Benghazi Murders – It’s a dead end folks…

It can reasonably be stated the Benghazi, Libya attack against the U.S., and the failures of the Administration and intelligence community is a DEAD STORY.   It’s done, over, kaput.

Nothing about the who’s, what’s, where’s of the murders and the complicit ineptitude of the Obama administration to protect them is of consequence any longer.

The Obama Administration, and the Chicago machine that coordinates the administration,  has effectively eliminated the issue.

As soon as the cover story of the CIA was fully implemented both the State Dept. (Hillary Clinton) and the Administration (Barack Obama) became “untouchable”.   Failure to accept this simple truth is a waste of intellectual energy.

Now that President Obama has won re-election, ANY effort to publicly showcase the failures will be sold by the media as “sour grapes” and a vindictive attack against Dear Leader by a vengeful and beaten Republican party.    The Political Republicans, in any official investigative capacity, will not touch the issue.   It’s over.   O.V.E.R.

Next week, on Tuesday November 13th, the Senate Intelligence Committee will hold a hearing – BEHIND CLOSED DOORS – and unavailable to the public.  General Petraeus will deliver the full administration defense story, and the committee will be forced to accept it and not talk about it.   Period.

So one word for you:  Lettitgo!

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151 Responses to Benghazi Murders – It’s a dead end folks…

  1. myopiafree says:

    The only hope is McCain – and his review. He knows what happened and WHY it happened.

  2. Sentenza says:

    Remember, if the crap hits the fan, Obama will leave you to die.

  3. This what the Americans were singing September 10, 2012:

    Just before the battle, mother,
    I am thinking most of you,
    While upon the field we’re watching
    With the enemy in view.
    Comrades brave are ’round me lying,
    Filled with thoughts of home and God
    For well they know that on the morrow,
    Some will sleep beneath the sod.

    Farewell, mother, you may never
    Press me to your heart again,
    But, oh, you’ll not forget me, mother,
    If I’m numbered with the slain.

    Oh, I long to see you, mother,
    And the loving ones at home,
    But I’ll never leave our banner,
    Till in honor I can come.
    Tell the traitors all around you
    That their cruel words we know,
    In every battle kill our soldiers
    By the help they give the foe.

    Farewell, mother, you may never
    Press me to your heart again,
    But, oh, you’ll not forget me, mother,
    If I’m numbered with the slain.

    Hark! I hear the bugles sounding,
    ‘Tis the signal for the fight,
    Now, may God protect us, mother,
    As He ever does the right.
    Hear the “Battle-Cry of Freedom,”
    How it swells upon the air,
    Oh, yes, we’ll rally ’round the standard,
    Or we’ll perish nobly there.

    Farewell, mother, you may never
    Press me to your heart again,
    But, oh, you’ll not forget me, mother,
    If I’m numbered with the slain.

  4. Mike says:

    Too bad the GOP didn’t nominate a real candidate like Ron Paul. Romney got 2.5 million less votes than an absolutely abysmal McCain 2008, against a far weaker Obama to boot.

    • WeeWeed says:

      Do NOT start with the Ron Paul shit.

      • Mike says:

        You mean start with how Ron Paul would have appealed to a much larger base and would have been a better candidate who could actually compete with Obama? Romney was given a MAJOR Benghazi scandal in the month before the election and couldn’t even capitalize on it, in fact, he managed to lose the exchange in the second debate because he’s such an idiot and then didn’t touch the subject for the entire rest of the campaign.

        • stellap says:

          You are delusional.

          • Mike says:

            You mean as delusional as thinking that Romney had any chance of beating Obama?

            • stellap says:

              He came far closer than Ron Paul ever could even imagine.

              • Mike says:

                Ron Paul actually would have appealed to some of Obama’s base and even more of the independents, so yea, he easily would have gotten more votes than Romney.

                • stellap says:

                  How many total votes did Paul get in the primaries/caucuses? Like I said before, you are delusional.

                • stringplayer55 says:

                  Uhm, no, Ron Paul would not have appealed to more of the independents. Obama was handed a blessing in the guise of a disaster when Sandy hit. All he had to do was strut around NJ for a couple of days with traitorous Christie. In the week before the election, independents got to see Obama appearing presidential. That was all they needed.

                  That and a media that stops at nothing to savage a Republican candidate (“binders full of women” applicants for high positions in the MA state government gets treated by Obama/Biden as suggestive of Romney running a brothel and the media lap it up) while failing to hold Obama/Biden accountable for the very serious problems with their foreign policy exposed by the Benghazi fiasco.

                  • ftsk420 says:

                    I stay away from politics but I agree with you about Sandy helping out Obama. I also noticed a lot of people who voted the same way they did in 2004 saying there is no way Obama could fix things in 4 years so might as well let him go the full 8 and see how he does.

    • jwoop66 says:

      oh, fuck ron paul you idiot.

    • Sharon says:

      Nominations are determined by the outcomes of primaries, which precede the convention.

      Ron Paul has never succeeded in winning the primaries.

      I guess his quadrennial failure in that little matter has suggested to folks that probably he’s not a real effective candidate or something. Dunno.

      His base is far superior, mentally, to any of the rest of the world…..least that what they keep telling us. So it’s hard to figure what the problem is. I’m sure you will tell us, though, huh?

      • Mike says:

        Exactly. My point is that Republicans have absolutely no clue how to pick a decent candidate. John McCain? Mitt Romney the Mormon? Lol…and Republicans actually fooled themselves into thinking this election was going to be close.

      • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

        Ron Paul? Seriously? Ralph nader had a better chance of winning than Ron Paul

    • texan59 says:

      Please tell me Mike, just how many votes would the old man have gotten? I know he’s like 10,000X better than Gary Johnson but that would have put him at about 25,000 votes for the whole wide world. Ron Paul did not get through the primary. Your dog has died. He’s in the ground and the worms are eating him. You are about 11-12 months late on your cheerleading. Take a road trip to CO. Smoke a joint, grab a hooker and relax. The ship has sailed skippy. :roll:

    • michellc says:

      Was Paul going to promise a lot of free stuff?

      People can live in denial all they want, they can claim Romney was horrible, Romney ran a horrible campaign, conservatism wasn’t embraced, etc. etc. but the reality is the minorities in this country, blacks, hispanics and Muslims are the root cause. The only way you’re going to win their vote is by promising them stuff and turning a blind eye to illegal immigration and ignoring what Islam is and the terror they want to commit on our country. Maybe that makes me racist, but the polling is saying that Obama only won 39% of the white vote, so I think that makes it pretty obvious who the culprits are. They were not going to vote for Ron Paul, they wouldn’t have voted for Jesus Christ.

      The reality is we can fight until we’re a bloody pulp, we can put the most conservative person on earth as the candidate, but until the walls come crashing down and there is no government Santa Claus, we’re going to lose. Excuse me we’ve already lost, the country we grew up in is gone and I honestly don’t know if it will ever be alive again.

      • LittleLaughter says:


      • boricuafudd says:

        Let’s not fool ourselves, the election was not lost only because of blacks or hispanics voting against Romney. Look at the demographics of 3 swing states Ohio, Colorado and Virginia, Ohio is 12.4% black/ 3.2% Latino, Colorado is 21% hispanic/4% black, Virginia is 19% black/8% hispanic in all these states if Romney had received the more than 50% of the white vote we would have won. The fact is people choose security over freedom. The progs were successful in painting the agenda as something that would have curtailed their security, and they either did not vote or voted against us.

        • michellc says:

          Not only because of minorities, but when he got the same number of black votes and more hispanic votes than he did the last time and only 39% of the white vote and we all know the majority of that was white women voting with their lady parts, then you can pretty much say the minorities, stupid women and free stuff voters are the cause.
          Illegal voting and touch screen voting and conveniently not getting ballots to our military or counting the ballots they did return is another part.

      • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

        Ya know, not all of us Muslims are socialists/communists, but I can see why you would maybe think that way (since the news media is socialist/commie and they only support commie muslims)

    • PatriotUSA says:

      You have drank too much COOL AID, Mike. Ron Paul, please. What a stupid moron RP is and he is not what is needed to right our country, or even jump start us in the RIGHT direction.

      You are seriously delusional and Conservatives have not a rough, tough, take the fight to the progressive statist candidate in a very long time. Ron Paul is not that. Go take your Stelazine and Thorazine and go drool about Paul elsewhere.

      • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

        I know I was a minority of late (I actually liked Romney).
        Having lived in New England for over 30 years, I could relate to him.

  5. Knuckledraggngwino says:

    Do not despair SDC. There will be many more American soldiers abandoned by President Obama. Just think of our forces that are trapped in land locked Afghanistan, totally surrounded by Islamic states and China. It will be like Dunkirk without the sea lift, perhaps even a reenactment of the Batan death march.

    • apachetears says:

      And the large collection of loose MANPADS would make an air extraction very costly so Obama would abandon them, thank the Lord all my families soldiers are home and out of the military.

  6. yankeeintx says:

    We know that the CIA was buying back weapons, now they will have to explain where the weapons are now. American’s still deserve answers, and Obama still needs to be exposed as a coward. We cannot let these men deaths be in vain.

    • texan59 says:

      Being the sunny optimist I am right now, I would ask to whom are they going to have to explain this to? In a sane world, all kinds of rocks would be getting turned over. We have an AG who is more concerned with being black rather than an attorney. He is more interested in doing whatever he can to get guns out of our hands. I wish I was more enthusiastic. Same thing that happened to NBPP will happen in this. Zero, zip, nada. :evil:

      • michellc says:

        Doesn’t it just make you want to bet your house the House is going to force them to answer to them?
        You could bet your house and your car and all your guns that the media will make them answer, I’m sure that’s a bet you wouldn’t lose.

        There is going to be no answers, there is going to be no heads rolling, Boner is already extending the olive branch, we might as well face another reality our government including the majority of Republicans are not on the side of the people.

        I’m sorry I can’t even get past the anger phase of my mourning, hope is nowhere in the picture.

      • yankeeintx says:

        I don’t think Issa and Chaffetz are going to walk away without answers. I know that Reid is not going to let Obama be impeached, but it should still be attempted to expose him as a traitor. It will rile up true American’s and send them the message that we are watching their every move, and will not allow them just to sweep a dead ambassador under the rug. Right now, Al Q are exchanging high fives and considering their mission a success, they took on the US and won, and we need to let them know that their is a price to pay. Until we completely expose what happened, American’s are not going to demand a retaliatory strike. The time has past for swift retribution, but better late then never.

        • texan59 says:

          We have seen what happens even if we get answers. It then has to flow through DOJ and that is like going into the Senate. Kinda like hospice. It just lies there waiting to die. Sorry. :evil:

          • yankeeintx says:

            I’m just furious. After 9/11/01, I drove from New England to Texas and was amazed at how America came together. Flags everywhere! Where have these people gone? Why is no one paying attention? Did all the Democrats misunderstand what JFK said? Maybe what they heard was “Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you?” Sorry for my rant, I am just disgusted and depressed.

            • michellc says:

              Think back though, how long was it before you started hearing don’t blame Islam they love us, we’re not at war with Islam?
              Also remember not everyone was united, almost immediately the media and the democrats started pointing fingers at everyone but the terrorists.

              • yankeeintx says:

                Actually, I don’t recall hearing that until muslims were getting attacked. They call it islamophobia now. I don’t think it is irrational to fear someone who considers you an enemy and is taught that you should be killed. Maybe that’s just me?

                • Sharon says:

                  Yeah. That’s just you. Sounds like a personal problem of some kind. (I have the same one….maybe there’ll be a special FEMA camp just for those of with that problem–staffed with terrorists).

                  • michellc says:

                    If you think about that is kind of what they have done to our military.

                  • michellc says:

                    BTW, in case I was misunderstood, I don’t just believe, I know Islam is my enemy.

                    I was just stating we weren’t near as united as some think we were. Conservatives may have been united, but the country was not united, those who weren’t united just waited like a snake in the grass to strike.

                • michellc says:

                  I think we should have always blamed Islam myself. Islam is not our friend, they will never be our friend. They are the enemy and their entire religion(if you can call it that, which I honestly don’t) is to destroy(kill) everyone who is not Muslim and not just Muslim but radical Muslim. I believe our country tries too hard to play nice and be PC and refuse to recognize the real evil.
                  I can only speak about what I heard on tv and my memory was the unity didn’t last long. At first it wasn’t as blatant but it was there just behind the surface, we deserved it, our policies were why we were attacked, Bush allowed it to happen, all of this honestly didn’t take long to start being spoken.

              • ftsk420 says:

                I can tell you from experience the moment that second plane hit everyone in NY was united. United in a way I have never seen before and stayed that way for along time.

        • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:


  7. ytz4mee says:

    Yep. Benghazi is done. High Treason, but nothing to see here, folks, move along, move along ……
    As far as “military service” goes – do not let your children join the military. If they need souls to fight their wars, they can conscript and deal with the outfall for that.

    • texan59 says:

      Does anyone know if our kids are eligible to join the IDF? I would encourage them to do that if they want to serve in a top-shelf military. IMHO.

      • ytz4mee says:

        A little Birdie tells me that the British Special Forces are still the best trained in the world. And the British Royal Marines do not allow women in their ranks; they can’t meet the operational readiness standards. (go figur).
        There’s always the time-honored French Foreign Legion.
        But for Obamba? *spit*

        • texan59 says:

          Here’s just a sample of why I’m a BIG fan of the IDF. ;)

        • labrat says:

          It will be interesting to see if re-enlistments take a dive.

          • ytz4mee says:

            Unfortunately, I doubt it. The unemployment rate is so high that young people are desperate for employment – any employment. Recruiters still have more candidates than slots they need to fill. And there is a major RIF coming down the pike so people are already nervous about their chances of being able to re-enlist.

            • texan59 says:

              Im going to go out on a limb with this one. First, they are cutting staffing levels way back. I think you will see a lot of lifers start to get out. The military will only allow a steady outflow of “vital” ranks. What I think will happen is that the inflow will be a lot more diverse population. We are already seeing gang-bangers enlisting. You will see more of the lower socio-economic folks rolling in. Easier to control. There is talk of unionizing our service men and women. It is conceivable to me that the military could look a lot like SEIU in 10-15 years if libs stay in control. My $.02.

          • michellc says:

            From what I was told today, yes it will and retirement is going to be at record numbers. Like I said in another thread, I couldn’t blame them.

  8. He can deceive the sheeple. He can obfuscate the issue for the faithful… Guess what. God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows, he reaps. I would not want to be be our president in the end. One is not capable of throwing dirt in the eyes of the almighty.

  9. labrat says:

    Sadly, your are absolutely correct. No one cares. No one cares about Lybia. No one learned a lesson on 9/11/01 and no one learned a lesson on 9/11/12. To mention Lybia is to be labeled an Islamophobic anti-Obama racist. Period.
    I got no where on the subject with anyone. Benghazi? What’s Benghazi?

    • Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

      I share your despair….I blame the media….the fourth estate…..this makes watergate look like a missing cupcake in a kindergarten (and not all muslims want to kill you, btw….there are about 1.5 billions Muslims and plenty of them are not rabid anti-american, though the news media only wants to show you muslims who hate us)……..the moderate muslims are hostage of their own extremists, too……..the sufis and other moderate groups are under the thumb of the extremists, they must hide or be killed, too, but it doesnt mean they dont exist, it just means they are in hiding

    • michellc says:

      I’m sorry Israel and please God forgive us.

    • rumpole2 says:

      It’s a matter of when rather than if I think.
      I shudder to think how Obama will react.

      • michellc says:

        I’m sure Valerie already has put it in motion how they will react.

      • texan59 says:

        I shudder to think what will happen in this Country when Broncko Bama reacts.

        • rumpole2 says:

          There is bound to be turmoil…” war” at least on Israel’s borders, and terrorist attacks world wide.
          It might actually enable Obama by taking attention away from a lot of other issues.

          • texan59 says:

            If terrorist attacks start happening here, we’re in deep caca. :evil:

            • ctdar says:

              Terrorist attacks started years ago but Obama administration labeled “work place shootings”. Wonder how they are going to spin it when suicide bombers & car bombs become the norm.

              • ragnar says:

                It appears that it is now open season on Americans.

              • texan59 says:

                I mean on a scale that we haven’t really considered. Some of us here may have, but the masses have no idea what could be coming. I am talking something every day in cities and towns large and small. Not once or twice a month, that almost always gets caught before anything major happens. Ft. Hood is the anomaly, that could become the norm. IMHO.

                • ctdar says:

                  When Giuliani was in charge of NYC after 9/11 he had armed military (some with dogs) on every corner, throughout GSStation & other mass transit. Unlike Bloombaby Guiliani was a true leader and didnt hesitate in the decision making.

              • michellc says:

                They’ll claim it was just some racist tea party guy with a beard and towel on his head.

            • Sharon says:

              I’m surprised they (the frequent terrorist attacks) haven’t already. I expect they will, now the terrorists can rest assured that our Executive Branch has their backs.

        • michellc says:

          Hey at least when the payback starts I take comfort in knowing you Texans are going to share in the payback. Misery loves
          I’m expecting us to be first on the list of states though as we once again showed how racist we are by every county voting against

      • Obama will do nothing to defend Israel. But I tell you this…. from around the entire planet, free Christian people will board, planes, trains and automobiles and go to their aid. Watch. I’ll be first to buy my plane ticket – and we can all shoot straight.

  10. Justwhistlingdixie says:

    One very major issue is not mentioned. Even though most reports were saying the voting lines were so long some of the polls had to stay open past closing time and the streams of voters was constant and heavy throughout the day, the voting records indicate that there was at least one? million fewer voters than in 2008. I would suggest there was something in the woodpile, and it wasn’tt a woodchuck. It sure smells fishy, that Romney lost by just about that number, especially when one considers the electronic voting machines.

    Of course no one from the GOP raised any Q?’s at least none we have heard of.

  11. czarowniczy says:

    Benghazi was destined to become a small footnote in history regardless of who own. Had Mitt won the investigation would have been quietly bleached so as to not make it look like revenge. The only thing left is to zap Zimmerman. Based on experience, I’m betting that the DoJ will offer him a deal that he finds acceptable (considering the alternatives) in hopes he’ll roll and make this all go away. They’ll tell him that they can destroy him financially by – regardless of what the Florida courts decide – charging him with a civil rights violation in Federal court. If he pleads out in Florida court, and they want this case to evaporate, they’ll tell him they won’t persecute – whoops, prosecute – and he can go directly to the civil suits the Martin LLC will file. In one swell foop the POtuS posse will be free to return to dismantling the US without the distraction of these minor annoyances.

  12. Mikado Cat says:

    Benghazi might become a story again, but only for the worst reason, some of the manpads get used to shoot down commercial aircraft, or an undeniable hit on military aircraft.

    OTOH all or most of the manpads could already be in Iran surrounding nuclear sites.

    • I take it you have not researched “global commercial airlines crashes April 2011 through November 2012″……

      Might be worth your peeking….. just sayin’ ;)

    • Knuckledraggingwino says:

      Just think of it as an example of evolution in action?

      Seriously; we need to be poised to talk bluntly when these worst case scenarios become undeniable realities and remind people that they are The Inevitable Consequences of BHO’s policy of resurrecting the Caliphate.

  13. Sharon says:

    Just because. In defiance….or In Memoriam….


  14. BigMamaTEA says:

    Thanks Lovey!

  15. Mikado Cat says:

    More than anything political right now, I’m going to try and focus on family and things to do at home and try some patience to see what happens.

    I do plan to put attention into all finances with as defensive of a posture as possible.

    • michellc says:

      That’s kind of what we’re doing as well. Although we have kind of an unwritten list of like minded folks to work with if/when the crap hits the fan.
      I’ve told all my siblings who don’t quite buy into they need to be self reliant to never let their tanks get below a half tank and they can all come to my house if/when it does. At least we’ll all be able to eat,

  16. BertDilbert says:

    Yeah it is a dead end. The official story is 30 people were rescued from the consulate.. The problem is that consulate was a high end home on a large lot with what looks to be a servant quarters or guest house. It was night. There is no possible way that the consulate carried 30 persons. I think they dreamed that up to account for all the people that came out of the woodwork when the plug was pulled on the CIA opps. It would not be the first time that the US government manufactured hero stories.

  17. apachetears says:

    Benghazi? Oh right that’s where the NEO-Negro Obama saved the 30 who were blessed.

  18. ctdar says:

    “Modified Limited Hangout” on Benghazi. Obama will learn just as Nixon did, the MLH
    will only work up to a point :)

    Ps I had never heard this term but after reading Breitbart RI (again) for inspiration found it when he was describing the pimp videos that brought down ACORN.

    • John Galt says:

      “Obama will learn just as Nixon did, the MLH will only work up to a point”

      Obama will continue to scoff at Benghazi investigators with impunity, just as he did with Fast and Furious investigators.

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