Iron Dome In Action – Remarkable Video Shows Terror Rockets From Gaza Being Intercepted By Israel Defense Force

Video from last night in Israel:

Meanwhile the “western media” flock out of Tel-Aviv to Gaza City.  Why?   Why to cover the humanitarian crisis in Gaza of course.   Also, because the Israeli Defense Force are highly accurate with their retaliatory strikes, and do not randomly fire missiles into non military targets, it’s actually safer there.

The odd reality is the Western reporters are safer in Gaza than in Israel where Hamas rockets hit all manner of random civillian targets unrelated to the military.

So the anti-Israel media hangs out at posh swanky Gaza Hotels while filing reports that Gaza is a city under siege, a “concentration camp” (pictured above).   Funny That.

The next video shows the Israel Air Force launching a successful assault on two Hamas underground missile sites:


In this video you can see the IAF targeting underground rocket launching sites. Note the secondary explosions — a sign that explosives were stored in the facility.

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25 Responses to Iron Dome In Action – Remarkable Video Shows Terror Rockets From Gaza Being Intercepted By Israel Defense Force

  1. Sharon says:

    ….knowing that the world is watching….and does nothing…..sends no help….denies their great peril.

    Reminds one of Benghazi, doesn’t it?

    It’s not that no one knows: it’s that those who could help do not want to. So they don’t.

  2. cjmartel says:

    I’ve been perusing the news sites and what I am seeing is despicable at best, outright propaganda at worse!! That is the news that the sheeple are going to gobble up like so much regurgitated BS. I pray for Israel and I hope other “normal” people do as well, Israel is the only bastion of sanity in that whole region! I am so glad that we in America do not have to live under the protection of “Iron Dome”, it is remarkably effective!!!

    • John Galt says:

      “I am so glad that we in America do not have to live under the protection of “Iron Dome”, it is remarkably effective!!!”

      We are helping to pay for Iron Dome.

      • stringplayer55 says:

        Certainly, we do help pay for Israel’s Iron Dome. But the question must be asked “How long will the US support Israel?” Given the present occupant of the White House, it would seem that US support is tenuous at best. It will be up to Congress to make sure that Israel continues to receive our support.

  3. yankeeintx says:

    Nice to know that media bias is international:

    • John VI says:

      I love how they call the israeli defense systems interception of multiple missles from Gaza attacks an “Air Strike”.

      • nomorebsplease says:

        For those not aware, the man you see on the screen capture/grab is the person who was being carried due to his injuries. This needs to be front page for people to see and share. Seriously. This is guttman-esque.

  4. czarowniczy says:

    It will be interesting, if the Administration would release it, to hear what Iran is instructing the Hezbollah to do. Hamas isn’t getting the type and quantity of weaponry it is free-of-charge with no stings attached. I have a strong feeling that when the tide starts to turn against Hamas (they lose too many launch sites and storage areas) we may see larger civilian casualty figures with Hamas guaranteeing the safety of the press as they take them to these’ sites of perfidious Zionist repression against the peace-loving and rightful occupants of Palestine’.

    There’s always been the feeling in many analysts that the entire clown car of Islamic terrorist groups involved in Palestine are not above staging an incident, blowing up a hapless group of civilians (age/gender immaterial) to create a photo-op for the Western press. They routinely place launch and storage sites in and around mosques, schools, medical centers and apartment complexes. Israel has shown remarkable constraint in attacking these sites but can hold off only so long. Israel has super ground intel and knows where many sites are before they even fire once but largely avoids attacking first unless it’s absolutely necessary. The Western press though, loves an Iranian produced, casualty and destruction-laden Palestinian reality show with bombed schools and hospitals and body parts strew about. One wonders why the Administration doesn’t offer to send in that international CSI team, our FBI, to do the site forensics and determine exactly which explosives and delivery instruments were used at these incidents.

    Just speculating, but as for me I’m going to email the Israeli embassy and ask if I can donate to their strike-aircraft fuel fund.

    • John Galt says:

      “It will be interesting, if the Administration would release it, to hear what Iran is instructing the Hezbollah to do.”

      USA – Saudi Arabia – Israel are maneuvering to take out Syria followed by Iran. Iran is countering by orchestrating strikes on Israel.

      • czarowniczy says:

        Hate to beat the same drum again but one wonders what part Russia has in all of this. The Russian ambassador is an old orientalist, a graduate of Moscow State Institute of International Relations, the old Communist school for professional Communist foreign service personnel. He also allegedly has some ties with high-level weapons transfer programs in places he’s served AND speaks Farsi (Hey, US State Department – try that!). There’s also been a lot of interesting weapons ‘developments’ in Iran over the last few years, especially in areas that Iran and Russia have a joint interest in. These developments are something of a lesser degree than the joint Russia-India advanced weapons programs but very interesting all the same. The US and Russia have had a decades long low-level conflict over Iran as Russia is desperate for a secure access to a warm water port on the Arabian Sea, poor Russia otherwise has no ability to project naval power along its southern areas of interest. If Russia could get Egypt back in the fold it would be able to effect a blockade of the Suez Canal and threaten Saudi shipping in the upper Red Sea. If Russia can aid – if not heavily encourage – Iran to create a situation in the region that Obama could use his flexibility to mediate to the Islamics and Russia’s benefit,. A situation where Israel would be blocked from interfering with events in Syria and Egypt, Obama would look like another potential Nobel Prize winner and Putin would get his groove back in the Med and Arabian Sea. The US would be taken down another notch on the World Power ratings and Russia would go up a notch on Obama’s multiple-poles-of-power scale. Just an observation.

  5. cajunkelly says:

    …and blood will run to the horses’ bridles….

    Some speculate this is the beginning.

    Me? I just think it is *no* happenstance that this is happening so soon after the jackass is re-installed in our Oval Office. The jackass has more flexibility now, you know.

  6. stellap says:

    Crowder on Israel

  7. Arkindole says:

    Shabbot about 4:40 hours ago. Media reports will be slow. 8:40 their time.
    3:39 PM As of 3:30 PM today, the IDF Iron Dome system has knocked out 184 Gazan rockets, with a 87% successful it rate!
    3:37 PM Ehud Yaari from Channel 2 TV: Traffic jam of IAF Fighter jets awaiting to bomb terror targets in Gaza.
    3:17 PM England says Israel will “lose support” if a ground incursion into Gaza takes place. Thanks, send our regards to Her Majesty.
    3:03 PM IDF Radio: Weekend weather is going to be hotter and dryer than usual for this season.

    • John Galt says:

      “England says Israel will “lose support” if a ground incursion into Gaza takes place. Thanks, send our regards to Her Majesty.”

      What do they have in mind? An apology for intercepting Allah’s rockets?

      England – on its way to islamic hell hole status.

      • cjmartel says:

        England, for all intents and purposes is no longer a western nation. England has been totally overun with muslims, couple that with the insane PC world and how gullible people are, we now see the end result. There are those who poo poo eschatology, sometimes you just have to wonder.

  8. cajunkelly says:

    3:37 PM Ehud Yaari from Channel 2 TV: Traffic jam of IAF Fighter jets awaiting to bomb terror targets in Gaza.

    DH was just home for lunch..and said emphatically…Israel will wipe their asses off the face of the planet..and rightly so.

  9. Markus says:

    No, cajunkelly; Psalm 2:4

  10. czarowniczy says:

    With Iran providing larger missiles with longer ranges and larger payloads, with Iran egging the Israelis on and threatening them with a nuclear attack, how about: Zech. 14 v.1-4

    • cjmartel says:

      Czarowniczy, nice Irish name by the way, you should visit a site called ” Now the end begins”, lots of good stuff and news releases that could, I stress could, tie in with end times predictions. Christianity is under attack all over the world, so called atheists are suing to have any vestige of Christianity expunged from the public view, in Nigeria their version of a red letter bible is one smeared with the blood of martyrs. And yet the sheeple continue to swallow all the BS that is being fed to them on a daily basis. I have grown so disgusted I very seldom turn on the tv anymore, too much inane crap being broadcast!!! Good call on the Bible verse, very, very appropriate.

      • czarowniczy says:

        I frequently hang at The Voice of the Martyrs. I’ve watched the horrific reports of Islamists murdering Christians and ministers and desecrating Christian sites for years on internal Federal feeds, well before the MSM even broached the issue. I worked with the military in Egypt and watched the US turn a blind eye to the Egyptian Muslims as they burned Coptic churches, beat and killed Copts and their minister and closed Coptic monasteries to outsiders for decades, monasteries that are older than Islam. One I still can’t get out of my mind at this time of year is when a Philippine Muslim group went into a Catholic church at the Christmas eve midnight mass and beheaded the priest on the alter in front of the congregation. We also, on a lesser scale, have the Muslims who, in England, burned a building where a children’s church choir was practicing Xmas carols because the infidel’s singing could be heard at the Mosque. Also in England some Muslims broke into a church and hung the warder’s dog over the alter – all in good fun you understand. I’ve been watching them advance their own dogma while, with the help of the secular sheep, they trash others’ religions.

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