Part 7 – The Trayvon Martin Cover Up: Sgt. Lourdes Hodges (Trayvon FOIA #14)

Miami Dade Schools Police Department

Sergeant Lourdes Hodges was the person who opened the “Supplemental report” on the Dashboard of Detective Hadley after he completed sending the information requested to Sanford Sgt. Randy Smith.   Hadley sent Smith an 8 page report on Trayvon Martin from a Criminal Mischief complaint filed by School Resource Officer Darryl Dunn.

However, at the behest and instruction of Police Chief Hurley, the Mischief Complaint was only part of the behavioral issue from that day. The second aspect from the incident was Trayvon’s backpack containing stolen jewelry and a burglary tool. This part of the incident was intentionally mislabeled, and misreported, by SRO Dunn to eliminate the need for a criminal investigation.

Instead of attaching the Jewelry to Trayvon Martin, Dunn filled out a report of the jewelry outlining it as “found jewelry”, presenting the issues *as if* it were just found items with no ownership etc. As a consequence the jewelry was sent to evidence storage where it sat without investigation.

After M-DSPD Hadley sent the 8 page report to Sanford PD, the jewelry incident was noted as a case number associated with the Trayvon Martin file – but not attached to the file by name. Hence, Sgt Hodges opened a dashboard supplement so that Hadley could photograph the items and send an additional supplemental report along to Sgt Smith in Sanford who was compiling information for a victimology report.

The information Sgt. Smith eventually compiled, with support from the Miami-Dade School Police Force, never saw the light of day.  It disappeared down the rabbit hole, and was not included in the final victimology report filed by Sanford Detective Serino.

Sgt. Lourdes Hodges connects many of the dots associated with the process that was taking place in Miami-Dade  immediately following the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

As we have  continued to outline, the Trayvon shooting was recognized immediately as a risk by the M-DSPD Police Chief Charles Hurley.


Former Police Chief Hurley with his wife and son – Miami

Hurley had told his officers to avoid issuing criminal reports on young black males in High School, and to find alternate disingenuous methods of using the reports only for school discipline.   This process was an effort to support a false premise of improved statistics mandated by Miami-Dade School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, who hired Hurley.

Both Hurley and Carvalho were being heralded as heroes for incredible reductions in criminal student behavior. Unfortunately, the improvements they were taking credit for were merely due to manipulation of statistics and data.

The publicity surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting, and the potential for investigative journalism, spooked Hurley who worried the scheme would be discovered.  As a consequence he told all police officers and leadership that no information was to be shared with outside agencies – the request by Sanford Police, and the fulfillment of part of that request angered Hurley who launched an Internal Affairs investigation against his own team.

Unfortunately the investigation backfired, because the officers within the General Investigation Unit (GIU) told Internal Affairs officers the truth about what was going on.  This expanded the investigation outside the GIU to include dozens of corroborative witnesses.

At the conclusion of the internal investigation Police Chief Hurley was suspended, and later fired.

What you are about to read is Sgt. Lourdes Hodges sworn affidavit to the Internal Affairs investigator outlining what took place from her perspective.

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132 Responses to Part 7 – The Trayvon Martin Cover Up: Sgt. Lourdes Hodges (Trayvon FOIA #14)

  1. akathesob says:

    WOW Sundance you really have out-done yourself on this. One really needs know just how corrupt this story has turned all because “if I had a son!”

  2. arkansasmimi says:

    Sending prayers and hopes for a day of peace to Geo and Shellie and Family. Stay Strong!!!

  3. stobberdobber says:

    So it was a new thing (not in the manual i.e. writing) that it not go out even to inquiring law enforcement agencies. FERPA does not apply here when they said it shouldn’t have been sent to SPD.

    • Sharon says:

      To put it mildly, that’s pretty telling, isn’t it? “We can’t have LEOs communicating efficiently with one another in matters of enforcing the law and investigating violations of the law.”

  4. justfactsplz says:

    The activity of Sgt. Smith and Serino need to be looked into along with Noble members of SPD. SPD could use a dose of internal affairs investigation. While I think Chief Lee and the force did a good job investigating, there are some bad apples in that bushel.

  5. Rick Madigan says:

    “At the conclusion of the internal investigation Police Chief Hurley was suspended, and later fired.”

    That’s what is called “Poetic Justice!”

  6. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    This scandal certainly illustrates the point that crime statistics can be unreliable because they can be and often are manipulated by police and politicians who have an agenda. You may recall some months back you had a thread regarding the Atlanta or Chicago police department. (I can’t cite the exact thread) Included in that thread was the Uniform Crime Report for one of the precincts for IIRC, one month. Your focus for that thread was the fact that all of the homicide victims had been Blacks who had presumably bend killed by Blacks. I had focused on the fact that so many of the homicides had not even cleared by an arrest and on the caliber specific data. I had noticed at the time but didn’t comment on the fact that most of the reports for stolen property were deemed to be unsubstantiated. Perhaps the citizens of that precinct are liars who file false police reports. It is more probable that the police are classifying many reported thefts as unsubstantiated. There are a number of reasons:
    Reduce the official crime rate to make the department look good.
    Reduce the official crime rate to make the African American community look good.
    Inflate the clearance/arrest rates by deeming thefts that they have not made an arrest for as unsubstantiated to make the department look good.
    Reduce the liability of insurance companies who may not have to pay the claims of crime victims if reported thefts are deemed unsubstantiated.

    The bottom line is that the manipulation of crime statistics by the MDSPD is far from isolated. These falsified statistics can and are used to influence public policy. This is why I am careful to evaluate the veracity f the statistics that I cite. Homicide statistics are less vulnerable to such manipulations because it is difficult for the police to rule that a report of a homicide is unsubstantiated when their is an inconvenient corpse in the morgue.

    The only fraud involves manipulating the numbers of homicides by police. Very many shootings and other killings by police are deemed to be “suicide by cop.”. Taser International has a team of vicious lawyers whose job is to file defamation suits against any medical examiners who dare to suggest that subjects who died after being Tasered by police died as a result of an electrical shock disrupting cardiac function rather than the company and police approved finding of “Excited Delirium”. It is estimated that the FBI statistics on killings by cops understate the number by a factor of about three or four, but may be more.

    Read : “Deadly Force, What We Know” by the Police Executives Research Forum.”

    • John Detwiler says:

      This is equivalent to the media supressing Traqyvon’s picture as he actually was. A 6’3” 185 lb.(so called child) instead they published a photo of him as a 12 year old. Oh course we can visualize the results. A public outcry for justice with many citizens finding it impossible for a child as illustrated being able to over power a grown man. Oh by the way Zimmerman was 5’8″ and a portly 170 lb. man, discribed as a whimp by his Karate instructor. This double standard by the media is an insult to the people.

  7. myopiafree says:

    I often “wondered” how a “chile” who had three 10 day suspensions, and missed 53 days of school, could be “pure as the falling snow. Now I KNOW. There was a lot of LYING going on:

    “…Unfortunately the investigation backfired, because the officers within the General Investigation Unit (GIU) told Internal Affairs officers the truth about what was going on. This expanded the investigation outside the GIU to include dozens of corroborative witnesses.”

    Thanks goodness there are some honest people to report the truth about Trayvon. He was indeed a violent thug and thief. His playing a “knock out game” with George (violent fist attack on George) is UNDERSTANDABLE from his past history – as recorded by the Miami Police Force. Thanks!

  8. brocahontas says:

    It is pretty amazing when a real and active conspiracy is uncovered with actual hard evidence. Alex Jones uncovered a conspiracy a week but the evidence is always nebulous at best.

    • tara says:

      Now what I want to know is this: is the Miami-area mainstream media picking up on this? Because they should. This is a big story. The public needs to know. And all of the organizations which gave awards to the schools need to know as well.

      • ejarra says:

        You can start by linking this in comment sections of your (Chicago area) papers when a related subject comes up. TM, violence in schools, etc. Show people that cover-ups do and are occuring and that they may want to find out that what was going on in Miami, may be also in their own back yard.

      • nameofthepen says:

        Tara, the Ministry of Propaganda has not authorized the Lame Stream Media to stray from the Official Narrative.

        “Free Press” is simply another oxymoron.

  9. ejarra says:

    I’ve been reading this: for the past couple of days and I find it interesting what they, the M-DSPD have to say about Hurley and his policy. I believe that guest15 may either be him or a twin. Anyone know who “Rod” is?

    • libby says:

      it is getting juicy over there….the post garnered little attention for days and now we have a conversation of sorts……
      I loved this part…………”some memos from supervisors applauding their officers for NOT making arrests.”.
      good guyii says. “In fact it should be further tightened, and law enforcement should not be limited to making only select misdemeanor arrests. “……so if the kids feloniously assault somone, school staff or a fellow student, they should get a tap on the wrist? and sent back to school for further criminality?

      • libby says:

        maybe the honest police officers are upset with all of them being painted with the racist brush (now, if we could find a few honest reporters who practice the old fashiooned art of journalism, i could imagine seeing an improvement)

      • waltherppk says:

        GIU – SOP Rule #26 Whenever there is a felony battery by a juvenile, the incident report will be exceptionally cleared by declaring that the student was just harmlessly out and about for some iced tea and skittles, and the felony battery incident report will be reclassified as a confidential educational record for an innocent chile.

        • libby says:

          hey hurley…..i got news for ya…..the stats arent there so we can make all black kids look bad, they are there to ensure resouces go where they are needed…..if mdspd makes it seem like far less crime is goign on there, they will get less resources to fight crime (rightfully so)……

          • Knuckledraggingwino says:

            If we were to judge the nation’s police using objective standards such as crime rates, arrest rates, arrests per officer, we would arrest most of the police for loitering.

            Is anyone paying attention to homicide rates in cities that are laying off individual police officers or the entire force? I bet they are doing better than Chicago?

            • libby says:

              in grad school, i was lucky to have a prof that taught us the distinction between equity and fairness in the classroom…….equity means every kdi gets the same and fairness means those who need a limitied resource are entitled to it….
              imagine yourself in the classroom….a kid passes out and is in need of cpr…….do you give cpr to all the children in alphabetical order hopign you will get to the kid who needs it in time for him to be saved……..or would youi tell the kids only the kid who needs cpr shal get it?
              i believe in both equity when it is appropriate and fairness when it is appropriate….equitable treatment does not mean equitable outcomes….not all kids make the same choices, so why would we expect the same outcomes?

            • libby says:

              This kinda reminds of how afraid many minorities are about the census (and their unwillingness to participate in census)……You dont have to fill out the census, but when congress hasnt allocated funds to help you dont point the finger at me…….

    • libby says:

      as you noted, astutely, guest15 (hurley) thinks that the only possible crimes kids do at school is graffiti which can be washed away quickly (true), but replacing copper pipes is expensive and timely (while kids go without hot water, sanitation, etc).
      “there is no statistical manipulation” he said while he seemed to claim later that stat manipulation is good
      what if it was your child? wouldnt you want him to be able to vandalize the school at will? your kid ought to be able to eliminate critical aspects of the schools infrastructure as long as he needs a little pocket cash to get his fix, right?
      “You would even take it a step further and envoke the special privilege of talking to the officer “cop-to-cop.” That doesn’t work for the poor Hispanic child that has a mother working at a cafeteria, or the Black child who has a father working at Best Buy. ”
      this works real well for the black kid who is well connected with the bgi, though, eh? a kid who knew of the new policy and had connection with the bgi would have been able to take advantage of this in a big way.
      “Again, many experts from law enforcement, judiciary, education, mental health and government agree that there is a disproportionate response by police in schools.”…even though he claims he didnt cook the stats boks, this is his excuse for cooking the stats books.
      this clown compared us to the dog pound? now thems fighting words…….”The tragic events which took place involving TM should not even be utter from your filthy mouth or cowardly fingers.”
      “His records were wrongfully released, thus violating a policy in place.”
      The policy was an ILLEGAL policy and thus they had a RESPONSIBILITY to ignore the illegal policy.

      • ytz4mee says:

        I found that comment interesting as well. It seemed to highlight the entire rationale of the Carvalho – Hurley axis. Someone with a lot personally invested in burying the TM story wrote that comment.

        And the commenter is incorrect. The standing policy was to release information to other law enforcement agencies. As has been pointed out in the affidavits, information is released to Miami civilian police when a Krop “kid” has been shot – and, apparently, this happens frequently in the MSPSD.

        There are some good people out there who want the truth to come out. I would speculate they are tired of living the BGI mandated lies.

        • waltherppk says:

          SOP was not violated WRT TM. What happened is there was a sudden change of SOP which was expected to be applied to records related to TM so that there was more of an “affirmative action” lawbreaking done for benefit to the estate of “if I had a son”, just cause he is suddenly soooo famous and special.

          • libby says:

            all animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
            interesting story about the writing of this novel (George Orwell’s Animal Farm) that I did not know….
            “Orwell, a democratic socialist,[2] was a critic of Joseph Stalin and hostile to Moscow-directed Stalinism, especially after his experiences with the NKVD and the Spanish Civil War.[3] The Soviet Union, he believed, had become a brutal dictatorship, built upon a cult of personality and enforced by a reign of terror.”

        • waltherppk says:

          Cops who didn’t exercise proper affirmative action discretion WRT according “special treatment” to the records of “if I had a son” were wrongly made the subjects of administrative persecution contrived as an IA investigation of alleged unlawful disclosure of records, when no such unlawful disclosure of records occurred, and if it did then nobody is provable as to have done it. The entire IA investigation was a Hurley witch hunt done to deflect criticism for not having the foresight to cook the books good enough so that Saint Skittles could remain looking saintly, having nothing but the clean record of a future astronaut and properly innocent chile, tattoos, stolen property, gold grilled grin, pot head and all.

      • jello333 says:

        “The policy was an ILLEGAL policy and thus they had a RESPONSIBILITY to ignore the illegal policy.”

        Yep. Similar to the military… a soldier has a duty to REFUSE to obey an illegal order. “Just following orders” should NEVER be an excuse.

    • nameofthepen says:

      Ejarra – great link. Fascinating stuff. “Guest15″ sounds like a classic enabler-type.

      • boutis says:

        They rationalize this because they do it for promotions and cash awards from great job evaluations. They know it is wrong but come up with twisted justifications. It is the same thought processes of the criminal school administration in Atlanta changing test scores to line their own pockets and decrease the funds sent to the terrible schools. They want to make a name for themselves even if it is based upon fraud to line their pockets and for professional “acclaim”. They refuse to see that they are hurting others or do not care. I think the cops who carried out his orders, I was just doing what I was told, are as bad as he is. They were not helping children, they were enabling criminals.

        • nameofthepen says:

          Hey, Boutis! :)

          Yes, I hear what you’re saying. But, I think there are bad apples, and good ones, and ones which are slowly going bad due to being helplessly affected by the bad ones.

          I just re-read the #4 posting – the deposition of Sergeant William Tagle. I got much more out of it this time.

          It’s quite a bombshell, IMHO – especially the Sgt. Tagle’s final statement.

          I think that whatever started the chain of events which blew the dam (Random accident? Karma? Divine intervention? Masked whistleblower?), the good apples rallied to the cause, and made sure the opportunity to at last fight back wasn’t wasted.

          So, to all the good apples who are oppressed by psychopaths in power, I hope you take heart from what we’re seeing as this unfolds.

          Thank you again, Sundance and Staff. :)

          • boutis says:

            But many left that department because they would not participate. The turnover was huge. The go along to get along stayed. Were all rotten? No but they turned a blind eye or just tried to stay out of Hurley’s way. What turned them was when Hurley turned on THEM accusing them of illegally releasing ILLEGAL information. Yes it is crazy. Again they appeared to be at least OK with his antics until he threatened THEIR careers. These are failing schools at least in part because of the behavior of some (many?) of the students that they were protecting. They actively harmed the innocents at the schools who were left to deal with the behavior of some and protected the perpetrators and appeared to have no problem with it until it started unraveling and harming THEIR careers, then they piled on.

            • nameofthepen says:

              Boutis, you’re probably right. Don’t spread this around, but I confess to being a “closet optimist”. :lol:

              May I share one of my favorite quotes with you? It seems to really “fit” into our little conversation here. It’s from a guy named Robert Brault. Even though the dang thing keeps popping into my head at the most annoying times, I actually treasure it.:

              You do not wake up one morning a bad person. It happens by a thousand tiny surrenders of self-respect to self-interest.

              • myopiafree says:

                This described “not a bad person”, Bernie. He did not start out to promote lies, or to attack an innocent person with a false “Probable Cause” document – but if he wished “good performance reviews” and his $100,000 from the State of Florida – he was willing to do ANYTHING.

                • nameofthepen says:

                  Hey, Myopiafree – Yes, the allegorical “30 pieces of silver”. Who of us hasn’t faced some greater or lesser form of it, and failed, at one time or another?

                  Certainly not me. :(

            • janc1955 says:

              “they appeared to be at least OK with his antics until he threatened THEIR careers.”

              Boutis: with few exceptions, this is where it’s at in “corporate” America today. There are no pay raises, awards, recognition or even a thank you for being an actual LEADER in companies and organizations today. It’s all about managing your own career — looking out for #1. Being an honest, ethical, encouraging, inspiring leader with the best interests of your employees at heart gets you exactly ZIP in most organizations today. After awhile, the good guys lose interest in being good as they watch all the narcissists around them move ahead professionally.

            • jello333 says:

              Except for one of them… was it Tagle? Anyway, he made some comment that basically accused Hurley of being a racist. Something like, “It makes me really mad that these policies were intended to help black kids, while all other kids were ignored.” So at least he seemed to have a serious problem with the policy, even before he was personally caught up in it. Now would he have ever spoken out had it not happened?… who knows.

      • waltherppk says:

        Guest 15 = No_Limit_Nigga_Luva

        • nameofthepen says:

          Hey, Waltherppk – D’oh! I’m not finding anything in my “mental Rolodex” for that entity. And googling it brought up a big zero for me. :oops:

          Can you maybe help me out a bit, please?

          • waltherppk says:

            TM’s twitter or facebook handle was No_Limit_Nigga which led to Obama, (if I had a son) being termed No_limit_Nigga_Sr. and it just seemed the natural progression that Hurley, Guest 15 would be ….what else… got it.

            • nameofthepen says:

              Waltherppk, Holy Minions of Darkness, Batman!!

              I’m starting to wimp out on this. I feel like my chair is spinning. My brain almost can’t take in the depths of depravity that pass as SOP for so many trusted “public servants” in office.

              Thank you for the tip.

    • ytz4mee says:

      No, but there several other threads discussing who will be the next Chief and the antics of the school board. According to the gossip on the board, Cavalho is the one directing the deceit and cover-up.

    • HughStone says:

      Rod is connected to Rhonda Vangates and seems to be an officer that tried to cover up this.
      “18-year-old star running back Antwain Easterling had intercourse with a 14-year-old ninth-grader inside a girls bathroom at the school. Officials knew about the incident but did not report it to police and allowed Easterling to continuing playing”

  10. auscitizenmom says:

    Well, my take on this is that a lot of police hours and effort were spent on trying to keep the officers from doing their jobs. And, to have Officer Hadley investigated was either stupid or arrogant, or both.

  11. maggiemoowho says:

    After reading through the reports so far, Miami Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho has some nerve making this statement about the investigation back on March 20, 2012

    “As Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, a father, and an American, I am heartbroken and deeply disturbed by the senseless and untimely death of one of my students, one of my children, Trayvon Martin. Each year we lose far too many young people to illness and accidents, but the death of a child as the result of an inexplicable violent act is not only heartbreaking, it is cause for outrage. The apparent failure of authorities to properly investigate such a death is utterly unacceptable. Trayvon was killed on February 26, 2012, and some twenty-four days later, no charges have been filed or arrests made. Our American justice system is one that assures that all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law and that evidence, not conjecture or supposition, is to drive criminal investigations. I join my voice with those who, in pain and mourning, demand that no stone be left unturned as state and federal entities achieve what, apparently and unjustifiably, the Sanford Police Department has not–justice.”

    Did he discuss what the MDSPD was doing with Pam Bondi on March 1, 2012 During their meeting over matters impacting children.

    • Sharon says:


      And beyond that….Trayvon was his child, too, as well as obama’s? This perhaps gives us a hint that the village elders have been implementing and standardizing the business of “all the children belonging to whoever wants them at the moment” for some time. These peeps appear to be comfortable and familiar with this kind of language, and this kind of presumption about children who are not theirs.

      ADD: It’s really incredibly sad that those who should have considered Trayvon “their child” did not, in most practical and normal parental ways, and once they didn’t, there was apparently a line a mile long willing to say he was their child, after their absence contributed to his death.

      • libby says:

        it takes a village to ignore a child’s character flaws and allow them to fester and grow (though they claim that everyone in that community was responsible for him, no one was allowed to discipline him other than his absentee parents)….if we as village members are expected to help raise the local chillens, then we ought to be able to employ our own sense of values to these chillens, not be forced to ignore all the bad deeds of these bad seeds

      • jello333 says:

        You got it. Had Trayvon walked up to any of these people on Feb 25th and asked for help getting himself straightened out, they would have ran the other way. But as soon as he became a cause celebre… “Oh oh! He could have been my son! Oh how I wish I could have helped him!”

      • myopiafree says:

        Hi Sharon – Letting Trayvon “run wild”, only ENCOURAGED HIM to believe he could do anything he wanted to. If he had been charged with felony possession of stolen property (totally justified) and sent to prison, he MIGHT have “woken up”. That is what should be done with this thugs (white or black). If justice had been done – he would still be alive, and George would not have had to defend himself against the attempted murder by Trayvon.

    • nameofthepen says:

      Maggiemoowho, great links! ;)

      I especially enjoyed this piece of blatant hypocrisy:

      Superintendent of Schools Alberto M. Carvalho released the following statement…encouraging and fully supporting…thorough and independent review of the incident to determine if Trayvon’s civil rights were violated.

      I’m guessing that by “thorough and independent review” Carvalho didn’t mean thorough enough to include background data of any crimes and/or serious misconduct by both parties involved in Trayvon’s unfortunate death. :evil:

    • jello333 says:

      Ok Carvahlo, you idiot. You were right when you said this… now read it again:

      “Our American justice system is one that assures that all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law and that evidence, not conjecture or supposition, is to drive criminal investigations.”

      Read it again idiot! Read it 100 times until you understand just how IRONIC you’re other comments are!

  12. Sha says:

    If my kid was doing some of the things that TM where into and no one contacted me to let me know I had a problem going on with my child that I wasn’t aware of, I would be mad as hell. I don’t wont anyone lying and covering up for my kid in the least little bit. My child has been raised to understand the difference between right and wrong and I hold him to a high standard . I know he is not perfect, I know he will make mistakes but I also know he has to learn from those mistakes in order to be a good man and be productive in society. Learning from our mistakes is what makes us who we are .
    I have help raise several boys that weren’t held accountable for there actions and they are a mess and not even close to being prepared to handle what the world is going to throw at them. Guess who I blame for my boys who aren’t ready for the world there about to have to go out into, there parents. There parents didn’t make time for them are just didn’t wont to be bothered when things got a little hard or even better there parents where so into there own selves that they for got they had a kid that needed them, instead they let other people take over where there sorry asses should have. I don’t need a school to be my kids parent . I am a proud parent not a perfect one, but a proud one who made a decision to raise my child not let them raise there self . I dam sure don’t wont people who make excuses for bad behavior having any say so in how my kid is raised. Sorry for the rant……….

    • Sharon says:

      Theories that provide cover for and reinforce bad behavior have been present in the schools for well over thirty years, based on my own experience…theories masked as compassion and support. In the 1970′s, our son was in LD classes for a specific neurological issue that he grew out of by the time he was in about sixth grade, and from then on he continued with normal classroom work. During the years he was in LD classes, it was a constant battle between me and his teachers, because they wanted to excuse stupid behaviors that had nothing to do with his diagnosed problem. It was infuriating, and I would confront them with the fact that they were actually making his short-terms problems into long-term problems by teaching him (by their foolishness) that sloppy behavior was ok “if he had a problem.” I hit the roof the day I came into the classroom when he was about 11 years old, found him sitting on the floor under a table, PLAYING, when his classwork was spread on the table where he was supposed to be sitting and working. The teacher’s response was, “But look how much better behaved he is than the other children—”

      This is intentional on their part, Sha. They’ve had a plan all along. It never was about the children, not my son or yours. It never was about compassion. It was about dissolving the connection between behavior and consequences, about cutting the links of authority/responsibility between parent and child, and it was about expanding the role of the public school system as the arm of government.

      Just as this mess has very little to do with George Zimmerman, it has very little to do with Trayvon Martin. Big picture. Big picture. We have got to get the big picture.

      Trayvon and George are both evidence of the results of the fatal disease–fatal to our Republic, that is.

      • nameofthepen says:

        Sharon….Wow. Just…wow!!! +1,000,000

      • Sha says:

        I agree sharon. I had never really looked at the big picture until coming here.( I couldn’t see past just trying to make it day to day ) Everyone here knows by now I am not really well educated and that shows in my writing but that doesn’t make me stupid and I refuse to let my youngiest boy or nephew get by with just sitting in the class and behaving to get a passing grade. I was that shy kid that just shut up and got pushed along. My mom didn’t give a dang about me and my dad (who I didn’t have until I was 10) couldn’t read or write to help me. I was grown before I learned the value of a good education. The schools I grew up in where the same as what TM was in. Get along and move along , don’t ask questions when kids have problems because you just might have to really get involved. These schools are full of crap if they think they can help any child by pushing them along and hoping things will work out are someone else will step in and do the work they and the parents aren’t.

        • Sharon says:

          And a “good education” can be obtained by any of us as individuals. My parents and grandparents had, at the most, an 8th grade education, and their writing, reading and thinking was better than that of many college graduates today. Going to lots of school and having a good education are two entirely different things.

          That’s why I keep buying books. I’m 68 years old, Sha. Whenever I notice something being discussed that I don’t understand well enough to participate in the discussion!…I will ask someone who is in the conversation for a book recommendation–sometimes I just go after a book they have already mentioned. Most books can be found and purchased, used, on Amazon, for less than $7 in almost perfectly new condition. Education has very little to do with “going to school”–you are “more educated” than you think, :)

        • auscitizenmom says:

          Let me state for the record that you are wrong. “Everyone here knows by now I am not really well educated and that shows in my writing.” I, for one, never thought that at all. Your posts have always been clear, kind, and compassionate. Actually, I have wished that I could be as clear in my writing. Sometimes what I say doesn’t come out exactly the way I meant it. And, although I have a college degree, I don’t feel more educated or intelligent than you. (I hope that came out right.)

        • ftsk420 says:

          I think you are very intelligent and I wish you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Now me on the other hand not very educated. But I learned things that can never be taught in school or read in books.

          • Sha says:

            ftsk420 : Thank You ….I would never in a million years see you as uneducated. The things you say are honest and from the heart…. you pull no punches and make no excuses for your mistakes . That is a leader ! never a follower. You have the power to be a great roll model and save so many lives, just by being you and telling your story. :)

          • justfactsplz says:

            Fisk, you have learned much from what you have lived throug. That in itself is an education.

  13. libby says:

    (no back row-just trying to make ya laugh)….apologies…..not directing comment at anyone….I understand better your concerns and promise to be more in line with what is expected

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you very much, Libby. We do understand “how it happens” and appreciate your understanding as to why we do not want to go there. Thanks. :)

  14. libby says:

    Trayvon had no criminal record (we hid it as best we could)

  15. nameofthepen says:

    I find it ironic that the reason Trayvon got popped for “criminal mischief” at school is because he was lurking around where he didn’t belong and “looked suspicious”.

    • auscitizenmom says:

      This article was written to foster the case of black discrimination. However, these men should have known that they were supposed to adhere to a dress code because of the kind of tickets they had. Nothing to do with a Black discrimination as far as I can see. It will be interesting how it all turns out.

    • jello333 says:

      I read that to my wife last night. But after each paragraph I stopped and asked her what she thought. Of course she was like, “Sounds like they WERE discriminated against.” So I just kept going, getting the same reaction… UNTIL…. until reaching the last couple sentences. And then she got kinda mad. “What? Why didn’t they say that at the beginning? So it really wasn’t discrimination, but whoever wrote that story was just trying to mislead people?”


  16. IAmGeorgeZimmerman says:

    did you all see yet that jftm managed to coopt the bombing? headlines now are reading “8 year old bombing victim supported trayvon”……. nytimes….global grind….just google ” Martin Richard trayvon”.

    so basically what happened is in april the liberal teacher decided to use trayvon to spread the liberal agenda…and told her students all the lies at the time: white racist, innocent black child, racial profile, murdered in cold blood for color of his skin…..and made her students draw stuff. and jftm prides itself on the fact it fooled a 7 year old

    according to nytimes, it was a class assignment by a teacher who participated in marches….the assignment was in april when zero facts were out.

  17. jello333 says:

    This is really of no importance, but…. what kind of a goofy index is that at the end of the statement (about pg 70-74 of the document)?

    • sundance says:

      Actually it is important. Lourdes was asking specifically what SOP protocol they were supposed to be in violation of. The investigator then outlined the part of the SOP regarding disemination of public information protocols…. Lourdes then asked if he was referencing the “Police Chief Hurley protocol” or the one(s) that existed prior to “Hurley”… And the conversation continued…..

      The index is the list of Standard Operating Proceedures – from the referece index.

      You can also see “Hurley’s” specific instructions that were from his office about sharing information and what they were not allowed to do.

      In essence one of the aspects from this FOIA is the outline that Hurley knew his new instructions to his officers about changing criminal behavior recording was a dangerous and risky endeavor if found out. He needed to control the risk. So, early on, he changed the way they were allowed to share information both inner office, and inter-office.

      In essence he said all communication about our records must come through his public information officer – even if you are sending stuff to another police or law enforcement agency….. Sounds silly – but that was what he needed to do to control the risk from information coming out about his actual endeavors.

      {he needed to narrow the information flow and position his filter at the tightest part of the funnel}

      Make sense now?

      • jello333 says:

        Oh yeah, thanks. I know how important the different SOPs, and the changes to them is. But what I was referring to was what Janc explained just below (above?). The 3 or 4 pages that just have references to locations of specific words/phrases.

        computer (2) 12:14, 13:2
        concerned (1) 19:4
        concluded (1) 19:18

        (etc… etc…)

    • janc1955 says:

      Jello: It’s my understanding the index is standard at the end of an official transcription. If someone needs to refer back to a particular word (which happens often — think of situations in which a witness is on the stand, doesn’t answer according to his/her prior deposition, and the attorney grabs the depo and flips right to the section he/she needs to challenge the witness), they can flip to the index, find the word, the page(s) and line(s) the word appears on within the transcript.

      • janc1955 says:

        For example, Hadley can look at the index, see his name was mentioned (5) times, on page 6, lines 19 and 23; on page 7, line 14; on page 13, line 6; and on page 15, line 23.

        • jello333 says:

          Yeah thanks, makes sense. I was just thinking along the lines of your typical book or something. How bizarre that type of an index in THAT would be.

          “the” (12, 814 occurrences): pg 1, line 3; pg 1, line 4(a), pg 1, line 4(b), pg 1, line 6,….

    • ctdar says:

      Hodges was very astute to ask for specificity (not once but several times at end of affadavit) in what exactly the charge that she supposedly violated; it puts Hurley in a box on the record.

  18. CCG says:

    Because it worked out so well for the Miami Dade Schools, Broward is following the same path.

    [i]The proposal comes after years of criticism that Broward principals have leaned too heavily on school-assigned police officers to mete out discipline — at times resulting in unnecessary arrests. When in-school arrests are made, minority students are being disproportionally placed in handcuffs.

    Broward had 1,062 school-related arrests during the 2011-12 school year, according to a report by Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice. Miami-Dade County schools, which have significantly more students, had 552 arrests. Miami-Dade has in recent years employed a variety of strategies to reduce student arrests: psychologists and social workers are involved in the discipline process, school police officers were retrained to be more cautious in making arrests, and a Civil Citation Program gives students a chance to nullify a misdemeanor arrest if they complete a diversion program.[/i]

  19. Flaladybug says:

    I’ve been reading the LEO site provided in earlier posts and came across some disturbing allegations of Hurley abusing juveniles (boys and girls). One of the posters who seemed to be “in the know” commented that DCF had become involved. Anyone have any info on that? There were SEVERAL that alluded to sexual abuse of juveniles by Hurley and Carvahlo. I may be COMPLETELY off base here….but I’m wondering if Hurley could have had any interaction or knowledge of DeeDee…..and maybe helped in creating the “NARRATIVE” in this fiasco?? Just a thought.

  20. recoverydotgod says:

    2009-2014 strategic plan
    Miami Dade School District
    Pg 28-30 M-DSPD

  21. justfactsplz says:

    Well the prosecution is busy with depositions. I know two people being deposed tomorrow. They had moved recently and did not get their supeona. It came through Omara so they thought their depos were with the defense. They just found out today it is with the prosecution. Nice of Omara to let them know. Prayers are requested. Thanks. I can’t imagine being deposed by Bernie.

    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      If their depositions are anything like the interview he did with DeeDee, they should be like a walk in the park. Bernie will just tell them what he wants them to say, then have them sign the transcript after the parts with him talking has been edited out.

    • jello333 says:

      Don’t worry about it, they’ll do fine. They have the truth on their side, while Bernie…. well, we know what Bernie and his buddies have.

  22. ejarra says:

    Very interesting reading here and perhaps a doxing of DD.

    A quote: “The bloggers at the tree house should do a search on your girlfriend Suzy Milano-Berrios…now that’s some interesting reading. Hope they can connect the dots…”

  23. George says:

    If the police had did their job then poor Mr. Zimmerman would not have almost been murdered by the thug Martin.

  24. BaconNBeer says:

    What can you expect when our “if I had a son” President has to seal his records to get elected and no one thinks that is odd enough to look in to it? Hiding records or fudging records is it any different? Both are done because something wrong is there.

  25. ackbarsays says:

    Sundance, I’m sure you’ve seen this, but I haven’t seen you post anything about it, so I thought I’d post it here just in case. The CTH got a MAJOR shout-out today:

  26. DrMaxHathaway says:

    This kind of cover up of minority and especially Black crime is being done all over the country,

    Its not just a Miami-Dade or Florida Things. It’s a nationwide Obama thing — a cover-up to avoid embarrassing the President because he is black.

  27. candice says:

    You guys are awesome! As a concerned citizen, thank you for helping GZ! GZ could be anyone of us falsely acused for defending our lives. G-d bless you all & the Zimmerman family!

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