12-24 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

Use this thread as an open thread just for Zimmerman Case stuff. A place to just dump, collect, or discuss general information about the Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman Case.

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75 Responses to 12-24 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

  1. dmoseylou says:

    George and Shellie, this Holy Season holds precious, precious joy for you. The righteousness of the Lord is revealed unto you. The Darkness has been defeated.

    Revelation 21:4 refers to end-times, yet, it is most applicable to ALL who have been harmed physically, emotionally, and psychologically under the guise of “Justice.”

    “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”

  2. rumpole2 says:

    Daily Daft posts from Just-arse Quest:

    And, why did no one offer medical aid to Trayvon?

    Noah Man
    Even if Zimmerman did yelp at some point, it doesn’t mean Trayvon was yelling too.

    It doesn’t matter anyway, because even if Zimmerman did yell, it was because he was merely experiencing the consequences of having stalked a child and then reached at his holster, provoking the child to defend himself from an aggressor with a weapon.

    These people don’t seem to get that Trayvon had every right to beat the living crap out of Zimmerman once Zimmerman, after having menaced the boy for almost 10 min … reached at his holster where he kept his gun.

    Zimmerman is ultimately criminally liable for having provoked this situation by menacing the boy and then reaching at his gun.

  3. Sha says:

    Merry Christmas to the Zimmermans and to Omara and West. Also Merry Christmas to all the treepers God Bless you all. :D

  4. menostupid says:

    Merry Christmas George & Family! Keeping y’all in my thoughts & prayers. Merry Christmas to my fellow treepers as well! I feel so blessed & privileged to be part of such an awesome, kind, caring, and SMART group! I can’t wait to see what 2013 is gonna bring & I know it’ll be awesome with all of you all! Cheers!

  5. ReginasZooWorld says:

    Merry Christmas George & Family. Know that you are in my prayers this very specially time of year. Wishing all the blessings bestowed upon you from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! <3

  6. recoverydotgod says:

    Just wondering if Community Relations Boards often write position papers?


    • howie says:

      Gee. Ain’t it grand.

    • John Galt says:

      “Just wondering if Community Relations Boards often write position papers?”

      Remarkably poorly written. Ronald Fulton – conflict much?

    • diwataman says:

      The Office of Community Advocacy consists of five boards:

      – The Asian-American Advisory Board (AAAB)
      – Black Affairs Advisory Board (BAAB)
      – Commission for Women (CFW)
      – Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board (HAAB)
      – Community Relations Board (CRB)

      Each board is charged with advocating for the special concerns of its constituents.

      I hereby propose the following boards:

      – White Man’s Board (WMB)
      – Jewish People’s Board (JPB)
      – Muslim People’s Board (MPB)
      – Irish People’s Board (IPB)
      – American Indian Board (AIM)
      – People Who Like Cat’s Board (PWLCB)
      – People Who Like Dog’s Board (PWLDB)
      – People Who Like Dog’s Who Are Also White, Male And Irish Board (PWLDWAAWMAIB)

    • Sharon says:

      Well, that sure takes the adjective, “promising,” to a whole new level when applied to the life of a young thug-astronaut or whatever it was he was aspiring to be when he was undergoing all those suspensions. Very confusing. Just very, very confusing. /sarc

  7. Ugh says:

    Merry Christmas Zimmerman Family!

  8. Sha says:

    Jello and ftsk420 : I know you guys have different belief’s than I do but I think so much of you I just had to send up a few prayers for you and your families. I figured if I’m wrong ( which like most women I’m not he… he… ) no harm done , If I’m right I got you guys covered….. :D

    • ftsk420 says:

      Thank you very much and have a wonderful holiday.

    • jello333 says:

      Hey Sha, thanks! I hadn’t yet seen your comment when I wrote mine at the end of this thread. (a whole day and a half late, no less) But of course, I always appreciate prayers or even just good thoughts sent out. I try to send my own version (good vibes? ;) ) out to people I care about, too. So you’re definitely getting some! And by the way, I’d still celebrate Christmas even if it did’t include all the festivities and stuff, because in my opinion the person known as Jesus was a really good and important person, even leaving aside the supernatural aspects.

  9. eastern2western says:

    After the filing of nbc law suit, all media reports are calling george zimmerman by name instead of using titles such as trayvon martin killer, the murder of trayvon martin or the man who killed trayvon martin.

  10. ftsk420 says:

    I would like to wish everyone here a very merry Christmas and happy new year

  11. eastern2western says:

    I am going to nominate this video as the funniest video of 2012.

  12. justfactsplz says:

    Merry Christmas to Sundance and crew, and to all of my fellow Treepers. May your hearts be filled with joy and your minds be filled with his peace. George and Shellie I know it won’t be a merry Christmas for you but I pray you will receive his love and strength.

  13. dmoseylou says:

    The Scheme Team released the Sybrina Mother’s Day video and Tracy’s Father’s Day video. Yet, no heart-(cough, cough) wrenching Thanksgiving video of the empty chair at the table; no video of a home with no Christmas decor this year, just a bare corner in the room where the Tree usually stands. Strange? Not at all. The Scheming Scammers know the scam is up, kaput, exposed, flayed to the bone.

    George and Shellie, O’Mara and West have given you and yours probably the best Christmas gift ever!
    HOPE. FAITH. JOY. Especially, these 3. A wondrous Christmas, indeed.

    O’Mara and West’s New Year Fireworks may be a little late in 2013. But guaranteed to light up the skies across the globe once they are lit. Maybe just token sparklers in your back yard in anticipation of the best that is yet to come? Those are my 4 y/o grandson’s favorite. He just can not figure out why he does not get burned! We tell him, “It’s magic!” and watch his eyes dance and his smile light up his face.

    My Best Christmas Wishes to you, George and Shellie and your families, and to each and every Treeper! Love, and Peace, and Joy now and always.

  14. LittleLaughter says:

    Very Nice Post, demoseylou. Merry Christmas to you and blessings in the New Year!

  15. Tuduri says:

    It’s in the late afternoon Christmas day in Northern, CA. I know it’s late, but Merry Christmas to all Treepers. May God bless you all.

  16. Knuckledragingwino says:

    Is there any more news about the commotion at Parks and Crump Sunday afternoon and evening? Vehicles on premises at that time is strange. Blacked out SUVs is very strange. One would presume Feds or FDLE. One. Would prefer to believebthat they are there to bust them for fraud, but they could. Also be colluding. Don’t forgetnthat LE is not a monolith. Even if AG Holder is a corrupt SOB, not all Fed agents are. If some of the rumors about multiple shooters at Sandy Hook are substantiated, I’d expect a full blown mutiny.

  17. rumpole2 says:

    Daily Daft posts from Just-arse Quest:

    I don’t know, but I feel like I shouldn’t be commenting anything negative today because it is Christmas Day – like I should set everything aside and just try to feel Joy – but it bothers me that today has to be one of the most darkest days for the Martin family and I take a deep breath and remember that we are in this for the long haul, through holidays that the Martin’s must endure without their son Trayvon while we all have our loved ones gathered around us, and so I continue posting…

    I just finished watching the Marinade Dave/Taaffe video – Hmm. Frank says, “If you’re a scared Black male …” Ummm, is that not profiling? “What if you’re a scared White male? How about a scared mexican male? Pick a color, any color. Scared is “scared” no matter what color you are.

    So, a black kid is not allowed to walk in the rain on a dusky evening, otherwise he is an asshole who always gets away, he’s a fucking coon, and has something wrong with him. And this is how GZ had sized up Trayvon before he hunted, stalked, terrorized and finally murdered Trayvon by shooting him in the heart.

    Clearly, the only person who had self-defense rights that night was Trayvon. He tried to avoid GZ and avoid a confrontation, and GZ pursued and escalated the situation. GZ could have defused the situation in a safe manner by simply driving up near Trayvon as he was walking down the street, rolling down his window and explaining that he was a member of NW and ask if he needed assistance – I mentor kids your age – are you lost, need a ride home? Talking to your girlfriend? Here visiting with you father down the way? Oh, I see- sorry for bothering you. Good night, end of the story – Trayvon goes home – life is good.

    Instead, GZ took every opportunity to up the stressors. Because of his own dillusions, he couldn’t handle the situation in an adult, reasonable and responsible manner. Instead, he stalked and hunted Trayvon and at some point attempted to detain Trayvon when Trayvon was not complying. I have not decided, but I am very suspicious that GZ may have even decided to kill Trayvon to protect himself of being accused of assault once witnesses started noticing the altercation. (That my friends, would be Murder 1.)

    We know Trayvon asked why he was being followed, we know that Trayvon said “get off” repeatedly which means GZ had to have placed hands upon him. That’s assault – actually, so was the hunting…but at the very least, the moment GZ attempted to detain Trayvon – by standing in front of him or blocking his path in any way – he was committing an assault. GZ is not entitled to self-defense as the instigator and while in the process of committing a crime himself – the crime of assault.

    And we know that Trayvon was screaming for his life right before he was shot. Bottom line is Trayvon was not a threat to anyone nor did he deserve his rights being infringed up until he was murdered – and then – Trayvon had to endure being molested by the defendant’s hands once being shot.

    The simple fact is if not for the defendant, there would have been no struggle or dangerous situation, no confrontation, no encounter – and Trayvon would still be alive.

    Then, to make matters worse, I go over THERE and read comments blessing the Z family and apologizing to them for having a less than happy Christmas and thanking the Martins for not broadcasting a “heart-(cough, cough) wrenching Thanksgiving video of the empty chair at the table; no video of a home with no Christmas decor this year, just a bare corner in the room where the Tree usually stands.” How sick can a person be and still be allowed to walk amongst us?

    The thought of another child being struck down by a mental idiot such as GZ is just too much to phanthom, but if anyone deserved to suffer such a tragedy it is the beasts at the CTH. It’s not enough just to sit back and support this murderer, they have to express the most evil of thoughts. I do believe in Karma and I do believe that no matter how long it takes, these evil souls will get theirs two fold.

    • howie says:

      Good Grief. Phanthom of the public school system. This logic has to be learned. It could not occur on it’s own.

      • rumpole2 says:

        I have (fleetingly) wondered if it’s a “put on”
        I know, for instance, of a woman in her 60’s who pretends to be a 20 year old :D
        “Nobody could really be that daft?” but, over the years it seems to have been confirmed they really are that daft.

        • LittleLaughter says:

          I think they really do believe everything they are writing. They continue to contridict themselves in more ways than just ignoring the actual evidence, but in their shocked objections to anyone not supporting of the Martin diatribe- calling those people evil and heartless. Yet, they then turn around and wish the worst upon GZ supporters. In thier warped sense of thinking, it is evil and horrible for George’s supporters to wish him and his family a merry Christmas, but it is splended and deserving of “kudos” to hope for harm to come to anyone who opposes their “side”. It is twisted thinking, or no thinking at all.

          • rumpole2 says:

            Being “two- faced”, hypocritical, and not being consistent (even within their own delusional universe of thought) is one defining feature. Of course it’s not surprising when the owners’ lead is to be be hypercritical and favour just one side while banning the other.

        • jello333 says:

          Ha! I just posted something below almost identical… saying it would be nice to think these people were just faking it. ;)

      • LittleLaughter says:

        I read no logic whatsoever in that dribble. It is a rant, based soley upon other like minded rants, without facts. In fact, the statements about what Trayvon did that night vs what George did are inconsistent with the facts.

    • diwataman says:

      What lunacy. Someone should commit that Teeto person before they shoot up a bunch of white children.

    • jello333 says:

      Oh God. You know?… I’m embarrassed to have ever stepped foot in that place. Those are some massively delusional, massively stupid, and most of the time massively hateful, evil individuals. I keep thinking, these people can NOT be serious in the things they say. MUST be some kind of performance art. But alas… I know I’m wrong.

      • rumpole2 says:

        Great minds think alike :)
        No, it’s not an act. But….. they could be easily led to “believe” almost anything. The sort of people who would make ideal subjects for hypnosis and the sort that throughout history have made up “Mobs”… mass hysteria…… Jonestown…..Kool-Aid….that sort of paradigm.

        • jello333 says:

          If these people had been the subjects in the Milgram experiment, they would have needed almost no prodding at all. “Yeah, pushing the lowest-level button is okay, but when do I get to zap ‘em REAL good?”

    • Sha says:

      Rumpole2 : Happy Holidays ! If supporting GZ and the rest of the Zimmermans Makes me a bad person to them so be it ….. I’ll take it. The difference between me and them is I have compassion in my heart for all people not just some. I don’t wish harm on others not even them. They can answer for the things they do and say and I will gladly answer for the things I do and say …….( Keep in mind I’m not a perfect angel but i’m not the devil either )

  18. LittleLaughter says:

    Hypocrisy in writing or the spoken word is a mammoth indicator of unintelligence.

    • rumpole2 says:

      Unintelligence is obvious from their poor literacy “skills”.
      It is a wonder why they choose to express themselves in writing silly, poorly constructed passages. They must know they have no talent or ability…. as indicated by performing very poorly in English at school?
      On top of that, rational thought is something they have never been instructed in, so there is an absence of logic in the position they argue.

  19. LittleLaughter says:

    Perhaps it is akin to the person who was told they could sing, when in fact…

    • dmoseylou says:

      Speaking of singing, The Sanford Police Department Choir has obviously been singing to O’Mara and West. I am willing to bet those transcripts and audios are going to be well worth the wait.

    • rumpole2 says:

      I am sure that is at least one factor. A school system based on trying (perhaps) rather than achieving.
      But from that basis (as I have mentioned before) the problem is exacerbated by the fact that “members” are in a closed environment (private sewer) and can only feed on each others silly notions. The owners even forbid one side of the discussion from being mentioned. (not that it gets through to them when someone on the odd occasion manages to post some facts and truth). It is analogous to inbreeding…. bad information mated with poor logic, to create a flawed abomination… in this case the JQ version of the GZ case.

  20. jello333 says:

    I haven’t been here much for the past week or so… VERY busy with a bunch of personal stuff, including of course getting everything ready for Christmas. But I still should have stopped by and at least said HI, and let you guys know I’m still alive. So anyhow, I wanna say I’m very, very happy I came here back in May, cause otherwise I never would have met so many really good people. Oh yeah, and…

    Merry Christmas!

  21. LittleLaughter says:

    I, too, am glad I found the Treehouse. Merry Christmas Jello! (Ha! Sounds like a recipe)!

  22. LittleLaughter says:

    Happy Holidays to you as well, Sha! Love me some treepers! :-D

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