Trayvon and The Miami-Dade School Police Department – Redacted FOIA Newly Released – Former Police Chief Charles Hurley

tray - NewestSworn affidavit of former Miami-Dade School Police Dept. Police Chief Charles Hurley about the encounters between M-DSPD and Trayon Martin who was a student at Krop High School.

In the affidavit Chief Hurley outlines his specific construct of using diversionary programs, including Crisis Intervention Teams, and The Baker Act, to keep young black males out of the criminal justice system.

As a result of Chief Hurley’s instructions Krop High, School Resource Officer, Darryl Dunn, falsified police records and referred criminal behavior to school discipline.

Two of the diversionary incidents revolved around Officer Dunn falsifying the jewelry found in Trayvon’s backpack as “found items”. Meaning he intentionally kept them away from police reporting and put the jewelry in the property room.

The second diversionary incident was SRO Dunn doing the same with the Marijuana and pipe.  Perhaps oddly, Chief Hurley commends the actions of officer Dunn for trying to divert Trayvon away from the criminal justice system.

M-DSPD Chief Charles Hurley pictured here with his son and wife attending Trayvon Martin Memorial

M-DSPD Chief Charles Hurley pictured here with his son and wife attending Trayvon Martin Memorial

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72 Responses to Trayvon and The Miami-Dade School Police Department – Redacted FOIA Newly Released – Former Police Chief Charles Hurley

  1. Unicron says:

    Can anyone post a non scribd link to this pdf if they’re able to download it?

  2. This is only a minor embarrassment to Hurley. Kip Durant who so brutally murderred his mother (not a simple stabbing) was a far worse consequence of this PC negligence. I still believe that when the SPD ran TM’s prints after the autopsy, they established a match to prints found at a crime scene. Either TM was not apprehended for a serious crime because he was Baker Acted or TM was allowed to commit a serious crime because he was Baker Acted. This is the nay plausible explanation of why the school police were in a panic when the were informed that TM had been shot. TM the future astronaught who majored in cheerfulness shot? BFD. TM the thug, drug dealer, gun dealer with a documented history of assaults and may be a robbery, rape or murder that we don’t know about? Major profound.

  3. marie says:


  4. maggiemoowho says:

    Thank you Sundance, I hope your home safe and sound. This is incredible! :)

  5. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Chief Hubris.

  6. xschild says:

    Paula Deen ? (much to lose) Zimmerman/Martin case? (much to gain) DOMA? (what’s that)Failing of American Super Power(?) Bundling??? Flood the USA minds with fluff and watch them fail.
    Witness #8 in Zimmerman/Martin trial tells you what free cells and free ed. and free everything makes. CANNOT COMMUNICATE! Anyone who watches this trial will understand why FED GOVT wants to switch to across the board immigration (they can probably read). Went swirling down the drain in 2007 and in 2013 you cannot even hear the drip drip drip anymore.
    I would say wake up America but it was said a long time ago and no one woke up!!

  7. marie says:

    So, they give special treatment to “boys of color.” Wow, great way to create a country, a-hole. There is so much wrong here, so very much……

  8. froggielegs says:

    Thank you so much for getting this stuff SD this is great!!! We need to get this stuff out far and wide!!!

  9. marie says:

    Yes, thank you for allll your hard work, Sundance. You are incredible. So are all those on this site who keep it going. Thank you to you too.

  10. woohoowee says:

    Redacted for sure…a whole page! Are they trying to say it can’t be released due to an ongoing investigation? Maybe you cannot advise at this time. At any rate, much obliged for all the info and effort :-). Top notch work!

  11. Facepalm says:

    Sundance, what is the significance of this? Hurley has already been fired and the police reports are out there. It doesn’t mention the baker act either.

    • sundance says:

      You’ve never seen Hurley admit what was happening in his own words. Remember, these are redacted. Redactions noted with “–” placements. Look for “diversion programs” as noted in the affidavits.

      Insert C.I.T (Crisis Intervention Team) and Baker Act(ed) Kids where you see “–“. These are the diversionary methods being discussed and sworn.

      The next one I am loading shows that 900 Miami-Dade Diverted kids were in the system at the time of swearing. 900, NINE HUNDRED, in a single year, from one school district.

      The totality is what you need to absorb – not individual slices. And remember unlike me the Defense can subpoena “unredacted” copies now that we have proven their existence.

      • mcfyre2012 says:

        900 ?!? … In a single school year …from a single school district ?!? … Holy crap!

      • So. Hurley and most of the entire M-DSPD are personally responsible for letting hundreds of known, possible “dangers” to the community skate through the system.

        They are ultimately responsible for ALL of this. The GZ/TM encounter would never have happened if M-DSPD hadn’t been busy covering their a***s while seeking glory for themselves and the school system.

        Who should be on trial here?

        • sundance says:

          Exactly right. That’s what’s bugged me from the outset of my finding out about this last summer. If Miami had just done their job appropriately, instead of putting some stupid ideology over the rule of law, Trayvon would still be alive today. Period.

          • And George Zimmerman’s life would not be effectively destroyed, along with his family. And any other people who were adversely affected IN ANY WAY [we still don't know whether Kit D was "diverted", do we? But it is possible?] by any one of those 900+ “diversions”.

            • Aoife says:

              Don’t forget Chief Lee in all this…he lost his job and he had done nothing wrong. This sounds just like they did in NC and probably every other state. They all have nice little mental health terms for these psychopaths and sociopaths to protect them and only because some progressive a long time ago noted there were too many of them entering the CJ system so the fault must be with society and not them. The fault can’t be their lack of parenting, it must be our racist society. So they get coddled by the school systems, their records are sealed and they are turned out in to society as entitled predators with high self-esteem. You cannot tell them anything and societal norms mean nothing compared to their base desires. Trayvon Martin was a poster child for this horrific system.

          • throwaway says:

            “If Miami had just done their job appropriately, instead of putting some stupid ideology over the rule of law, Trayvon would still be alive today. Period.”

            Yes. This.

        • yankeeintx says:

          But the State of Florida approves of this. Their tourism numbers were down due to the crime rate. If you can’t fight crime, fake the numbers.

          • Stan_D_Mute says:

            Having moved to S Fla from the north years ago, let me solemnly assure you that NOTHING is allowed to get in the way of tourist numbers. NOTHING.

  12. kathyca says:

    GO SD…kudos yet again!

  13. flawesttexas says:

    The day I finally fixed my PayPal situ., sent a donation, and voila!

    Excellent work Sundance.

  14. El Gordo Loco says:

    Its getting awful bright in here
    Purty, ain’t it? Admin

  15. pet says:

    Wow. Sounds like lots of reading to do later. Would be a shame if this doesn’t make it into the defense’s hands. From what I understand though, still, at this point in the trial, the door is not open to any information regarding TM’s past. The persecutors will need to slip up to make that happen. At least that’s what I understand reading lawyer-derived tweets and such.

    • cboldt says:

      Defense may bring in reputation evidence under the rules, on its own volition. There is no need for the state to open the door.

    • sundance says:

      Au contraire (or whatever that pinky word is)….. Check out the Randy Smith one. Remember Randy Smith and Chris Serino wrote the Trayvon Victimology report together. Soon after Serino went night shift, and Smith quit….. Gee, I wonder why….. That M-DSPD info disappeared down the rabbit hole. :( bastids.

      • pet says:

        I have a very well connected someone personal friend that knows most players in this deal personally. I sent him a note asking about Randy Smith. Will relay any relevant info. If provided. Assuming will confirm what you already rooted out.

        • pet says:

          Report back was “He was a good guy and good officer. But a total pussy that always called for help and backup for everything, avoided confrontation and would never volunteer for anything or stand out front for anything or put his butt on the line in duty. A big pussy but harmless nice guy.”

          From a direct source. Makes since.

  16. ZurichMike says:

    Wow! Glad you are back safely.

    • sundance says:

      Me too…. so much to do I can’t write about what kinda hell this was…. ;) But it’s all good :D

      To the victor…….

      We be Wolverine Cracka’s

  17. AlphaWookie says:

    SD I might be confused based on previous posts any thing about TrayMom and TrayDad????

  18. hawkeye13 says:

    Great job Sundance! I think it is important to get this into the defense’s hands so that they can get the subpoena sent to get the unredacted docs so they can be somewhat ready should they find an angle to use them. I was thinking perhaps West would inquire about how Rachael met Trayvon (some thought it was they were both Baker Act’d, but I guess that ship has already passed. I supposed the defense might be able to ask it when they call her as witness (are they going to call her?).

    • AlphaWookie says:

      I they decidedto call Traymom that is the best chance to open up his past. Traymom will not be able help saying he is an angle.

  19. HughStone says:

    Don’t arrest young black males, but everyone else is ok.

  20. Eric says:

    Just to be on the safe side…we can post these up for viewing where-ever correct?

  21. Eric says:

    I don’t know of any school district around here that would even have more than 2000 students. 900 is freaking unbelievable.

    • hawkeye13 says:

      We have high schools with 1500-2000 (grades 9-12), but with many schools in a district, there are 10s of thousands of students in the school district.

  22. FoxyGranny says:

    And where is the picture of the Angel that was hunted down like a rabid dog? That is what the general public has been fed. When will the truth come out?

  23. Yakmaster says:

    Let me make a wild guess here and say that no print or broadcast media would be willing to touch this even with Hurleys’s sworn statement and documentation? Even though 900 in a school year from one district is scary! Wish BOR would do a segment on this as an example of how this district is awash in out-of-control students. He has been doing some updates on violence in our schools lately.

  24. marie says:

    This is what school districts and police departments do when judges tell them, “You have to find a way to deal with all those kids simply because we have no cells available for them in our juvenile justice system.”

    We have no cells available for them because there are so many of them. They’ve been produced by feral males and females like rabbits because the feds and states PAY them money and benefits for kids.

  25. marie says:

    Hey, Matt Gutman, you call yourself a reporter, you phony?

  26. pet says:

    OK. So now we have Affirmative Action being applied to response to criminal behavior? wtf! I need a drink.

    p.s. ‘Quality Control system’ my @$$.

    • pet says:

      ps. figured out how to donate finally. Ain’t much but its what I can. It will buy a bunch of replacement valve stems if needed. : ) How can anyone following your ventures to Miami and looking at the results here not feel compelled to give something. Thanks.

  27. FrenchPug says:

    I wonder, were they arresting anyone? If they were disproportionately targeting non black males, that is at least unethical, and nonsensical, if not illegal. I wonder if there are any non black students who were arrested for similar crimes as TM because they did not have a “black” card to play? Lawsuit?

    • canadacan says:

      Fox News had a picture of Trayvon with his. gold teeth tonight and there was George in a nice suit and tie finally people are getting on the ball
      Fox 6 o’clock news had the part of Don west questioning Rachel, when she says” that’s retarded sir”.
      There have been comments by black contemporaries of her saying that” when I talk to white folks I act real educated”.
      This girl’s life isn’t worth a plug nickel. she’s embarrassed too many people in the black community and she has inadvertently secured the acquittal of George Zimmerman

  28. diwataman says:

    When did this other investigation start that Hurley is talking about? The one we have started two days after Robles article. Did they start the other investigation that day or something? Weird.

    page 3
    20 In speaking with the internal affairs
    21 unit, as I said, there was a previous investigation
    22 involving two members of the investigative division
    23 as it relates to the deceased child, T.M. That
    24 investigation is on a separate — or separate case
    25 numbers and I was briefed yesterday and indicated

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