Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman – Dr. Phil Show Monday September 10th

The Dr. Phil show will debut a new season on Monday September 10th.  Initially we knew that Mark and Sondra Osterman would be appearing to promote their new book, “Defending Our Friend The Most Hated Man In America”, along with the current wife of Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s step-mom, Alicia Stanley Martin.

Alicia is/was the step-mom of Trayvon Martin and the most consistent and stable female influence in his life for many years prior to his death.  She has made almost no public statements, and it was part of the controlled media narrative to keep her along with girlfriend, Ms. Brandi Green, out of the Ryan Julison created media construct.   However, apparently Alicia has found her voice.   Good for her.


The media consultant, Ryan Julison, who was hired by Martin Family attorneys Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson on March 5th, immediately felt it was better for the “public optic” if it appeared Tracy and Sybrina were more “traditional” parents.

The real-life reality of multiple wives, girlfriends, and step-siblings from various relationships did not convey the message of stability conducive to sympathetic fund-raising.  Indeed the “instability” of Trayvon’s life was arguably one of the factors that led to his behavioral problems and drug use culminating in multiple school suspensions and a rather “street-wise” lifestyle.

Tracy Martin and Alicia Stanley Martin are currently in the process of getting a divorce.  At the time of the Sanford shooting Trayvon was staying with Tracy’s two-year girlfriend, Brandi Green and her 12-year-old son Chad.

 (It is unknown if Brandi and Chad will be part of the “Springeresque fiasco”.)

The latest pre-season trailer shows that soon to be divorced again Tracy Martin, along with former wife #1, Sybrina Fulton, will appear with Trayvon’s newly hyphenated step-brother Javaris Fulton-Martin, and the family attorneys Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump (screen shot).

Left to Right:  (step brother) Jahvaris Fulton-Martin, (Dad) Tracy Martin, (Mom) Sybrina Fulton, (host) Dr. Phil – center, (Lead attorney) Benjamin Crump, (Attorney) Daryl Parks *Alicia Martin is in the front row and not on stage for this screen shot 

A CBS morning show appearance with Dr. Phil McGraw interviewed by Oprah Winfrey’s best friend Gayle King reflects a sneak peek into the tone of the Dr. Phil narrative.   In the discussion of the upcoming season he shares:

“We’ve come up on the six month anniversary of this…I am very concerned about what’s going to happen with this case. If this does fall out of the headlines… it’s going to be open season on these young African-American men in America”

“We’ve got to pay attention to this and we’ve got to watch how the justice system deals with this,” …

McGraw emphatically told King.

Watching the preview, considering who Phil McGraw was talking to (Gayle King), and reading his commentary on the issue(s) tends to lend insight into the particular preferred narrative of Dr. Phil.   And it doesn’t take a media savvy rocket scientist to figure out where this short-sighted Osterman effort is headed.   Again, as we have regretfully outlined in the Danger of Misplaced Advocacy series.

The Dr. Phil site has a preview of the upcoming show available here.  In addition they still have a site poll regarding the shooting.   As of this writing here is where the poll stands:

On an unrelated and personal note, based on research we have conducted into the various people surrounding this issue, Alicia Stanley Martin holds my sympathy.   It must have been horrible to be the one stable female, who Trayvon coincidently called Mom while calling Sybrina “Brina”, and yet find yourself dispatched onto the ash heap of irrelevance by a self-serving Public Relations construction on behalf of your cheating husbands attorney.

I have defended Alicia numerous times even though I  have no real clue what she is like.

I just cannot myself imagine the anguish Alicia must have felt in losing a son she cared for, and also simultaneously having to deal with a husband’s betrayal.

How she was able to watch this play out on National Television, see her husband trot around with first his girlfriend, and then his ex-wife, all the while proclaiming their tears for a son they barely knew.

Can you imagine the stuffed down anguish and emotional torment Alicia Stanley must feel when she watches Sybrina express such maternal grief, yet Alicia knows the truth of the relationship and how it is all just an illusion.   The real “Mom” who is crying the real tears is Alicia, not TrayMom™ Sybrina who never even left Fort Lauderdale to drive to Orlando/Sanford when she found out Trayvon was shot.


Indeed the first appearance of TrayMom™ Sybrina in town was when Benjamin Crump convinced her and Tracy to put on the false guise of “parents”, and show up on March 8th at the press conference in front of Attorney Natalie Jackson’s office.

The rest was scripted by Ryan Julison merely for public appearances, optical opportunity and most of all, CASH.   Sympathetic fundraising under the auspices of grief.

How Alicia coped with the publicly unknown reality of betrayal while simultaneously dealing with the grief is astounding.    Imagine being forced to stay hidden while your husband of 7 years is trotting around on TV 24/7, and flying around the country coast to coast with his ex-wife and their fancy new clothes.

This, all of this, while being forced to stuff down the hurt, bite your lip,  and hide the fact that your cheating jet-setting husband has a girlfriend, Brandi Green.   The girlfriend whose home your son was staying in, alone and unsupervised, at the time he was shot dead.

Can you imagine?

I cannot.

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248 Responses to Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman – Dr. Phil Show Monday September 10th

  1. jordan2222 says:

    Phil’s comments are shocking and troubling. This will do more damage to George than anything Julison ever did.

    Phil has resurrected the phony BS about the white man’s attacks on Afro Americans and Osterman has unwittingly (I hope) crucified his best friend.

    So Phil wants to bring us all back to the racial crap, when even those who want to convict George had given that up.

    Great job, Mr. Osterman.

  2. diwataman says:

    Wow, if that’s really her, oh my, I don’t know what to say. Dr. Phil expressed the same sentiments as Alicia though and she is of the very same mindset as the rest of the Scheme Team unless her views have radically changed since April. If that’s really her saying “”Most of your[DedicatedDad] assumptions about TM’s life with his mom is right. One thing im going to say is that your right about when he moved out of my house thats when his troubles began.” then that aspect is also quite a radical departure from the following interview.

    Interviewer: How do you feel about police officers not having arresting George?
    Alicia: I feel they didn’t do their job. That they gave Zimmerman special privileges because of his father. And they all should lose their jobs.

    I: How do you feel about the media now?
    A: They build us up, they break us down…

    When did the media ever challenge the narrative? When did they ever really look into Trayvon?

    I: What do you think about all of the rallies…
    A: I think it’s all for a good cause…his death and everything that’s going on is going to help our kids in the future. And I think it’s good, you know that, we shouldn’t just lay down and let people just kill our children, you know and just a slap on the wrist…it’s for a good cause.

    I’m just going to take a little guess here and that the “we”‘s and “our”‘s in that response means black people.

    I: Have you been to any of the rallies, how does it feel seeing all those people out there?
    A: …it’s to support him[Trayvon] also but it’s still to support the cause.

    I: if you could say anything to George Zimmerman right now what would you say?
    A: …just tell the truth, why, why you killed him, why you shot him, you know because I know he[Trayvon] didn’t do the things he said that he did, he didn’t…

    • myopiafree says:

      The intellectual “BLIND SPOT” of these people – is beyond belief. TM was a “street THUG”, who took it on himself to physically attack a person walking along the sidewalk. There was NO JUSTIFICATION for slamming his fist into GZ’s face, and the fact that GZ, in fear of his life – is the true reality of TM’s life – sorry to say. So “A”, knows that he “TM” didn’t do the things GZ said that TM did?? What?? Does she have a crystal ball??

      • Jamie O'Connor says:

        myopiafree says:
        September 7, 2012 at 6:27 am
        “There was NO JUSTIFICATION for slamming his fist into GZ’s face, and the fact that GZ, in fear of his life …”

        I think the real problem arises for George in the statement you just made. Zimmerman supporter’s believe 100% of everything George says. Martin supporter’s do not believe anything George says. They do not believe George was minding his own business and attacked by Martin for no reason. They see the evidence in a whole different light.

        • howie says:

          One problem. Everything Tm supporters believe has been refuted by evidence. Nothing Zimmerman said has been refuted by evidence. One side deals in facts. The other side deals in fantasy.

    • gretchenone says:

      Good find. The truth of who really raised Trayvon is not going to raise many eyebrows at this point, however. The Crump narrative is alive and well with Alicia.

      • myopiafree says:

        Hi Gretch – Who “raised” TM. The truth is that he was abandoned to the “streets”, and RAP people like C-MURDER. He “aped” their life-style, and fashioned himself as a bare-knuckle fighter. So when TM skipped class 53 times, no one gave a damn or checked. When he was kicked out of the school three times – no one went to the school to find out WHY TM was kicked out. No on gave a damn – and let TM become the street thug he always wanted to be.

        • gretchenone says:


          • whysomuchhate says:

            Just cause the parents are telling lies to gain donations and the media attention we should not judge Trayvon.When kids come from broken homes it doesn’t matter their race or nationality they will start acting out. He was a typical teen. Those that are judging know someone or have someone in their family that is a typical teen. You have whites killing whites, african americans killing african americans and black on white, white on black killings. No race is exempt or excused for taking another human beings life. Their are racial profiles from all races and in many cases. They should be dealt with by trying to bring justice to the victims not start a race war or call for derogatory comments. Ask yourself was you raised to hate or it just grew on you because it’s the norm? See how easy it is to fall into something you know is wrong. You guys that are being cruel and saying racial and slang comments are no better than Trayvon right now. Think about it.

            • thefirstab says:

              “They should be dealt with by trying to bring justice to the victims not start a race war or call for derogatory comments.”
              By the facts in evidence, and the LAW, George Zimmerman looks to be the victim in this case.
              “Ask yourself was you raised to hate or it just grew on you because it’s the norm?”
              No, it’s not the “norm”, because you’re right it happens everyday, all across the US, but the headlines are not reflecting the true FACTS. Is it acceptable that young black men are shooting each other, and anyone in their way including 6 y/o kids, is that NORMAL?
              Yes, other races shoot each other, too. But we only hear about the Big Story when a “white” shoots a “black”. It’s not about hate; it’s about injustice. Hispanic George Zimmerman was tried and convicted in the media, before any FACTS were known. All based on a cooked=up story by a greedy attorney and publicist with their eye on a huge payout (wrongful death).
              “You guys that are being cruel and saying racial and slang comments are no better than Trayvon right now. Think about it.”
              I suggest you visit some websites like Black Foot Soldier and think about that.

            • ftsk420 says:

              whysomuchhatesays: “You guys that are being cruel and saying racial and slang comments are no better than Trayvon right now”

              Um who? maybe I’m reading the comment wrong but I haven’t seen anyone make a racial comment about TM or anyone else and if anything racial did come out SDC or other Admin would handle it right away. If your referring to us calling him a thug then I’m guilty of that but I was born and raised in the streets I recognize a thug when I see one and TM was one. There is a saying in the streets “Game recognize Game” I recognize exactly what TM was.

            • Josh says:

              whysomuchhate says: “He was a typical teen”.
              He was NOT a “typical” teen.
              Perhaps you did not complete the sentence. He was [acted as] a “typical” teen that had been thrown away and abandoned by those that were supposed to protect and nuture him – his parents.
              TM was a product of bad parenting. THAT DOES NOT EXCUSE HIS ACTIONS.

        • Knuckledraggingwino says:

          It is Politically Incorrect to use the verb “aped” in reference to the behavior of African- Americans.

        • Maranda says:

          Zimmerman was wrong regardless if he would have listened to the police and not have followed TM. Instead he wanted to play cops which lead to a tragedy that could have been no matter what type of music a person listen to if TM felt his life was in danger because an unidentified person was chasing him TM had the right to to b scared and defend himself.

          • Do me a favor Maranda. find me one, just one 17 yo black kid from Miami Gardens that would ever state that they were afraid of an overweight white lookin dude with a flashlight. If you can manage that, find me one that would say he was scared. Ain’t gonna happen, the “scared” mentality fell off when Trayvon stopped believing in the Easter Bunny.

            • gbishop1 says:

              And note, that Tracy himself was quick to say that was NOT his son screaming like a little girl on the 911 tape. In fact he was according to his tweets, his comments, his posts and where he called to find his son the next day, all point to the fact that he thought his son had been picked up by the police for some crime, and when they told him about the killing, he prolly thought his son had killed someone, not the other way around.

              You are right on, legsbefairtogz. I made these points several times with examples, but simply walk away from such arguments these days. Its not worth it!

            • Maranda says:

              Do me a favor Letsbefairtogz.Tell me what race has to do with it? TM was unarmed and minding his own business at the time of this tragedy.GZ followed him and he was wrong for that. I hope there aren’t any 17yr old teens that beleive in the Easter Bunny!

              • gbishop1 says:

                Trayvon racially profiled George, and decided to commit a felony by beating up on his crackass.

                TRAYVON WAS ARMED:
                with loaded fists
                racial hatred and anger for cracka watching and reporting him to police
                MMA tactics
                dirty street fighting ruthless thug mindset
                history of violence, drug use, suspension, and robbery along with disrespect for rules

                All of this is apparent from the injuries he inflicted on George and all the other evidence in the case, if you would bother to do your research and think for yourself. If he respected the rules of the property which say that suspicious activity will be reported since it is a NW area, he wouldn’t have blown his top because a neighbor was reporting a visitor who was behaving strangely, no. Trayvon blew his top and made the stupid decision to attack GZ.

                Trayvon committed a FELONY and got shot in the process!

                No, Trayvon was not minding his own business, or he would have not been loitering, but gone straight home, rather than circling George’s car and doubling back to beat up on him. If he was minding his own business, it wouldn’t have taken him 45 minutes to get home from the 7-11.

                George was not “following” him in the way you understand the word, he was trying to get a street location and keeping an eye on him so he could direct police, and this was because the operator said, keep an eye on him, do you see which direction he’s running, George was doing what was asked, he was not pursuing Trayvon, period.

                You’ve overstayed your welcome, now go away!

              • waltherppk says:

                TM was using the improvised indigenous weapon of a concrete sidewalk and the ground and was only unarmed in the sense that he was no carrying a weapon. And TM was not minding his own business but was committing a forcible felony battery escalating to attempted murder at the time he was shot dead in self defense or by a person who reasonably bel;ived that shooting TM would prevent the murder being attempted upon the shooter. It is a good thing that GZ was armed or the mugging of GZ by TM could have ended tragically. Fortunately, becuase GZ was armed and was able to use that firearm which he lawfully carried and lawfully used to shoot TM, GZ was able to walk away while the would be killer of GZ went to the morgue. You are right race has nothing to do with it, and given the circumstances which the evidence and witnesses show neither does TM not being conventionally armed nor being 17 years old have anything to do with what happened either. TM decided TM was going to take care of business regarding a person who was surveilling him and that poor choice got TM killed. TM had other choices. He had time and opportunity to just keep walking and get home. He also had time and opportunity to call the police if he really was using a working cell phone.
                But TM made the choice that pleased TM which was the least sensible choice. The Easter Bunny has nothing to do with it and you are right about that too. However marijuana has plenty to do with TM losing his life and is the reason he was where he was when he got killed and probably contributed to the wrong thinking and poor choice to confront a total stranger and to then commit a forcible felony against that stranger. Tm had it all figured out evidently, except for that part where TM got killed as a result of a long string of poor choices including the choice to be a stoner. They don’t call it dope for nothin’.

              • ftsk420 says:

                TM wasn’t unarmed or minding his own business but ok. Nowhere in any law book does it say it was wrong for GZ to observe TM and his whereabouts. Have you ever seen someone kill someone with their bare hands I have hands are lethal weapons. If you don’t believe what I say is true I would be glad to demonstrate for you.

            • ftsk420 says:

              So the Easter Bunny isn’t real? that’s some bs.

          • ftsk420 says:

            Perfect we will go with what you just said.

            “TM felt his life was in danger because an unidentified person was chasing him TM had the right to to b scared and defend himself.”

            The moment TM got the upper hand legally he was supposed to retreat and he didn’t he continued to beat up on GZ which is attempted murder. I won’t even go into how wrong the rest of your post is but you can stick that one in ya pipe and smoke it.

      • howie says:

        They could take the Sermon on the Mount, and edit it to sound like Mien Kampf.

      • margegunderson says:

        They must have made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

      • gbishop1 says:

        “Good find. The truth of who really raised Trayvon is not going to raise many eyebrows at this point, however. The Crump narrative is alive and well with Alicia.”

        Exactly, grethenone, Alicia didn’t find her voice, she was allowed to go out there and use her voice, because the Crump team needs someone new coming out of the ether, someone with a more personal connection, to be the mother bear whose baby was taken and killed.

        Oh, make no mistake the Scheme team has been guarding all of their little moneymakers, what comes out of their mouths, and how they are perceived.

        Why do you think they’ve been keeping Tracy Martin out of the picture, and in the covers? Because they’ve been preparing Alicia. They knew Tracy was going to take a few licks, when he asked Alicia for a divorce, but they also know that people will forgive him for being a man, at the end of the day. It wouldn’t surprise me if pissing off Alicia was almost planned once they saw that she was brainwashed with the narrative enough, to be let loose on the world, to tell her story; what really matters is that the narrative is alive and Alicia INFUSES new life into it.

        Also many seem to think that Alicia should be upset for being betrayed and left out, etc., but black women are much heartier than this sort of offense taking. To put it plainly, they will not turn against their own, no matter how their own treat them. Forgiveness is huge among blacks, especially where there is a white enemy to combat, as there is here. Besides all that Alicia also received many gains for and from Trayvon, I am sure.

        If Alicia does come chat with us, its another justfactsplz situation, because the one agenda Alicia is selling, is that GZ lied and her baby Tray could never do such things. The revival of the narrative! CTH don’t get your hopes up on this one, God and truth alone will help GZ, nothing else.

        • Jamie O'Connor says:

          gbishop1 says:
          “Also many seem to think that Alicia should be upset for being betrayed and left out, etc., but black women are much heartier than this sort of offense taking. To put it plainly, they will not turn against their own, no matter how their own treat them. Forgiveness is huge among blacks, especially where there is a white enemy to combat, as there is here.”

          This is so true gbishop1. And, as you also stated, “Alicia is selling, is that GZ lied and her baby Tray could never do such things.”… you are once again 100% on target.

          • Jamie O'Connor says:

            The problem is, is that the Zimmerman supporter’s believe every word of what Zimmerman is saying. The Martin supporter’s do not. The Martin supporter’s could just as easily say that George is trying to sell his story (his narrative) that he is the good guy and Trayvon was the bad guy. Every word of what George is saying may or may not be true. Nobody on this earth is 100% sure of exactly what happened that night except for George says happened. I believe in the evidence and (choose) to believe what George says happened, but I do not know for a fact anything about what really happened.

            The evidence shows George had a broken nose, was being beat up, was scared to death and shot Trayvon. But, in all truth, the evidence does not show the words exchanged prior to the fight or who exactly started the fight. It absolutely does not (prove) that George was not following Trayvon to confront him or what was said between them when they finally did come face to face.

            What if, (just what if), Trayvon reasonably thought George was reaching for his gun and was about to shoot him? Would that give Trayvon the right to punch George in the nose? Would that fear in Trayvon then justify him and be reason enough for him to punch George in the nose. Would it then be about Trayvon trying to defend himself?

            Is there any chance in the world that George is just trying to sell his narrative in order to not go to jail for the rest of his life. If I shot someone and knew I was facing a 25 year sentence, would I lie about exactly what happened if I knew in my heart I was really at fault for starting the whole thing? Of course I would.

            • jello333 says:

              “What if, (just what if), Trayvon reasonably thought George was reaching for his gun and was about to shoot him? Would that give Trayvon the right to punch George in the nose?”

              I’ve heard that theory before, and here’s where it falls really flat: Some scary guy reaches for something, you think it’s a gun. So you quickly, instinctively punch him in the face. You have stunned the guy, he staggers around. So what do you do? Do you use this time, this opportunity to run away as fast as you can to get away from the scary guy with the gun? OF COURSE NOT! What you do is knock him down, jump on top of him, and proceed to push down and pummel him for over a minute while HE screams for help, as neighbors tell you to stop and that they’re calling the cops. And YOU do not yell for those neighbors to help YOU get control of this scary guy with the gun.

              Yeah, makes PERFECT sense to me.

              • Sha says:

                jello333: Dang! I was thinking almost the same exact thing.

              • Jamie O'Connor says:

                Your common sense theory makes sense jello, but something still doesn’t fit. I don’t know what is wrong with this story but something still does not add up.

                It is rare to see a fight where 1.) a fearful guy punches a scary guy in the nose for no reason; 2.) the scary guy immediately falls backwards on the ground; 3.) the fearful guy straddles the scary guy and starts punching his head into the cement over and over (approx 20 times) and there are no defensive wounds on the scary guy.

                The evidence pictures are truly bizarre because they show that George had no defensive wounds; no grass stains on back or front of his clothing, and his boots and hands were perfectly clean. The pictures look like they were taken before the fight, not after.

                The witnesses claimed that there was about a 40 foot scuffle/fight in the grass. Trayvon straddled George and was beating his head into the cement before George shimmied out from underneath him on the wet grass.

                Your analogy made sense, but you got it wrong. Trayvon didn’t punch George, stun George, and George staggered around (alone) for forty feet, giving Trayvon the opportunity to run home. I don’t think the evidence or witness statements ever said George was “staggering”. I think the evidence showed there was a scuffle/fight that moved from the top of the T to where it ended 40 feet away.

                There is no other conclusion, than it was a fight that involved two people. The fight began at the top of the T with a punch to George’s nose and lasted as long as it took to get 40 feet from the top of the T to where it ended. It ended when Trayvon finally knocked George down, jumped on top of him, and proceeded to push down and pummel George for over a minute before he was shot.

                If Trayvon would have been shot in the exact spot or even a few feet from where he broke George’s nose (while George “staggered” around alone), I would agree with your theory that Trayvon should have run home. But what if Trayvon couldn’t run home because once he punched George in the nose, George reacted and a fight ensued which lasted 40 feet before Trayvon finally got on top of George and began beating him senseless?

                It sounds to me like a regular fight. It sounds to me like Trayvon punched George. The fight ensured, lasted approximately 40 feet from where the first punch happened (which could have lasted however long it took them to reach the point where everything ended).

                • jello333 says:

                  First of all, I don’t believe for a second that Trayvon was “fearful”… at least not once he was sure that George wasn’t Five-O. But your main point, about why the final seconds of the confrontation took place many feet from the “T”, assuming George was knocked down by the initial punch: I don’t believe that’s what happened. I know once or twice George DID say stuff like, “He punched me in the nose, knocking me down, and got on top of me.” But at other times he talked about stumbling, trying to run, staggering blindly. He did so in the walk-through even.

                  And I’m assuming you’re not like some people who make a big deal about George’s statements having discrepancies from one telling to the next. How could there NOT be discrepancies? Let’s assume what George and some of the witnesses say is true. His guard was down as he walked back to his car. Suddenly Trayvon appears and angrily confronts him. IMO, from that instant on, George’s judgement of time and space changed. And if it didn’t then, it surely did within a few seconds, when he was punched in the nose. At that point, along with the great pain and fear, he probably couldn’t see a thing (other than stars), and then stumbled, tried to get away for a few steps. Eventually he fell or was knocked the rest of the way down, and Trayvon got on top of him, started beating him, pushing his head into the ground, etc.

                  (Lemme stop for a second, because you asked about this too. I doubt very much if Trayvon slammed George’s head into the sidewalk “many times”; I think that was more of an impression George got based on the maybe two or three actual times on the sidewalk, plus a few more times on the grass. And I don’t think Trayvon was trying to “suffocate” George when he held his hand over his mouth (and probably just coincidentally also his nose); I think he was trying to keep him from screaming for help. One more thing, about no defensive wounds on George. If Trayvon was indeed going MMA on him, then I’m not surprised George was unable to fight back. Have you seen when a guy gets pinned in MMA? Even as big and strong as they are, they are basically defenseless, they RARELY get a counter-punch in. The majority of time they are doing nothing more than trying to cover up their head and face… which is exactly what I think George was doing.)

                  Alright, where was I? Yeah, George is on the ground getting beaten, getting pushed back down every time he tries to sit up, unable to breath at times. And all the while, he’s pleading for mercy and screaming for help… to no avail. He thinks he’s about to die, and he thinks nobody cares. But then a few seconds later he is finally able to defend himself, which comes in the form of firing a shot into his attacker. Within a minute or so, he realizes he has either killed or seriously wounded the guy. And then the cops come. He knows that even though it was self-defense, he’s got a lot of explaining to do, and he could be in some serious trouble. Oh, and he shortly learns that he has KILLED the other guy. He has just KILLED another human being. He is then questioned over and over for the next several hours, including the next day after getting almost no sleep in between.

                  So between the physical injuries, including possible concussion (yeah I know that was never diagnosed), fear-based emotion, legal/criminal worries, “moral”-based emotion that you’ve had to kill a person, oh, and his ADD…. how can he NOT have the facts a little twisted here and there?! I think under the circumstances, George has done REMARKABLY well.

                  (Wow… this is a long one, eh? ;) )

                  • Jamie O'Connor says:

                    Jello333. Thank you very much for your lengthy response. You made a whole lot of sense. Your answer epitomizes diplomacy and good argument. When I ask questions or have questions about things that don’t seem to make sense I am truly looking for someone else to give me their point of view (one that makes sense to me). I am not looking to to fight with anyone, I just want someone to help me understand their view point and another way I can see things differently. Thanks again.

                  • jello333 says:

                    Thanks, Jamie. I wasn’t sure if you were just playing devil’s advocate, or really had questions you were concerned about. Glad I could help (if that’s what you call it ;) ). Keep asking (and sometimes answering) questions… that’s what the rest of us are doing, and I think that’s the best way to get to something approaching “the truth”.

                • jello333 says:

                  Oh, I forgot one thing you mentioned, re. the condition of his hands and clothes. Yeah, I’ve seen the pics taken at the police station, and I don’t see much evidence of wetness, grass, etc. But there ARE statements by the cops talking about wet, grass stains, etc. So for some reason the pics don’t seem to show what was actually there. I haven’t thought about that enough to offer an explanation.

    • whysomuchhate says:

      I’ve read many comments about Alicia Martin appearing on the Dr.Phil show. Why does it mean she may be apart of the scheme team? She may feel like the rest of us, maybe she’s just sick to her stomach of hearing all the lies. Everyone is not greedy for fame and money,some of us do have a real heart. She never once appeared nationally to gain media attention. When someone wants to do the right thing (Dr.Phil) for once, the only person willing to hear her story we only can think of negative views. It’s truly sad. Regardless of anyone’s opinion as a mother who is showing true emotional feelings for her stepchild she has every right and is not looking for any financial gain, I support her 100%.
      Her telling how life was with Trayvon takes alot of courage, especially since the Martin’s made this about donating funds to the cause. She has no lawyer sitting by her side or reading a cue card or rehearsing before an interview. She’s alone, the way they’ve attended it to be. Her emotions are real,her tears are real. Let’s support her and all women who have supported our stepchildren loving them unconditionally.

      • canadacan says:

        I have a deep and abiding anger towards those who. Persecuted george Zimmermann and his family he was mercilessly persecuted by the race hustlers and the politically correct politicians. sorry but right now I’m in it take no prisoners mode of mind. metaphorically speaking of course

      • ftsk420 says:

        Go ask her if she was payed to do the show then come back and defend her.

      • Jamie O'Connor says:

        whysomuchhate says:
        “Her emotions are real,her tears are real. Let’s support her and all women who have supported our stepchildren loving them unconditionally.

        I don’t doubt what you say whysomuchhate. It’s easy for people to say she is doing this for financial gain but I think that is an unfair assumption. I would not want people making that assumption about me if I were in her shoes. And who is to say her tears and emotions are not real? I think you made a valid argument on these issues.

      • sunnydaze77 says:

        imo it doesnt look right that Tracy is sitting with Sybrina and the scheme team and not with Alicia..Ya i know they are getting divorced but are they not even on speaking terms?He is still legally married to her and just filed for divorce about a month ago, My ex husband and I dont always get along but he would have my back,especially if i was the main caregiver to his child for 15 yrs.What a man Tracy! ugh

    • ivymemay says:

      You people are clearly missing the point here, because he skipped school and got kicked out three times he deserved to die all while carrying a bag of skittles. GZ could of restrained him killing someone you think is a thug has not now nor ever will be justifiable.

      • Not if he was attacked this is why i post the video of the cousin he admitted what happened. The point of removing the attack on george is it gives an all black civil suit firm the opening to a case of a lifetime. Wake up. There cant be a suit if tray started the fight. Thats why they turned him into A kid and framed a narrative that fits their law firms specialty. But lets trust an all black law firm to be objective with an historic opportunity … One with a lawyer who got the time of the shooting wrong.

        • kathyca says:

          “But lets trust an all black law firm to be objective with an historic opportunity … One with a lawyer who got the time of the shooting wrong.”

          Not to mention a proven track record for race-based extortion of the 7-figure variety. How many legitimate lawyers use a PR firm from, quite literally, day one to “get justice” for their clients. It’s fiction — pure and simple, and the sole goal is the cold hard cash so Crump can be all big pimpin’. Speaking of PR and Julison — haven’t heard much about that other poor, black child, Ronald Weekley. Is it possible they’ve realized that there’s a problem with claiming that his invisible injuries were so horrible while simultaneously claiming that a man with a broken nose and other clearly visible and documented injuries could not possibly have been attacked or in fear of bodily harm? Or are they just waiting to put Weekley front and center until the juxtaposition and contradiction won’t be as blatently obvious and after Nov. I’m guessing the latter, but hope springs eternal…pfft.

          • kathyca says:

            gah, just had add that the scam is SO FREAKING OBVIOUS that it blows my mind how many people have jumped on this train. Truly time to thin the herd…omg!

      • Sharon says:

        I don’t think for a minute that skipping school and getting suspended equals “deserving to die.” And if you were thinking more clearly, you’d know that accusing anyone of that is sheer nonsense. If someone here has said that, please identify them.

        The Stand Your Ground law that Florida has was written for situations where someone’s life was/is in imminent danger, specifying that they have a right to protect themselves, up to and including taking the life of their attacker. Now that also applies to attackers who may have skipped school and gotten kicked out.

        I can’t imagine that you’re suggesting that only those who skip school and get suspended should be free to threaten others’ lives with no risk of pushback. So I have to assume that you’re just not thinking clearly.

      • ftsk420 says:

        You people? what’s that supposed to mean? I don’t think he should have died because of skittles. I do think he deserved to dies because he was trying to take someone else’s life. It’s not GZ job to restrain the criminal it is his job to defend his own life. Let me tell you a little something about TM if he didn’t die that night he would have eventually because that’s the path he was heading down.

  3. Mikado Cat says:

    Maybe divorce means, I get half.

    • kathyca says:

      Looks like they’re not taking any chances on that. Interesting that only Sybrina is a party to the case involving the HOA’s insurance company. I’m guessing she’s got a side deal with Tracy on the proceeds of any settlement. Alicia’s divorce attorney should probably look into that….just sayin’

      • gbishop1 says:

        Hint! Hint!

        Alicia Martin, if you’re listening.

      • jordan2222 says:

        I did not know she had an attorney. Does she?

        • kathyca says:

          iirc, when I looked at the pleadings on PACER I noted that Crump was listed on the pleadings — if not as counsel of record for Sybrina, as the attorney who received a copy on her behalf. I posted about it here at the time. There was no summons ever issued to Sybrina, though, and there is still no return of service for the HOA. This tells me that the lawsuit is a placeholder to protect the insurer’s interests, possibly pending settlement negotiations, since they denied coverage. I’m not 100% positive about Florida, but in some/many states, an insurer that denies coverage must immediately file a complaint for declaratory relief (which is what the insurer filed in this case) to protect itself from a bad faith claim down the road.

          • jordan2222 says:

            Thanks but I was actually asking if Alicia had an attorney in the divorce proceedings.

            • kathyca says:

              haha, d’oh. There is no counsel of record on the docket for Alicia in the divorce proceeding and Tracy is listed as pro per. It’s in broward county and the records are searchable by the general public on their website

              • jordan2222 says:

                I saw the records after someone posted it but I did not see any attorneys, which is why I posed the question but in Florida, no fault divorces are common and no attorney is required. I am guessing they worked out the details between themselves.

    • whysomuchhate says:

      From what I hear he’s divorcing her on behalf of the scheme team advice. They’ve kicked Brandi Green out the picture as well. Alicia Martin noone has heard from her until now she will be appearing on the Dr.Phil show Monday. If they are seeking justice for their son how come their letting their lawyers call all the shots? How can Tracy prance around with Sabrina after so many years being apart, wouldn’t you think he would have his current wife by his side speaking on behalf of his and her stepson who’s been in his life from the age 3 up until his death. Brandi Green should have never played a role in this,this shows how messy all this is

  4. Angel says:

    I never liked Dr. Phil. Previewing the show scheduled for 09/10/2012, my dislike was not misplaced

    • Angel says:

      correction to my previous post: after previewing the show scheduled for 09/10/2012, the reasons why I dislike the Dr. Phil show were confirmed. He does not appear to be a genuine person on this show, just about the ratings. Where is his objectivity? Based on his statements in the preview, its transparently obvious that he is promoting the “narrative” of kid with skittles hunted down like a rapid dog. I don’t think I will be watching the show.

      • howie says:

        Debating wether a Lie is True. Is a common trait. Like debating wether wrong is Right.

      • gretchenone says:

        Well, you gotta remember where Phil’s fame originated….as a regular on Oprah’s show. He’s not going to do a thing to hurt his ratings with that demographic as his audience.

      • howie says:

        A better show would be Dr. Drew, analyzing Dr. Phil, on the Jerry Springer Show.

      • Jamie O'Connor says:

        One thing I never believed was that Dr. Phil was politically motivated. I think he speaks exactly how he feels. I believe he may emphasize his feelings loudly for ratings ($$$), but I believe his feelings are always genuine. He doesn’t ever come across as being neutral and always clearly expresses his feelings, either directly or indirectly.

    • margegunderson says:

      H was sued by the Kalpoe brothers for editing the tapes when he did a show on Natalee Holloway.

  5. diwataman says:

    Dr. Phil @ 2:43 of that CBS video “…when there was supposedly a bounty from the NBPP…” Man I hate that response and it’s a typical one. It’s meant to minimize the actual threat by reducing the threat down to merely the NBPP itself, as if to say anyone else wouldn’t do anything, only this small group of radicals that has no real power anyway, blah, that crap makes me sick. If I were George I would stay away from black people for the rest of my life, you’re more hated than Dr. David Duke, George, stay away, stay very far away and if you go to prison, well…

    • nameofthepen says:

      diwataman says: Dr. Phil @ 2:43 of that CBS video “…when there was supposedly a bounty from the NBPP…”


      Kudos, Dr. Shill. Way to minimize an unpunished act of terrorism, you corporate media whore! :twisted:

      • canadacan says:

        Well said I am now a member of your fan club

        • nameofthepen says:

          Why, thankee kindly, Canadacan. :)

          • I guess its now “supposed” when idiots actually get on the air and scream at the top of their lungs that there is a bounty out for GZ?????? Why The Face????????
            The myopic view these idiots have is amazing, anything to further their agenda.
            Wow, the Osterman’s are gonna get their asses handed to them

      • Jamie O'Connor says:

        diwataman says: Dr. Phil @ 2:43 of that CBS video “…when there was supposedly a bounty from the NBPP…”


        I agree. The word “supposedly” was made by Dr. Phil in order to minimize or cause people to question whether or not there was really a bounty on Zimmerman. Dr. Phil used that word intentionally because he supports Trayvon Martin and not George Zimmerman.

        • thefirstab says:

          Somebody needs to scan/email the flyer they handed out at the rally in Sanford, to Dr. Phil. I would hope he already has it.

    • jordan2222 says:

      Sorry but what clip are you talking about when you say: Dr. Phil @ 2:43 of that CBS video

  6. diwataman says:

    Wow, I just watched the rest of that CBS clip. I can’t believe they had Alicia on at the same time as the Osterman’s. What tact, anything for ratings I guess. And notice her response @3:25 to the question if the Osterman’s believe George would have been killed if not for having his gun. Nope, she hasn’t changed since the April interview and I wonder if she follows that up with disbelief that Trayvon even hit George, good grief, I bet they run the tape of George being brought into the police station that night and question the injuries right after Mark get’s done with his response. Thanks Mark!

    • howie says:

      The secret guest who will enter for a surprise (a-la Springer) …..Maybe ? how about Lester!

      • jordan2222 says:

        I suspect at some time, we just might hear from him. For some reason, I think he wanted off of this case and who could blame him? The language he used in his orders was over the top. Maybe I am wrong but I think that was an intentional design to have himself removed.

        At some point, we will hear more from him if he is interested in saving face and explaining the reasons for what he wrote. I’m not holding my breath but it would be interesting to hear what he has to say.

        Thanks for letting me back on the board and I apologize to anyone who I offended. No harm was ever intended.

        @D-man… I hope you will not mind that I use your blog as a reference at other sites. This is wonderful stuff.

        The Many Manipulations, Myths and Lies of the Zimmerman/Martin Case (This is a work in progress)

        Please do a blog on the Dee Dee lies. John Galt started a good list on August 21, 2012 at 3:14 am.

        I have now read that her conversation never took place but have no verification of that. justfactsplz may have an update but I think she has cooled making posts for now.

  7. cajunkelly says:

    So this freak show has moved beyond the osterjudas couple and Alicia to the entire band of “no justice no peace, pass the trashcans, amen and hallelujah” crowd?

    Good show osterdude. You have *totally* sold out your “best friend”, moron. My only hope is that phil rips you two a new one. And (I may take heat for this) I hope you two become the second most hated people in America after this.

    • howie says:

      Would anyone expect less from Dr. Phil? C’mon. He is a creature from the media. How could this be a surprise?

      • mooserator says:

        + 100000

      • nameofthepen says:

        Yeah. All “media creatures” are carefully choreographed.

        And, if they should ever “go rogue”, or even muff their lines once too often, they get dropped from the play, never to be heard from again (unless it’s an occasional random blurb in the news about an arrest for drunk driving or something :lol:).

        “Network” was only a movie. There are no Howard Beales any more.

        • jello333 says:

          I say again, if the Ostermans really felt they needed to do this, the only media person I can think of who would have played it totally straight and honest is Bill Moyers. Of course Bill don’t do “sensationalism”…. so he was right out.

          • gbishop1 says:

            I liked Moyers a lot, but he’s getting old. Al Jazeera TV could have been persuaded, since earlier they showed a lot of interest in the case. They do try to present things in a professional and unbiased way, no matter how controversial the topic. They don’t edit things to sensationalize or judge, and have often caught flack for that, as with playing those Bin Ladin tapes raw and natural, without commentary.

          • Jamie O'Connor says:

            Osterman apparently knows how to manage himself and not sink under pressure when the FDLE is questioning him, but completely bombs (it seems) up against Dr. Phil. Look at Osterman’s expressions. He lost his cool unlike he did when he said he was being questioned by the FDLE or FBI or whoever he said it was in his book.

            • jello333 says:

              Yeah, but we’ve also been told that the “promos” used some creative editing. Like where the idiot Phil says something like, “He was just a kid walking home with candy and he wound up dead.” As he says that, it shows Osterman’s wife looking like she’s about to cry. But apparently those two shots were NOT related in any way. At some point in the show, they played the 911 tape with George heard screaming. It was THEN that Sondra was about to cry. So anyway, whether the actual show is any more honest than these “promos”…. we shall soon find out.

              • Jamie O'Connor says:

                jello333 – you are so on target.

                The other day there was a man across the street who was involved in a crime involving a lot of money. The camera crew came to my front door and asked me to comment. Then, they went across the street, and so did I, to my neighbor’s house and asked her questions. At one point I was talking (off camera) to my neighbor about the cloths I was wearing and how I had no make up on, and how she looked so cute.

                Later that evening, when the news came on they also included that scene of us talking and laughing off the record. The news reporter stated: “The neighbors are in shock and can’t stop talking about it.” The truth is, we were NOT talking about our neighbor, his arrest or anything else – we were talking about the way we were dressed. We were talking about girly stuff that had nothing to do with our neighbor.

                • jello333 says:

                  Wow, that’s pretty sad… though I can’t say I’m shocked. You oughta just be glad they don’t know you post on this site, “Here you can see as a neighbor, who we’ve been told is a George Zimmerman supporter, laughs and jokes about yet another serious crime…”

        • margegunderson says:

          We already know that Dr. Phil will do anything for ratings including falsifying and editing tapes to fit his agenda.

          Skeery stuff.

  8. sunnydaze77 says:

    Oh Well, what a disappointment, I was hoping Alicia would expose Team Skittles, i didnt know they were also going to be on the show. When the Fultons/Martins and Co are around i do not expect truth be told so i might as well just forget it. Good Lord noone can talk about this case without the Scheme team being right there, they have had access for 6 months to sell their story…sit down already.

  9. griz1234 says:

    “We’ve come up on the six month anniversary of this…I am very concerned about what’s going to happen with this case. If this does fall out of the headlines…it’s going to be open season on these young African American men in America…We’ve got to pay attention to this and we’ve got to watch how the justice system deals with this,” McGraw emphatically told King.

    “Open season”? “Young African American men”?

    If there was any doubt he was the enemy, that quote utterly dispels it.

    • gbishop1 says:

      Phil must have been talking to Natalie Jackson, remember her tweet, defending GZ’s actions is a threat to all men of color. And O’Mara is her friend, hello? Your defense of GZ, as law abiding a task as it might be is a threat to men of color! What do you make of that? The company Om keeps!

      And Phil takes it to yet another level, its “open season on AA’s.” NICE!

      • There is definately an ideologically aligned message in the Dr. Phil talking point as framed.

        Gayle King, Oprah Winfrey, Daralene Jones, Jo-Ann Reid, Natalie Jackson and apparently Dr. Phil McGraw all have EXACTLY the same point and tone…. Not coincidental.

      • jello333 says:

        Some of these people WERE O’Mara’s friends. I’m not sure we know if that’s still the case or not. I mean, unless it’s my imagination, there’s been some changes in MOM recently. A little more willing to do things that will clearly make his “friends” mad, and show them in a negative light. MOM seems to be taking things a little more personally. Even showing something approaching anger now and then. I hope I’m not just imagining this…

        • Sharon says:

          It must be quite an experience for any kind of professional to undergo such a level of transition in their thinking while still performing “public duties” as it’s happening. Wouldn’t that be interesting……………

  10. griz1234 says:

    Oh, and if Alicia was the person Trayvon considered “Mom”… Why did he have “Sybrina” tattooed on his wrist?

    • Sha says:

      griz1234: At his age why did he have any tattoo’s much less several . Who signed for him to get them ?

    • kathyca says:

      Better question (in addition to wth did this “child” have multiple tats in the first place) would be why he had his biological mother’s first name tattooed on his wrist. Most men, if they have a tattoo for their mother’s at all, use Mom. Seems to me like it was an attempt to remind himself of who gave birth to him and establish some kind of connection to her. The kind he obviously didn’t have. Kind of sad, really, but she only has herself to blame. Although you’d never know it or hear her admit it. No cash in that!

      • Sha says:

        kathyca: I know alot of young people get into some kind of trouble, but for once I wish TM’s parents would take some responsibility for him and his actions. A young man is a product of his enviroment he doesn’t just become hard or a fighter it’s how he was raised or not raised.

        • gbishop1 says:

          Hi Sha, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trayvon was violent with his parents, especially Sybrina, a lot of teens are, unfortunately. And she may not have been able to control him physically, as she once did, hence the separation between them.

          • Sha says:

            gbishop1: I kind of felt that way to. I have a 15 year old son who’s twice my size and every time he tries to test me i back him down quick. He’s a good kid but I keep a close eye on him and I’m always one step behind. I watch the company he keeps and I don’t bite my tongue when I feel he is being disrepectful to anyone. He might think im crazy for now but at least he will know later it’s because I love him . I think she depended on his dad to help her with him.

      • jello333 says:

        You know, of all the family members we’ve encountered, I don’t know that I like any of them. Jaharvias (sp?) doesn’t seem too bad, but I haven’t paid that much attention to him. Of all of them, the person I have the most sympathy for is, ironically, Trayvon himself.

      • ctdar says:

        Oedipus Rex complex

        • gbishop1 says:

          That too ctdar.

          I am also leaning toward “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and that we have an immediate instinct to love and pursue those who reject us.

    • whysomuchhate says:

      Noone ever said he didn’t know his mother or have any contact with her. No matter of the circumstances a child will love their parent beyond their faults. So he have ever right to tattoo her name on him. This doesn’t mean he didn’t love or appreciale his step mother.

      • jello333 says:

        I’m sure every one of us here have made at least one or two negative comments toward Sybrina or others that, under different circumstances, we wouldn’t have said. But this isn’t happening in a vacuum. These people (the Martins/Fultons), along with Crump, Jackson, Sharpton, Jullison, and many others have spent every waking hour for the past few months trying to DESTROY George Zimmerman. They KNOW he is innocent. They KNOW he isn’t remotely racist. They KNOW he is a good, kind-hearted young man. And yet they are doing everything they can, THROUGH THEIR LIES, to destroy him and his friends and family. I have no doubt that most of them would literally cheer if George were to be killed.

        So, maybe that’ll help explain why most of us don’t feel all that guilty about the negative things we’ve said about Sybrina, Tracy, and some others.

    • IMHO, Trayvon had “Brina” tattooed on his wrist for much the same reason he wore the Cousin Corey pin on his hoodie. It is a way to reflect rememberance, an honorary kind of thing.

      After looking at all the accounts over multiple months of Alicia and Sybrina, I personally feel like Trayvon viewed Alicia as his mother from the perspective of motherly expectations. I feel he viewed Sybrina as his mother from the perspective of a woman he had less comfort and connection with.

      When you look, really look, at the video’s of Sybrina in the days, weeks and months, following the shooting you can see that she really did not *know* Trayvon in the way we would know our children. He was more like a guest kid, staying at her house and she was “mom” in the sense of Big Brother/Big Sister type attachments.

      I’ll bet, when you witness Alicia in this show you will witness RAW EMOTION, not faked, not awkward, not scripted…. just pure raw painful grief. The exact emotion you would expect to see from a “stunned” and grieving Mother.

      Sybrina’s emotion is manufactured and stimulated by guilt more than grief.

      • jordan2222 says:

        I have read that Martin did not refer to Sybrina as his mother.

      • gbishop1 says:

        “Sybrina’s emotion is manufactured and stimulated by guilt more than grief.”

        Exactly true SD, and her guilt is what the grieving are overwhelmingly struck with, when there has been neglect, abandonment, separation or rejection of any kind.

        Sharon and I had a nice conversation about this a couple of months ago, and I remember talking about how the guilt is so difficult to bear that one needs to, almost has to transfer or project it on to someone else. In this case, George.

        If there had been no scheme team, Sybrina and others would have come around and dealt with their lack of responsiblity and neglect of Trayvon, eventually, but since the scheme team is validating their worst fears and promoting their projection of guilt onto George, this is a guilt manufacturing factory that will not stop production anytime soon.

  11. CCG says:

    I just watched the CBS clip. Not hard to see where Dr. Phil is going with this. Same old distortion of information. The comparison of the kindergarten teacher, who is licensed to carry, bringing a gun to school is absurd. I’m so sick of hearing GZ was patrolling on NW that night, I so hope there is the text GZ sent (I think to his sister) that he was on his way to Target.

    • diwataman says:

      If that text exists it would have been nice to see it released when the Myth started but like many of the other Myths, Manipulations and Lies it was left to fester. Regardless, they have to prove their claim that George was on NW, not that logic matters to them. All you have to do is ask for the evidence that he was on NW and they will flounder. But even regardless of that, the damage is done, they got their arrest, they got the people in power scared, they got want they wanted. So unless some judge is going to grow a pair and see this farce for what it is, this thing is going to trial.

  12. allhail2 says:

    That freak show is anything but reality. Let’s face it, Team Skittles “needs” this type of exposure to keep the BS alive. Many people could care less, it has been out of focus for a while, and they are losing national exposure fast due to the election. This is a much needed boost, also due to the fact that more and MORE people have changed their minds based on the evidence, and this is just an avenue to stay relevant. As far as Dr. Quackapotamus’ open season quote, that is one of the most reckless and dangerous statements anyone has made during this whole debacle. However, it is obviously for tv sensationalism.
    On a side note, as I make my way around to different functions and events and speak with local attorneys who often bring it up, there is no question in their minds that this should be tossed. Whether Nelson gets it that far, I do not know. I believe she is moving to Civil Court in January.

    • Lee says:

      Media manipulation. How do shows obtain and book their guests? I wonder if the Ostermans knew they would share a platform with Alicia Martin? I remember years back Phil Donohue was to have a jewelry store owner on his show, that had shot a robber and was facing charges. The jewelry store owner was led to believe it was to help support his rights to defend himself. But, while he was waiting to go on he found out all the other guests were anti-gun activists. He saw the lynch mob in waiting and left. The Ostermans should never had written a book (before a trial/SYG hearing) and they certainly should not have went on a known fame junky piece of fluff like Dr Phil. He would never go against the network. George Zimmerman needs to fight the legal system and then get his TON of flesh he is owed but the racist media. (I never liked lawsuits – but, this one will be the exception – Zimmerman you need to break their bank. I hope you walk away with more than you could spend in ten lifetimes. They stole everything from you. May God bless you.) Until you have your day in court – seek peace and quiet. And, ask your fiends and family to do the same. Shhhh!! The more the scheme team talks – the bigger your payday.

      • jello333 says:


        “George Zimmerman needs to fight the legal system and then get his TON of flesh he is owed but the racist media. (I never liked lawsuits – but, this one will be the exception – Zimmerman you need to break their bank. I hope you walk away with more than you could spend in ten lifetimes. They stole everything from you. May God bless you.)”

        • gbishop1 says:

          You know jello333, at times I want to stand together with you and sing, “kumbaya.” Amen, brother, amen, I also agree with Lee times a +1,000, 000.

    • canadacan says:

      I really believe this is correct The public is very involved to the current election they are bored by this by now. Any new president means a new attorney general it’s going to be a whole new ballgame Despite the fact we still have to deal with stinky politics in Florida. As a side note it would be lovely if. Rubio was the governor of Florida

  13. Jeepers Treepers says:

    Here is an interesting parallel case. a la Zimmerman vs. Trayvon. In this case the Trayvon throws a sucker punch and the Zimmerman tries to defend his life. Only in this case this guy is hailed as a hero for choking out a guy who he clearly could wipe the floor with.

    What can we learn from this?

    1. It is a good thing that this this guy is clearly not a white guy beating up a black guy and that his name is Walia and not Zimmerman. I doubt Al Sharpton will be rushing to rabble rouse on Mr. Arzeno’s behalf.

    2. It is a good thing that he killed him via chocking him vs. shooting him. Though Walia is a professional kickboxer meaninh his hands and legs are deadly weapons… I doubt Mayor Bloomberg would not have been demanding for his arrest had he done that.

    Does anyone see the hypocrisy and irony in this case? Same scenario yet different races and defensive tools and this case will go nowhere because they can’t politicize it if the one who defended himself isn’t white or if he didn’t use the evil black gun.

  14. Sha says:

    Someone please tell me what Dr Phil and some of these other people expect a person to do for now on if a young person attacks them . Are we suppose to let someone beat us until we pass out or even kill us with out defending our selves ? Let one of them just one of them in the Crump camp or Dr Phil tell me that they would let someone any one attack them or there family with out defending them. People everywhere are never going to wont to be part of a NW again .

    • Dr. Phil knows full well that he would have done the same thing. He is just a ratings whore and knows that to get rating he has to ridicule his guests. Which in turn makes him look smart.

      • Lee says:

        Jeepers Treepers – short and accurate summary. They need to survey how many security people he has at the studio and his home. Any carry weapons? We already know the scheme team carry weapons. Didn’t Parks get arrested on weapons charges? I wonder how many blows they think you should have to endure before you pull your weapon?

      • Sha says:

        Jeepers Treepers: It seems to me the people that attack you have more rights than you do.The media comes to there defence right or wrong.

      • mooserator says:

        Exactly. He’s a phony.

        Fake as they come.


        • janc1955 says:

          Before Dr. Phil became a fame-whoring tool, the vast majority of his shows featured parents with screwed up kids, and Phil took it upon himself to point out the direct link between the behavior of the parents and the behavior of their kids. But I’m guessing we won’t hear Dr. Tool whisper a word to Tracy or Sybrina about how their lack of productive involvement in TM’s life is why he was on suspension number 3, and why he was wandering the streets that February night looking for the 3rd ingredient for his purple drank, and itching for a fight with a cracka. McGraw has an opportunity here to make a difference, but I guess he sold out long ago and he’s not about to cross that PC line and call this what it is.

          • Lee says:

            Excellent point! If they wanted to help ” children” they would be honest. But, it is apparent that the Martins, Fultons, Jacksons, Sharpton, Crumps……have a different agenda.

    • Sharon says:

      Are we suppose to let someone beat us until we pass out or even kill us with out defending our selves ?

      Yes. Make a note. /sarc

      • Sha says:

        Sharon: It’s seem’s that way doesn’t it LOL!

        • Sharon says:

          I believe it’s exactly that way…I was not being facetious. That is the intention on the part of some.

          • Sha says:

            Sharon: You might just be right. If Crump and his crowd has it there way.

            • boricuafudd says:

              I don’t know where you live, but in some states, a minority, you must prove that you had no retreat, that you did not escalate the attack (a knife in a fist fight for instance), that you allowed an avenue of retreat to your assailant, and other such impediments to defending yourself or your family. I would suggest checking your local laws on self-defense.

  15. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    This show confirms how the African-Americancommunity and their liberal left enablers have become so deluded by their own, racist, racial narrative that they simply cannot comprehend the concept that it might ever become necessary and justified for a White person to shoot and kill a Black person. All of the crucial details that have been scrutinized on the Treehouse about how and where TM attacked GZ are irrelevant to the Black community. The majority sentiments of the Black community are indistinguishable from the racial meme of the National Black Foot Soldiers Network who view any killing of a white person by a Black person during the commision of a violent felony as justifiable because the victim caused the “peaceful reparations protest” to become violent by resisting. It is becoming obvious that non Blacks in this country have only two choices. We can either submit to being murderred, raped and robbed by Black people, or we can violently resist. That resistance can no longer be limited to exigent responses to criminal assaults. The race baiters and poverty pimps that have given us the Tawana Browley, Duke Lacrosse Team and Trayvon Martin debacles must begin to suffer severe, personal, lethal consequences to their incitement to violence.

  16. Plum Crazy says:

    “IF” it gets far enough for a jury, I like the 50/50ish conviction numbers. Thats aquittal in FL.

  17. Sha says:

    I use to wont to go to Florida ,but now I don’t think so. I would be afraid that if I had to defend my self I would be put up on murder charges.

    • canadacan says:

      I would like to see Crump and crowd try that crap in the heartland

    • James F says:

      I am very concerned about what’s going to happen with this case. If this does fall out of the headlines… it’s going to be open season on everybody unable to lawfully defend themselves from thugs in America”…

    • howie says:

      Florida kicks ass. Just don’t go at night where all ya see is eyes and teeth.
      Comments that are apparently intended to mock black folks do not contribute to good conversation. Edit–Admin

        • jello333 says:

          Years ago, my sister had a black boyfriend (VERY dark-complected), a really cool guy. My oldest son, who was about 5 at the time, liked to joke with him, “Curtis, it’s dark in here. Smile so I can see you.” And everyone would laugh. And when the kids wanted to go swimming, Curtis would say things like “At least I don’t have to worry about using sun lotion to keep from turning red.” I hate that in our current society, that kind of stuff probably wouldn’t go over so well.

          • Sha says:

            jello333: I have friends of every race that are family to me. We talk junk to each other all the time. I think that if a person knows whats in your heart thats all that matters.

          • gbishop1 says:

            A lot of comedians are breaking the barrier of racial jokes, but there is a sense of inclusion in the jokes, which makes it acceptable, as with your famiy:

            Bill Burr on going into a black neighborhood:

  18. mooserator says:

    Dr Phil is a Slave to Political Correctness.

    Political Correctness = Success in Hollywood.

    Really, we all know what he’s going to say. This isn’t exactly hard. Oprah is his Mentor.


    • margegunderson says:

      Dr Phil is a slave to ratings and money.

    • waltherppk says:

      When you see as the banner that airbrushed phonyass whiteification imagery of the little boy faced and clad in white hoodie you are looking at the trademarked and syndicated propaganda image manufactured as a deception by the Julsion-Crump “optics” people, so when you see that imagery it is the banner of the Saint Skittles – Arizona iced tea propagandists complete invention and this tells you right up front you are attending a thug empowerment rally hosted by thug enablers and propagandists. As to Dr. Phil’s
      about how a politically “incorrect” outcome for the phony criminal charge against GZ could lead to it being “open season” on thugs …..will somebody please tell Dr. Feel that it already has been open season on thugs since thugs were invented thousands of years ago and thug killing has been a tradition long credited with helping slow the problem of prison overcrowding and thug overbreeding. Dead thugs don’t breed more thugs by way of the hoodrat welfare queen thug breding program. A dead thug has gotten his Darwin award and moved on to thug mansion. So what is it about all of this on which Doctor Feel is unclear ? If Mark Osterman did not explain to Doctor Feel the facts of life about thug extermination in just these explicit terms then Mark Osterman failed to clue in Doctor Feel about what the oldest most effective version of “homeland security” is all about covers very well the tatted up little black gangsta thug problem just like it covers well the problem with any other color or variant of thug problem. Law abiding armed men should not fear thugs involved in thuggish acts but do a service to society when they shoot them. Now is there anything at all about any of the “facts of life” just described which Doctor Feel does not understand, and if so which part is it that being stuck on stupid gives Doctor Feel the thug enabler and empowerment propagandist a problem ?

    • jordan2222 says:

      How on earth can anyone keep up with what is politically correct. Truthfully, I have no idea what blacks prefer to be called these days. I notice a lot of folks whisper when speaking of them because they are not sure either.

      • Sha says:

        jordan2222: I don’t do politically correct. When A person tip toes around someones race it’s usually because there not comfortable. I say black ,white, yellow .I don’t care . Any one who knows me knows Im just me and thats me my kids are the same. I don’t see the color of a person’s skin I see good or bad . I stay away from the bad people in all races and I enjoy the good people in all races.

        • jordan2222 says:

          I hear what you are saying but I think we all notice the color of someone’s skin. I admit that my terminology varies depending on who I am talking to.

  19. waltherppk says:

    When Gayle King gazes at Doctor Feel and reflects sentimentally about their first date and the good times the couple had in the old 57 Chevy, does Gayle’s heart skip a beat while singing her version of “White Boys Give Me Goose Bumps” and is Gayle really Doctor Feel’s little bit of “Brown Sugar” ? Inquiring minds want to know .

  20. Pingback: Trayvon Martin VS George Zimmerman – Dr. Phil Show Monday September 10th «

    • howie says:

      WOW! Hot an Pretty! I remember that song. Beginning or end?

    • I’ve listened to this song many times on the radio with my kids. I’ve told them that 40-50 years ago, black women actually had a man of their own, husbands. For most black women, that is not the case now, and they put up with certain men like you-know-who.

      Need more families raising kids together, like in Iowa:

    • James F says:

      So Dr. Phool advocates TM’s drug abuse while condemning other teen’s drug use?

      “I wanted to make sure you saw yesterday’s startling headline about teenage drug abuse — a report that most newspapers, for reasons I can’t understand, buried in their back pages. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that after a decade-long decline in teens’ use of pot, the trend is going back up.”
      “What I found really interesting about this latest study is that this generation of teens doesn’t think marijuana is all that dangerous”
      “I have to say, I’m really bothered when I see marijuana use edging up among kids after a decline for nearly 10 years.”
      “Are we on the verge of another big drug abuse problem among teenagers? And what do you think we ought to do?”

  21. jello333 says:

    And of course we’ve been told that Sybrina Fulton is the new “mother of the civil rights movement”. But what we didn’t know until the trashcan tour hit Baltimore was that she is also something of a religious figure; almost Christ-like, in fact:

    “As Trayvon Martin’s mother stood at the altar of Baltimore’s Empowerment Temple on Sunday, the Rev. Jamal-Harrison Bryant asked for anyone whose child had also been the victim of ‘senseless violence’ to come forward. At least a dozen women and men assembled at Sybrina Fulton’s feet before she stepped down to grab one of them. She squeezed the woman, patted her back and whispered in her ear. Then Fulton moved down the line, tightly embracing each mother, grandmother and father, each of them too familiar with loss, until she’d touched them all.”

    Just…. SICK

  22. Sharon says:

    Considering the complete silence and invisibility of Alicia Martin from the very first days of the aftermath, it would certainly appear that someone in some way “informed her” that her role would be non-existent. Really, really weird. That’s what you call crazy-making, especially in light of how Tracy was playing it.

    • I wonder who delivered the message to both Alicia and Brandi that they needed to “lay low”. I cannot see this as a conversation easily handled by, say, Tracy….. More along the lines of a Natalie Jackson visit perhaps with Ryan Julison en tow…. Or Jackson, Crump.

      The origin of this angle would be a far better content for a book.

    • gbishop1 says:

      Sharon, I was curious as to why her response was on 7/1 thread, when there have been others days we’ve discussed her also.

      But what really puzzled me is someone else responded to the same Dedicated Dad when he stood up for Masons and their contribution. Hmmm, Brandy Green, or someone else who has the Mason connection. And again, the same 7/1 thread:

      “Lulu says:
      September 7, 2012 at 12:28 pm
      Thank you for that clarifying post.
      My late grandfather, an architect-builder who ended up donating most of the churches he built in Western Pennsylvania to congregations of all faiths when they could not come up with the full payment, was a 33rd Degree Mason. An exemplary man.”

      • howie says:

        You must realize the case of the state is non-existant. Now we must go through the motions of rendering it to the ash-heap. Well I hope you trust in Stare Decisis (Precedent). It is the Liberals worst enemy. But the court must adhere to it. Wait until after the election. That is what this is all about.

      • Sharon says:

        I wondered a bit on that (the date of her comment on an old thread)…and the only thought I had re the placement of the comment way back on the 7/1 thread was that it was, simply, a completely random placement that resulted from her reading comments there and, in that moment, she felt comfortable participating. Dunno.

        Assuming the comment was made by Alicia Martin, I can’t begin to comprehend on what basis she makes decisions about entering into any level of conversation.

        We have massive #s of unknown readers. I would guess that there are more subplots afoot than we can imagine.

  23. eastern2western says:

    I am wonderring alicia martin could be the one that will break away with the usual answers of crump and park because she did not seem like she was with her lawyer. when ever the martins showed up for any media events, crump park inc is usually pulling the strings in the backs. However, alicia seems to be a lone warrior in dr phil’s show and she may offer details that could be different from the scripted stories.

    • jello333 says:

      I think she’ll do some damage to the images of Tracy and Sybrina, and maybe to the trashcan tour, etc. But I don’t think she’s gonna intentionally say anything negative about Trayvon. But she might not have to. All she needs to do is say (or even imply) that he was starting to have problems, and he was involved in a “broken home” situation. That could be just enough to make people start thinking, “Hmm…. maybe Trayvon COULD have done what George claimed, since he was going through a lot of issues that could have made him the typical ‘angry young man’.”

  24. Cupcakes says:

    The only thing that comforts me about this is that no one watches the Dr. Phil Show…..

  25. cajunkelly says:

    Ahem, “dr” phil’s site has a forum where people can voice their opinions about each day’s show. We could certainly light that thing up with *our* opinions Monday.

        • sunnydaze77 says:

          The comments here are so sad, there are ppl commenting like they know exactly what happened that night and its obvious they havent looked at one piece of evidence. Dr. Phils comments from the snippets ive heard tell me he has no clue either and he is running on pure emotion, his comment about open season on blacks is irresponsible and a insult toward any race other than the black race. The only major threat to the AA community is their fellow black brothers and sisters.Maybe he should air a show about the problems in Chicago if he is so concerned about the AA men. Man what a real pos he turned out to be…

          • cajunkelly says:

            OK, where’s the brain bleach. The persons commenting on his facebook page must have IQ’s in the single digits. Some person named “Tisha” is blathering on and on about Romney trying to make birth control illegal and have it banned?????

            Where do these people *get* this crap? Oh, wait, I know…they don’t watch the news, they just get their information via facebook and if they *do* somehow manage to sit down to watch or read real news it’s MSNBC.

      • cajunkelly says:

        This should carry you to the show about George. You click on the “today’s story” then below that click on “join the discussion”.

        I think we should light that puppy UP while and after the show. Show the watchers of the fr freak show that George has friends who ARE NOT Judases (should that be Judi?) and we will not sit silently while the osterbuzzards sacrifice George for their 15 minutes.

        • Jamie O'Connor says:

          09/11 A Dr. Phil Exclusive: Friends of George Zimmerman — “The Most Hated Man in America” — Speak Out

          “Mark, who works in law enforcement, admits he went with Zimmerman to the shooting range and helped him pick out the gun used to kill Trayvon — a gun that did not have an external safety.”

          The way this sentence, IMO, was written was to intentionally make it sound like Mark helped George pick out a gun to specifically kill Trayvon. It was also written, IMO, to make it sound like George was negligent in buying a gun without an external safety.

          There is no doubt who’s side Dr. Phil is on.

  26. czarowniczy says:

    Wow, dysfunctional minority families, killings, money, 3-way racial triangle-angle, lawyers, international viewpoints, low-life dealings. If Tray-Inc plays it right I smell HBO miniseries here.

  27. jordan2222 says:

    I have had time to digest what has been posted here and have formed an opinion as to what I think might happen.

    At some point the state will have to be realistic and realize they can not win at trial.

    My prediction is that they will offer George a plea deal which he will refuse. Then there will be an immunity hearing. If George does not prevail it will be overturned on appeal and this will let “the bad guys” off the hook for what they have done to George. In other words, George goes free and is immune to civil suits.

    It’s the only way that the state can save face and appease the black community and also say they did their best. It will be much easier to blame a 3 judge panel than anything else they could possibly do.

    That does not mean there will not be any back room deals because the state does not want to admit paying George for what they have done to him as the law requires.

    I do not know the legal details of how that might work but I suspect there is a way for them to get out of publicly acknowledging paying George. To pay George might have the same affect as him being found not guilty at a trial. Sharpton, Jackson, et al would be furious after the time they have invested unless they were paid too and I cannot see how that would work but who knows that Holder wouldn’t take of that in payments to their phony “causes.”

    I have no idea how Crump might fit into this insofar as getting paid but maybe he realizes he lost this one, especially if the current Dee Dee rumors are true. Witness tampering and obstruction of justice are pretty serious charges and I suspect that is why he has suddenly gone silent.

    If it is indeed all about the money. it’s a way for most of the players to not lose.

    Where am I wrong?

    • gbishop1 says:

      I have never heard of the government paying anyone for a mistake they made. There are many thousands who are incarcerated and are later found innocent, the state apologizes and sets them free, but they do not make compensation to them. By living in this society, we agree to the laws and how things work.

      For example, when the cops are in pursuit of someone, and you have a transport they need, they take it in the line of duty, you don’t get paid for it. When the FBI asks citizens for help there is no payment made to them, its part of being a good citizen, to help the government which is after all what we have put into place.

      • jordan2222 says:

        You are correct, but we all know that strange deals are made even if they are behind closed doors. IMO, the state has made a mistake and they need to get rid of it and save face. How else are they going get out of this?

        Maybe I am wrong but I have hard time seeing them letting this go to trial. Imagine the possible consequences and I do not see them dropping the charges.

      • waltherppk says:

        There are more than a few isolated incidents of corrupt agents of the state committing criminal acts under the color of authority while acting in their official capacity or while prtending to act in their official capacity and it is a violation of USC 242 which has criminal penalty but limited to one year imprisonment and civil liability under 42 USC 1983 which has no tort limit. There are ways to go after these criminals and if all else fails, well they established a precedent by throwing the book out the window and what goes around comes back around. I won’t fight criminals with one hand tied behind my back. That’s not the way they fight.

  28. nameofthepen says:


  29. nameofthepen says:

    WordPress hates me. :(

  30. arkansasmimi says:

    Sorry if Duplicate, I just saw this posted on twitter
    Dr. Phil‏@DrPhil 22 hrs ago

    UPDATE! The premiere of #DrPhil has been preempted by the U.S. Open. It’s now on Tuesday, September 11!

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