11-13 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

Use this thread as an open thread just for Zimmerman Case stuff. A place to just dump, collect, or discuss general information about the Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman Case.

REMINDER – Please WATCH THE TONE and CONTENT of Commentary. Please be respectful, courteous and considerate of other readers and contributors. Please avoid hatespeak, angry rhetoric, vulgarity, personal attacks and condescension. If you wish to engage in vitriolic, racist, or bitter angry rhetoric, there are alternative sites on the internet more than welcoming to such considerations. But not here. Thank You.

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207 Responses to 11-13 George Zimmerman Case – Open Discussion Thread

    • Preston says:

      BTW I just copied & Pasted link. I did not name it…

      • kathyca says:

        see now, you’re not supposed to notice or comment on stuff like that! Unless you’re talking about a white kid who spells that way past the 3rd grade. In that case, you’re a talking about a chitty parent who needs to hire their kid a tutor that they can’t afford since they’re spending all their money on taxes to pay for the eduction of the high school student who can’t spell the same word as your third grader…just sayin’

        • dmoseylou says:

          The scary part is I actually understood it!

        • myopiafree says:

          Crump’s mind – Cute un-armed black kid, majoring in cheerfulness, gunned down by two White Cops, and all he did what “jog” away from them. Was not hurting the cops at all. Clearly a racial incident. Call the FBI, get Julison to publish, get the President to say that this kid would look like my son – in a “hoodie”.

          • “If you kill a dog you go to jail, If you kill a little black boy nothing happens” – Benjamin Crump Esq.

            #NO_LIMIT_ASTRONAUT :3
            Yu aint told me yu swung on a bus driver??
            cracka got mad kuz he got dem bangaz put 2 em by a yung ASTRONAUT :3

          • jello333 says:

            Before I heard the details, I was ready to condemn the cops for this (race not being a factor to me). I thought it was just some guy standing around who the cops decided to ask why he was loitering around, the guy then takes off running, and the cops shoot him. If that was the story, I’d be condemning the cops (and cases like that DO happen on occasion). But sounds like that’s not what went down…. looks like this guy was wanted for a lot of violent crimes, including car-jacking. And so, assuming they had the right person, yeah… this was a dangerous guy who they couldn’t just allow to run away.

          • Seeking the Truth says:

            Not jog…he skipped away…a recurrent habit amongst feral yutes.

        • jello333 says:

          Well, that Reginald Norman dude seems like an OK guy. He doesn’t seem to be making excuses… now let’s see if the other people in the neighborhood follow his example.

    • Knuckledraggingwino says:

      If the goal is to merely cull the gene pool, castration is equally effective. All that is required are a few quick strokes with a dull knife and no anesthetic. Purging the voter registration rolls is more difficult because in Chicago and other Democrat controlled cities, even the dead will rise up out of their graves to vote.

    • Never run from the cops even if you just committed a crime. Submit. You’ll almost always be better off.

      • TandCrumpettes says:

        You would think this would be common knowledge!

        I watch a buttload of COPS. Nearly everyone who runs gets caught – now they’ve gotten themselves in a whole other world of hurt (which probably includes some pepper spray).

        Its always funny when they try to explain, “I didn’t do anything! I just ran because I was scared!” haha! Oh really? You were “scared” and yet you knew for certain there’s about 10-15 police officers in the area, you knew where they were, and you didn’t ask any of them for help? ha! Tell me another one!

        Don’t worry, they have another one….”I don’t believe I have any warrants, officer….”

    • Smoking a blunt at 38 seconds, just like Trayvon Martin and many of the thugs that roam my city.

    • Alexandra M. says:

      Did you notice this little tidbit from the news reader? Paraphrased: “His friends say he was no angel, but…..blah blah…didn’t deserve it, etc.”
      Hmmm…..where else have I heard “Well he was no angel BUT …….blah blah…..Trayvon was just an innocent baby child blahblah”.

    • rumpole2 says:

      Thanks for that video… I see it was posted in MAY… but I have managed to miss it up to now.
      I do like Ted anyway :D

      • rumpole2 says:

        And he is correct in his assessment.
        The critical matter in the case is the short period that TM was on top of GZ beating his head against the concrete.
        All the delusional notions about ghostly figures in the Clubhouse, imaginary accomplices (and a cockatoo), and more recently the nutsoid fantasy time line videos from LIMPapa and Marinane Dave… even if they contained any facts at all are totally irrelevant.

        • rumpole2 says:

          And… not only does Ted talk a LOT of sense… he plays a mean guitar…

        • kathyca says:

          classic example of rational v. emotional thought right here/there. I cannot stand ted nugent wrt bow hunting, hunting in general, and probably a lot of other stuff. However, he is completely correct on this and on a number of other topics I’ve heard him speak about. When I hear him speak, which is a lot since he’s on my local talk radio constantly, I don’t get all emotionally angry about the stuff I disagree with him on. I listen to what he’s saying on the topic he’s speaking to. I don’t like that he enjoys killing animals, but that doesn’t make him wrong. In fact, I agree with him on most things and am able to admit it even while loathing some of his most cherished values. And the same goes for posters here — no need to call me out on the hunting issue. We can agree to disagree right up front :)

          • rumpole2 says:

            Good for you.
            I knew only his music for a long time… but later saw him interviewed on FOX on political matters.. and I agree he talks a lot of sense and in a way that makes his points clearly.
            I lead a sheltered life.. have not heard the stuff about hunting :D

            • dmoseylou says:

              Have you heard about his twitter rants after the re-election? “Pimps Whores and Welfare Brats”? @TedNugent.
              I agree with every tweet he twittered. :D (You taught me how to make smiley faces! Thanks,)

            • kathyca says:

              I actually saw him in concert once at the former Meadowlands in NJ. It was sick. Omg, it’s amazing any of my crew made it through the 80’s!

              • jello333 says:

                We used to take our kids to all kinds of concerts when they were little, up through early teens. Queen, Rush, Billy Squier, David Bowie, Jefferson Airplane (actually they were “Starship” by then… yuck!), and others. And so a few years later, they decided to return the favor. Them and their friends bought tickets for a show, and got two extra ones for their Mom and me. Here’s a suggestion: If your kids ever invite you to go to a Gwar concert, just say “Thanks but no thanks!”

                • kathyca says:

                  haha! I’ll keep that in mind. I’m still in tween “music” hell. In the past view years I’ve been to see Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson and OneDirection. I think I prefer the Wiggles :)

          • Knuckledraggingwino says:

            Sorry to hear that you are so hostile to hunting. I suppose that you wouldn’t appreciate a package of Elk steak or a photo of Beavis the six point bull who adorns the fireplace mantle.

            • Alexandra M. says:

              Speaking for myself only…..there’s nothing better than venison sausage!! Yum. I come from a family of hunters (deer, duck, quail, etc.) hunters and enjoy the food but don’t go out with them on trips. I loves me some Ted Nugent as well….although I’m a second-generation fan. :).

            • kathyca says:

              Not hostile to hunters or hunting, in general. Just a personal aversion of mine. So no, I’m not partial to Elk steak or taxidermy :)

            • I’d appreciate Elk steaks!! I’m looking forward to Marinaded moose steaks smothered with shrooms, onion & peppers, grilled on the barbie. Venison is healthier because it doesn’t contain the artificial hormones nor copper that cattle feed has. Venison’s also healthier than beef because it contains less fat, I add a lil beef to venison burgers so they don’t stick to the pan. I don’t dislike animals, there’s no thrill from killing them but the matter of fact is their delicious. I don’t harbor any guilt for my species having the brainpower to elevate itself to the top of the food chain. Too many guilt ridden “Bunny-Huggers” lack compassion for one of their own species that’s down on their luck & place a greater value on animals than they do their own species. I’d sooner spend $50. to buy a homeless person a meal & a warm blanket rather than donate $0.50 to an animal shelter. For myself: It comes down to people are exponentially more valuable than any animal ever could be. Hunting is an American tradition passed down from fathers & grandfathers to the younger generation. It’s ironic somebody mentioned hunting animals, I’ve a crock-pot with a venison stew simmering on the counter & couldn’t resist adding my $0.02 worth. Happy hunting KDW

          • Chip Bennett says:

            That’s fine; that just saves more deer for me! :D

        • lovemygirl says:

          When George has the case dropped he can sing I got You in a Stranglehold to the Scheme Team!

          • lovemygirl says:

            An odd thing I just noticed was imbedded videos often stall here (buffering ) but if you click the Youtube icon in the lower right corner the bandwith improsed quite a bit. Youtube vs WorldPress?

          • jello333 says:

            One of my favorite lines ever: “Some people think they gonna die someday, I got news you never got to go.”

        • You you, I really don’t know who these LILPapa and BBQ dan or whoever these people are, but you guys are giving them WAY too much credit for their conspiracy theories.

          #NO_LIMIT_ASTRONAUT :3
          Yu aint told me yu swung on a bus driver??
          cracka got mad kuz he got dem bangaz put 2 em by a yung ASTRONAUT :3

    • Mikado Cat says:

      Nugent seems to take a very rational approach, but what stands out to me is how limited his base information on the case seems to be.

      Big point he misses is that the state will have GZ on negligent homicide if they can prove GZ brought a gun to an expected fist fight.

      Nugent is a public figure who I think we can assume is interested in the topic, so its fair to use his lack of full information as a marker of the general public. He has gotten more information than main stream media provides, but its still filtered and limited.

      • rumpole2 says:

        My impression was that Ted did not want to get bogged down in all the nonsense… the sort of stuff that the Trayvon Zone people are bogged down in.
        Cutting through all of that… at the point that GZ shot TM.. it was simple self defence.

      • Preston says:

        Ted kept it to the point where ones life makes a life saving call.

      • John Galt says:

        “Big point he misses is that the state will have GZ on negligent homicide if they can prove GZ brought a gun to an expected fist fight.”

        Negative. I thought everybody had read the pertinent statutes by now. I guess not.

        • Mikado Cat says:

          Read them more than once and directly from the .gov site. If you take a gun into a situation were it is reasonable to expect it will be used, you become responsible for the use.

          Lets say I’ve been spending time with Mr Brown’s wife, and inadvertently left behind a sock. I see Mr Brown walking up and down the street cursing and waving the sock, so I walk up to him and politely ask for its return. Mr Brown instead punches me in the nose and knocks me to the ground, then sits on me punching me any time he can while I yell for help. Fearing for my life I draw my weapon and shoot him fatally. Self defense, negligent homicide.

          • jello333 says:

            Even if the law was as you suggest (and I don’t believe it is), it’s still not relevant, unless the facts of this case match your hypothetical. And from everything we know, they do not. George clearly had NO intention of getting anywhere near Trayvon, let alone getting up-close-and-person… and DEFINITELY not to the point of a physical, or even verbal confrontation. What makes you think George had ANY expectation, let alone desire, to wind up face-to-face with Trayvon?

          • treewig says:

            Cite the statute and case law. Doesn’t the criminal negligence require that the individual “know or should have known” that his actions would result in death or great bodily harm. We aren’t coming back to this theory that getting out of the truck automatically makes him negligent are we?

            • jello333 says:

              Have you no respect for JQ and Leatherhead? It’s “schruck”…. George never should have gotten out of his “schruck”.

              But seriously though, I’m kinda proud of the fact that I was one of the first people to come up with a response to that nonsense. (on May 18th) Even if it WAS considered wrong for him to get out of the truck, the fact is he was basically REQUESTED to get out of the truck by the dispatcher. Inadvertently to be sure, but all the same…

      • jello333 says:

        Did you notice there was an edit/cut in that video? A little after he said he was gonna explain how he thought the confrontation went down? So it could be that he went into a whole lot more detail than we saw, but they cut it out. But about your point re. negligent homicide. Even THAT isn’t gonna fly…. because from all indications, George did NOT expect even a face-to-face confrontation, let alone a “fight” of any kind.

        • jello333 says:

          Oh, and to go even further: Even if George HAD been expecting a confrontation, once his life was in danger, and he couldn’t escape, he STILL had the legal right to defend himself. I don’t think he can be charged with ANY crime.

      • Chip Bennett says:

        Big point he misses is that the state will have GZ on negligent homicide if they can prove GZ brought a gun to an expected fist fight.

        That would be about as provable as second-degree murder (and the state would have just about as much probable cause, as well).

        Seriously? Zimmerman left his house that day saying, “Hmm, self: I think I’m going to encounter someone wandering about in the rain tonight, who is going to jump me. Better make sure I’m packing!”

        And even then: Zimmerman would still have the right to use of lethal force in self-defense, because he was in a place he had a legal right to be, and he wasn’t doing anything otherwise unlawful.

        An “expected fist fight” doesn’t apply here. Zimmerman didn’t know Martin, and had no history with Martin. Zimmerman was concealed-carrying his firearm well before he ever encountered Martin; he didn’t have an encounter/altercation, and then go get his gun and then return to continue that altercation.

        • Mikado Cat says:

          GZ considered Trayvon dangerous, rolled up his windows etc. What the state may try to show is that GZ approached TM. This has been their subplot all along and I think the charge they hope to make stick. Its the whole “got out of his truck” theme, that despite knowing it might be dangerous, GZ is brave with his gun and approaches Trayvon.

          I don’t believe this is supported by either evidence or logic, but I think its the direction Corey is going to go in.

          Feel free to educate me on the FL statutes, but I went through all of them at the start of the case.

          • treewig says:

            I don’t recall GZ making any statement where he considered TM dangerous. I believe he said he rolled up his window to avoid confrontation and that he felt TM putting his hands in his pants was a idle threat. IF GZ gets out of his car as TM approaches, you still wouldn’t have a criminal negligence case unless GZ had pulled his gun immediately in direct response to a threat, showing that he had intention of confronting TM with his firearm. The evidence shows that GZ got out of his car after TM ran away and lost GZ and that GZ took a beating for at least a minute or so before pulling the gun in self defense.

            I agree that the prosecutor after failing at getting murder or manslaughter charges past an immunity hearing might try criminal negligence, but the NEN call seems to clearly vindicate GZ of this charge. He didn’t get out of his truck as TM came towards him, he got out after TM took off and at the dispatchers request to let him know where TM went.

    • Ugh says:

      Enjoyed his book God, Guns, and Rock ‘N’ Roll.

    • jello333 says:

      Wow. I don’t like Nugent, but credit where due…. This was really, really good. Really.

      • Mikado Cat says:

        I like Nugent, have seen him live and he is a character. I just bought a CD collection of the Amboy Dukes, and its Nugent, but from the psychedelic era, if anybody wants to see his roots.

  1. Preston says:

    I thought it was a good find..

  2. Preston says:

    ok since tonight seems to be about Ted

  3. Nugent on Letterman in early 1980s. Tireless supporter of 2nd amendment rights:

  4. Interesting link of Knockout King Game in Illinois to Justice for Trayvon crowd:

    Curiously, a few weeks later, Kelvin Jones was one of at least two people from the party who attended an MSU rally to demand justice for Trayvon Martin. Kelvin Jones may have been reticent about talking with the police, but he was positively loquacious with a reporter.

    He told the local paper “he experienced racism in Springfield.”

    “Jones said he was in front of the house he rents near campus teaching some black female students some dance moves, when a vehicle drove by with three whites, one of whom shouted a racial slur.”

    “It’s something they feel comfortable saying when they are in a vehicle and they can get away,” Jones said. “What we hope to accomplish is justice for Trayvon, No.1, and possibly the elimination of racism in America….”


    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Arch – Yes, Trayvon was indeed into the “knockout” game – by putting the “Bangaz on that White Cracker.”
      The Knockout Game has a new rule: Watch out for the Moms, the victim’s moms.

      This version of the Knockout Game began like most others: A black mob found a defenseless white college student. They punched him in the face. Only stopping when they got tired and he got knocked out.

      Then they ran away, laughing hard and loud. Leaving Trevor Godfrey bleeding, unconscious and shaking with convulsions.

      Usually that is the end of it – just another case of racial violence played out by the hundreds in more than 80 cities across the country, detailed both in WND.com and the book White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.

      But this was different: This time the victim and his family decided not to walk away.

      “Trevor never saw them when he was almost killed, so he never had a chance to put up a fight,” said Trevor’s mom, Sherry Godfrey. “But we are fighting back now and we will not stop.”

      Read Sherry Godfrey’s plea for the truth about racial attacks, violence.


      Rule #2: Do not attempt this “Fight Game” on innocents – who have Concealed Carry. Might be bad for your health.

      • Alexandra M. says:

        YES! ~And you never know who has conceal and carry–Even a “little skinny-ass white girl” (this is what I was called recently by an AA woman for some unknown reason!).

        • mung says:

          Because you are white and have a skinny ass? Just thinking that might be it. Here is a hit, it is called jealousy.

          • Alexandra M. says:

            Please forgive me, fellow Treepers, but I have a brief shout-out for the extremist lunatics and idiot racists at Leatherman’s and the “dothprotest” website. By the way, these few radical Trayvonites are quite vocal when it comes to their hard core hatred and racism toward non-African Americans. I know it’s a tiny handful of hateful people, but it’s just so egregious it infuriates me!
            SO—-all you anti-GZ zealots (all six of you posting lol): WHY SO JEALOUS??? Why the
            gutter-mouth crude comments? Why do you sound remarkably like a group of scared bullies who KNOW (and c’mon YOU KNOW) that no one believes your BS stories and BS (just plain duhhhmb) videos?? It’s pretty obvious you six or seven Trayvonites are stressing out BIG
            TIME!! Word of advice LOL: when you go off on your nonsensical rants try not to be so obvious about your jealousy of CTH and your paranoid-laden worries about false crumbling false narrative. Truthfully, your website(s) are laughing stocks and primarily glanced at for their comedy!

          • Alexandra M. says:

            :). (((mung)))

        • aliashubbatch says:

          Because you’re a catch to a black male. When’s the last time you heard, “Where all da black wimmens zat?”

          • Alexandra M. says:

            Funny thing is I dated a great AA guy a few years and and we remain friends to this day. Sadly, some (not all) of his AA friends thought I was the devil! :(.

            • aliashubbatch says:

              From what I’ve read from you so far, I see no reason to think that. :)

            • jello333 says:

              One of my sons (he’s white) used to date a black girl. All his friends (both black and white) were cool with it. But several of HER black friends freaked out… total racists.

        • myopiafree says:

          Hi Alexandra – I wish MORE people had Concealed-Carry. I was waking down the street in Washington DC with my wife. This “suspicious” (need I describe more?) person came towards me. I reached across my chest towards where a pistol would be. I don’t know if this was effective – but I think the perp. got the idea. With college students being attacked and beaten by a crowd of “minorities” – you can see why Concealed Carry – can prevent a “Knockout Gang” from conducting their “game”.

  5. eastern2western says:

    the great shadow detective has proved that zimmerman was having a party, hitting pinatas, drinking coronas and pimping whores before he made the decision to hunt down some wacky color kid in the neighborhood. Brilliant man, corey needs to hire him instead of her team of useless detectives.

    • rumpole2 says:

      That’s our old buddy Trent!!!! :D
      He is wasted just doing YT’s… he could be ALPHA CRETIN at JQ… no contest :D

      • rumpole2 says:

        So …… 2 witnesses in corner unit are accomplices as well :D

        That makes 6 accomplices.. plus George (The magnificent Seven)

        At least we know now that the Cockatoo is probably holed up in that corner unit :D : D

      • eastern2western says:

        dude is kind of creepy with his obsession on the case.

        • raiikun says:

          Yeah, though his overuse of profanity to mask his lack of cognitive ability gets humorous at times.

          • eastern2western says:

            profanity is a technique used by uneducated people when they kind not defend themselves with facts.

            • Alexandra M. says:

              OK….so is it just me, or does anyone sense that Trent is….ummm…. “delayed” (developmentally speaking). I’m studying Psych and Education and all the alarm bells go off whenever I hear him speak/cuss!!! Granted, I have only tolerated all but three videos/voiceovers but that was enough for me. It’s not just his incorrect/paranoid rants…..something is wrong (cognitively) with that guy!!!
              Just my opinion of course and NO OFFENSE to others with cognitive disabilities!

      • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

        Yikes…In three seconds, I instantly knew that voice and said to myself, “yuk” as I scrambled to shut it off

    • hoffstyle71 says:

      It was entertaining until 7:20 and he goes off on a rant about George support. My goodness these people are a goldmine of hilarity. Fraud/manufactured timelines. Racists! Blah blah..then you gotta LOVE “Ok maybe it’s not George is a racist, it’s the police! And YOU!!” My sides.

  6. Searching the word “zimmerman” today on twitter, I am puzzled as to all the buzz that Zimmerman “got life.” Are people really that stupid?


    • @Ayoo_Stretch

      george zimmerman is finally in jail

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      56sTMZ ‏@couturekimmie

      Finally “@_BlakkSwan: George Zimmerman charged with LIFE!! Trayvon fam can at least rest now 🙌”


      1mNeil Enlick‏@_BlakkSwan

      George Zimmerman charged with LIFE!! Trayvon fam can at least rest now 🙌


      1mSade Monique Sims ‏@Biracial_Bea

      Tata is going to prison, George Zimmerman going to prison charged w/2nd degree murder that’s life. Justice was served now let’s have a party


      1mQuesha ‏@_ICanOnlyBeQue_

      “George Zimmerman was charged with 2nd Degree murder for Trayvon Martin.” Y’all don’t get happy yet. They could find him not guilty.


      2mDr. Steve Zimmerman‏@zimchiro

      @zimmerman I see you have the same last name but you wouldn’t be giving the massage.

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      2mMiss Chang‏@jihouka

      George Zimmerman aka an utter waste of human life.


      2mDr. Neal‏@dreadhead_305

      Says who????RT @Prty_ladie: Zimmerman got life!!!


      3mBen Island‏@ThisIslandMusic

      Le nouvel EP de Mathias Zimmerman sur Sound Pellegrino aussi.


      4mNøvąkąnę Kri§§® ‏@_Kam_O



      4mAnasazi Racing‏@AnasaziRacing

      New interview of James Burwick by Tim Zimmerman on Sailing World. http://www.sailingworld.com/blogs/sailboats/extreme-family-voyaging-the-anasazi-girl-way


      5mBeau Limerence‏@MrPhields

      Trayvon Martin is dead and george zimmerman is facing life, thats two lives that are gone


      5mMR.VIBEZ ‏@JayDaRealest

      RT @PinkBottomTouch RT @PrinceDollaz_ Zimmerman got life 🙌 justice has been served


      5mSmoke Dawg ‏@NTG_Tye

      I’m hearing George Zimmerman got life.


      6mDat Nigga 100‏@RIPQFAT33rd

      “@Unfxckwithable: @RIPQFAT33rd Zimmerman Facing Life!”#goodshit


      6mJaymi Zimmerman‏@jaymi_zimmerman

      getting concussions from physics #wegohard #2:46 @hjksoxbox @torikrouse

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      7m#Unfuckwithable ♥‏@_GANGSTADoll

      “@Pretty___Moneyy: @_GANGSTADoll Zimmerman, Lmao”LOL Whatever his name is tete.


      7mFunk Flex !!!!! ‏@funkmasterflex

      #IFWT FBI Records In George Zimmerman Trail Released – http://tinyurl.com/c4vrpes


      7mShanda Monae‏@lovely_shanda

      George Zimmerman finally is charged with 2nd-degree murder & facing LIFE in prison……R.I.P Trayvon Martin !



      Where are y’all getting this information that G Zimmerman got sentenced to life? Has any credible sources announced this?



      Shoutout to the justice system for giving zimmerman life in prison for treyvon martin murder #karmaworks


      11mღKeesh Thoღ‏@SittingOnUrFace

      AMEN !!! RT @MekaAllSmiles Justice is served George Zimmerman has been sentenced LIFE for killing Trayvon Martin ..



      George Zimmerman is finally charged with murder  #JusticeForTrayvon ! About damn time, my Bestfriend truly deserves this!


      14mRED BLACK GREEN‏@LaMarcus

      Zimmerman charged w/ 2nd degree Murder… #dontDROPtheSOAP



      Justice is served George Zimmerman has been sentenced LIFE for killing Trayvon Martin ..


      15mEl Jefe‏@Slime_P

      Finally Zimmerman gets sentenced for life



      Goodbye yo RT @KoranClyne_: “@PrinceDollaz_: Zimmerman got life 🙌 justice has been served” what did he do?


      16mMichael Mullin‏@mikemullin3

      Time to spend an hour with Mr.Zimmerman because i didn’t plug in my laptop!!


      16mSpike Cee‏@CeedotCee

      “@tanyagloria: I got all types of news apps and I have not received one breaking news alert about Zimmerman” — too busy writing about Elmo.


      16mSophisticated Dame ‏@Chafeeza

      RT: George Zimmerman was charged with Murder & is facing life…he has NOT been convicted or sentenced yet! So Justice has NOT been served!


      16mKendrick Dixon‏@_ITSCHEESE_

      “@lilbo_91: what they gave him?”@_ITSCHEESE_: They finally sentence George Zimmerman !!!! About time””5yrs



      Zimmerman got life 🙌 justice has been served


      18mYoung Ripstarr‏@ripstarr305

      CNN, MSNBC, ETC. None of these news stations are reporting it. So where yall get this news from bout George Zimmerman getting LIFE??



      Zimmerman was finally charged…..



      After 45 days George Zimmerman is finally charged with second degree murder && faced with LIFE #JUSTICE👏




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      22mBerkeley Rep‏@berkeleyrep

      “We in the theatre are the ones out playing after dark. We’re playing well into adulthood, and getting away with it.” – Mary Zimmerman


      41mLoko Productions.. ‏@LOKObappinLOCO

      George Zimmerman got Life in prison.. Shoutsout to Trayvon Martin.. #JusticeWasServed x #BAP



      George Zimmerman got charged with 2nd degree murder for the killing of Trayvon Martin!! Justice is served #JusticeforTrayvonMartin (FINALLY)



      Zimmerman charged with LIFE. Finally.


      1hBree Jones ‏@LakersLoverKobe

      Yes they finally got Zimmerman now he got life in prison !!!


      1hDanielle .‏@Lil_MissDanii

      George Zimmerman was finally* charged & sentenced to life in prison #JusticeForTrayvonMartin .


      1hKlvn Stxffvn‏@StxffvnBRK

      George Zimmerman got charged with 2nd degree murder….Justice



      George Zimmerman Serves Life in Prison . for 2nd Degree Murder .. Finally got justice . Rest In Paradise Trayvon Martin .


      2hJ.R. Smith‏@DeexGreene

      It’s about damn time. George Zimmerman got life pic.twitter.com/ZDDjMsSh

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      Yes George Zimmerman got charged with 2nd degree murder for the killing of Trayvon Martin!!! #JusticeforTrayvonMartin (FINALLY)

      Expand Reply


      • jello333 says:

        Oh God, that is HILARIOUS! Someone got a bunch of friends together and decided to mess with the idiot GZ-haters’ heads! And no doubt many of them will fall for it. By the way… “Charged with LIFE!” Whut is THAT?! I love it… ;)

        I can just see it. “Hello, Mr O’Mara? This is Judge Nelson. I want you to bring your client into court first thing in the morning.” Next morning: “Mr Zimmerman, I sentence you to life in prison. Deputies, take him away. Court is adjourned.” These people are just exactly stupid enough to believe a scenario such as this. You know… we should actually feel sorry for these goofballs.

      • Alexandra M. says:

        LOL!!! Those tweets are both sad/pathetic AND utterly hilarious!
        Two things immediately spring to mind:
        1) “No Child Left Behind” Got a pulse? Here’s your H.S. diploma!
        2) “Huukd on fonikz werked fer meee!!!”
        JMO! :)

    • diwataman says:

      Oh this is too good, lolz, I wonder who started it.

    • diwataman says:

      My god this is too funny, a bunch of them even think he just now after 45 days was charged, doh!

    • Now Jeff Weiner of the Orlando Sentinel (OS) is trying to set everybody straight. You know he reads the Treehouse!

      Jeff Weiner‏@JeffWeinerOS

      Seeing lots of tweets today with this #GeorgeZimmerman front page: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/the-week?pdate=20120412 … This is NOT NEW. It’s from April 12. #TrayvonMartin

      • jello333 says:

        “Hey Jeff, just thought you might wanna know that the Trayvon weirdos are losing their minds today. As you know, I no longer associate with those people, so I thought you might wanna help them out?” — Rene

  7. raiikun says:

    Hehe and in other funny news, I’m now seeing on twitter that it “burns us up” at the Treehouse that someone on the Scheme Team is a veteran. Not only is that assumption laughable (being a veteran myself and thus knowing more than an average number of vets as a result, I’m quite aware that being a veteran doesn’t make one immune to acting as stupidly as Natalie Jackson is), but making that kind of assumptive generalization about a group of people is as, if not more bigoted than they accuse us of being. The irony is thick.

    Where their claims of our bigotry is based in assumption with no real basis, their bigotry is actually demonstrated and real.

  8. James F says:

    The Nutty ‘Professor’ demonstrates once again why he is a failed attorney. He would build his case on the premise that GZ applied large bandages to his head. Too bad SPD personnel actually applied those bandages, idiot. They were clearly present during his videotaped lie detector interview. The interview took place the night of the incident, before GZ had a chance to go home and apply the bandages himself.

    “That’s exactly what it is and that is how I would argue it to a jury, if I were the prosecutor.

    It’s an admission of guilt by conduct in which he expresses an awareness that his injuries do not match his story and, therefore, he has to conceal them beneath the biggest bandages that he can find. As he has consistently done throughout this case, however, he so grossly over-dramatized his expressions of deceit, that no one with a functioning brain cell could fail to recognize that he was lying.

    That inescapable realization, which has come at different times for people, has functioned as a very effective filter separating out and isolating his defenders into a group of people identifiable by their agendas that have nothing to do with believing in his innocence.

    Sweet sweet irony.”

    Sweet irony indeed.

    • @re_newsit says:

      Nothing says “admission of guilt by conduct” like the scheme team

      • James F says:

        By even suggesting such a ridiculous strategy, Leatherman is acknowledging the prosecution has no real case and lacks evidence to support their murder 2 charge.

    • James F says:

      It was widely reported that the lie detector test was taken the night of the shooting. I don’t know if the time stamp is off in this video or if this is video from yet another lie detector test.

  9. diwataman says:

    This is one of my favorites. Not only did they just now charge George but they charged him with….

    • ftsk420 says:

      Charged with life huh lmfao!

    • raiikun says:

      Well, that’s a charge that George has a chance of actually being guilty of…the Prosecution probably can prove that George is alive.

    • @re_newsit says:

      Roflmao Someone needs to do the newspaper.

    • Alexandra M. says:

      ROFL at their sheer stupidity!!! This is so ridiculously BAD you’ve gotta wonder how they’ll “spin it” to save face. Let me guess……stupid lies will soon be spread amongst the brain-dead foot soldiers that “the conservative racist haters HACKED dozens of accounts and made everything up to make us look stupid!!!” Followed by WAA WAA, much gnashing of teeth, and so on. Yeah SURE!!! Just like the “No Limit Nigger” tweet account that was 100% authored by Saint Trayvon was also conveniently “hacked and made-up” according to the idiot Trayvonites!! Of course it’s all a stupid lie and their part and everyone (including them!!) knows that twitter was Trayvon’s account. Do they REALLY think we’re all as stupid as they are??? Yikes…..talk about “groupthink”! Those people are scary dumb!!!

  10. Pingback: You Are Now Entering the Trayvonite Zone «

  11. Still posting about 20 new tweet a minute, but now this one:

    The Psych Lady‏@Monee1913

    Niggas. How can George Zimmerman have been found guilty and sentenced to life when his trial hasn’t even started yet?

  12. diwataman says:

    “homie”? I was told that word fell out of use and proves George is a liar because he said Trayvon said it, hmm.

    • maggiemoowho says:

      TM’s cousin and friend still uses “Homie” in their tweets.

      19 : 12  inReplyTo Warnaee_Thrill Reply | Retweet | Favorite
      _Indyyyyy @DeeJaynmm Homeee!!! Text Me
      September 15, 2012 00:08  
      @_Indyyyyy Yes Ma’am
      19 : 10  inReplyTo _Indyyyyy Reply | Retweet | Favorite

    • James F says:

      It seems to have made a big comeback in recent years.

      Damn Homie, In High School you WAS the MAN Homie!!

      Hey, young homie what you trippin’ on
      Looking at life, like how did I get it wrong,

  13. James F says:

    A new propaganda fluff-piece in the new Esquire. It is long and full of errors. I never saw any mention of cousin ‘Boobie’ before. With a name like Ronquavis even Boobie is less embarrassing I quess.

    That last Saturday, Trayvon went to a football game with his dad and his cousin Boobie.

    Then Trayvon’s phone rang. Boobie was holding it, looking at some pictures, so he answered. A girl’s voice murmured hello — an excellent opportunity for some friendly teasing. Boobie said, Hey, so you like my cousin? The girl was like, Maybe. Boobie kept talking to her for a couple minutes, just juggin’ at her, and Tray let him have his fun. He wasn’t the type to grab the phone.

    Read more: Trayvon Martin Family Interview – Trayvon Martin Aftermath – Esquire http://www.esquire.com/features/americans-2012/trayvon-martin-1212#ixzz2C8ziyBeI

    • James F says:

      Wait, Boobie is Stephen. I always thought Ronquavis was the cousin he hung out with in Sanford.

      • corbin perry says:

        Actually James, they BOTH (Stephen aka Boobie and Ronquavis), has interviews in the newspapers down there. Their stories are identical. Each one claims to have been the one to drive to 7-eleven to buy a black and mild,both said Tray stayed in the truck, and then they dropped Tray back off at Brandy’s. Just google Ronquavis’ name and you should find it, I think it was in the Sentinel…. Lies… just more lies :/

        • jello333 says:

          Wow, if that’s true, that’s a big deal (among many big deals in this case, of course). Is there any chance that the reporters had interviewed both cousins, and somebody just wrote down the wrong name at one point? Because if not, if both of them really DID tell the same story…. yep, a pretty big deal.

    • James F says:

      “That last Saturday, after the football game, Trayvon and Boobie went back to Brandy’s place, a lovely three-bedroom unit with granite countertops and hardwood floors they barely noticed. They took baths and thought about going to the movies. Instead, they ended up playing Madden and about fifteen rounds of a card game called Tonk. And talking to girls and watching Friday After Next, the Ice Cube comedy about people getting up to silly weekend fun. Multitasking was their way of life. And Tray loved all comedy, from Martin Lawrence and Will Smith to South Park and Family Guy.”

      WTF? Didn’t Boobie give a sworn statement that they went to the theater and didn’t like the scene?

        • nomorebsplease says:

          Should we send them the tweets where ‘boobie’ and ‘pookie’ or whatever he’d call his cousin were blazing it up in Brandy Greene’s garage? Unless it was ‘boobie’s garage. Anybody care to confirm? The reason I ask is because, if it was Brandi Green’s garage, it means they were lighting up with Chad being present. That’s a big deal if they allow that behavior with their ‘small child’. Unless they lied about him not being there in the first place.

          I don’t think Trayvon was even at the home. Neither was chad. That’s the point. He was probably with the cousin the entire time or messing around and waiting to hang with him. Were there keys found on his body/near the scene? It would also explain why Chad didn’t see the news crew, hear the helicopters, the police or the ambulance/medical crew.

          Would also explain why he didn’t care to ask about his snack or ask Trayvon to ‘hurry up and watch the game’. It also explains the patchwork timeline from Crump’s first press conference where he said Trayvon went to the store during the NBA all star game halftime. When it would have been about an hour after he was already dead.

          Maybe I’m wrong, it’s very possible. But it’s not as unlikely as any of the other nonsense out there. It would also explain his buying of blunts, his lack of eagerness to go to Brandi’s home/etc. I think the story was manufactured to deflect you. To plant one seed that forces you to only look one way. It would explain why the father was so happy to emphasize how ‘responsible’ Trayvon’s cousin was and how he ‘didn’t know anybody’.

          I could be wrong but…I just feel in my gut there are more lies in this case than we realize. Something doesn’t seem right. Nothing based on physical evidence shows me a kid was on his way to the store and wanted to hurry back – nor was there a kid who waited for his snack.

          Too many story inconsistencies, no physical evidence to show the story is legit. It just looks like a patchwork story created to get media attention to bully insurance companies and then watch the case fall through. It was also a chance to get people upset about Stand Your Ground so they could continue to sue, over time, by removing the Stand Your Ground immunity clause.

          /conspiracy theory.

          • myopiafree says:

            Hi Nomore – Tracy told so many lies – that it is impossible to “follow” or make sense of them. But let’s accept what Crump said – at face value. Chad was in the apartment at 6:10 when Trayvon left. Then he was expecting Trayvon at 7:00 with Skittles and Tea. Trayvon EASILY reached Green’s apartment after a short “jog”. Question – why did Chad not let TM in, when he knocked on the glass to be let in – since TM did not have the key? Why did Chad not “look out” or “look for” TM after TM was gone for one hour? One has to wonder about that issue.

      • @re_newsit says:

        Three bedrooms but someone slept in the garage? I’ve never been able to figure out the significance of saying one of them slept in the garage.

        • James F says:

          Why not the same bed? According to Boobie’s dream, that is how it usually was even though the top bunk was empty.

          “When it’s time to go to bed, they squeeze in together on the bottom bunk, head to toe, both so skinny there’s plenty of room.”

          Read more: Trayvon Martin Family Interview – Trayvon Martin Is an American of the Year – Esquire http://www.esquire.com/features/americans-2012/trayvon-martin-1212-2#ixzz2C9lKatqp

        • Angel says:

          “Three bedrooms but someone slept in the garage? I’ve never been able to figure out the significance of saying one of them slept in the garage.”

          Me either but I have always felt that there is something more to it but not able to figure it out either. Why would one sleep in garage and not the other. Pallets on the floor never go out of style, especially for teens.

      • Angel says:

        “WTF? Didn’t Boobie give a sworn statement that they went to the theater and didn’t like the scene?”

        Ditto to Diwataman’s reply: Yep!

        Also this article suggests that Tracy Martin was home on Sunday morning to which Trayvon was able to ask the question, “when are we going home? IIRC from reading the interviews in the discovery, Tracy was not there with them Sunday morning having stayed over at the convention. I have to revisit those interviews to jog my memory.

        I am starting to get the impression that certain people are making up stuff as they go along to fit the facts as they come out. I am willingly to admit to being wrong.

    • James F says:

      This third video of Trayvon in a real fight sounds interesting…

      “They would also like to tell the court that Tracy Martin was still married to a woman named Alicia when he was visiting his girlfriend in Sanford, evidence of an “urban

      lifestyle.” They will say that there’s a video on YouTube of a kid who might be Trayvon in a boxing match. He’s wearing boxing gloves and there’s a referee, but the lawyers are trying to make a positive identification because they need to prove that Trayvon knew how to hit. There’s another similar video and a guy in New Jersey who’s trying to sell a third video that might show Trayvon in a real fight. He took it to CNN and ABC, the lawyers say, asked for $100,000. That’s what happens when a killing becomes international news, yet another flash point in America’s endless race war.”

      Read more: Trayvon Martin Family Interview – Trayvon Martin Is an American of the Year – Esquire http://www.esquire.com/features/americans-2012/trayvon-martin-1212-3#ixzz2C974k000

      • Preston says:

        I’ve seen the boxing Video. It’s him. They call his name when cheering him on. It just shows they know the story is blowing up.

        • There are only 2 boxing videos I know of. One where it’s daytime and he’s ‘refereeing’ and they say his name early in the video. The other is a nighttime video with no reason to believe it is him at all. If there is a 3rd video, it may be the only one you can prove anything. The other two do not show his face conclusively which, for court, means they are absolutely useless.

      • Mikado Cat says:

        Being a sweet kid at 14 has nothing to do with attacking and viciously beating someone at 17.

    • James F says:

      MSM finally reports ‘watermelon cocktail’ and does esquire have footage from the bank that we don’t?

      “From the row of glass refrigerators, Trayvon picks out an Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. The Skittles are on a shelf across from the cash register.

      When he leaves, Trayvon passes the Trustco Bank and walks along the edge of the road, which is six lanes across when you include the turnouts. Night is falling, but with the big Towne Center across the street and an auto superstore down the way, everything is brightly lit. Soon the grass gives way to another sidewalk for the Lake’s Edge development, brown stucco condos with little inset porches. Then it’s back to the narrow groove worn into the grass.”

    • diwataman says:

      Interesting, not the article, I was gagging all the way through that but this was interesting;

      “When they[Trayvon and Stephen] woke up the next day, Tracy gave him a couple boxes of clothes he didn’t want and Trayvon helped him carry them out to the car. Trayvon asked his dad, When are we goin’ home? and Tracy said, We’re going home tomorrow. And then it was just A’ight, man. Boobie didn’t even hug him. He feels a little bad about that. Just clapped him up and said, I’ll see you when I get back home.”

      What happened to going to 711 and dropping Trayvon off?

      • James F says:

        How could Boobie forget to mention the purchase of Black and Mild blunts?

      • Angel says:

        “What happened to going to 711 and dropping Trayvon off?”

        I thought there are some interesting things about that article too, D-Man. Like how TM had just passed the written test to get a driver’s license and they (family) were making plans to buy TM a car. So it seems he had at minimum a learner’s license which was not found in his possession. I recall reading in one article awhile back that TM’s family stated he had no ID except school ID.

    • James F says:

      Tracy’s fire story has changed again. This time he grabbed a blanket from the bedroom not a beach towel from the counter or from around his naked body after passing out after the shower.

      “The smell of smoke wakes him. He runs into the kitchen and the pot is writhing in flames, sending up black oily smoke that floods the ceiling and curls under the doors. Tracy runs into his bedroom and grabs a blanket and runs back to the kitchen and throws it on the fire, but he throws wrong and it catches on the pot and tips the burning mess forward. Flaming grease splashes all over his legs. He falls to the floor screaming, and Trayvon, just nine years old, runs out and drags his screaming father out the apartment door. Then he runs back through the flames and the smoke to get a cell phone and calls 911.

      Tracy spent four months in the hospital getting skin grafts. On the playing field, the kids give Trayvon major respect. You saved your father’s life! But Trayvon always shrugs it off.”

  14. Preston says:

    So he said his brother was 6’2 and it’s not TM voice screaming for help

  15. Pingback: Esquire Goes Full Retard for Trayvon «

  16. Ricky Jimenez says:

    Perhaps SDC’s mole can tell us the role of Crump/Jackson/Julison in getting Esquire to include Trayon in its “Americans of 2012″ series. Anybody ever buy a copy of Ebony to see the full story of Trayvon they have in conjunction with him making the 100 black newsmakers of 2012 (or whatever it was) list?

  17. Esquire should find out how you put a bangaz on a cracka, or ‘get into a ‘fight’, as the friends admit to hearing from the family, the day after ,when he’s a ‘scared boy being chased down and scared for his life’

    • kathyca says:

      The Martin’s are trying to get out in front of the release of Trayvon’s tweets. What other possible explanation could there be for them to specifically refer to “yo panties leakin'” tweet and minimize it as “nothing more than ordinary teenage bravado” …yeah, that’s what it is. Bravado. Mama is soooo proud of her boy who speaks about woman like that and who failed the standardized test to graduate from freakin’ HS–among about a million other things.

      “Then there has been the intense focus on Trayvon’s history of tweets, which shows nothing more than ordinary teenage bravado mixed with sweet romantic yearning: Yo panties leakn? followed by Im READY for a REAL relationship im talking mama meetin and all.”

      Read more: Trayvon Martin Family Interview – Trayvon Martin Aftermath – Esquire http://www.esquire.com/features/americans-2012/trayvon-martin-1212#ixzz2CA9XOWQI

      • nameofthepen says:

        Cathyca sez: “The Martin’s are trying to get out in front of the release of Trayvon’s tweets…What other possible explanation could there be for them to specifically refer to ‘yo panties leakin’ ‘ tweet and minimize it as ‘nothing more than ordinary teenage bravado’…”

        Ha! I noticed that, too. Great summation and tactics exposé.

        I kept getting a mental picture of several of Esquire’s “swishier” cub reporters all sitting in a conference room, sipping mint-infused caffè lattes, and collaborating until it was worked into an over-the-top soap opera. :lol:

        • kathyca says:

          Thanks, but not so great on my part! Reading your response I realized that, even though I mentioned the school records, I neglected to note that they are trying to get in front of the release of those records, as well. I don’t believe we’ve ever heard that Trayvon failed the test to graduate HS prior to this “article.” So much for the honors student who was planning to attend college, eh? Just disgusting.
          Mint infused lattes! lolol

          • kathyca says:

            I also sipped the kool-aid on the “Martins.” I should have said Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. Not to mention my disability wrt apostrophe usage!

            • nameofthepen says:

              @kathyca – Ha! I missed that one, too.

              Broward County Case Number: FMCE12009608 State Reporting Number: 062012DR009608AXXXCE

              Court Type: Civil Division – Family Court

              Case Type: Diss. of Marriage

              Filing Date: 08/09/2012

              Court Location: Central Courthouse Case Status: Pending

              Style: Tracy B Martin Petitioner vs. Alicia T Martin Respondent

              The “Martins” indeed. :roll:

          • nameofthepen says:

            kathyca sez: I don’t believe we’ve ever heard that Trayvon failed the test to graduate HS prior to this “article.”

            LMAO! Yeah, wasn’t that a little gem? Wonder how many more will need to be trotted out and “sanitized”? :twisted:

  18. jordan2222 says:

    I saw this exchange at the HP and do not recall Crump using these words. DeeDee has become a hot topic.

    14 hours ago ( 9:25 AM)

    “Put it in your own words”

    Why would Crump say this to Dee Dee, midway through their interview?

    Who’s other words would she be using?

    Was Dee Dee sounding to rehearsed?

    13 hours ago (10:39 AM)

    Perhaps it was just a little reminder for her to not say, “Well, Ms. Fulton (Matt Guttman, you, Mr. Martin, or the multitude of others who spoke with her prior to being interviewed) said….”.

    While on the subject of Crump…did you happen to listen to/read his commentary from 3/20/12 with CNN? He made a very interesting statement in regard to Martin’s actions after realizing Zimmerman was watching/following him…

    “And unbeknownst to him, he is being watched. He is a kid trying to get home from the store and get out of the rain. That’s it. Nothing else. So, he stands under that apartment building for a few minutes, the rain kind of dies down. He then goes, and he has his hoodie on because it’s raining he goes back to walking. And he goes back to talking to her again. You’ll see the phone calls when it came in at 6:54. He then says, I think this dude is following me. AND SHE TALKS ABOUT HOW HE KIND OF SLOWS DOWN AND HE’S TRYING TO LOOK IN THE CAR (emphasis added) like, I think this dude is following me. And she tells him, baby, be careful, just run home. She tells him that.”

    Tried to look “in” the car? Seems to me that statement lends support to Zimmerman’s assertion that Martin approached his vehicle.

    Now notice this response:

    Nancy Benefiel

    10 hours ago ( 1:26 PM)
    According to GZ Trayvon “looked at” him came within about a car’s length of his truck and then took off running. GZ Left his car at that point and took after him

    • jello333 says:

      “According to GZ, Trayvon ‘looked at’ him came within about a car’s length of his truck and then took off running. GZ left his car at that point and took after him”

      What makes these people think they have the right to just MAKE STUFF UP?!

      • jordan2222 says:

        I do not habitually visit the crazy sites that are devoted exclusively to convicting George but I know that you.. and a few others.. still torture yourself .. LOL.

        However I do have fans and friends at the HP and we enjoy screwing around with the Progs about political issues.

        At one time, I actively made posts about the case before joining up here with you extreme radical rag tag right wingers but NOW.. only once in while will I check out their crime section and see what the latest buzz is about George.

        There are some rational truth seekers over there and I check to see if they are still fighting the good fight. (For the record, a few of them post here but for reasons unknown to me, they refuse to acknowledge that. I sent info about at least one of them to SD and/or the mods in an email.)

        Incredibly, most of the good guys are still there although many of their comments get reported to the mods, who usually delete them because they, too, are all part of the “convict George” club. It happens to me when I post facts or cite easily referenced law. Real Truth is not their forte but they are good at Media Facts… a SD term which I now often use in political discussions with my friends.

        It is amazing how often you see this message in one single page of comments.

        This comment has been removed due to violations of our [Guidelines]

        Invariably these posts are made by one or more of my friends or another newcomer who asks sensible questions. I have confirmed this by saving original web pages and then going back later to see if their posts are still there.

        This was your question, jello: What makes these people think they have the right to just MAKE STUFF UP?!

        You have MUCH MORE experience than I do with that crowd, so I am throwing that back to you.

        Good to hear from you,. jello and by all means, keep sane. That is yet another hint. hint.. hint.

        • jello333 says:

          Hey Jordan, I’m not sure you were here the day it happened (about a week ago now), but I’m no longer posting at Justice Quest. That’s right… the old Ban Hammer came down. The Prune Lady herself got me! Can’t even read there anymore, since they’ve locked all the Trayvon stuff in the deep, dark recesses of the site. And I have never posted at any of the other places, like Leatherman’s. So I think I’m safe now. Free at last! ;)

          • rumpole2 says:

            Never mind… they do really regard you highly, else they would not keep copying what you post and pasting it there.
            We are all revered as Gods over there… perhaps Pagan type Gods who are feared, but Gods never-the-less. :D

            • jello333 says:

              They “keep copying what you post and pasting it there.” Seriously? Cool…. my life is now complete! Indeed, we ARE gods… ;)

              I have existed from the morning of the world and I shall exist until the last star falls from the night. Although I have taken the form of Jello333, I am all men as I am no man and therefore I am… a god.

          • jordan2222 says:

            That is great news. jello. Good for you.

          • jordan2222 says:

            There is an old saying: You may not need a haircut but if you hang around a barber shop long enough, you will end up getting one.

  19. Preston says:

    oh on a side note if i brooder a VID or any part of a post I all ways thank or credit the poster

  20. Pingback: It’s Clear Who the Racists Are «

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