BDLR (State of Florida) Motions To Hide Background Information of Trayvon Martin

In addition to the prior motion filed by Bernie De La Rionda to avoid having any key witness testimony absence presented as evidence of poor case construct; BDLR has also filed motions to keep the jury from hearing evidence about the background of Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin

Specifically, the State has filed a protective order to exclude the Trayvon Martin toxicology report;

And another motion to stop the introduction of information about the known background of 17-year-old Trayvon.

Again, both of these motions are predictive in nature seeking to stop the defense from presenting information about Trayvon.

The second motion is slightly more concerning from the aspect of a favorable ruling barring not only what is currently known, but that which might come to be known in the future and fall under the same judicial order.

However, when you consider any motion seeking to quash the potential for information one thing specifically comes to the surface. You do not seek to nullify that which does not exist.

Meaning, by the mere fact the State is presenting this request for advanced judicial intervention, it can be implied the construct to be considered immaterial does factually exist. Obviously the State would not seek to remove things which are not evident – so consequently those things they seek to stop from surfacing are things factually known to exist.

trayvondrugdealing 2

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259 Responses to BDLR (State of Florida) Motions To Hide Background Information of Trayvon Martin

  1. justfactsplz says:

    We all have suspected for quite awhile why the full tox report has not been released. There are other questions concerning the autopsy too. BDLR wants to block police testimony because there are officers who know first hand that evidence of drugs was found on Trayvon’s person that night. If Trayvon was stoned that night on drugs, it could indicate why he attacked George and the prosecution does not want that to see the light of day.

  2. jordan2222 says:

    Maybe BLDR is throwing “spaghetti” against the wall, hoping some it will stick.

    • digmo7 says:

      No need to yell. -Admin

  3. eastern2western says:

    mama Sabrina is going to say drug dealing, rape, killing are all just part of normal teenage life and I am sure we all did it when we were kids.

    • mcfyre2012 says:

      Since Trayvon didn’t live with her, she can deny ever knowing about his activities. Win-win for her.

  4. coreshift says:

    You’re a very prolific blogger.

  5. doodahdaze says:

    An exception to the rule that character evidence is inadmissible “permits an accused to use character evidence to show that the victim of a crime was the aggressor and that the accused acted in self-defense.” Hedges v. State, 667 So.2d 420, 422 (Fla. 1st DCA 1996). To utilize this exception, “the defendant’s prior knowledge of the victim’s reputation is not necessary.” Smith v. State, 606 So.2d 641, 643 (Fla. 1st DCA 1992) (citing Banks v. State, 351 So.2d 1071, 1072 (Fla. 4th DCA 1977)).

    • cboldt says:

      It has to be reputation of character, to come in directly under Smith. Just a caution to not read the excerpts too broadly.

      • doodahdaze says:

        I just did a quick check. Williams also came up. Of course the TC can rule however they want. If the objective is just to have a trial and the TCJ does not worry about being reversed later then that is how it will go. There is not much the defense can do about it pre trial I guess. However this goes it will not end well. These are not 5th District and not binding.

        • cboldt says:

          The precedents apply the character evidence rules, 90.404 and 90.405.

          90.405 Methods of proving character.–

          (1) REPUTATION.–When evidence of the character of a person or of a trait of that person’s character is admissible, proof may be made by testimony about that person’s reputation.

          (2) SPECIFIC INSTANCES OF CONDUCT.–When character or a trait of character of a person is an essential element of a charge, claim, or defense, proof may be made of specific instances of that person’s conduct.

          Part 2 would attach if Zimmerman claimed to know Martin, and that knowledge or belief of Martin’s specific acts gave him justification to be fearful.

          • doodahdaze says:

            90.404 (1)(b)(1) Williams…982 So. 2d 1190. I was looking at it this am.. He was convicted of 2nd Degree and the District reversed the TC. Because the TC excluded evidence of the victims character to show the victim was the aggressor. But not in depth. It will depend on the judge in this case and how she feels about it.

          • John Galt says:

            “The precedents apply”

            The pertinent precedents consist of Nelson ruling in favor of BDLR, regardless of normally applicable rules, statutes and case law.

            • cboldt says:

              It’s as if she’s a member of the “Appellate Judge Perpetual Employment Guild” or something. Maybe trial judges in Florida have a quota of errors they have to make. Errors do make work for the judicial branch, and also for their fellow travelers, the lawyers.

      • jello333 says:

        I’m VERY anxious to learn the reasons for Trayvon’s “exclamations, high-pitched laughter, and mocking utterances” on those newly-discovered* videos. Probably just innocent fun and games, eh?

        (* Newly-discovered by us and the Defense that is… HI BERNIE!)

    • ackbarsays says:

      But Bernie will employ the exception from Arm Flapper v. O’Mara (it’s a relatively new case) to argue that this information should be excluded because it puts the state’s case in the crapper.

  6. Lee says:

    His drug use is absolutely relevant – it is one of the major factors (character and upbringing among some of the other) that caused him to behave the way he did that evening. It was MARTIN’S BEHAVIOR that started the events of the evening. Everything that contributed to that behavior is relevant. The State cannot continue to deny this man (Zimmerman) his due process and right to justice. Obama thinks the IRS was wrong about targeting conservative groups – what about the persecution of an entire family because it serves the purpose of people like Sharpton, Jackson, and the “scheme team” – justice is suppose to be blind – not bound and gagged because it serves the agenda of the few.

    • doodahdaze says:

      It was until the intervention. At that point it decayed in to what we see now. It just does not seem to be a search for truth.

    • FrenchPug says:

      I completely agree with the drug behavior part. The drug use only doesn’t matter if you believe that martins action didn’t affect Zimmermans actions and that having drugs in your system doesn’t affect a persons actions.

      • John Galt says:

        Drugs in possession and/or in system are relevant for two reasons: (1) direct effect on Martin’s thoughts and actions by virtue of direct effects of drug and (2) indirect effects on Martin’s thoughts and actions resulting from fear of apprehension while in possession and/or under the influence (“too roped”).

        • John Galt says:

          A third reason for relevance: rebuttal of the state’s contention that Martin wasn’t committing any crime while walking to Brandi’s house.

          • tara says:

            I totally agree with two of your statements:

            indirect effects on Martin’s thoughts and actions resulting from fear of apprehension while in possession

            rebuttal of the state’s contention that Martin wasn’t committing any crime while walking to Brandi’s house

            And if Trademark had something else in his system other than just THC, I agree with your third statement:

            direct effect on Martin’s thoughts and actions by virtue of direct effects of drug

        • doodahdaze says:

          He seems to want to enter a redacted tox report. Amazing. I never heard of that one. Maybe he can get the PCA redacted too.

        • yankeeintx says:

          I wonder if Trayvon mentioned to DD that the dude was on the phone with the police? He knew he was not on school grounds in Miami-Dade County, where he would be protected by Hurley. If the cops had arrived before George got out of his truck, I think a 17 yr old from Miami, walking around under the influence, in a gated community w/o an ID, would have been taken into custody. They would not have dropped him off at Brandy’s even if Chad identified him, because there was no adult at home.

    • aliashubbatch says:

      I don’t think Barry minded that the IRS targeted conservative groups, he just has to feign ignorance about that little revelation.

  7. Lou says:

    the BGI and MSM want to keep the hoax alive.

    prayers for George and for MOM to think clearly to make the next strategic move.

  8. El Gordo Loco says:

    I’m not sure I’m understanding why The State is doing this. I DEFINITELY know why Crump would pull his B.S., and The Martin Family for obvious reasons…but if The State must take Zimmerman to trail, why not convict him with all the evidence? If The State knows everything we know, and its as obvious to them as it is to us Zimmerman is innocent, why manipulate the system to get an innocent man found guilty? Whats in it for them? You would think The State would prefer to get everything out there. If a guilty verdict is found, so be it. If the verdict is innocent, everyone will see WHY the guy is innocent. The State’s deceitful behavior just doesnt seem to have much reason behind it.

    • LittleLaughter says:

      Evil. That is it in a nutshell. The evil that is greed, ego, and power. We all know that the State is very much aware that George is innocent, and yet they continue to press forward in their relentless efforts to convict a person they know to be innocent. That is Evil.

    • thehoff71 says:

      Because for all the rainbow and unicorn fantasy that the aggrieved continue to dredge up, the State of Florida still does not have a speck of evidence that disproves the affirmative defense. Therefore they are going to try to boil their case down to “this guy shot this guy for no reason” and hope they buy it. They cannot have the guy who got shot look bad at all so they will do everything in their power to remove the reasons why George was suspicious.

    • creepytwins says:

      The State of Florida is not interested in justice; They are only interested in convictions. Therein lies the problem.

    • mcfyre2012 says:

      “I’m not sure I’m understanding why The State is doing this. I DEFINITELY know why Crump would pull his B.S…”

      Unfortunately, the state jumped in at the beginning to satisfy the BGI, and as a way to quell black angst/threats of riots by letting GZ off. The state has found out this turned into a big trap that they can’t get out of…and now the only way to win their case against GZ (other than a tainted jury) is to prevent all information of Trayvon before the time of the shooting to be kept out of the trial. Crump knew this at the very beginning, that’s why he was quick to seal Trayvon’s records.

      I don’t think the motions will be granted, as Trayvon’s social media activities were/are already public knowledge. That sort of torpedoes their other motions.

      • cboldt says:

        Bernie might be able to preclude admission as evidence, but he can’t restrain the press. If the goal was to limit public reaction (rather than control the jury), then the state really needs the press to cooperate with maintenance of the fiction. I think that will be easy – the press is invested in the fiction too.

      • El Gordo Loco says:

        I guess more specifically I dont really understand what need is there to continue to try and win. If The State made a misjudgement at the beginning, why is there a need to compound the error rather than either have integrity and say the made a mistake and they need to do the right thing, OR bring all the evidence forward so that the jury can un-do their flub.

        Its perfectly reasonable to make a false move. Its the lying and hiding of it that is unnecessary and unforgivable. People on death row are found innocent many years later. They are set free because a person’s life is at stake. Here, George is getting death threats because of The States mistake, AND continuance of this bungle is the crux of my confusion.

        Would they rather George lose his life than The State be seen as less than almighty, or is there some other reason Im not getting here?

        • ftsk420 says:

          I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if someone killed George.

          • El Gordo Loco says:

            Ive thought the same thing with his restrictions from leaving The State, etc..If he were taken out, The State would be off the hook and they could say “we were doing our part”

            • ftsk420 says:

              Yup then Crump would get in front of the cameras and give a speech much like Obama did when OBL was killed.

        • mcfyre2012 says:

          “If The State made a misjudgment at the beginning, why is there a need to compound the error rather than either have integrity and say the made a mistake and they need to do the right thing…”

          Politics and lack of integrity. The fastest way to cause racial strife (and lose the black vote) would be for the state to admit there is indeed, no case at all against GZ. Not only is there not a case, but that sweet, angelic Trayvon was a truant, drug-dealing thug…meaning he was profiled spot-on. The state fears the repercussions from the BGI and media if it drops the case…as in, “The cold, heartless State of Florida is stepping on the neck of the Black Man, yada yada, yada.” Remember, the national narrative is still that “A white (or white-hispanic) neighborhood watchman profiled, chased, attacked, shot and killed an unarmed teenager” and now the guy is trying to claim that he defended himself from the innocent, sweet kid who just wanted to be an astronaut, and was just out getting some snacks for his younger brother.”

        • El Gordo Loco says:

          Some of the answer to my question is discussed at about 66:00 minutes in with Atty Mark Geragos

    • wrongonred says:

      Okay, so obviously the state knows of all this about the drug history, et al. Shouldn’t this information have to be turned over in discovery as potentially exculpatory evidence under Brady, or can the State just say, “We did not think any of it is relevant, so we did not turn it over?” Is that something which is typically dictated by ethics in a normal case, that it would be turned over, just not on the Orange Blossom Express? I mean, by filing these motions ahead of time, the State is in a sense acknowledging their awareness of the existence of all of these materials which they have not turned over.

      If a defendant claims someone appeared to be on drugs, they acted aggressively and the person was forced to defend themselves, and then the state finds out that the individual whom the defendant claimed was on drugs was indeed on drugs, wouldn’t that be exculpatory evidence to support the defendant’s claim?

      • howie says:

        It means the state case is more like a defense lawyers case. Trying to get off on technicalities. Amazing stuff.

      • tara says:

        If a defendant claims someone appeared to be on drugs, they acted aggressively and the person was forced to defend themselves, and then the state finds out that the individual whom the defendant claimed was on drugs was indeed on drugs, wouldn’t that be exculpatory evidence to support the defendant’s claim?

        I don’t know if it’s exculpatory, but apparently it’s an accepted part of supporting a claim of self-defense according to Diaz v. State which Bernie referenced. (The only problem with the Diaz case was timing of the questioning, Bernie made it sound like the toxicology results were totally off-limits.)

    • IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

      im loving it…..”his own words will convict him”….”uh please strike any self serving hearsay such as the hannity interview and ostermans book”

      • John Galt says:

        They want to keep out GZ’s statement at the scene that he was screaming and nobody would come to help. I expect the defense will assert “excited utterance” and “state of mind” exceptions to the hearsay rule. Regarding “state of mind” the argument would be that they are not offering GZ’s “I was screaming for help” statement for the truth of the matter asserted (GZ was in fact screaming for help) but rather for the purpose of evidencing GZ’s state of mind: he was in fear. GZ’s state of mind is relevant to self-defense: reasonable believe that he was in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm.

        I would be very surprised if Nelson ruled against BDLR.

        Exclusion of murder defendant’s excited utterance reversed on appeal:

    • Pitbull says:

      Are you serious ?? These persecutors are like old western gunslingers ! They do not care one iota about the law, their oath of office, or the Truth ! People like Gz are not human beings, they are just another notch on a gunslingers belt ! Prosecutors are composed of the dumbest losers of a law school class. They could not get a real law job, so they ruin lives for a starting salary of peanuts.

      • jello333 says:

        Exactly. A lot of people hate defense lawyers, and many of them deserve the hatred and the reputation they’ve gotten. But from my experience, if the average defense lawyer is bad, the average prosecutor is much worse. As you say: Most of them care not one iota about ruining a person’s life… whether that be an innocent person, or a guilty person who is way, way overcharged and made out to be far worse than he really is.

    • jello333 says:

      Agree with Little Laughter. Especially where Angela Corey is concerned: Pure evil. Recall this is the same woman who smiled as she charged an emotionally, psychologically damaged little kid with murder… as an adult! The woman is scum.

      • doodahdaze says:

        The tell is the Harvard Law School lawsuit. Nutz.

      • LittleLaughter says:

        Surely the time will come when she will reap what she has sewn, Jello. And You are right about prosecutors, as is PittBull. I can definitely attest to that! They will do whatever it takes for another confiction, or as PB said “notch in their belt”. It does not matter to them about innocence or facts.

  9. John McLachlan says:

    The revelations so painstakingly researched at this website, that Trayvon Martin indulged in taking drugs, partook in MMA fights and was caught with stolen jewelry and a burglary tool, render George Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon Martin was behaving in a manner which aroused his suspicions that Trayvon Martin may have been contemplating criminal activity to be potentially consistent with Trayvon Martin’s documented hsitorical behaviour.

    However, presenting such evidence in court would expose the unlawful use of the school disciplinary procedure, rather than the criminal justice system and the false recording of crimes committed by black students at Miami Dade schools, by the officers of the M-DSPD, under the directions of their superiors.

    This unlawful action on the part of the Education Authority and the M-DSPD may expose powerful and influential figures to unwelcome scrutiny, as well as possible civil liability for the predictable consequences of their program.

    M-DSPD oofficers would be at risk of prosecution for false record keeping, if nothing else.

    Those who ordered such false record keeping could also face prosecution.

    • wrongonred says:


      Would George have grounds for a liability claim against the M-DSPD and Cavallaho due to their conduct regarding improper use of the Baker Act, and that failure to follow the law resulted in the events that followed? I am sure the State would love nothing less than to have that can of worms laid bare before the public. Any idea if immunity statutes in Florida would prevent such a claim? I think that much of this can clearly be laid at their doorstep. Perhaps why they sent someone to monitor the proceedings?

      • cboldt says:

        My 2 cents, it’s a loser. Lack of proximate cause. There may also be a bar (or really really high barrier) in the form of immunity, and there definitely is a bar is the state followed the law. Similar example, state paroles somebody, and that person commits another crime. The state has ZERO liability.

      • doodahdaze says:

        #1. He is up on Murder 2. That is priority 1.

    • recoverydotgod says:

      Supt. Alberto Carvahlo’s statement:

      Tuesday, March 20, 2012

  10. Lou says:

    one of the reasons he looked suspicious was because he looked like he was on drugs. hmmm
    demand the full tox report.

    • myopiafree says:

      The reason he looked “funny” was because he was sneaking though the bushes. All TM had to do was to WALK THOUGH THE FRONT GATE – AND NOT STAGGER EXCESSIVELY. (Eye Roll.)

  11. The moment these scumbags get away with it it will happen 400 more times. I hope Nelson and the prosecution die a miserable death if they pull this off. We are encouraging con artists to have free reign with the justice system. The only way George wins this case is if every living breathing person on this planet knows the truth so as to destroy the idea that it is impossible for Trayvon to start this fight because he was in his footy pajamas running home with his teddy bear.

  12. Who needs the tox report. Want proof he was on drugs?

    Just interview that dope and get all his tweets in order. Then present that 711 video in full. Just those 2 things destroy the image of a school choir boy.

    • mommakk51 says:

      Before Stephen was “Tray’s Big Bruh” on twitter, he used the name @NoHome_Training. He discusses with Trayvon about a trip to Sanford, in which it would be Tray’s last weekend smoking… I believe this was to be Trayvon’s birthday weekend. He also had the name YungChief9, and on there it said he needed money to buy his ol’ girl a house. Showed lots of $$$$$ signs.

  13. And the world famous:

    Maybe MOM can get Stephen to explain how he knew it was a cracka and how Trayvon put dem bangaz to him when he was a scared child. I’d love to see Corey’s face. Actually, I would NEVER want to see her face but you get the idea. Ok, venting over. Ty.

    • John Galt says:

      Seems like Stephen has knowledge of Trayvon’s reputation for violence: swung on bus driver and put bangaz on cracker.

    • Eric says:

      Have people made copies of that same fool for presentation just encase they decide to smarten up and accident delete the twitter account?

  14. Chewbarkah says:

    Since BdlR is very concerned about prejudicing the jury, I suggest the Defense move to preempt the State from using images of TM below the age of 16. No posters of TM as a child, hugging a baby, wearing Hollister T-shirt, etc. that will otherwise be out in force.

    • Lou says:

      I agree. no pics of trayvon under 16. even the Middle School graduation was only in 9th grade.

      • Lou says:

        the only pic of Trayvon should be the 7/11 vid. they want to speak of only what happened on that night. no MSM photos should be allowed because they show prejudice and work on people’s emotions. the entire 7/11 video should be looped continuously. the Fight Club vid is relevant though because it shows Trayvon’s passion with fighting.

  15. Xballer52 says:

    Just saw some of these tweets for the first time. For those not familiar with the term “trap” referenced in the Facebook exchange with John Emmanuel above, the term is street slang for a place that is used to either sell or stash drugs. The Ives reference is to Ives Dairy Road in Miami, which is near where Martin was residing and within blocks of where the burglary occurred in which the items found in his back pack were found.

  16. mung says:

    Correct me if I am wrong here, but if the prosecution claims that George profiled Trayvon for no reason, isn’t that enough to bring in everything they are trying to squash? So if they say the word profile, MOM says, he didn’t profile and here is the evidence that George had reason to be suspicious. Same goes for if they start to paint Trayvon as an astronaut. I would think that 90% of what they have been claiming up to this point is grounds to enter Trayvon’s history into evidence. It seems like the prosecution is painting themselves into a corner.

    • wrongonred says:

      I wondered that as well. Don’t they need the whole “profiled because black and stalked” to meet the “depraved mind” needed for a Murder 2 conviction in Florida?

    • cboldt says:

      Only if Martin has a reputation for casing/burglary. This is the same character evidence argument that has been going on as to violence, but played on the basis for Zimmerman having suspicion.

      There is no credible evidence that Zimmerman profiled Martin due to his race, or his attire (per se). I don’t know how the state brings this in other than the NEN call. It plays the call, then spins a yarn about how the call shows (beyond a reasonable doubt) that Zimmerman had a depraved mind. I don’t think that argument merits much in the way of rebuttal. Listen to the call, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Do you think Zimmerman is demonstrating a depraved mind, indifferent to human life?

      Off the subject of profiling and onto depraved mind, the other angle the state has to show depraved mind is to spin a yarn that Zimmerman held screaming Martin at gunpoint for a minute, then, being at no risk of injury himself, shot Martin. That yarn is contradicted by a substantial amount of eyewitness and forensic evidence – and I don’t think O’Mara would even allow the yarn to be presented, because there is no evidence to support it. “Calls for speculation” or “Lacks foundation.”

    • Isn’t it typically the defense that tries to get the evidence withheld?

      This case is just unreal. These are sad times in America. George is fighting for his freedom, and the jury can’t know if what George described to the NE Operator “looks like he’s on drugs or something” was a FACT???

      The jury can’t know if he had a propensity for violence when the victim (George) claims that he was attacked?

      They cant know Trayvon’s phone records?

      Just unreal. This is like the twilight zone.

      • Coast says:

        Since the State will use the 911 tapes, and the statement that GZ made on those tapes references “looks like he’s on drugs”, I would think that should open the door to discussion.

    • Wanderlust says:

      It’s not profiling if you’re right.

  17. Just a basic question. Is the prosecution asking that the defense not use TM’s school records and social media as evidence to impeach prosecution witnesses who might testify to his non confrontational, well mannered, gentle personality or just that the prosecution can’t introduce such material in its own case?

    • cboldt says:

      The motion seeks a broad prohibition. Admissibility of character evidence has a set of rules and precedents, and Bernardo presented a one-sided view of what those precedents prohibit. I don’t know exactly how the rules play in the duel of examination / cross examination / rebuttal witness; but O’Mara is completely free to bring in evidence of violent and/or burgular reputation, though any witnesses who have basis to testify as to Martin’s reputation. Bernardo is working to cut off introduction of evidence of specific acts.

    • Sarah lynnid says:

      exactly my question. bernie asked court not to allow gz lack of felony convictions, but didnt ask that charges against gz not be allowed, only the fact that he was never convicted. Everything about this case has been strange. The state wants all bad from tm excluded, but doesnt mention excluding “good” character information. So if state gets its way (I cant imagine they will). Then tm allowed to be presented as only good and gz allowed to be presented as only bad. Craziest part is it is so obvious. Amazing.

  18. dizzymissl says:

    The story on the OS made Drudge.

    • John Galt says:

      wow, ow, cherp, wyra, owa, swaa

      I have coffee coming out my nose.

      OMG, BDLR is actually going to present this BS to a jury?

      • cboldt says:

        It doesn’t seem all that helpful, does it? Even Reich’s conclusion is couched in uncertainty.

      • CCG says:

        Is Reich’s report a joke? This will give the jury some comic relief. I think I read some his analysis on pro TM sites, didn’t he hear a cockatoo? LOL

        • cboldt says:

          If he’s expressed his opinion outside of this report, that will give O’Mara some ammunition (if this gets to trial) to undercut the expert’s detached objectivity.

        • John Galt says:


        • cboldt says:

          It has an inordinate amount of unprofessional innuendo. Zimmerman using a “detective impression” voice (page 2, 2nd paragraph). Reich asserts Zimmerman said “Dear God … these assholes, they always get away … but not on me” This is the first I’ve heard of the “but not on me” phrase. Will the jury hear that?

          He also has Zimmerman heard saying, on the 911 call “a seemingly religious proclamation, ‘These shall be'” (page two, 5th paragraph).

          I’m sure there is plenty more to criticize. I’m going to leave that to others.

          • doodahdaze says:

            Tax money out of my pocket was used to pay for this Baloney. Ugggh. Meanwhile the crooks are running wild.

          • John Galt says:

            Seems to me that Hollien impeaches Reich. What a fuster cluck.

          • eastern2western says:

            the reich report is highly speculative. the whole idea of science is objectivity, but reich offered no spectrum analysis or no report of comparing the different voices. his inclusion is based completely on his own opinion without any data to even back it up. the second report is little more scientific because it basically use spectrum analysis and voice stress level. the whole idea of science is numbers and I can not believe reich offered absolutely no objective analysis of his conclusion (a data read out or some thing from a machine).

          • jello333 says:

            As I said elsewhere, it’s obvious that George is Moses reincarnated, and caught Trayvon building a golden calf. So OF COURSE he’s gotta stop the young blasphemer!

        • jello333 says:

          Oh wow. Check out my comment just above yours (esp. the term “comic relief”) :shock:

      • waltherppk says:

        W8 said you could hear the grass thing. Where is the audio analysis on the grass thing?

      • jello333 says:

        And with that “cherp” we now, at LONG last, finally have proof that the Cockatoo is real!

    • myopiafree says:

      Hi CCG –
      OK – when do we get the tower “Ping Logs” and a complete dump of the “John Doe” Cell Phone. In the 25th discovery dump – or NEVER? (Eye Roll).

      • pet says:

        Here’s a vid that will give you perspective on the level of info you can get from ping logs/phone gps. Scary accurate. (This is also a good vid to show your young’uns if you have any.)

        • myopiafree says:

          Hi Pet,
          Thanks for the video – I was not aware of even these enhancements!

          The police should have gotten the “Ping Logs” since this is “open” Radio-Frequency information. All they needed was the “John Doe” cell-phone number (that they could get from calling 911 from that phone.) This is AUTOMATIC for cell-phone checking. That would have proven if 1) The cell phone was working it the last 10 minutes – or 2) That the cell was not working. That is indeed CRITICAL AND NECESSARY INFORMATION IN THIS CASE. It costs NOTHING TO GET IT. But further, this was a “Smart” cell-phone, so ALL phones called to and from the phone – could have been dumped. Why Omara/West DO NOT INSIST THAT IT BE DELIEVERED TO THEM – DEFIES MY UNDERSTANDING.

      • justfactsplz says:

        I am with you on the eyeroll. Give us the =====ping logs and all info on that heart phone!

    • RockyMtnMama says:

      Wow, those are some weak reports. At least the first one was pretty honest about how limited and inconclusive the results were. The second I just laughed it; it boiled down to, “golly, it sounded like a younger voice”.

    • There is nothing in either report that comes under standard voice comparison as has been used in courts. BDLR has some chutzpah to claim otherwise. Of course a Frye hearing has to be held to validate. I found very little to give confidence that any of the PHDs (I agree they are an improvement over Owen and Primeau) have any basis for claims they can compare screams with whatever else they had. I think O’Mara will have no trouble getting other PHDs to blast the conclusions to hell.

      • cboldt says:

        Nelso will let them in. She doesn;t have a clue about this stuff, and to be honest, she doesn’t need to have a clue because her function is to prevent only the most blatant violations. Not saying that’s the proper function of a judge, just that’s what hers is. She is to give every advantage to the state – and in the long run that may be an advantage to O’Mara. The jury is likely to see through the BS, regardless of how many blinders Nelson tries to put on them.

      • doodahdaze says:

        The mild mannered Clark Kent is still counting on the Law and the Criminal Justice System to overcome the scheme.

      • Terry in GA says:

        I wonder if these two “experts” are worth their salt, so to speak, if either would analyze the voice stress analysis tests and determine whether GZ was, in fact, telling the truth like the tests indicated.

    • mung says:

      So, if I am reading this right the conclusion is “I don’t have a clue who was really screaming”. Yep put him on the stand.

    • nivico says:

      Ok, just finished reading the Reich report…

      He resorts at one point to stating the ‘average’ adult male voice is blah blah blah to support his conclusions…

      …but he has voice exemplars of both GZ and TM, so why is he even talking about averages? Considering TM’s voice was deeper than average and GZ’s was softer than average, it seems like Reich is falling back on quoting general averages and not discussing the specific voices in question because the facts of this particular case don’t support the conclusion he is being paid to find.

      He is also claiming that the individual heard screaming was screaming “stop” not “help me” … so he’ll be asking every person in the courtroom to disbelieve their own ears.

      And of course, this is yet another 15-minutes-of-famer BDLR found in the newspaper… which is interesting in and of itself. Or to use BDLR’s own phrase, ‘the matter speaks for itself.’ He’s not looking for an objective opinion.

  19. ejarra says:

    I don’t believe that BALDR wants to keep out the drug tweets as much as the reference about “swinging on a bus driver”.

    Also, I remember last year there were tweets, now wiped, of him having forced sex with a couple of girls on a bus. He bragged about it and how he kicked them off of it. Does anyone remember that? Those tweets are here someplace. I believe they were mentioned and shown last May and again sometime in the summer.

    It’s THOSE tweets he most wants to keep out.

  20. Unicron says:

    I’ve decided to make a video that is a compilation of Crump’s creative pronunciation of words. I was going to appeal to anyone who wants to help me find some of his gems. If you can think of any great ones, or any at all, maybe you can link me to the video and provide a time stamp? So far I’ve only just started and I have one where he says “we’re hopeful an arrest is intimate” when he meant imminent. Within the last month there was one where he said “jurispoodence” instead of jurisprudence and there was another good pronunciation within that same video… I am having trouble finding that one again and I’d enjoy that one in particular.

  21. Unicron says:

    Just whipped up this image

    • cboldt says:

      Unicron, so-called “expert” Reich also had access to Trayvon exemplars, I think the same ones referred to by H&H. Great graphic, BTW. Those parts of the report speak for themselves. But H&H is not the only expert to have access to a recording of Trayvon’s voice. You’re way more creative than I am in coming up with a good hook, accounting for that.

    • creepytwins says:

      But some quack who’s trying to sell his unproven technology says it can’t be George screaming on the recording. So I’m going to go ahead and ignore everything else and focus on this one point that validates my preconceived notions of what happened, thank you very much. And I’m also going to ignore the physical evidence of what happened.

      • doodahdaze says:

        He also claims to be the inventor of Flubber. An obvious genius. He has spent his career working on a time machine flux capacitor and does these voice analyzations as a hobby.

  22. ed greene says:

    Too many motion BDLR is trying to force continuance unless
    Nelson has hearings next 2 saturdays before May 28 hearing no way see can decide on all current and future motions before June 10 Trial Day. BDLR is hoping for miracle. He has no honest witness for prosecution.
    Expect DCA ruling tommorrow because Arias and OJ in court so could be not as much News.
    Expect MOM to file motion to change Venue because of Francis Oliver comment to have blacks lie to be on jury. Palm Beach would be good change of venue.

  23. tara says:

    I see how this works. For the past year Team Skittles has been spewing defamatory BS about George in order to prejudice potential jurors, but they don’t want those potential jurors to know FACTS about Trademark.

    And Bernie is paranoid that if the jury knows that the penalty for second degree murder can be life in prison, they might not convict George. I realize that there’s a Florida Statute involved there, but just because it’s a law doesn’t mean it’s right. The sentencing info is available to the public, keeping it out of the courtroom seems ludicrous, as is the fear that extra knowledge by the jurors will corrupt their decision.

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but because a firearm was involved I think George is looking at 25-life if convicted. If it’s correct, then I’m encouraging all of us to disseminate this info wherever possible, in caps preferably. And include the bullet points of Bernies motion to suppress info about Trademark.

    • tara says:

      Sundance, I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again, your web site is FANTASTIC. You are doing the public a great service by printing all of the info that you print. You are a very courageous individual. Much love to the admins too.

      Bernie, please keep mentioning CTH in your courtroom tantrums. People need to see the info presented here, especially potential jurors.

    • Cherpa1 says:

      Team Skittles is being driven underground as the truth becomes clear in this tragic event. They are hiding their sites from view while scurrying into the walls, hiding from the bright light of sunshine on this case. Their sites are running out of air. Looks like when George said “looks like he is on drugs”, indeed Martin was. Good job supporters of justice.

  24. ejarra says:

    Anyone ever hear of him throwing paint cans at cars?

    I see that MuayTyson made a comment there.

    • ejarra says:

      I forgot this excerpt:

      So we have Trayvon Martin whose “rap sheet” includes a fight around Thanksgiving, punching a bus driver, getting kicked out of school (reportedly for having an empty sack of weed), and paintballing cars. With behaviors like that – all bunched together and the mark of a young man who is burgeoning into a hoodlum – it is easy to make the case that Martin became an aggressor who attacked a man he didn’t know was armed. All of that and he was very close to a guy who – even knowing that this case is under a lot of scrutiny – is calling for justice for the “cracka” George Zimmerman. Do the math.

      • ftsk420 says:

        In Texas 2009 2 teenagers shot a paintball gun at a truck driver chased them down and fired more than a dozen real bullets at them.

  25. Bongo says:

    Although I recognize the Jodi Arias trial took place in a different state, I don’t understand how any American court can allow the kind of character assassination that took place against Travis Alexander by the Defense and another court could refuse to include factual evidence that clearly shows aggressive nature of Trayvon Martin in this murder case.

  26. ejarra says:

    I still say it’s his other tweets that is what BALDR doesn’t want seen. Like these:

    There are pages and pages and pages spanning the time from around the beginning of Jan to Valentine’s Day 2012. They are, to put it mildly, misogynic, crude and will turn almost any jury away from thinking he’s a saint.

    You will need to scroll down to see them all.

  27. ejarra says:

    Here’s some more before he changed his handle. These are, from what I can tell, Dec. 2011.

  28. wrongonred says:

    Did I read that correctly in that Reich says that George says something to the affect of “These Shall be” in a “preacher’s voice”, as if this were out of a scene from the Boondock Saints? What next, Frank Taffe was the Murphy to his Connor, and they put pennies over his eyes?

    I thought Reich’s report was satirical to be honest. You would think that in order to dispassionately analyze a voice analysis, that one would need to test them in a “blind” fashion, to eliminate any potential bias in the testing……however, I guess that only applies to real scientists, who are conducting their research dispassionately.

    • mung says:

      They put more scientific method into the Pepsi challenge than these studies.

    • ackbarsays says:

      Yes, he says George says “These shall be” which sounds awfully close to “Please help me.”

      He also says Trayvon says “I’m begging you.” I doubt you can hear Trayvon’s voice, but even if there is some voice that he claims is Trayvon’s, “I’m begging you” sounds a lot like “I’mma kill you.” George said that Trayvon told him “Now you’re going to die.” Maybe he actually said something closer to “I’mma kill you” which if you had a very, very poor quality recording, could be mistaken for something else.

    • John Galt says:

      I can hear it now. Write before the shot, GZ says “In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.”

    • eastern2western says:

      according to reich, the stuff he hears can not heard by untrained ears.

      • doodahdaze says:

        Omara wants no experts. He wants to let the jury hear it and decide for themselves. I can see it now. Brilliant.

    • jello333 says:

      “I thought Reich’s report was satirical… ”

      Yeah, not just you. I thought, This MUST be a joke. I hope this idiot becomes a laughing stock, and never makes another penny from selling his “expertise”.

  29. eastern2western says:

    reich is one big tmz hog. In his report, he states he actually heard trayvon said “I’m begging you.”? However, it was very hard for the untrained listener to detect. However, the secondary report from another research team contradicts him completely and they said they never heard any thing like that. am I losing my mind because reich claims his analysis is scientific, but he offered us absolutely no objective data in his report to verify his opinion.

    • ftsk420 says:

      I never really listened to the 911 tapes until a Trayvon supporter claimed they heard George say shut the fuck up. So I listened to it over and over and I do hear the word “fuck” I also heard “someone please” I never heard “I’m begging you”

      • eastern2western says:

        this is only heard by reich. It is either that he has good ears or most of us are death because I can not imagine a telephone from such distance can actually pick up those words through a double pane glass door. I assume the caller recorded the screams behind her glass door.

      • jello333 says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if (with the right technology) we COULD hear a few words of Trayvon’s on that tape. But if they were ever deciphered, I really, REALLY don’t think the Traybots would be happy with what is revealed.

      • justfactsplz says:

        Trayvon said that to George when he was trying to suffocate him by covering his mouth and nose because George was yelling for help.

  30. elvischupacabra says:

    RE: The Photo

    Ooooooh, Trayvon! Twenty-one dollars! That’s sooooooo gang-sta!

  31. 22tula says:

    “Prosecutors push to keep Trayvon’s Martin’s past out of trial…”
    Drudge Report – May 14, 2013 – Right Column

    Link – Updated May 14, 2013

    • jello333 says:

      “Prosecutors push to keep Trayvon’s Martin’s past out of trial…”

      Just that headline, all by itself, is a welcome change. The people who’ve been paying very little attention are gonna go, “Huh? Why are they worried about that? What could that little kid have in his past that’s a problem?”…. followed shortly by, “Oh my God! Is all this true?”

  32. eastern2western says:

    Personally, I find the central argument of reich’s report is completely full of holes. He basically claim that the screams must be from martin because he is 17 and still has not developed his adult vocal cord. In his report, he states:

    • ftsk420 says:

      How does he explain his deep voice in the 7-11 video.

    • eastern2western says:

      “The resonant frequency position (largely related to oral, nasal, and pharyngeal anatomy), the fundamental frequency location (a physical measure of pitch related principally to laryngeal anatomy), and glottal source spectrum (voice quality resulting from the complex compex, rapid vocal-fold valving of exaled lung air) suggest that the speaker had not completed his hormonally-driven, anatomical and physiological transition into adult-make voice production.”
      I personally find this statement pure bs because martin was 17 already and he had already developed his adult vocal cord and talks like a man. HIs idea of only young man of 17 years can produce such high pitch screams like what was heard on the 911 call is completely lack of consideration for the genetic factor because both of trayvon’s parents have a very low tone of voice. God, I hope the defense will hire enough experts to make him look bad because I can not believe some of the crap he stuffed in to his report. this idiot believe he heard Zimmerman told trayvon that, “these shall be.” in a religious tone? If any one who dares to question his findings, he claims that they can only be heard by trained ears. is this guy kidding me?

      • ftsk420 says:

        If I was George on the very first day of trial I would scream for help at the tops of my lungs then sit down. Jury will hear it BDLR might not be too happy but who cares.

      • doodahdaze says:

        The courts give the decision to the Trial Court Judge. In Daubert and Frye. Both hand the power to the TCJ. What she thinks is the law. So there you have it. Her ruling will stand through the trial. The state could bring in a UFO expert and if the TCJ decides it is good to go. It is good to go.

    • dmoseylou says:

      Hmmm…wonder what is his “scientific” reason for Mr. Tyson’s girly-voice?

      • ftsk420 says:

        Every Time that man speaks I laugh if I met him in person he would knock me out because I would laugh at him. Big bad ass man with wimpy voice.

  33. Angel says:

    Not a recent article but a telling one. Must add some of Shelby Steele’s bookd to my “to read list.”

    • auscitizenmom says:

      Very interesting article, especially the last line.”
      The tragedy surrounding Trayvon’s death is not in the possibility that it might have something to do with white racism; the tragedy is in the lustfulness with which so many black leaders, in conjunction with the media, have leapt to exploit his demise for their own power.”

  34. eastern2western says:

    according to reich, George Zimmerman whispered, “D’ya think I’am crazy here?” in his 911 call?
    at 98 seconds , the voiced by tremulouse “these assholes, they always get away.” is preceded by a whispered “Dear God” and followed by a whispered “but not on me.”
    Is this reich guy listening to some thing else completely different or is he trying to incriminate Zimmerman because I listened to the 911 tape a numerous times and I did not heard any of the whispers he talked about. by adding these whispers, reich had already shown Zimmerman had motive.

    • eastern2western says:

      the defense needs to petition for reich’s version of the 911 tapes and the scream tapes because he heard things that no one had heard before.

    • tara says:

      This reminds me of the funny animal videos of the dogs and cats saying “I love you”.

    • pbunyan says:

      Reich appears to be practicing that “new science” first developed by Global Warming theologians, where you start with the conclusion and work your way backwards from there— and if you can’t find the data necessary to reach your conclusion, you just make it up.

  35. sundance says:

    Is there a timeline for the 5th DCA to deliver their ruling?

    • cboldt says:

      Only educated guesses. There is no rules-based deadline. If I recall my over/under, it went something like 25% chance by today (the 14th), 50% chance by this Friday, and 99% chance by next Friday, the 24th.

    • John Galt says:

      Can’t find anything. Did find something weird. Court doesn’t find young thug guilty, but sentenced him to prison and probation. 5DCA doesn’t like this recent practice. More manipulation of crime statistics?

    • jello333 says:

      I don’t think so, but here’s my thought on what’s going on: They had pretty much decided how they were gonna rule even before MOM filed the last two replies. And so ordinarily, we might expect the announcement to come real quick… like say yesterday. But I think it’s taking a little longer, in order to give ALL the judges a chance to weigh in in writing if they wish (beyond just their vote). By “all” I mean not just a random 3-judge panel, but maybe the whole court… all 10. After all, as MOM said at the end of the original petition, getting this ruling wrong, and allowing Crump to get away with what he’s done, could have HUGE implications… a major NEGATIVE precedent. I think the people on the DCA recognize that as well, and will want to make their point very clear. Better 10 doing that than just 3.

      (My opinion only! ;) )

      • dmoseylou says:

        Ah! Excellent theory—one I had not considered; but it makes great sense. DCA KNOWS the legal community and people in general are paying attention to the illicit, illegal, unethical persecution going on with the Scheme Team and State, inc. Nelson. They NEED to come down hard on this NOW to prevent further condemnation and ridicule of the FL. judicial system, as well as not allowing the involved parties to continue this malicious prosecution.

        • jello333 says:

          If the people on the DCA are honest, and have even a little bit of respect for the “system” and especially for themselves, they’ll do the right thing. We shall see….

  36. Sickof BIGbrother says:

    The persecution is looking for a hung jury. They absolutely know they can’t get an outright verdict of guilty right now. They want to cut their losses and end this thing without a clear winner. Even if Nelster grants everything they are wanting, a hung jury is still all they can hope to obtain and at this point, I’m sure they’d all take it. You can look for heavily influenced Nester to grant a lot of that of that crap. Just enough to get a couple of Natty’s cronies off the hook for sticking to a guilty verdict. Nester can sleep at night because an innocent man escapes prison. Corey and everyone else can sleep for the same reason. Of course, without immunity, GZ will have a difficult time bringing any of the crooked SOB’s to justice. The persecution is going ALL IN for a hung jury and EVERYONE is in on it.

    • doodahdaze says:

      Don’t give them any rope. They might hang each other. Maybe they will come up with something new. Guilty Not. A special verdict for this special prosecution.

  37. eastern2western says:

    is this reich guy nuts or he does not what the difference between science facts or fiction? basically, he cleans up the audio tapes, run it through his computer to get some graphs. by measuring those graphs, he could determine what dialogues were exchanged. basically, all conclusions are deducted in his head, with his own techniques and there is no way of repeating the same results with different techniques, but he claims that it is scientific? does he know that science is about repeating the same results with different techniques and the results can be approve by other people. he claims that Zimmerman told trayvon some thing in a religious tone, but how can one see religious tone from a graph?

  38. Lou says:

    BDLR will speak of DD in his closing statement. I’ve predicted all of this so far. MOM has to let all the media outlets about who DD is, especially the MSNBC. he’s has to be a little tougher though, and tell Lawrence O Donell off, but in a nice way. the DD minor child hoax has to be put out there.

    • MJW says:

      Not unless she testifies. Even Judge Nelson wouldn’t let him get away with that.

      • jello333 says:

        “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you’ve heard a lot of evidence to prove this man is guilty. But I’m just sorry you weren’t able to hear from our strongest witness, a poor, innocent girl who is too terrified to come into court — ”

        “Objection your honor.”

        ” — because of death threats. This girl was on the phone with Trayvon as Zimmerman chased him down — ”

        “Objection your honor!”

        ” — tackled him, tortured him, and finally shot him, laughing the whole time. She — ”

        “Your honor!”

        ” — literally heard Trayvon take his last breath, while crying for his mother and father.”

        “Your honor! What’s going on here?!”

        “Mr. De La Rionda, now you know better than that. Did you just do what I think you did?”

        “Well, all I did was tell a little about what this girl would have said, if she was able to appear here in court, were it not for the death threats coming from THAT man over there!”

        “Objection! This is outrageous!”

        “Mr. O’Mara! Please lower your voice! And Mr. West, quit giving me that look! I’ll take care of this. Now Mr. De La Rionda, I know how frustrating it must be, considering this girl was unable to appear through no fault of her own. But you know I can’t allow this.”

        “I’m sorry, your honor.”

        “It’s alright, I understand. Now ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I have to instruct you to ignore what you’ve heard over the past few minutes. Is that clear? Fine. Mr. De La Rionda, you may continue. But please no more about the poor frightened girl, alright?”

  39. El Gordo Loco says:

  40. disgustedwithjulison says:

    At what point in time should the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case be elevated to a White House abuse of power scandal? Seriously….Obama stepped into this pile of poo. His head of the DOJ stepped into this pile of poo and sent FBI people to place pressure on the Zimmerman’s with a civil rights investigation (which, of course cleared George…..but this was when the full court press was on to intimidate the Zimmermans including Shellie’s false charges).

    Judge Lester was told by someone to “tamp this case down”. Who?

    It sounds like the CRS remains involved in this case….managing it behind the scenes to minimize rioting. While I support them on minimizing rioting, I do not support the Federal Government trading a man’s civil rights in order to accomplish that.

    So, is this worthy of adding to the list of government abuse coming out of the Executive Branch?

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