British Petition – “Bloody Hell” Deporting Piers Morgan Back To The UK: “We Got Rid Of Him Once, Why Should We Have To Suffer Again?”…

undefinedThe United Kingdom – The British have responded to a petition calling for the deportation from the United States of CNN host Piers Morgan with one of their own:  “Stop Piers Morgan from being deported back to the UK from America.”

The counter-petition, addressed to Theresa May, Home Secretary, is a direct response to the 70,000 Americans who have signed a petition calling for Mr. Morgan to be deported from the United States because of his strong gun-control views.

The UK petition, posted on reads as follows:

“We got rid of him [Piers Morgan] once and why should we have to suffer again. The Americans wanted him, so they should put up with him. We washed our hands of him a long time ago.”  (read more)

Piers Morgan Petition

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21 Responses to British Petition – “Bloody Hell” Deporting Piers Morgan Back To The UK: “We Got Rid Of Him Once, Why Should We Have To Suffer Again?”…

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I just have to say this: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha


    • waltherppk says:

      Poor poor pitiful Piers ….maybe like the shah of Iran in exile after the revolution, Piers can go shopping for a country having a welcoming view towards his impressive self.


  2. fmhayes48 says:

    Bwahahahaha. He worked himself into anathema status!!!


  3. cajunkelly says:

    Dude, how does it feel to literally be a man without a country?

    Ya let your filthy prog mouth betray your filthy commie ass didn’t ya?


  4. czarowniczy says:

    Well, we don’t want him…his native land doesn’t want him…looks like another “Man Without a Country”. Stretching it a bit, we could follow the book’s plotline and put him on a ship that never touched port. In an ironic plot twist, the Navy is looking for a naval gunfire target area to replace Vieques and it would verge on a 2nd Amendment issue were those big, grey rifled tubes to zero-in on said ship. Nah, Santa already filled my wishlist for this year. Might impress the sailors though.


  5. cajunkelly says:

    BTW, I can’t find that petition at It must have been “accidentally deleted while cleaning out posts containing profane language”.


  6. LouDaJew says:

    now, what about Cenk the fat turkey? he’s another known propogandist gun grabber


  7. Bongo says:

    His wimpy face is just asking for another public pounding. Where is Jeremy Clarkson now that we need him?


  8. WeeWeed says:

    Mark Steyn called him a snotty, toffee-nosed Brit on the radio today! :lol:


  9. akathesob says:

    It can not be repeated enough! haaa ha ha haaaaha ha ahaaaaa!


  10. howie says:

    The right should start to go after the left with equal effort and hostility. PC seems to be their defense. The right seems cowed by it.


  11. Barb Alexander says:

    ba humbug send him somewhere Cuba Iran . he may like it there.. let him tell them how stupid they are and see what that gets him !


  12. jsjavascript says:

    you got to like this guy


  13. czarowniczy says:

    Here’s one to sign, it ‘protects the rights of citizens to possess firearms under the 2nd Amendment ‘: Go and sign this one.

    Here’s Pier’s deportation petition, with over 79,000 signatures:

    There’s another that just say, basically, to send his ass back, ( that one has nearly 10,000 signatures and there are two to keep him here and they barely have over 4000 between them.


  14. czarowniczy says:

    I’m betting that the petition Obama referred to, the one that allegedly garnered some 400,000 signatures in just a few days and validated his call for stricter gun control, was a ringer. He could easily gin-up that many signatures by getting his loyal hoard of 47%ers to log in and ante up a signature to push his agenda. One I find to be another possible ringer is:
    It asks the White House to create a 28th Amendment making gun ownership a ‘privilege’ that is completely regulated by the Federal government. Doubt very much they’ll seriously consider that, the Feds have been avoiding the possibility of a Constitutional Convention being called for decades as almost everyone has a personal bogeyman Amendment s/he would like to present and a Convention would open the doors. Yes there’s a way around a Convention but banning ownership of firearms, a step at a time, to make loading the FEMA trains easier gets around all of those messy Constitutional issues.

    Here’s the one to go after David Gregory for possessing a hi-cap rifle mag in DC:


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