UPDATE: Sanctimonious Pastor Alois Bell Claims – “the ensuing firestorm has “ruined” her reputation”…

This story is not about leaving a waitress a tip, or the absence thereof. It’s more about the institutional mindset of the BGI, the transcendence of all other priorities in affirmation -and loyalty to- the BGI entrenched ideology [See also Colin Powell], and one participants response when their character and motivation is dragged to the sunlight.

updateUPDATE:   An Applebee’s waitress who posted a receipt with a note from a pastor complaining about the automatic gratuity added to the bill on the Internet was fired on Wednesday after the pastor complained to her manager.

Chelsea Welch, the waitress, wrote in an email to Yahoo News that the pastor (who has since been identified as Alois Bell) told Welch’s manager at the St. Louis-area Applebee’s that the ensuing firestorm had “ruined” her reputation.

Pastor Alois Bell now says she's sorry.Employees have on occasion been guilty of doctoring receipts to say offensive things. There was the Hooters receipt that referred to two Korean immigrant customers as “Chinx” (they filed suit), the Maryland RadioShack employee who called a customer an “ugly itch” on her receipt, from “ghettohood, usa.”

But customers can get creative on receipts too, as with the Applebee’s receipt that advised the server to “Stop eating b*tch!” And like the restaurant customer — purportedly a pastor — who scratched out the automatic 18 percent gratuity, and scribbled in: “I Give God 10% Why do you get 18,” according to a photograph recently posted to the online forum Reddit, and picked up by the Consumerist.

The self-described server who posted the photo said on the Reddit thread that the gratuity was only included because it was a table of 20, and only parties under eight can choose to tip how much they like. “It’s in the computer,” he writes, “it’s not something I do.”

UPDATE: After the receipt went viral, Pastor Alois Bell, of the St. Louis-based Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries, reportedly called up the Applebee’s and demanded that everyone involved — from servers to the managers –be fired, reports Gawker. While the entire staff wasn’t fired en masse, the waitress who posted the receipt to Reddit was canned.

“I originally posted the note as a lighthearted joke,” the woman told The Consumerist. The woman, identified as “Chelsea,” said she wasn’t the pastor’s server that night — but she saw the note and took a photo of it. “I did my best to protect the identity of all parties involved. I didn’t break any specific guidelines in the company handbook — I checked,” said Chelsea, who earns $3.50 an hour. With tips, she said she usually earns less than $9 per hour.

For her part, Bell regretted leaving the note on the bill, calling it “a lap in my character and judgment” that was “blown out of proportion.”


The receipt was for $34.93, although the full table’s bill came to over $200, according to the server. The receipts shows the automatic tip of $6.29 as scratched out, and $34.93 entered as the total, along with the word “Pastor.” (read more)

Indeed, He works in mysterious ways. Allow me to introduce you to Pastor Alois Bell:

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82 Responses to UPDATE: Sanctimonious Pastor Alois Bell Claims – “the ensuing firestorm has “ruined” her reputation”…

  1. lovemygirl says:

    She had a reputation?

    • sundance says:

      Apparently, and litterally people looking at her in-real-life behavior has somehow “ruined” it. Strange.

      • lovemygirl says:

        A bit OT but I remember a recent college grad when I first started in the workforce retaining her maiden name because of her business reputation. She was literally 9 months out of college; My best guess was it was Daddy’s name she wanted to keep. She also quit working in another year and a half after getting promoted to be a stay at home mom. Normally I would respect that choice except I heard her blatantly state she would take the maximum time off and then quit when a group of us went out for lunch.

      • libby says:

        Sounds like she is allergic to sunlight

      • hoonan says:

        Yeah, then she goes on softball local TV interviews for more attention…the video at the bottom of the story shows she’s loving the hype…pay careful attention at the 2:20-3:00min mark in that “interview”….


        And I don’t buy that she left cash…why would she complain about a tip and then leave one?

    • ed says:

      She did it.. her reputation is built on what she does. Truth is truth even for a Church Lady. She should be glad that the truth is being spread. Isn’t that what she is supposed to do for a living?

    • Sue says:

      She ruined her own reputation and the reputation of God! People like her do NOT need to call themselves pastors, preachers or anything connected to God because they do no know the main commandment of God, which is to love one another. She apparently had nothing in her heart but hate and self importance!

  2. jim bolinger says:

    i think it showed clearly the content of her character, it didn’t ruin her reputation, it ruined the facade she had built and gave the world a true representation of her nature, a real reputation.

    • libby says:

      Right, but she is, it seems, one of those leaders who prefers to be judged by the color of her skin than by the content of her character.
      They all lay at the feet of the good doctor MLK while they piss on everything that he stood for

    • Ad rem says:

      LOL…about a #300 lb. facade if you ask me. ;-)

  3. Dan Haney says:

    You make me sick. You got a low wage worker fired. I hope you are proud of yourself. What kind of christian are you. Oh I’ll tell you.. a CHEAP one. What would happen if your congregation did not give 10%? Your so called church would go under. The reason you give a tip is because that’s how they make their money. She did not put the 18% on there. Most restaurants put 18% on parties of 8 or more.
    Dan from Philly, and a Born Again Christian.

    • ytz4mee says:

      She was aware of the restaurant’s policy for large groups, which she gave her implied consent to the moment she ordered and ate there. In my view, she is the one in breach of the implied contract. Applebee’s fulfilled their part of the “contract”, she did not.

  4. cajunkelly says:

    If you listen closely to the video above, she’s talking (not ministering, she’s simply telling personal stories) about crisis…back to back in her case, and she says sometimes a crisis is created by the person themselves.

    HELLO! Bazingah! You created this crisis ya twit. :evil:

      • Addyson Anders says:

        “…and she says sometimes a crisis is created by the person themselves.”

        ABSOLUTELY!! She created this mess from the get-go, not the server. The ‘Pastor’ is making ALL Christians look bad and that simply is not the case. She should be ashamed of herself and stop putting the blame on anyone but herself. She started it. She should humbly apologize to the server and give her what she is owed. And Appleby’s should give the server her job back.


  5. dizzymissl says:

    Video removed. What was it?

    • cajunkelly says:

      The video was in the original thread last night. It was this twit “preaching”…read screaching repeated phrases over and over and over ad nauseum…about multiple crisis in a person’s life. She shared how her son was killed and her daughter raped, if I was able to discern her …ahem…ghetto speak correctly.

  6. Lou says:

    there are 2 kinds of people in this world in a general sense. there are givers, and there are takers. this woman is a taker.
    not to bring up the Trayvon Foundation, but I don’t see that going anywhere because you have a bunch of loudmouth takers who won’t give. it’s well known buy South Florida waiters that AA’s don’t tip. there was an incident at the Lincoln Road Mall in regards to tipping and the patrons being black. there was a problem because when a black couple came in nobody wanted to serve them. it was on the news, but I forgot the name of the restarant or exctly how it went. there was a lot of talk back then about the incident.

    • ctdar says:

      That’s when the manager should approach the table and ask (loud enough for others to hear) if there was a problem with their meal or service since they didn’t tip; put the non tippers on the spot in front of others.

      • Lou says:

        yep, so true. recently, there was something called Urban Weekend in Miami’s South Beach. a lot of restaurants were complaining that their wait staff worked so hard and came home with nothing. the past year a lot of restarants stayed closed because they couldn’t get enough wait staff. who the hell does this lady think she is though? I think she thinks she has slaves.

        • ctdar says:

          I dumped a tray of the remnants of shaved ice (ice water) in a nasty ogre’s lap once…oops by accident :roll:

          • Lynn says:

            Love it! Just had to share a little story that happened recently in my restaurant. It was MLK day, one of the servers started work and was immediately given a party of 6 AA, and then a party of 4 AA. We are only allowed 3 tables so these two parties took up his tables for almost 2 hours. He made a total of $6.00 on BOTH tables. Upon them leaving, he went to the hostess and said “I HAVE A DREAM….please don’t seat me anymore AA’s.” Still has me giggling.

            • Lou says:

              sad, but so true. they wonder why they get bad service. a few bad apples in the AA ruin it for all the others. for the most part, I find them to be very cheap and could care less about other people outside their race when it comes to people they don’t know, but that’s just “my” experience.

              • Lou says:

                In my condominium we have over 100 units. we have 3 unit owners (renters of forclosed properties) that aren’t paying. all are black. as the AA say smdh.

        • libby says:

          lotta blacks owned slaves

      • Lynn says:

        It would never happen in any restaurant. Servers are the lowest on the totem pole, and managers are instructed to do everything to get the customer back in. That includes, removing the 18% if the customers asks.

      • Sharon says:

        If the tip is a set-in-cement-you-must, no matter what like that, then I think they better stop pretending that it’s optional. Just roll it in to the cost of food, all the time, and don’t leave it up to the customer at all.

        Waitpeople do have a way of being idiots in a variety of ways. Some years ago, we had been through a mill of events and were just about worn to a frazzle. We decided, in spite of the fact that we had very little money to deal with, that we just had to “eat out” before we went home on a particular day. Went into a local steak-house type place. Waitress came and went a couple of times. DH went to visit with a friend across the way for bit. Waitress stopped at our table, looked me straight in the eye and said, “Don’t you ever smile?”

        My response was, “Why, yes, I do. But never on command.”

        There’s no shortage of idiocy to go around around on either side of this discussion. Which is why the thread on the original post was shut down last night.

        This is not a matter of who’s right and who’s wrong. Stupid woman acted like a jerk and has been exposed. An employee did a stooopid and lost her job. Neither of them stopped to think about how much they willing to have it cost them to be right, and I’m guessing their separate stooopids are ending up costing each of them more than they ever expected to pay.

  7. Julie Carr says:

    I doubt she “lightheartedly” demanded the firing of all the wait staff, managers and employees of that restaurant. she went like super ghetto all over them it sounds like to me. She sounds like so many of those in the so-called ministry that are in it for the tax breaks and easy money from a gullible flock. I wouldn’t let this woman near an ailing houseplant much less an ailing soul. She deserves every bit of public humiliation she got. She was more than happy to eat and be served her $34 meal, but figures it’s OK to let the waitress, who would have to work an 11 hour day to pay for that on direct wages, not get what she deserves, or have to read snarky little comments to get what she earned? Would she like to read little remarks every congregant of hers wrote on their tithe each week? somehow, I doubt that. I’m glad her reputation is ruined, and I’m not eating at Applebee’s unless they hire the waitress back. The public deserves to know the bullcrud that waitstaff have to put up with on a continual basis. ESPECIALLY when a person of the cloth pulls this kind of malarkey.

    • punchbuggymom says:

      Everything about your comment makes perfect sense. The only upside to this whole fiasco is that the stingy, fakely pious taker got publicly identified, and is now eating crow. Wonder if she’ll have any decent tips for that meal.

  8. TandCrumpettes says:

    Did anyone else notice that this dolt didn’t even spell her own name correctly?

    • Lou says:

      she was trying to hide evidence. sounds familiar. AA love to hide evidence. Trayvon would have beat the crap out of George and skipped away. nobody would have even heard of him if GZ didn’t defend himself. as George says, “they always get away”. thankfully this hypocrite or Trayvon didn’t get away. George would have been messed up and a vegetable because of a punk beating his butt. thankfully Mr. 9mm saved him.

  9. maggiemoowho says:

    She should be arrested, the menu states the terms of their tipping system. She chose to stay and eat at that restaurant. She skipped out on paying the full bill and should be arrested. That is stealing in my opinion. What a jerk!

  10. Chip Bennett says:

    This sorry excuse for a minister of God’s Word is sickened – not because her actions were abhorrent and reflected poorly on the body of Christ, not because her actions resulted in a young woman losing her job in a poor economy, but because it impacted her own reputation.

    A truly contrite person, when faced with the error of one’s behavior, would call the restaurant not to demand everyone involved be fired, as she did; but rather, to apologize for her behavior.

    Oh, and by the way: her logic is faulty. She conflates the tithe of her income with a gratuity for service rendered for a single expenditure.

    Equally faulty is her theology. She doesn’t give God 10% of what is hers; rather, the tithe is setting apart to God the firstfruits of what He has given her.

    • Flaladybug says:

      Excellent post Chip!!!

    • tara says:

      If she’s tithing to her own church, then she’s only giving money to herself. Money the other members gave to her, that is.

    • Addyson Anders says:

      BRAVO! Couldn’t have said it any better!

    • aliashubbatch says:

      Always love reading your posts. Very well said. :)

    • Proud Athiest says:

      Right on…thank you for saying what my household was saying…..no one was asking for 18 percent of her entire income. This is a disgusting individual to say the least, but her hateful ignorance is even more disgusting. I could go on for hours about this worm and her hateful actions but I’m not going to waste my time on her. Let’s use our time and energy to help this waitress get a new and better job. I’m a proud atheist and I have more compassion and morality than this woman will ever be able to match or enjoy the fruits of.

  11. thebizzle says:

    “Pastor” all in a huff over her character being revealed (don’t think ones reputation can be “tarnished” by something THEY THEMSELVES write). Wonder what seminary she attended? What denomination gave her the proper credentials? Or can anyone call themselves a pastor these days?
    I’m tired of idiots like this lady. Why does she get an audience with Applebees Corporate? She is clearly in the wrong, everybody knows it, including Applebees Corp. Why, really, was this server fired?
    Hopefully the server can get a job at a boutiquey, non-chain, pricey, restaurant. People who are afraid to tip appropriately are usually afraid to set foot in a place without chicken fingers.

    • tara says:

      I think she graduated from the school of “I gotta get me some $$$ any way I can, even if it means ripping of my people”.

      It would be great if Applebees would take a stand and tell this ugly woman to f off. Remember the Chik-Fil-A scandal? That chain wasn’t damaged at all by refusing to pander to the PC police.

  12. tara says:

    A Kansas City FOX report that says Bell’s ministry has only 15 members. Hahaha! Is that a typo?

    Bell is the pastor of a 15-member church known as the Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries.


    No wonder she can’t leave an extra tip. 15 members don’t provide enough welfare to this piece of sh*t.

  13. brutalhonesty says:

    My brother delivered for dominos.
    he said whites almost always tipped, and if they didnt they said they were sorry.
    he said blacks never tipped.
    he said bosnians tried to haggle the pizza price.

    on a side note, in addition to not tipping, blacks have taken to ordering pizzas to rob the drivers.

  14. brutalhonesty says:

    back in 2000 I worked overnight at a steak n shake…just me and one other person…..while I was in the dish room for a second, 2 tables came in…one black, one white……when I came out I walked to the nearest table (white) and was automatically accused by the black table of ignoring them due to their color…that they had sat first…that I had saw it…and had went to the whites first.
    so I hurriedly left the whites table and served the blacks first.

    needless to say it was the white table that tipped me well, despite that it was their service that was lackluster since me and the other worker henceforth catered to the blacks so they would have no further race card complaints.

    • Lou says:

      MOM needs to release the recent pic of Trayvon today. as hard as the media says “why is he releasing this now?” . that is their tactic. it’s a recent pic of Trayvon and people need to see it. as far as they know George killed a 12 year old looking boy. a picture is worth a thousand words.

  15. akathesob says:

    One must really have pity on this “convenient”-Christian.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I can’t believe there are 15 people out there, will to follow her as a spiritual leader!!!!
      She’s already showed her true colors and how she feels everyone is a “servant ” to her.

      Got to love those “Good Christians” I’m sure that’s what Jesus intended with his works.

      • Sharon says:

        Those who depend on deception to gain a following will always be able to find an audience of those willing to be deceived.

        Remember how easily Jim Jones took hundreds of men, women and children to Guyana, and when he told them to kill themselves, they did. Deception is convenient for any number of reasons–convenient for one who is doing the deceiving, and convenient for the one being deceived.

        Another gigantic illustration of the same thought: the 2008 election, 3 1/2 years of disaster for the nation followed by the 2012 election. People who are deceived do not mind being deceived–and they are always the last to know that they are deceived.

        • ctdar says:

          Brainwashed and told his followers basically their beautiful world was ending….he skipped the koolaid & took his own life with a bullet.

  16. tnwahm says:

    My brother has waited tables. He says Sundays are always the worse for tips; especially the “after church” crowd. What a horrible testimony.

  17. yo soy tu dios says:

    Her reputation was not ruined . She was exposed for what she is.

  18. Lynn says:

    Well, folks, I got the shaft last night too. I waited on a party of AA women, and as soon as they sat down, one of them wanted to know everything she could get for free since her birthday was NEXT WEEK! I explained our procedure for birthdays (coupons are sent by email), and left it at that. After running me completely ragged, they left me a $5.00 tip on a $60.00 check. Then, after realizing they weren’t getting anything for free, they asked the manager for the credit card slip back so they could put a big ZERO on the tip line. I have to admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a zero. Something small, yes, but not a zero. I’m very good at what I do and gave them excellent service. I got stiffed for DOING MY JOB! And I”m sorry, you’re not ENTITLED to free stuff at every restaurant! Awwww, made me feel better just to type this. I bent my husband’s ear enough last night. lol

    • ytz4mee says:

      Yep. The same thing happened to my son a number of times. A large group would come in for a “birthday”, demand as much “free” stuff as they could get away with, order the most expensive things on the menu, be overly demanding, and then try and get the whole thing comped by claiming there was a “hair” or something in their food, and the icing on the cake was NO tip. Like it was a “privilege” to wait on them.

  19. wrongonred says:

    Sundance, check this out: http://rlstollar.wordpress.com/2013/02/02/applebees-overnight-social-media-meltdown-a-photo-essay/ Thought cross posting, or reposting would make a great additional update to this story. Applebees is hiding threads with 20k comments in them, and then denying they deleted them. This is a complete unravelling of their narrative and how not to attempt damage control. I know Treepers will appreciate.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    That’s how restaurants work. You can either have higher prices to pay for labor, or tip 18-25% depending in level of attention and service. In most states, servers only make $2.13 per hour, they supplement their income through tips, it’s instant gratification for a job well done. For those who are trying to get out of paying a tip, it’s not being thrifty, it’s stealing money from a waiter that has provided a service. You can’t back out after you’ve had dinner & decide not to pay. RUDE!!!! Don’t go out, if you don’t know how to behave properly.
    I think someone needs to learn to practice what she preaches, wants Everyone FIRED? What a good Christian!!!

    • retire2005 says:

      And if your service is lousy, do you think the wait staff still deserves 18% of the total tab?

      And if you look at the ticket, the tip includes the portion of the bill that would represent St. Louis sales tax of 8.49%. So now we are expected to add 18% to the tax? The bill would have been around $32.00 without the sales tax. What’s next? Tipping the IRS employee for logging in my tax returns?

      I never tip using my credit card. Tips are left in cash on the table. The service I get depends on what percentage of the bill I leave in a tip. And I have been to Applebee’s and have gotten some of the worst service evah!

      No, I don’t think Bell should have written that on the ticket, but I also don’t think that the Applebee’s employee should have gone public with it. Two wrongs don’t make one right. The server would have had to take the bill, along with the credit card, to run the charge at which time it would have printed out the truncated receipt that would be signed by the card holder. Even if the server leaves the truncated receipt in one of those little holders for the customer to sign, they are responsible for making sure the customer signed the receipt before the customer leaves, so he/she would have seen the note written on it. If the server had a problem with what was written, he/she should have asked the customer if they were unhappy with the service.

      One other point; when I first saw the receipt posted on line, it had the truncated number on it. Being a merchant, I could have determined what the credit card number was. The server used a private document, posted it on line, and subjected the card holder to fraud.
      This is how it works: any number starting in 6 is a Discover; 5 and 4 are for Visa and Mastercard. The first four numbers are the type of card, the next four numbers denote location (St. Louis) and the last four numbers are assigned to you.

      The receipt was probably posted using an iPhone app. That, friends, is theft of property.

      Sorry to disagree with everyone here, but credit card theft is a major problem and the server just helped some criminal steal one. No part of the actions of either party was right. The pastor was humiliated and the server was fired. So who gained from a gotcha action?

      • ytz4mee says:

        I am not a fan of the mandatory 18% gratuity for “Groups” either. The tip should be based on the food and beverage total BEFORE taxes, but in NYC they now calculate the 18% based on food, beverage and tax as a further “bump” of the bill.

        Most recently we went out for dinner, the service was not great, we were a table of 4, and discovered that the 18% had been automatically rolled onto our bill. I don’t consider a table of 4 to be a “group”. We paid it, but never went back.

  21. jJoe says:

    A table of 20 and the tab was only $34.93? My wife and I alone run up a $35 tab when we eat at Applebees. I guess that was 2 meals and 18 glasses of water.

  22. Lawrence says:

    Chelsea didn’t wait on the table. Does anyone know how the Server? The real server feels about the situation? I think maybe he had tips on the table and the credit card was charged. This young lady stole from Applebee’s. She deserved to be fired. Wasn’t her table, none of her business. I work at a Home Improvement Center and make the same wage she said she makes (about $9/hr and some change) I deal with all types and races of people, daily. Some customers are great some are horrible, I can choose to do something else whenever I want.

    • Proud Athiest says:

      Wait staff do not make $9 per hour guaranteed dear. $9 per hour is a rough estimate after tabulating tips plus hourly rate of probably $3 per hour or less…..”this young lady stole from applebee’s” how on earth did you come to that conclusion? Your guaranteed wage is not the same as a waiters. So you “choose” to work at a low paying crap job at a home improvement store or that was the only job you could get in this turbulent financial time? Fail boat departing, get on it.

      • ytz4mee says:

        And often times there is a mandatory in-house policy of tip splitting with the bus boys or kitchen staff or pooled tips.

        • Lawrence says:

          Proud Athiest…
          The young lady stated that her average wage is $9/hr. Just using an illustration in real time/true to life. She is not the only one drawing an income in that range. Thank you for pointing out your superiority over any person who does what they have to do to make it. It took me a while to accept that low of wage only to get crapped on by people like you (of course you are only using rhetoric the easy way). If I said that I was making 100K/yr, you would be the Smart mouth to tell me that I have no idea what she is going through. P…s off. For the record, my sister worked at Applebee’s during her College years and told stories about things far worse than a stupid note on a receipt! Get over yourselves. My Daughter worked there as a Server for 5 years. I guarantee that she would love to have this as the worse of the worse.
          I’m still waiting to here from the “Real Server”, you know the person who actually waited the table. I bet he got his “cash” and the 18% posted to the credit card. Nice job speaking behind your veil…

  23. Rea says:

    This pastor should be ashamed! For suggesting only giving 10% to the Lord when a person of God should be giving everything. Not to mention questioning someones worth through merely a tip is far from godliness. Separate checks, 20 ppl, etc. their is no excuse for such behavior!!!

  24. Echo Moon says:

    never, ever again will i patronize an Applebee’s rest. not only was the so called pastor a cheap nasty snark but that Applebee’s manager is just as bad……..

  25. Anne Magruder says:

    She’ basically you everyday, mean spirited bitch. Applebee’s is a poor excuse of a company.

  26. markinidaho says:

    The ‘pastor’ must not know her Bible where it says, “A workman is worthy of his wages.” The tip is a big part of the workman’s wages. I seriously doubt she left cash. Her attitude was likely, “Look at all the business I brought with me.”

  27. markinidaho says:

    So, what is this BGI that is the supposed ‘focus’ of this? If you want to promote an idea, don’t talk from ‘in the know.’

  28. cyan says:

    So, applebees fires the waitress because some dumbass pastor is a cheap a$$, and believes in giving invisible sky fairies 10% but can’t tip the girl that is busting her A to “serve” this ungrateful “servant of god”? And SHE gets fired???????? She made what? 3.50 an hour? Americas head is up its own ass. Hope the pastor loses everything and dies alone, and destitute. And I hope when she dies and realizes there is no heaven or hell, she feels like a complete moron. F*ck Applebees and f*ck the pastor. More specifically, pastor Alois Bell from St Louis….cheap ass, …..hope your food gets spat in every restuarant you go to from now on. And f*ck anyone else who’s never worked with the public. You’ll never understand,,,,,,,any wonder people go on shooting sprees. If you are an ass hole to your waitstaff btw, they WILL, HAVE AND WILL CONTINUE to do horrific things to your food before you eat it. I’m talking like rubbing your steak around the rim of the employee toilet bowl horrific. So be nice to your waiters and waitress. Just an fyi. Thanks.

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