Kirsten Powers Talks About The Media Bias With LAPD Shooter Ideology

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15 Responses to Kirsten Powers Talks About The Media Bias With LAPD Shooter Ideology

  1. libby says:

    Some just have more authentic versions of hate (like blacks and women and gays)…heterophobia is all the rage

  2. mcfyre2012 says:

    I would like the entire story of why he was fired from the LAPD. There is something major missing from this whole thing.

    But, then again…reading his “manifesto” his brain may have fried from too much BGI and liberal/progressive nonsense.

  3. 22tula says:

    “Cop-killing Ex-LAPD Officer Praises Obama and Gun Control”
    By Alex Newman – February 8, 2013

    Behind the Big News @ 45:43 – Media Manipulation
    The Media withheld critical information from the American People, in order to make the Facts fit the story, It wanted to Tell. The story implies that local law enforcement is a failed institution, and that radical changes are needed.

    @ 46:00 – “There’s certainly nothing new about the drive to federalize control of local police. This is something that goes back decades. The major media, have succeeded to a shocking extent, in creating an impression for the general public, that local police are not to be supported, not to be trusted; they are to be feared. And then, on the other hand, we can trust implicitly in the federal law enforcement agencies, who will come in our communities to protect us against the local police.

    Local police exists to protect the rights, and the liberties, and the property of the law biding and they are accountable to the communities that they serve. National police, on the other hand, would exist to protect the interest of the state and the political elite that control the state.” – William Norman Grigg

    • czarowniczy says:

      No argument about the Federalization of the local police – did you see that Joe Biden’s son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, has issued the legal opinion that Delaware’s elected sheriffs DO NOT have arrest powers? Sheriffs, traditionally if not legally, the highest elected officials in a county, have never had their powers to arrest law breakers questioned, never mind removed. Joe’s at the tip of the movement to center all law enforcement at the state level where the Feds could easily usurp it. The Feds already have their fingers into local law enforcement through programs such as seat belt enforcement which funnel Fed money into local police overtime pay. Who said the Reichssicherheitshauptamt concept was kaput?

      • mcfyre2012 says:

        Oh yeah, Iraq war veteran Beau Biden, who sat at Camp Liberty (Baghdad Airport) approving legal paperwork for the troops (wills, powers-of-attorney, etc)…In the rear with the gear.

        Delaware is not typical of the rest of the states. Delaware only has three counties, and (from wiki) …

        The County Sheriffs and their deputies do not engage in typical law enforcement, their primary role is to provide enforcement services for the courts. Typical law enforcement, such as the enforcement of motor vehicle laws, investigation of crimes and routine policing patrols are performed by State, County and municipal (Town or City) police forces.

        • czarowniczy says:

          Yes, BUT, to remove their arrest powers makes them less than security guards. Sheriffs have the power to enforce county and state law – to remove those powers neuters the office. The city of New Orleans has, like others, grown to encompass the entire county and the NOPD has primary responsibility for law enforcement though the Sheriff’s office can enforce state law and make arrests. If the Sheriff’s arrest power were to be removed anyone could assault a deputy and just be charged with simple assault instead of assault on a law enforcement officer, so why even have a sheriff? This is a pure and simple grab for power by the states – other states have tried this, saying by expanding the State police they could take over the job of the sheriffs but at what political costs? Next move is to make all police state officers – in Louisiana the sheriff’s deputies have state commissions – one step closer

      • ytz4mee says:

        Let’s not forget the reconstituted Amt VII, “ideological tasks”. Six later went on to lead publicity for Porsche, and his legacy lives on.

        Everything old is new again.

        • czarowniczy says:

          I’d say it’s less ‘new again’ than it is the emergence of that necrotic desire by those drawn to politics to control all and everyone around them. Look at DHS – it’s noting new, per se, just the consolidation of existing smaller Federal LEA into a larger bloc that can expand even more. I was shocked a few years back when USDA announced it had its own SWAT-like unit under, I believe, Forest Service. At this point damn near every Federal Cabinet-level agency has its own police units outside of the general police units.

          • ytz4mee says:

            As a wag I know and love states, “in the old days, as an Agency you had “arrived” when you had your own flag. Now you’ve arrived when you have your own internal police force with a SWAT team”.

            Yep. Explain to me why the Federal Dept of Ed needs to advertise a tender for Remington 870s.

            • czarowniczy says:

              My bossette, high school diploma and a …never mind, rose to be the head of security for our complex. She grossly underestimated the square footage needed to deploy for Katrina, hired two ‘security’ experts whose credentials wouldn’t hold water and said my CVs were not adequate for a supervisory security position as ‘she couldn’t understand how my military security background could relate to our agency’s security. When the head of security of the agency over our building mentioned to her that he’d come to me for briefings her response was basically that he was in a different agency and that didn’t relate to ours. They let her supervise people who carry guns – luckily we didn’t have tactical nukes…yet.

  4. 22tula says:

    “‘Radical, Far-Right, Extremists’ of the John Birch Society Exonerated by History”
    The Reaganite Republican – January 31, 2013

    Civilian Disarmament: Prelude to Tyrany – William Norman Grigg
    Info links – “Show more” below video
    More William Norman Grigg’s Videos posted on this “LibertyInOurTime” YouTube Channel

    William Norman Grigg – Blog

  5. czarowniczy says:

    When you look at his manifesto (large pot of coffee and snacks advised) I think you can see that he had a few loose buttons long before they fired him. Trust me, being a cop is an incredibly stressful job and it will magnify any problems the officer has. Obvious solution is that the department should have, if for no other reason than liability, a program in place to catch at-risk officers and divert them into a program that will either help them or get them into a no-gun, no-public-contact position. Problem is that the Blue Wall tends to shield cops from that (for many reasons, some more viable than others) and police unions stand in the way (see parenthesis above) to a great degree. We’ve entered a spiral where police are less public service than they are political service; they are reacting to the political pressures from elected politicians whose feet are being held to the fire by the electorate. Police, in order to react to the huge collection of violent native-born and imported trash that infect our streets, have become more militarized and that attitude, along with the political hammering they receive, does not make for a good mix. It’s going to get a lot worse before we can even hope it starts to get better – especially as the influx of immigrants bring their native crime groups long with them. MSM stopped national reporting on the murderous doings of major crime groups city-by-city some years back, so viewers don’t know what’s going on or how bad it is in other cities – ignorance is bliss. Groups we received regular bulletins on regarding their daily violent activities are virtually unknown to most folks – ignorance is bliss. The public is hearing about police officers who threaten to kill other officers’ families but not about the criminals who now threaten to kill officers’ families – ignorance is bliss. I expect more cases like this cop in the not too distant future.

  6. Mumia Abu-Jamal is pissed off and jealous of this Cop-Killer-wannabe’s notoriety.
    When Obama commutes Mumia’s prison sentence and frees him, Chris Dorner better get in the Federal Witness Protection Program. He’ll be dead meat if Mumia finds him. :evil:

    • FDR, exactly. Dorner would be wise to give himself up to Jesse HiJack$on, cameras rolling, plead innocent, receive a ‘life sentence’, enjoy all the ACLU supplied porn, reality TV shows, conjugal visits with multiple liberal women enthralled with his smile, lift weights, play basketball, give interviews to Pacifica Radio about ‘the man’ and racism, contract with SoCal PBS for his own radio show and receive honoraria from Ivy League schools for his commencement addresses…..until pardoned. Straight out of Mumia’s playbook.

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