Whose Fault Is It That Blacks Are Fat ?….

Not theirs.

(Via iOTW)  It’s all a conspiracy. And the lack of healthy food in the ghetto is because so much money is to be made there but nobody wants it because they hate blacks more than they love money. Everyone wants blacks to be fat and die. It’s because of slavery. It’s because the vegetables refuse to get up and walk into black people’s mouths and the great hand of government won’t work their jaws and command them to swallow. It’s because the McDonald’s in the ghettos insist on having those seductive hamburgers right alongside the garden fresh salads that nobody buys because of whitey.

I think that’s what I’m reading HERE

Guess what, blacktards? Walmart has LOADS OF GREAT FRESH AFFORDABLE PRODUCE but your whitarded libby “friends” won’t allow Walmart in your neighborhood because they hate black people they are non-union.  iOTW has the solution HERE

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87 Responses to Whose Fault Is It That Blacks Are Fat ?….

  1. Sam says:

    Ooh, I wish I hadn’t seen that photo! Yikes! If she rolls over she’ll crush at least two blonds next to her.

  2. lovemygirl says:

    Does the carpet match the drapes? (sorry ladies)

  3. Joseph Keesling says:

    It’s George Bush’s and the Republican’s fault! Waaaa! Waaaa!

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  4. howie says:

    Ugghhhh! Four years of this crapola. Double Ugghhh! Well in 2014 we will have a lot more than the T-Party in the street. Something has to be done.

  5. 22tula says:

    It’s Simple Darling

  6. brutalhonesty says:

    lmfao “Low-income communities of color lack access to vegetables and have an overabundance of fast food and highly processed foods that are high in calories and fats. I always know when I’m in a community of color because I see … very, very few supermarkets and health food stores,” he added.”

    When I worked at northwest plaza in st ann…(the black mall), these companies would wonder why a coffee place cant stay open there….duh because the main demographic doesnt chose to buy coffee. the mall slowly decayed into nothing but hats, bling, cell phones, and shoes….and eventually the mall closed because how can a mall survive on 4 areas of commerce….half the food court eventually closed, as the blacks preferred the burger king, chick-fila and the chinese food place to the steak and potato company, the pasta house, some japanese food place, a&w…..

    in other black areas of the city I saw starbucks and bread co(panera) open and quickly close, for the same reason…demographic.

    If there are no stores selling produce its because they tried and ended up throwing it away as no one bought it.
    and Im sorry, but the public bus system caters to blacks, and as such any black can with ease get to any other part of the city…so its never hard to take the bus to the store…all buses go to strip malls and plazas and malls and centers of commerce….

    and lets be honest, they chose to eat what they eat, because they feel its part of being black. to not eat that way would be to deny their blackness. the author even admits it:
    “Southern food began to be called soul food during the civil rights and black power movements of the 1960s, according to Hurt”
    “There’s an emotional connection and cultural pride in what they see as the food their population survived on in difficult times,” he said.”…..

    I could just as easily go get a dui and blame racism and irish heritage….that I have to get drunk and drive to fullfill racist stereotypes of what it means to be irish, and my own irish pride making me drink. that is what the author basically did.

    • Ad rem says:

      LOL….like they say, if it wasn’t for drink you Irish would prolly rule the world! :-D

    • findalis says:

      First of all “soul food” is also enjoyed by poor Southerners. And quite a few of them are obese too. And vegetables if not fresh or canned, are not normally on either groups diets. The Southern diet is big on fats, fried foods, fatty pork, vegetables smothered in fats, heavy cream desserts. Not very “Heart Healthy”.

      And while a Starbucks will not do a brisk business, Dunkin’ Donuts and Crispy Kreme does. Both do a brisk business in coffee.

      A smart mall owner would have found businesses to put in the mall that would cater to the clientele. In fact, a smart owner would have had many different stores of the same type and sit back and watch the war over customers. It can be done.

      But it is NOT RACISM to suggest that maybe Blacks eat too many fattening foods. If they put down the Ho Ho’s, Potato Chips and Donuts and picked up fruits they would live longer. But just getting out of the house and walking for an hour will do wonders.

    • libby says:

      It’s all your fault that they make bad decisions

  7. Sharon says:

    I’m thinking the individuals in the black community who are fat are fat because they eat more than they burn up with physical activity.

    My mother called it, “Overeating.” Some of my other relatives called it “Eating too much.” My brother one time referred to it as “Eating like a pig.” Whites who over-eat, eat too much and eat like pigs end up being fat….’least that what I thought was happening.

    I did not know that fat was race-based.

  8. LouDaJew says:

    I read the original article. what’s up with these excuses? soul food attachment syndrome? thanks for the post Sundance.

  9. This is ridiculous. Look I weigh about 15lbs more than I want to. Could I lose it, sure, cut out sodas, do more sit ups, eat a few less cookies. Why haven’t I…..cause I like a soda a day and I like a cookie now and again. People don’t blame others for your own choices.

  10. Artist says:

    Great post and something we wonder about a lot in this house….what we also wonder about..that no one EVER talks about is why the ever growing number of tv commercials featuring black actors and actresses ALL look like Haley Berry and Denzel Washington….lighter skinned, thin with thin noses and “good” hair…never living in Chicago, DC, Detroit…all with 2 parents and eating steamed vegetables….in other words why are all blacks in TV commercials the Huxtables? It truly seems peculiar.

  11. Justice4All says:

    Studies have shown that welfare is highly correlated with lazy people.

  12. lovemygirl says:

    This racist attitude about food for blacks was responsile for this altercation at a food court.


  13. lovemygirl says:

    Dang that face looks just like a male comedian (TV sitcom maybe) whose name I am drawing a blank on. 60’s-80’s, any thoughts.

  14. In the 3rd Circle, here in Hell, gluttons are punished, lying in a stinking mixture of shadows and putrid water. Cerebus, a canine monster with three heads and red eyes, dwells in this level and tears at the damned with his teeth and claws.

    Just saying’ :evil:

  15. boutis says:

    I grew up eating “Southern” food. It was what everyone ate because we were in the “South”. Lots of vegetables and a moderate meat portion plus “Southern” bread which consisted of biscuits and corn bread. Before it was deemed “Soul food” it was considered red neck, hick, or white trash food by the majority of the country. Then it became cool and the unhealthy, fatty, Sunday dinner, holiday food was celebrated as something developed by black sharecroppers or something revisionist along those lines. Fat people were considered gluttons or lazy (unless they had a real health issue) and most people were skinny because they did not have a lot of money to spend on food and they worked like dogs which tends to keep the weight off. I still seldom drink soft drinks because I did not have them as a child but I drink a LOT of iced tea. Regional cooking is based upon what is available and grows best. The South is capable of growing a huge variety of foods and that is what people ate.

    • Ad rem says:

      “…and they worked like dogs which tends to keep the weight off.”
      Oh….now I get why nobody ever says…‘they worked like cats’.

    • michellc says:

      I grew up eating buttermilk biscuits made with lard, fried veggies, fresh green beans with lots of bacon for flavoring, beans with ham hocks. Few of our veggies were cooked without some form of meat for flavoring, usually pork. Even our fresh corn on the cob was lathered in butter and I loved it when Mom made fried corn, fried in butter. Yet we were not fat and we weren’t unhealthy. The difference is we didn’t eat until we puked and we got a lot of old fashioned exercise through work and play.

      I still eat a lot of fried squash and okra in the summertime, the only difference is it’s now fried in canola oil instead of lard. I still use bacon for flavoring in my green beans. I still eat buttermilk biscuits although the lard is replaced with butter. We’re not fat and we’re not unhealthy. We use the old wise tip given to me by my Father, push yourself away from the table before your belly prevents you from pulling yourself up to the table. Or as my husband says don’t treat every meal as Thanksgiving dinner.

      What we don’t eat is a lot of processed foods and we only eat out on occasion and yes sometimes I do crave me a big mac, but I don’t eat one on a regular basis. My weakness is chocolate and I have to learn to stay away from the after halloween sales because chocolate is something I don’t have a lot of willpower over. So once a year I end up devouring chocolate. lol

  16. caruhsel says:

    Ok, kitty,kitty… time to lighten up on the grits and fatback, you gonna end up looking like this article’s cover photo. NEVUH!!??? Even cats have a limit on quantity of gorgeousness, though

    Thanks for the laugh! and the TRUTH.

  17. dmoseylou says:

    Even O’Bummer is getting a little hefty.

    Man Defends Watermelon-Holding Obama Display

  18. dmoseylou says:

    Here’s the article.

    Kentucky Man Says His Watermelon-Eating Obama Sculpture Ain’t Racist

    • McKenna says:

      He said the poor thing might get hungry. Heheheheheheheheh. People in Kentucky – like sane people everywhere are getting a bit tired of cultural marxism.

  19. LittleLaughter says:

    I was born and raised in the south; still here. The percentage of grossly overweight people seems to be more white women than black in my neck of the woods. If you happen to be behind them in the supermarket, their items are consistant: several cases of soda, chips, Little Debbies, frozen pizza’s, Chef Boyardi, etc. No veggies or 100% juices. I grew up on “soul food”, but no one in my 5 member family was ever overweight. Working hard, playing hard, and we couldn’t afford “junk food” or McDonalds. We had sweet tea at supper, but never, ever soda- too expensive. Being a vegetarian for the last 20 years now, (probably more of a starch-a-tarian, sugar-a-tarian!), I am about 10 lbs under weight. But I am still very active…work my butt off…literally.
    I think that is a bunch of hog-wash- That obesity in blacks has a racist cause. Just look at the many overweight whites in my local Wal-Mart and what they are buying and with what they are using to buy it (food stamps) and that shuts down that argument rather quickly.

    • canadacan says:

      Jeff Foxworthy’s joke: You might be A redneck if your wife weighs more than your pickup truck

    • TandCrumpettes says:

      Also coming from the south, I have noticed the same thing. I’m consulting my memory bank now…and I don’t believe I have ever seen a black person riding around Walmart in the little motorized cart. Shucks, even when I worked there and doled them out, I don’t believe a black person ever asked for one.

      • cajunkelly says:

        Must be a different part of the South then. Around here they take ALL the carts and they aren’t disabled. Two months ago I tore the miniscus in my left knee. Went to Walmart out of desperation (because they have carts). Got there and there were none available so I’m reduced to hanging on to the shopping cart to support my knee while watching them park their handicap carts at the ends of aisles, hop off and walk down to get what they want, then walk back, hop on the cart and scoot off to the next aisle.

        One lady had an empty cart except for her purse. Had it not be for that purse I’d be in jail, cuz I’d have offloaded that purse, snagged the scooter and motored off. :evil:

        • czarowniczy says:

          Roger that, I’ve seen the powered shopping carts, as well as the manually-powered, tooting out of the Wally World parking lot and out towards the section-8 areas. There’s a company in NOLA that makes money hauling shopping carts out of housing areas (and canals) and back to the stores. Not unusual to see the truck with an e-lectric scooter on it. There’s a specific state law that makes removing any shopping cart from the owner’s property a misdemeanor but I can say that in my years of enforcing the laws of the state I’ve never seen anyone charged with breaking that law.

    • LouDaJew says:

      I’m a vegetarian myself. meat and chicken tastes good, but it isn’t worth the cholesterol.

  20. brutalhonesty says:

    dothprotest continues the lies…in this post they have screenshots of the treeehouse, lying that a fake robert zimmerman was the real robert zimmerman when we all know it was trent sawyer….
    then using said fake robert zimmerman to conclude ” not to be outdone by dear old dad, Robert Jr posted his email address to them in case they had questions or comments…”

    • brutalhonesty says:

      the level of desperation is making me laugh. they are going to obviously great lengths to discredit the zimmermans and treehouse by any and all means neccessary, including manufacturing fake proof and then presenting it as real proof…..typical from their side…even corey and bdlr have been doing it,

      • LittleLaughter says:

        JQ is much like the plaground of 2nd graders. And, like the teachers watching over them, I become burned out after a day or two.

    • lovemygirl says:

      I’m skipping their intellect tonight, hurts my brain too much. Besides, I follow the real RZJr and that wasn’t his twitter handle.

    • lovemygirl says:

      BTW, who do they blame for being fat themselves? Was that really BigBoi’s photo on the bed?

    • cajunkelly says:

      Did this really happen? (I’ve posted it twice already and it’s now showing up, while another post worked just fine a minute ago)
      December 28, 2012 10:32 pm

      It is unbelievable but completely expected coming from a group such as them. A few months back I wrote an angry “letter” addressing the issue – pointing out that every post they had was directed at slandering & belittling African Americans, and that it was no coincidence. In return, they (and this “Sundance” character) resorted to posting my information my work, pictures of my minor children etc. in attempts to “threaten” me so to speak. It led to others chiming in, saying that “I was on my way to having three Trayvon’s” and responded with various slurs and stereotypes. (My children are half black) It’s what they do. Thank you for bringing attention to this. I commend you for doing it.

      • WeeWeed says:

        Sorry, ck, the spam gotcha – you had the delicate ms. laura’s address in the message and her pottymouth butt goes right to spam, here.

  21. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    There is an issue with the paucity of full scale supermarkets in Black communities. A modern grocery store of may be 40,000 square feet costs about $4 million for building and fixtures plus another $4 million in inventory. Very few major corporations are willing to make such an expensive investment in neighborhoods that have a demonstrated history of rioting, looting and burning. While the Community Reconstruction Act has been effective in compelling banks to issue mortgages for homes in such areas, there is no such mechanism to compel grocery store chains or other businesses to invest in inner cities. (God help us if Obama thinks of a mechanism to compel such unwise investments.). The absence of major grocery store chains creates a niche for smaller, independent, less capital intensive, grocery stores. (most quick rips are locally owned franchises). In order to survive doing business in the inner city, such stores have to be adept at loss control. You will notice that they not only have smaller floor area but lower shelves so that a clerk can see the entire store? This results in a tiny, shallow inventory with very limited selection of hundreds or may be thousands f items rather than the tens of thousands of items at a big, grocery store. Fresh produce is not only labor intensive and perishable, it is vulnerable to vandalism. That pile of fruit that is so enticing can be spilled on the floor to easily to be viable in a community where many people are nursing racialist grudge. Given the high risk of doing business in inner city neighborhoods, merchants need to operate on a very high profit margin tom remain viable. Most independents hope to retireandsell their business after only a decade.

    • findalis says:

      After the LA riots “Community Leaders” talked major supermarket chains into building supermarkets in the ‘hood’. They did and were opened with great fanfare.

      Within a year every store closed. Shoplifting and robberies drove them out of the neighborhood, vowing NEVER to return.

      If Black people cannot find veggies in their neighborhood it is their own fault for not providing an environment that business wishes to move into.

  22. cajunkelly says:

    Regarding blacks being obese, I posted about this a few weeks ago;

    They *glorify* their obesity. Can we say “baby got back”? They call themselves “thick”.
    And surely we can remember the women who were going to the fake doc in FL who was injecting their butts with fix a flat and super glue.

    I dare say there’s not a one of us who hasn’t seen their “dances” where they shake and shimmy their amply arses straight into the camera.

    It’s a “cultural thang”, yanno?

    Certainly food is a cause, but it’s a preferred choice, not due to lack of healthy food being available.
    I’ve read complaint stores regarding the lack of chain grocery stores in the inner city. I think it’s due to crime (shoplifting) and flat out lack of sales.

    Don’t think groceries are shoplifted? There’s a now infamous story of an arrest where I live. A woman shoplifted an entire ham by holding it between her thighs under her dress and waddling out with it.

    • cajunkelly says:

      *complaint stories

    • michellc says:

      If people would drive through a black neighborhood and see all the stores with bars on the windows, many of them now boarded up with graffiti all over them, they’d see why there aren’t many grocers or retailers in general in black neighborhoods. The one’s I’ve drove through I don’t see many fast food joints either.

      Don’t trash the buildings and rob the stores and the stores might come to you.

      • cajunkelly says:

        Speaking of driving through neighborhoods, there’s a city which shall remain nameless, quite a bit East of me that I will not venure in to.
        The “hoverounds” are everywhere and not on sidewalks. They’re out in the streets by the hundreds and are *not* being piloted by handicapped individuals.
        Too lazy to walk in WalMart, too lazy to walk to the corner store.
        Of course there’s a government program that provides those “hoverouds” at “almost no cost to you!”
        All you have to do to qualify for one is arthric shoulders. I’m not kidding.

        • LouDaJew says:

          must be Belle Glade, FL. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. Clewiston isn’t far behind, but Belle Glade takes the cake from what I’ve seen. at least in FL

  23. elvischupacabra says:

    Like most things, part of the answer lies deeper than diet or current trends.

    I have a good friend who teaches at a nearby university. She runs, she exercises and she eats better than 90% of people. Heart disease runs in her family, as does obesity. Even with her regimen, she carries some weight on her butt and thighs. She tried for years to explain it, and the answer came to her one day while studying some old accounts written by masters of slave ships upon their arrival in America.

    It seems that the Africans who fared better on the hellish voyages were those who had a higher percentage of body fat and didn’t dehydrate as badly as others. As she dug deeper and talked to doctors and other friends of hers in medicine, she came to the conclusion that retaining both body fat and apparent electrolytes – salt especially – was key to surviving. Therefore, she concluded, the Africans who survived, were those who were genetically predisposed to obesity and salt retention. Generations of marriage has lead to this predisposition being solidified in many descendents of the original African slaves, which are two high contributors to heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illness. My friend also found out that this is a “dirty little secret” that is generally ignored by medicine and society as a whole. In fact, she has been criticized both personally and professionally for talking openly about this.

    Yes, diet plays a role in this, as does poverty. But as with most things, that isn’t the whole story.

    • findalis says:

      In West Africa where most Blacks originally came from, large butts are sexually attractive. The women there have large butts and thighs. A genetic mutation (minor) in order to attract a mate. Large stomach areas and breasts used to be exciting to European men. It shows the male that the female is well fed and healthy to carry and feed a child. Another genetic mutation.

      Racism, slavery, etc… has nothing to do with it.

    • libby says:

      There have been times of scarcity throughout most of human history (and ideals of beauty have changed dramtatically since food shortages have become less and less common). Historically, there was a distinct advantage to having extra food stores on your person.

  24. czarowniczy says:

    Having spent far more time working the housing projects than I’d cared to have, I can say that heavier women in the projo community seem to be looked upon as more powerful. I note that many black female politicians in the city are rather fluffy and they certainly have better education, greater access to money, nutritional information and far less carbohydrate-drenched diets. I know that the folks who shovel the welfare into the waiting hands of the perpetually needy try again and again to teach proper nutrition but their teachings go largely unheeded. One need but look at the growing dialysis industry surrounding the projects where Medicaid recipients being treated for diabetes who staunchly refused to change their suicidal dietary patterns are now going (on our tax $$$) to workaround those blown out kidneys. Wanna bet how those ‘kill granny and gramps’ committees are going to be voting when these folks come up for utilization review? It’s all the fault of those perfidious ofays.

  25. akathesob says:

    I can’t never did a dam thing.

  26. ottawa925 says:

    The Trayvonites really hate this whole posting. They are convinced it is racist taking just the lead in and not bothering to click to read the whole story. They are too caught up on “blacktards”, and didn’t get a clue or even bother to read further after the word “whitarded” was used. Yo, Trayvonites … read the whole thing so you get the context. I’ve never seen such dense ppl in my entire life. And the followers don’t bother to even question … they just jump on the wagon and do a yeeehaaaaaaa giddy up.

  27. libby says:

    We all recall Gabourey Sidibe (aka “Flabby”)?
    Much of the same nonsense came to the fore when this woman came into the public light (oh, she is such a victim).
    check out this huff piece (try not to gag)…’Precious’ Star Gabourey Sidibe’s Monday-Brand Confidence……
    “No matter how big or small or how often it evolves, the practice of creating a vision builds the kind of confidence that we need on the not-so-great days. Scraping together whatever bits of confidence you can find when you’re in a bad place, is not going to encourage growth or produce a very exciting bucket list. ‘If I hadn’t found this person before Precious,’ Gabourey says, ‘I wouldn’t have made it to that movie.’ ”
    She had the confidence to dream to become an actress despite her morbid OBESITY? But she didnt have the confidence to lose the wieght?

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