permits, and supervising our kids so they don’t end up victims of crime.

    • Serpentor says:

      I feel shame that I ever listened to Michael Dyson. That’s it, he’s on my list

    • auscitizenmom says:

      “Do you know that Negroes are 10 % of the population of St. Louis and are responsible for 58% of its crimes? We’ve got to face that. And we’ve got to do something about our moral standards.” DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. 1961

    • Partyzant says:

      You are doing the right thing.
      Remember, it is not the expensive weapon that matters, find what is comfortable to carry.
      Find what you can afford to practice with (a lot and a lot).
      I hear KelTec makes some combat tested pistols (!) for not a lot of $$$$$.
      Maybe KelTec would consider a George Zimmerman signature edition model of the PF9? I’ll bet they would sell and sell out quickly…. perhaps a portion of proceeds to GZ to help defray the costs imposed by the fascist forces arrayed against him?
      I’d say GZ has a path ahead as a speaker at gun shows and events across the country. The masses out there support HIM, not lawlessness and chaos.
      for disclosure, I do not own one of these, but I know a Police Officer who thinks enough of it to carry it as his backup sidearm. if he trusts it, so do I.

  55. angel says:

    Jury B37 is getting crucified today. I have seen tweets where some have said she deserve to be raped, killed, they have accused her being the wife of Mark NeMane, have gotten her book publishing deal rescinded (so it is being said), she already had her mind made up, etc. Her CNN interview seems to be additional fodder for this. Praying for her and hopefully the other jurors will see what is being done and just keep silent for awhile, if not for the rest of their lives .

    It so telling that had this verdict been what Guilty B37 a hero to this same people. This type of thinking is imind boggling.

    Anyway, I think I need a cognitive disconnect. Starting to read “The Seven Daughters of Eve” tonight. That should do it.

    Act in love and pray for peace.

    • Mr. Izz says:

      So she made up her mind before discussing it with the other jurors…. but that is ground to kill her because she wasn’t the one juror that right up front said he deserved 2nd degree murder? She sat there for weeks, thought about it all night, and came to her own conclusion BASED ON FACTS, that George was innocent.

  56. Marina says:

    If Pam Bondi had any integrity, she would be pursuing hate crime charges against those who created the false narrative because of Zimmerman’s race and those who threaten the Zimmerman family with violence.

  57. Unicron says:

    Isn’t it high time that Joe Oliver, Anthony Woodson, whoever the bouncer friend was, the mentored brothers’ mother WITH her two kids, the black girls who grew up with George, the black girl he took to prom… his Hispanic neighbor… and any and all others including Mrs. Dilligard if she’s feeling better, to make an appearance together on one or more major news networks to get the message out that George is no racist and is himself a “person of color”, a Hispanic man, and was PROTECTING many black neighbors in his role as neighborhood watch? Pointing out that he has a gay brother and was very supportive of Robert when he came out, also?

    This “department of justice should bring charges” meme is so stupid… it would’ve been one thing if it was some stupid pipe dream idiots on Twitter were talking about amongst themselves… the fact that the DOJ itself has in ANY way dignified this with a response is amazingly, breathtakingly depressing about the state of our nation.

    It’s time for the minorities in GZ’s life to grow a spine, most of them other than Joe Oliver, Anthony Woodson and Mrs. Dilligard were complete cowards when he was being destroyed on a national level.

    Lesson learned last time, I would hope and think… time to spine up and defend George.

    • MariaInNJ says:

      Anyone have any info if Al Sharpton every repaid the lawsuit he lost on defamation with the Tawana Brawly case? I’m not good at research or I would contribute. Then there was also Duke LaCrosse. I was a bit too young to remember both, but a coworker reminded me of them. I just despise them all.

      • Mr. Izz says:

        I thought I read this information recently. In the Tawana Brawly case he owed something like $65,000. He did not repay the money for the lawsuit; however, others paid it for him or on his behalf. I am not sure about the Duke LaCrosse side of things though.

      • auscitizenmom says:

        I read somewhere today that Sharpton refused to pay it, so his supporters paid it.

      • rashomon says:

        Interestingly, the Sharpton supporters who paid the $65,000 included lawyers Percy Sutton, who solicited recommendations for Obama’s entry to Harvard Law School and stated that Islamist Khalid al-Mansour paid Barack’s tuition, and Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. of O.J. Simpson fame. I also believe Harvard received many millions from House of Saud prince Alwaleed to endow chairs and departments advancing Islamic studies shortly before Obama decided to run for president.

      • ctdar says:

        Sharpton never repays his debts or fines yet he’s not in prison.
        Go figure.

  58. John Galt says:

    I think a petition to boot Angela Corey out of office might get a lot of support — from both sides.

    Some Traybots think she blew the case, either intentionally or through incompetence.

    Sample tweets in twitter stream linked below:

  59. Mr. Izz says:

    Radio host Tom Joyner is offering Rachel/DD a full ride scholarship to college. Unfreakingbelievable. Forgive me, I’m going to go throw up.

  60. unitron says:

    Kruidbos picked the wrong lawyer.

    Yes, he should have gotten one from outside the prosecutor’s office that was not drawing a state paycheck and wouldn’t be part of throwing him under the bus if they ever thought it necessary.

    No, he should not have gotten someone who used to work there and has his own issues with them.

    That just gives them ammunition to use against him.

  61. JAS says:

    This is all about the “domino theory”. Start a fire under some peoples butts and they will start giving everybody else up. So much so you will have to slap them across the face to shut them up. It happens every time. I would start with Ms. Peeks’ assistants, the lower level folk. The water cooler, etc. Stealth, and attention to the lower folk always works. It just takes one unhappy camper to get the ball rolling. Then light the fires and watch how the upper level folk start spilling the beans.

    I’ll be glad to help. I have time, just let me know what I can do.

  62. Social Engineering: the act of influencing a person to accomplish goals that may or may not be in the “target’s” best interest.

  63. styro1 says:

    It’s obvious that BDLR and Corey are unethical. Ben Kruidbos had asked BDLR what he was going to do with the extracted material from the bin file and BDLR replied “they can only give the defense the bin file, by the way how much does the Cellebrite extraction software cost?” and was told $8000. If BDLR were do do his ethical duty he would have given the defense team the bin file and what they had extracted from it and if the defense wanted to further look into the bin file they could pay the $8000 Cellebrite cost. Why would BDLR say they could only give the bin file to the defense? The state extracted the data from the bin file, if they had not, then only giving the bin file would have been perfectly ethical once the extraction occurred they had a duty to provide the defense with everything. Kruidbos believed this to be a violation and reading the pertinent chapters below for discovery rules in Florida made the correct decision to seek outside counsel.

    The prosecutor is obligated to disclose and permit defense counsel to inspect information in the state’s control. The applicable rule requires disclosure, as well as an opportunity to review. If the state fails to discharge its duty in this regard, the trial court must make an inquiry into the circumstances of the discovery violation. Carter v. State, 665 So.2d 1112 (Fla. 4th DCA 1996); Fla.R.Crim.P. 3.220(a).
    A. Under the continuing discovery obligation, it is incumbent on the State to disclose newly discovered evidence to the defense. Absent such disclosure, when the violation is brought to the judge’s attention, the court is required to conduct a complete Richardson hearing and provide a full record for appellate review. Barrett v. State, 649 So.2d 219, 222 (Fla. 1994).

  64. Pingback: … Angela Corey should Be [Zimmerman Case Prosecutor] (Keep It Decent) … « Lake Erie Conservative

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